Gregery George Bryan


State Board of Health Certificates

Jefferson College 787 II D R

Gregory George Bryan 1896 St. Louis (college)


Pittsburgh Plate Glass Death Records

G. G. Bryan (as signing physician)


1897 Directory of the City of DeSoto

G.G. Bryan, physician, 306 N. Main St.


Jefferson Democrat  Feb. 23, 1899

Died near Bonne Terre, Mo. Tuesday, Feb. 14, 1899, Mrs. Elizabeth BRYAN, wife of Charles BRYAN. Mr. and Mrs. BRYAN lived in De Soto for many years and are well remembered by the old residents here. She was the mother of Dr. G. G. BRYAN who is a popular young physician in this town. The remains were brought to De Soto and interred in the city cemetery, Rev. BRETT of the Congregational church, conducting the funeral services. She was a member of the Episcopal church and held in high esteem for her many virtues.


1900 Jefferson Co., MO Census, Valle Township, DeSoto City

Gregery G. Bryan, Physician, Mar 1870, Age 30 Married 3 years, MO VA Eng

Ella V. Sep 1875, 24 mother of 2, 2 living NY NY NY

Leota M. Apr 1898 2 MO MO MO

Gregory W. Dec. 1899 7/12 MO

S.A. Kirkpatrick, (Mother in law) Feb. 1840, Age 60 Widowed, mother of 10, 1 living NY NY NY


Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804-1929 about Gregory G. Bryan

Name:   Gregory G. Bryan

Birth Date:          16 Mar 1869

Birth Place:         MI

Death Date:        31 Jan 1915

Death Place:       De Soto, MO

Type Practice:    Allopath

Practice Specialities:        De Soto, MO, 1896

Licenses:              MO, 1896

Practice Dates Places:     De Soto, MO, 1896

Medical School: Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis:St. Louis Med. Coll., 1896, (G)

Education:           De Soto, MO

JAMA Citation:   64:1092

Cause Of Death:               interstitial nephritis;(M)