Cyrus W. Brooks


State Board of Health Certificates

Jefferson College 786 II D R

Cyrus W. Brooks, Festus Post Office, 1862 (date of license or diploma)


State Board of Health Certificates

Jefferson College 787 II D R

Cyrus Brooks 1883 Medical College of Virginia


1870 Jefferson Co., MO Census, Joachim Township, Hillsboro P.O.

Cyrus Brooks 32 Physician VA (in the household of Reed McCormack)


Jefferson Democrat July 28, 1871

Business Directory of Jefferson County - The following names of reliable business men, we desire to keep prominently before the people of Jefferson county, and speak for them a liberal share of patronage:

PHYSICIANS: Cyrus Brooks Hematite


Howard Litton “Tanglefoot, Portrait of a City”

 tall and thin, he always wore cowboy boots”


Missouri Birth & Death Records Database

C. Brooks, Derby City (Festus) 1885 (as signing physician)


Jefferson Democrat June 6, 1885
Crystal City has many acquirements, among which is the (Dr.) Taylor, where you can get to order, not Taylor-made suits, but Taylor made prescriptions, measured 
to fit the disease, and like Taylor made suits that always fits, Taylor made prescriptions always cure. Limitville is not far behind; for there is the wise Miller that 
lives by the mill; he grinds your corn and your wheat with a will, and you will be wise if you are afflicted with ills, it you go to the (Dr.) Miller of Adams hotel, to 
grind your medicines and mix your pills. If you are fond of history, go to the little drugstore in front of Adam's hotel, there you will find, not the Bruce of Scottish
history, but Dr. Bruce of Limitville, willing and ready to give you a history of all your aches and pains and ills; drugs, medicines and pills. And we must not forget
the running Brooks, the one prefaced with the Dr. - which heads at the large white house, opposite Waggener's store, and is ever running at the call of the sick and