Thomas S. Brewster


1870 Jefferson County Missouri Census, Central Township, Hillsboro P.O.

T.S. Brewster 41 Physician PA

Mary 35 TN

Alphonzo 10 MO

Eugene 8 MO

Isora 5 MO

Ben R. 1 MO


Jefferson Democrat FRIDAY, 7 JUNE 1872

PROCEEDINGS OF COUNTY COURT - May Term, 1872 - A man had been taken to the County Farm last winter, with one side badly burned and his feet frozen, one of them so badly frozen that it became necessary this spring to have his leg amputated. Dr. PIPKIN, the attending physician, was at the time waiting on Mr. WILLIAMS, who had the smallpox, and it would have been imprudent for him to visit anywhere else, he requested Dr. BREWSTER to attend to the patients at the Farm for him. BREWSTER finding that it was necessary to amputate the man's leg, took Dr. STEGMAN, with him to assist in the operation. The operation was performed and the man got well. At this term of the Court the two doctors brought in their bills for services; Dr. STEGMAN claiming that he had done the work, and having made a few other visits, and having performed a few other operations, charged the modest sum of $231.00. BREWSTER claimed that he was the regular physician, and had really done as much as STEGMAN, and had permitted STEGMAN to do the cutting and sawing through courtesy. He had made several other visits and done some other work, and his charge was $121.00. The Court, after a hearing of the evidence, allowed STEGMAN $95.00, and BREWSTER $31.00. STEGMAN took his county warrant, feeling no doubt that he had received big pay, but BREWSTER thought he had not been dealt with fairly and refused to take his, and will probably appeal the case to the Circuit Court.


Jefferson County Missouri 1876 Historical Atlas

Thos. S. Brewster, Hillsboro, Occupation Physician & Surgeon, Nativity Philadelphia, Pa., came to county in 1863


1880 Jefferson County MO Census, Central Township

Thomas Brewster, Physician, Age 53, PA NJ Eng

Mary, wife, 27, MO TN TN

Isora, 14 MO

Robert 11 MO

Arther 4, MO


Jefferson Democrat Jan. 26, 1883

Dr. BREWSTER, poor farm physician           61.50


Jefferson Democrat Oct. 8 1884

Thos. S. Brewster Physician & Surgeon, Hillsboro, MO

Keeps a full line of pure drugs and medicines. Will attend all calls in town or county.


Jefferson Democrat NOVEMBER 12 1884

COUNTY COURT - Inquest of Coroner  BREWSTER, over body of Bert GIVENS,

approved and feebill of $25.02 allowed.


State Board of Health Certificates

Jefferson College 786 II D R

Thos. S. Brewster, Hillsboro Post Office, 1884 (date of license or diploma)


The Democrat, Jefferson County, Missouri, February 18, 1885

Dr. Brewster's little girl, Angeline died last Sunday. She was weak-minded and though doubtless possessing a warm corner in the affections of her parents, the visitation of the Death Angel should be considered a merciful one.


Jefferson Democrat  April 16,1891

On Weds. night of last week, Dr. BREWSTER's office was entered by a burglar and a lot of pills & patent medicines were carried off. Arthur BREWSTER used the office as a barber & tinker shop and about the only thing he had left of the outfit was his chair. Razors, scissors, clippers,etc. were gone as were also a half doz. cheap watches and other articles. Three hand saws were stolen the same night from Texas Road Vollmar. The thief is supposed to have been a German, who had been an inmate of the county farm a couple weeks. He was seen in town very late that night and some boxes of Dr. BREWESTER's pills were found next morn. where the fellow had been seen



Dr. BREWSTER, has in his library, some books which are interesting on account of their age. The best is a family Bible, printed in 1813 and presented to the Dr.'s father by a Mr. FOGG in 1816. Then there are "Maud(?) Maid to the Art's", 127 yrs. old printed for J. NEURCE, bookseller for his Majesty,etc.; "Cullen's Practice of Phrsic(?), published in 1792; "Advice to Mother", by Wm. BUCHANAN,M.D., published in 1804


Jefferson Democrat  May 28, 1891

Ernest HOFFMAN was indicted for burglarizing & robbing Dr. BREWSTER's drug store & Arthur BREWSTER's barber shop. The court appointed Mr. Anthony, Pros. Attorney of Wash. Co. to defend, who proceeded to prepare to clear his client. Dr. EXTON(?), Representive in the last Legislature, from that County, who has been practicing medicine since ????. Dr. EXTON (Eaton ?) had a little talk with HOFFMAN, then came into court & swore positivily that the defendant was insane & not responsible for his acts. The jury moved to accept the doctors evidence as conclusive, as they returned a verdict of "not guilty"


Newspaper obituary

Dr. Thomas S. Brewster died December 30, 1899 at the age of 71. His first wife died several years ago. Of that union four children survive: Ira Farley, Alphonso, Eugene and Robert. From his second marriage two sons, Arthur T. and Samuel survive. Dr. Brewster had retired from medical practice.