Jefferson County Record

Hillsboro, Missouri, April 17, 1917



“Petit Jury for May Term”

     Big River:-T. M. BAKER, Ernest EGGERS.

     Central:-Harris JOHNSTON and John EISENHAUER

     Meramec:-Wm. RADEACKER [?], Phil BAUMGARTH, Wm. KLEIM and Frank YENICEK.

     Rock:-Aug HUNICKE, Jos. NOLAN, Martin WERNER and Charles ALT.

     Joachim:-R. K. VANCLEVE, G. C. HOLLIDAY, J. R. FUNK, Jules WASHER, and John O’NEAL.

     Plattin:-C. I. McCORMICK, Adolph SCHMIDT.

     Valle:-P. J. LOVETT, Sant DOVER, Frank KYLE, Ed BARRON and Charles GRAHAM.



“The Prize Bad Luck Man of Jefferson County

     Judge Richard Austin FRAZIER is the prize winner of Jefferson County when it comes to hard luck. Last Thursday night the Judge and George BOUGHTON were going home and the Judge stumbled and George made a frantic effort to catch and support the Judge and in so doing lost his balance and precipitated both off a bank. George fell on top of the Judge and was not injured, but the Judge sustained a collar bone fractured.

     It is only a very short while since the Judge was in a hospital in St. Louis for treatment for bloodpoisoning. Less than three years ago he fell off a bridge down in Plattin township and had a broken arm, and during the years that we have known him, he has never gone a whole year without some sort of accident that endangered his life.

     His twin brother Lawson was killed accidentally many years ago, by pulling a shot gun out of a boat. The hammers caught on the seat as he pulled and the gun fired shooting off the top of his head. A son of his brother Lawson lost his life by accidental discharge of a gun. Another brother of the Judge’s, William FRAZIER, took a drink of carbolic acid, mistaking it for whiskey and died in agony. The one exception to the hard luck FRAZIERS, was a son of Lawson, who attempted suicide by jumping off Ead’s bridge. The telegraph wires caught him and threw him back against the bridge, and as by that time he had changed his mind, he climbed back to safety.

     We could give numerous other incidents showing the hard luck of the Frazier family including Uncle Sull, the famous Baptist preacher, who narrowly escaped death several times from blood poisoning from dog bites, from poisoning by accident and from other causes. The Judge inherits the strain from his ancestors.



“County Court”

Accounts Allowed:

W. J. KNORPP, Bal. Bonne Terre Road .............. $

Max H. DREYER, board of equal. 5.60

P. L. GLATT, Lemay Ferry road 317.90

V. J. LEIGHT, culvert steel 4.80

Frank HUSKEY, act. Hillsboro-House Springs road 4.00

HAMEL Hdw. Co., tiling 49.52

John GENZLING, Lemay Ferry rd 162.25

A. F. SLAWSON, road tools 85.74

L. P. WILLIAMS, Pine Ford-Grub road 50.80

Geo. HOLDMAN, Bonne Terre road 107.50

Siedler ROESCH M. Co. lumber cement and etc. 219.38

J. H. HOPSON, lumber, cement etc. 368.84

Geo. W. CORNELL, Ware Grubville road 197.65

P. L. GLATT, Lemay Ferry road 117.86

E. BLACKWELL, Festus-Ste. Genevieve road 89.30

R. C. BAGE, Victoria-Hematite road 158.35

Lon WHIPPLE, Lemay Ferry road 60.15

K. W. MILLER, Ware Grubville road 41.20

Chas. WILSON, Vineland-Kingston road 125.48

Silas WILLIAMS, Hillsboro Horine road 399.58

Elliot LANHAM, helping engineer 19.35

A. T. HOEKEN, same 32.85

J. M. AGNEW, Ast, Eng., Sal. 45.00

T. W. BOONE, Jr., same 35.00

H. D. GRIFFITH, salary etc 78.08

P. L. CLERK, Jr., helping eng. 28.30

A. E. EGGERS, Vineland-Kingston road 199.22

Hematite Sand & Gravel Co. machinery 12.50

C. MARSDEN, sup. Co. farm 30.00

R. H. DONNELL, tuber. cattle 2.00

Frank L. RUSSELL, same 2.00

Milton MOSS, same 2.00

G. M. MOCKBEE, surgical costs paupers 25.00

John GANEY, road dist. 18 12.85

M. P. LYNCH, rd damages 40.00

J. F. WILLIAMS, rd. com. 2.00

Theo. HURTGEN, bd of Equal. 50.00

N. C. EAVES, same 50.00

R. E. BYRD, same, 1 day court 55.00

Christ MILLER, same 55.00

F. PERKINS, same 55.00


Bond and contract of MILLER and BORCHERDING for building superstructure Lemay Ferry bridge filed and approved.


Court orders all funds of Jefferson County divided into four equal parts and orders clerk to advertise for bids for county depository.


T. C. ROQUES, Wm. BOEMLER and Ed. BURGAN appointed commissioners to view and mark a private road for J. LEDER over lands of C. L. BUSCH.


J. F. WILLIAMS appointed commissioner to meet with men selected by M. P. LYNCH and assess damages to lands of M. P. LYNCH by blasting rock on Lynch land.


De Soto Commercial Club subscribes $250 for repairing crossing at BUCHOLZ place on Joachim creek Bonne Terre road and court appropriates same amount to be paid on completion of work and presentation of itemized account therefor.


J. F. WILLIAMS and Louis STAFFELBACH assess damages of M. P. LYNCH for throwing rocks on his farm at $40.


Resignation of Walter SCHULZ, constable of Meramec township filed and accepted.


Court appropriates $150 for repairing James BYRNE Mill and Eureka road. F. P. BOEMLER appointed to do the work.


E. E. GRAHAM appointed overseer of District 48.


Jas. HARRIS exempted from poll tax.


Jury scrip issued by Circuit Clerk for January term in sum of $226.15 approved.

Statement of fees earned by Prosecuting Attorney for March in sum of $85 approved.

Engineers’ report of relinquishment of right of way on proposed change of De Soto and Ware road approved and ordered established.

Annual statement ordered published in Festus News for $75.00.



“Woman’s Club Program”

For April Twentieth, 1917

Program for Meeting of Womans’ Club, Friday P. M., April 20, 1917.

Subject:-Our own country; its Gov.

Roll Call:-Name of same secretary of State since Lincoln, Club.

Paper:-The State Department, Mrs. BYRNS.


Paper:-A trip to Panama, Mrs. MUMMERT.

Current Events:-Something about “Thrift Gardens” or “Municipal Farming”, Club.





“For Sale: Cabbage and tomato plants, William McCLELLAND, Hillsboro, Mo.


FOR RENT:-20 acres of corn land. Good three-room house, water and pasture at Goldman, apply Sam J. MARSDEN, Goldman, Mo.



The citizens of Hillsboro raised “Old Glory” Tuesday afternoon. The Flag raised was the one raised during the Spanish American war. It has only 45 stars but it is a flag that has some local history behind it. Judge James F. GREEN, Jas.? Jos.? H. REPPY, A. T. BREWSTER and several others spoke on that occasion. R. W. McMULLIN, dead these many years was the master of ceremonies on that occasion. Sheriff Frank B. CLARK discovered the old flag and immediately set about making preparations for raising it to the breeze. There was no fixed program. The school children marched up and saluted the flag. They then sang the “Star Spangled Banner” while all present stood with bared heads and at the conclusion again saluted the flag.  America was then sung and the flag saluted.


John H. REPPY was called for and made a patriotic address. He said the flag had its origin in Democracy and still stood as the symbol therefor. That it was the same flag made glorious by all the history of the past and that the American people would not be derelict in the duty of maintaining its purity, even should it require the sacrifice of the blood of its sons, so that the stars could still shine on undimmed by any desire or purpose other than that of the welfare of mankind. At the conclusion of Mr. REPPY’s remarks, the school children again fell into line like veterans and marched back to school and the incident was over, but Old Glory still floats.




     Last Sunday afternoon the Seckman school had a public flag raising, the program was gotten up by the teacher, Miss Hannah BOLLEFER with her scholars who rendered some patriotic songs, speeches and dialogues with all kinds of small flags and bunting. The school board several days before erected a 36 foot iron pipe pole. At 1:40 p. m. Sunday, the Antonia Brass band, led by Fred KOEHLER played the Star Spangled Banner, while scholars of the school with the teachers encircled the pole, while the members of the board drew a large 4x8 flag to the top of the pole where it is still floating and displaying patriotism to the [world?].

     Mrs. WANLISS [WANLESS?], Mrs. ZIEGLER, Mrs. KUHLMAN, Mrs. RENNER, Mrs. RABITCH, Mrs. SYDOW, Mrs. STUFF, Mrs. Julia SCHNEIDER and Mrs. Emma BAUMGARTNER of St. Louis, members of the Gen. Nathanial Lyon circle No. 27, Ladies of the G. A. R. came from St. Louis to take part in the program. Mrs. WANLISS of the circle, an aged lady delivered a patriotic address which was followed by W. J. A. SCHUBEL and Supt. R. B. WILSON which had the attention of several hundred people that were present. Mr. WILSON in closing his address thanked the teacher, scholars and visitors for their kind attention and informed them all that the Seckman school was the first in the county to give a public flag raising, which speaks well for the district and their efficient teacher, Miss Hannah BOLLEFER.



Excelsior, which means onward and upward. That should be the motto of Seckman school, one of the banner schools of Rock Township, and the school that gave the Flag raising on April 15 in the afternoon. While the band slowly played Star Spangled Banner, the emblem of our nation was as slowly climbing, onward and upward. More than two hundred people witnessed the little celebration given in its honor. The event marked the close of the school year 1947, and shows more than was displayed n the school grounds. May it stand as an emblem of honesty, of right living, and an inspiration of truth. And may its red and white folds hold within them pleasant memories of school days and be the suggestion of noble thoughts. In such do we recognize the kind efforts of a faithful school board, faithful pupils, and faithful patrons and parents. May those who retire with the year 1917, patrons, parents, pupils and graduates reap the reward of faithfulness, and keep rightfully the motto, Excelsior.

     The beautiful music given by the Antonia Band was a delight to the pupils and enjoyed by all.   Besides the school program, words of interest were spoken by Mrs. Mary A. WANLESS of the G. A. R. of the St. Louis Chapter, Hon. W. J. A. SCHUBEL, and Supt. R. B. WILSON.




Old Cedar Hill is still ... [surv?]iving. Every body around ... seemed to enjoy Easter in ... the bad weather we had then.

We had an earthquake last M... [tha?]t shook the house around ... the doors and windows rattled ... the stoves shook on the floor.

The Cedar Hill store is progressing nicely under the management of ... and BUXTON. They seem to ... the job.

Billie BECKMEYER is back to ... Hill again where he is doing painting and papering.

Dave and Ginsie BERGNER have ... Cedar Hill and are both working in St. Louis. They seem to like ... the city.                                




Friday, April 13 was “Last Day” at the Baker schoolhouse. An... of the patrons were present and ... time was had. Owing to other ...entertainments in the near neighb... will be given later. This ... was taught by Earl HAMRICK, ... his first term--and again a ... first term has made good. We... teachers at this place so long t... ...fully expect the best results ... usual, again we win. Earl, when you pass this way you can easily ... latch string.



Entertainment and box supper ... Four Ridge School Saturday ... This will be out doors if weather permits. Come and find out ...     “Too Much of a Good Thing”     Curtain at 8:00 p. m.     pd.        LEWIS HILL




English services at this church ... day, April 23? 29?, 10:30 A. M. ... meeting of voting members ... ...vice.    Geo. ZILLY



The Jefferson County Record.

A Partnership Composed of

John H. REPPY and Albertise C. REPPY






     Up to Tuesday noon, the amount of warrants cashed against the Permanent Road Fund was $66,818.21. How much is due for work already done, we have no means of ascertaining. The above amount of course includes the sum paid for the abutments of the Lemay Ferry Bridge. The amount already expended and paid amounts to over one-seventh of the entire sum and when outstanding bills for work done and machinery purchased are in it will amount to considerably more than one-seventh of the whole. We are not disposed to make any comment in the matter, but we want to try and give the facts and the people will do the thinking for themselves without bias or prejudice.




     Notice is hereby given that I will receive sealed bids up to noon on Monday, May 7th, 1917, from banks, banking corporations, associations or individual bankers in Jefferson County, Missouri, for the deposit of the funds of said county for the two years next ensuing from the date of receiving said bids, which said funds, for the purpose of letting the same, have, by order of the County Court, duly entered of record, been dividen into four equal parts. And the bids submitted may be for one or more of such equal parts.

     The bids must state the rate of interest which the bidder will pay on the funds of said county or on any of such equal part or parts thereof, for the said term, and must be accompanied by a certified check on some solvent bank for not less than such proportion of one per centum of the county revenue of the preceding year as the sum of the part or parts of said funds, bid for, bears to the whole number of such parts.

     No bid will be considered unless certified check shall accompany the same.

G. W. GASCHE; Clerk of the County Court of Jefferson County, Missouri




     Mrs. G. K. STEWART was shopping in St. Louis last Thursday.

     R. R. RAGLAND has moved in a home near the Christian church.

     A much needed improvement is the bridge across the Joachim on the Bonne Terre road. Several machines have had to be helped across having stuck in the gravel. It is reported that work will begin at this point this week and will be completed for the Drummer’s Convention.

     Last week was Patrons’ Week at the Ward and Central Schools and crowds were viewing the work of the different grades each day which was par excellent.

     Little Miss Dorthy SAPPER gave a party Saturday afternoon. The occasion was to celebrate her birthday. A big birthday cake and numerous gifts made the afternoon a memorable one for Dorthy.

     Kirk JONES and wife went to St. Louis Monday and brought down two Fords.

     Grade ALLE of Fredericktown spent Saturday and Sunday in De Soto.

     Rev. PRESCOTT of Kansas City preached at the Congregational church Sunday.

     W. E. CROW had business at Horine Monday.

     W. H. KNORPP had business in St. Louis Monday.

     The Bible class met Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Earnest COXWELL.

     Mr. and Mrs. Lee GOFF of Bonne Terre spent Sunday with Charles Pool and wife.

     Prof. Paul BARNETT had business at Hillsboro Saturday.

     Mr. and Mrs. Arthur MORSE and Son Howard were in St. Louis Thursday.

     Mrs. I. DOULIN spent Thursday in the city.

     Mesdames J. CARLEY and Robert HEARST and Mr. and Mrs. Earnest COXWELL attended a meeting of the Association held at Fountain Park Congregational church Thursday.

     Harry CROW, Rutledge IRWIN, Joe MATTHEWS, Monte REED and Joe LORENZ went to St. Louis Monday morning hoping to enlist in the navy. Many of their friends were at the train to bid them farewell.

     Judge D. L. ROUGGLY had a double wedding at his office Friday morning at 8:00 o’clock. Benjamin NASH and Genevieve BOYER and Charles William KANE and Martha NASH all of Festus.

     J. D. LaHAY and wife were visiting at Bonne Terre Sunday.

     Harry HAMEL who has been quite ill the past year is improving in health.

     A. J. BLAIR is having anew sidewalk built. Len GOWAN is doing the work.

     The Moose organization gave a lecture and sterioptican entertainment at the K. of P. Hall Monday evening.




     Farmers are somewhat delayed with their spring work on account of the wet weather the past three weeks.

     Dan HAEFNER was elected as a member of the school board at our annual school meeting in a hotly contested election. 45 were present.

     Philip REISER and Chas. [Charles] LUDWIG of St. Louis formerly of this community were visitors home last Sunday and also at the flag raising.

     Mr. H. J. KOHR Sr. of Maxville some 80 odd years old is an invalid and bedfast at Dan HAEFNER’s home, he being Mrs. HAEFNER’s father.

     Mr. and Mrs. ROESSCH [ROESCH?] of Pacific R. F. D. of Franklin County were back to see us the first week of April.




     Otto FREDERITZI and a few of his friends of Hill Crest were in Maxville this week.

     Mr. and Mrs. WEBER of St. Louis were visitors at C. J. SIEDLER’s Sunday and also stayed for the entertainment.

     The entertainment given by the Dramatic Club Sunday evening was quite a success and all reported a good time. The Kimmswick quartet did some tall singing and Charles MUELLER also did some very fine singing which was enjoyed by all.

     Frank BECKER is reported very ill.

     We hope that the weather will be nice next Sunday so that the Maxville and Kimmswick boys can play their ball game which they have been planning for some time.




     Notice is hereby given, that letters of Administration on the estate of

     MARY ADALINE CAVNESS, deceased, were granted to the undersigned on the 19th day of March, 1917, by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, Missouri. All persons having claims against said estate are required to exhibit them for allowance to the Administrator within six months after the date of said Letters, or they may be precluded from any benefit of said estate; and if such claims be not exhibited within one year from the date of the last insertion of the publication of this notice, they shall be forever barred.

     This 19th day of March, 1917.               JOHN G. BRUNS,   Administrator.  13




All Over Jefferson

     Miss Dora EHRICHS, Mrs. Coney McCORMICK, Mrs. Georgie COLIN and Mr. and Mrs. TOOLOOSE were Hillsboro visitors Sunday taking a trial spin in the TOOLOOSE auto.


     The Editor has been away on a little trip to Atchison, Kansas. We haven’t time this week to tell about the trip but will try to give some small account of it next week.


     Fred WILLIAMS visited his wife Sunday in the Mayfield Sanitarium and reports her very much improved, and that if she continues to improve will be able to be home in a month’s time.


     Ernest STANGLEIN, a Jefferson County boy has a contract with the Government to make 12,000 bottoms for tents. It is a good big contract and young STANGLEIN can be counted on to get it out on time.


     Clarence MILLER writes home to his father that he is busy near Litchfield, Illinois, in helping to solve the food supply of the United States for next year and that he and his mules are putting in good time. Clarence is a son of Probate Judge MILLER.


     Saturday night at West Kimmswick some fellow made a few disparaging remarks concerning Uncle Sam. When remonstrated with he wanted to fight and was obliged instanter [?] and put out of commission very promptly. It is not safe in these troublesome times to disparage your Uncle Sam as he has very many loyal kin who will resent.

     Edward C. HINSON has resigned his position with the Jefferson Trust Company and is organizing a new bank at Hematite. The new Bank is to have a capital stock of ten thousand and we understand that most of the stock has been subscribed.




     Richard W. SCHROEDER and family and his mother came down to Hillsboro Sunday morning to visit Hillsboro relatives. Sunday afternoon witnessed a sort of family reunion at the home of Col. Robert EVANS. The Colonel has seven grandchildren and all were present. Mr. SCHROEDER and his family returned to the city Monday afternoon.

     Judge Jos. J. WILLIAMS is home again after a protracted visit with his daughter, Mrs. Alison REPPY in St. Louis.

     W. R. DONNELL Jr. has at last bought that Victrola and from now on there will be music in the air.

     Judge J. P. MILLER and family attended High Ridge Evangelical church on Sunday as did also John HELLER and family. There were 12 young folks and 12 adults confirmed and about 70 communicants at the Lord’s Supper. The church was crowded to its uttermost capacity. Palm Sunday marked the first Palm Sunday of Rev. S. P. GOEBEL’s 16th year of service in the High Ridge church and which is the longest continuous period of service by any pastor of that church.

     Bob HELLER is dead. He died peacefully and from natural causes. Bob was Miss Mayme HELLER’s dog. He was a stub tailed, one eyed bull terrier with a fractious temper and an arrogant air, that made him somewhat of a character about Hillsboro. Like most dogs he was loyal, true and steadfast in his love for his folks, and if a few tears were shed on the occasion of his demise they were shed worthily and for a true friend.

     Sebastian SCHNEIDER arrived in Hillsboro last week and has taken charge of the woodwork in the shop of Henry HURTGEN and sons. Mr. SCHNEIDER is the father of T. E. SCHNEIDER, the foreman of the Record Office and comes to Hillsboro from Dixon, Missouri where he was engaged in business for many years, and expects to make his home here permanent.

     Col. Richard A. MARSDEN had a slight accident yesterday.  He was going to Victoria in his machine and turned to push back some egg cases that were slipping. Meantime the car kept on going and struck a telephone pole. The pole was put out of commission, but the car was only slightly disfigured. A bent axle, a smashed fender resulted, but the trip started was made, and the damage done was only financial.

    We have been told that a driver ought not to turn his eyes off the road. We believe this and feel confident that Mr. MARSDEN will endorse the idea.

     James K. (Polk) WILLIAMS, died in St. Louis Sunday evening and was buried in Hillsboro cemetery yesterday. Mr. Williams was a son of Phineas WILLIAMS of this County and was related to the majority of the folks about Hillsboro. He was about 71 years of age and was a veteran of the Civil war. He and Major Sam MORRIS enlisted at the same time and served together during the war in the Sixth Missouri and were mustered out at the same time. One by one, the Grand Army of the Republic is melting away and in a short time there will be only here and there a few grizzled survivors to tell [...] of [...] .



Graduate Veterinarian

Phone: DeSoto 851.   VICTORIA, MO.




     Notice is hereby given that Letters Testamentary on the Estate of  ROBERT SPITZ, Sr., deceased were granted to the undersigned on the 2nd day of April, 1917, by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, Missouri. All persons having claims against said Estate are required to exhibit them for allowance to the Executor within six months after the date of said Letters, or they may be precluded from any benefit of such Estate; and if such claims be not exhibited within one year from the date of the last insertion of the publication of this notice, they shall be forever barred.       

15   ROBERT M. SPITZ   Executor.




     To all whom it may concern: Whereas, my wife, Christina WOLFANGEL has left my bed and board with out just cause and without provocation, public notice is hereby given, that I will not be responsible for any debts she may contract or any credit extended to her must be on her own responsibility and not upon mine.     Frank WOLFANGEL,       Kimmswick, Mo., Route 1.




     Oscar BRACKMANN and family were touring through various parts of Illinois Sunday.

     Rev. GOEBEL and brother are visiting in St. Charles.

     Judge MILLER and family of Hillsboro attended church here Sunday.

     Will BRACKMANN of St. Louis visited with relatives here Sunday.

    A fire alarm was sounded here about eight o’clock Friday evening. The fire was said to be in a neighbors’ house about half a mile away. The department was gotten out in double quick time and a dozen or more men were soon at the place and found the man of the house quietly burning grass near the house.

     The question of National Prohibition was debated here Wednesday evening. A large crowd was present and the affirmative side won. The next and likely the last debate here for the season, will be held Wednesday evening, April 25. The subject will be: “Resolved: That Marriage Increases the Happiness of the Persons Married.”

     A very large crowd attended services here Sunday. In the afternoon a noted missionary to India and his wife spoke.

     Miss Hulda WERNER is visiting relatives in Litchfield, Illinois.




     Report of sale of real estate of Geo. MELTON deceased filed, examined and ordered to remain on file 10 days.

    Demand of W. H. FARRAR, M. D. against estate of Wm. SCHULZ allowed.

     Jos. S. NAHLIK will probated and letters testamentary granted to Katie NAHLIC [sic] and John B. NAHLIK and bond approved and inventory filed and approved.

     Inventory in estate of LANDUYT minors filed and approved and real estate of minors ordered sold for reinstatement.

     Second annual settlement of estate of O. M. MUNROE filed and continued to April 21st. Petition filed for sale of real estate of O. M. MUNROE.

     All receipts in estate of Mary COYLE deceased except one for $1.00 the whereabouts of distributee being unknown.

    Letters refused in estate of Aug. Max FRENZEL.

     Report of sale of real estate of Harriet WILLIAMS filed and ordered to remain on file for ten days.

     Report of sale of R. E. LANDUYT minors file--to remain on file for 10 days and continued to that day.




     Mary L. HARDIN to L. E. HARDIN and wife, 80 acres, 35-39-5, $1.00.

     Nancy Brown to Philip GAMANCHE and wife, lot 1, block 2, SLAWSON’s addition to De Soto, $800.

     Otto Herman and wife to Edward A. HANSAIN, lots 7, 8, 9, and 10 J. W. FLETCHER’s add. De Soto, $1500.

     Chas. HOUGHTON and wife to Chas. WELCH, lot 372, Crystal City, $610.

     Esther LOYSON et al to Joseph KREITHER, lot 10, JEWETT’s Sub. D., 32-41-6, $950.

     Frank KOPEJTKO and wife to Harry E. BULLERDICK, lands in Sur. 2008, and sec. 36-40-4, $100.

     Wm. I. HATT and wife to Alfred I. PALADY and wife, lots 2 and 4, block 12, BRADFORD’s First Add. to Sulphur Springs, $700.

     Melon BUCKNER and wife to John MESPLAY and wife 1/2 acre, sec. 29-41-6, $100.

     Edward TYLER and wife to Alfred OZARK, 142 acres, sur. 908, $100.

     Alfred OZARK and wife to Archie HURTGEN, 142 acres sur. 908, sub. to life estate of Alfred OZARK, $100.

     Archie HURTGEN to Annie OZARK, 142 acres, sur. 908, sub. to life estate of Alfred OZARK, $100.

     F. X. REECHT et al to Eugene REECHT 4-5 interest in lot 1 large, lot 6 Sannings sub div., $750.

     Charles F. JENNINGS and wife to James B. JENNINGS, lot in Festus, for $1350.

     C. B. BLAND to Alfred CLAY and wife lots 29 and 30, block 3, BOYNES 2nd add, De Soto, $350.

    J. W. PATTERSON and wife to A. A. ASHLEY, 79 acres, 36-40-4, $100.




FOR SALE:--One good Gestring farm wagon, complete at H. HURTGEN’s, Hillsboro, Mo.




Notice is hereby given, that Letters of Administration on the Estate of  FRANK CHOTT, Deceased were granted to the undersigned on the 14th day of March 1917, by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, Missouri. All persons having claims against said Estate are required to exhibit them for allowance to the Administrator within six months after the date of said Letters, or they may be precluded from any benefit of said Estate; and if such claims be not exhibited within one year from the date of the last insertion of the publication of this notice, they shall be forever barred.

     This 14th day of March, 1917.          JOHN CHOTT,    Administrator.




     The Farmers Union will have their regular meeting Friday evening, April 20th, this will be ladies’ night, every member should bring his wife, mother, sister or daughter to be initiated.

     The Cedars are getting ready for the summer boarders.

     Phil [Philip] KOEBBE and wife are visiting relatives in Valley Park.

     L. M. MYERS is in charge of the Farmers Union store and reports he is doing a rushing business.




     Miss Gladys McMULLIN of Danby spent Saturday with Miss Neva SEIFERT.

     Mrs. Mary M. BLUNT attended the funeral of her mother-in-law at Berryman, Missouri Tuesday.

     The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Ed FUNK will be sorry to learn of the death of their daughter Genevieve. She was a bright, accomplished young girl of sixteen and her death came as a shock to her many friends.

     Among our young men of Festus who have volunteered their services to the U. S. are: James ROBINSON, C. J. SMITH, Frank COSACK, Gus FLEIG and Leland McCLAIN.

     N. W. BRICKEY was in the city last Sunday. He expected to bring back his Hudson which he has had repaired and painted, but was hindered on account of the rain.

     On Friday night at the High School was held the preliminary declamatory contest. Those winning first place are: Bessie HUGHES and Arthur PODESTA who will represent Festus in the Southeast Missouri contest to be held in Cape Girardeau soon.

     Dr. and Mrs. LeMASTER entertained a number of friends at dinner last Thursday evening.

     Mr. and Mrs. Charles TOWNSEND will leave soon for Tulsa, Oklahoma where they will reside for a time.

     Mrs. BARBER of Hazel Run visited her daughter, Mrs. BUSHER a few days last week.

     Mr. and Mrs. BEYERSTADT and children, C. C. VAUGHN and Miss Edna VAUGHN all of St. Louis Sunday [...] at their home here. Mrs. Nancy VAUGHN returned home with them for a short stay.

     Miss WINN of Cape Girardeau visited Miss MEYER here over Saturday.

     Miss Lillie WAGGENER is visiting at the home of Homa WEAVER on the Plattin this week.

     Miss Helen LONG of Potosi spent Friday night with Miss Winnie BYRD.

     A Silver Tea was given by the Philathea Girls of the Methodist church on Thursday evening at the home of T. S. BYRD. After a social evening refreshments were served.

     Mrs. FRIEZE formerly of the Plattin has moved in her home on West Main Street.

     Mr. and Mrs. STOKES who are connected with the Electric Company here, have engaged two rooms from Mrs. FREIZE [FRIEZE?] for light housekeeping.

     Miss Gertrude AUBUCHON who has been in training at St. John’s Hospital is home for a few days.

     Mrs. Fannie AUBUCHON who has been under treatment at St. John’s for her eye is much improved.




     Advertisement is hereby made by the County Text Book Commission of Jefferson County, Mo., in accordance with the provisions of the Act of the Forty-fourth General Assembly of Missouri, relating to text books, approved March 17th, 1907, for bids from Publishing Houses for text books to be used exclusively in all the public schools of Jefferson County, Mo.; except in such schools as may be exempt as provided by section 3, of said Act, for a period of five years.

     The subjects in which the adoptions will be made and the probable number of books of each kind required are as follows:--

Arithmetic                               5000

Language and Grammar          4500

History                                     2500

Geography                               3000

Civil Government                    2000

Physiology                               2500

Writing Books                          3000

Spellers                                    3500

Readers                                    6500

Algebra                                      100

     Said bids to be filed with the president of the Text Book Commission at his office in Hillsboro, Jefferson County, Mo., on or before May 5th 1917. Said County Text Book Commission reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

     Done by order of the Text Book Commission of Jefferson County, Mo., this 18th day of April, 1917.       R. B. WILSON,               President           Anna M. McClure, Sec’y




Chas. Wm. KANE.............................Festus

Martha NASH................................Festus


Benjamin NASH.........................Valle Mines

Genevieve BOYER...........................De Soto


Cardid ZIMMERMAN..........................De Soto

Helen BROWN...............................De Soto


Henry DINSE.............................Hillsboro

Cora B. LOYER...........................Hillsboro


Geo. G. PRIES...........................St. Louis

V. A. JOWOVOWSKI........................St. Louis


Theodore HAEFNER........................St. Louis

Maria DEPETHENER........................St. Louis


Louis H. CHRIST..........................Maxville

Louisa DORNSEIF..........................Maxville


William C. HAHN.........................Hillsboro

Martha E. LEONARD.......................Hillsboro


Wm. Edgar PETERS...........................Festus

Theresa PATTERSON..........................Festus


Walter SCHWENDENER......................St. Louis

Bertha H. DIXON.........................St. Louis


Ray COLIN..................................Festus

Ursula BURNSIDE............................Festus





Attorney at Law

Hillsboro, Missouri




Houses Moved and Raised in all Parts of the County


FRED J. MEYER, Jefferson Barracks, Mo., Route No. 10



De Soto.      Mo.



have cash buyers for several small farms.

If you want to sell, list your farm with me --


Hillsboro, Mo.




Notice is hereby given, that Letters Testamentary of the estate of  HENRY KREINHEDER, Deceased, were granted to the undersigned on the 12th day of March, 1917, by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, Missouri. All persons having claims against said Estate are required to exhibit them for allowance to the Executor within six months after the date of said Letters, or they may be precluded from any benefit of such Estate; and if such claims be not exhibited within one year from the date of the last insertion of the publication of this notice, they shall be forever barred.

     12                    J. H. KREINHEDER,       Executor.





    Notice is hereby given, that Letters Testamentary of the estate of MARY WOLGAST, Deceased, were granted to the undersigned on the 6th day of March, 1917, by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, Missouri. All persons having claims against said Estate are required to exhibit them for allowance to the Executor within six months after the date of said Letters, or they may be precluded from any benefit of such Estate; and if such claims be not exhibited within one year from the date of the last insertion of the publication of this notice, they shall be forever barred.

     11                    G. W. WOLGAST,         Executor.




Regular Church Services.


     Rev. A. HILKEMAN preaches regularly at Hillsboro on the first Sunday of each month; at Horine on the second Sunday; at Cedar Hill on the third Sunday; at Belews Creek Chapel on the fourth.



     Pevely: 1st Sunday morning and evening. Hematite: 2nd and 4th Sunday mornings and evenings. Hillsboro: 3rd Sunday morning and evening. Victoria: Saturday night before the 3rd Sunday and also the 5th Sundays. Everybody is prayerfully invited to these services.

                   R. WALTON, P. C.



    Rev. George STEEL preaches regularly at Victoria on the second Sunday of each month; at Blackwell on the third Sunday, and at Hillsboro on the fourth.

     Regular services at Oakland on first Sunday of each month.

     There will be services regularly at Glade Chapel on the second Sunday of each month.

     Upper Dry Creek has regular services on third Sunday of each month.

     Rev. E. J. EAVES preaches regularly at the following churches: Liberty Baptist Church, the fourth Sunday;



    The regular services of the Evangelical church at Cedar Hill will be held on Sunday, April 1st at 3 p. m. Services will be conducted in English. Everybody is cordially invited.

                 S. PETER GOEBEL, Pastor.





     PRESBYTERIAN: Rev. A. HILKEMAN, 4644 S. Grand, St. Louis, phone Riverside 1515

     BAPTIST: Dr. George STEEL, Victoria, Mo.

     SOUTH METHODIST: Rev. R. WALTON, Hematite, Mo.

     EVANGELICAL CHURCH: Rev. S. Peter GOEBEL, High Ridge, Mo.

     LUTHERAN CHURCH: REv. M. M. TELLE, Kimmswick, Mo.