Jefferson County Record

Hillsboro, Missouri

June 26 1913



Factory Boys Organize New Ball Club

Regular DeSoto Correspondent


Charles KINCAID and family left for their new home in Horace, Kansas Monday morning.


Dan ROUGGLY and A J. BLAIR had business in Hillsboro Friday.


Mr. James T. MOSS of Hillsboro arrived Monday for a visit with relatives.


George PYLE of St. Louis spent Sunday at home.


Mrs. O. F. MEEK and daughter Miss Harriet departed for DuQuoin, IL, Friday for a three weeks visit with relatives.


Mrs. W. E. GIBSON and daughter Miss Genevieve left Saturday to take a trip to Niagara Falls and other northern places of interest.


Mr. THOMPSON has arrived from Oklahoma and is the new Secretary of the Y.M.C.A. He comes highly recommended.


Miss Elizabeth HENCHER (?) departed Sunday for Chicago.


Miss Birdie LANDERS has returned from a visit with Blackwell relatives.


R. B. and Kirk JONES have returned from Williamsburg, Iowa where they attended the funeral of their father Dr. J. E. JONES who was an old citizen of De Soto. The family has a host of friends who sympathize with them in their loss.


Sam BYRNES returned Saturday from Poplar Bluff.


Mr. FISCHER is here making arrangements to bring his large portable skating rink to our town.


George BERG returned from Salt Lake City last week.


DeSoto will have a baseball club this season, The Shoe Factory Nine.


DeSoto will celebrate the Fourth with a big picnic at the Fair grounds.

Admission free and many attractions for the visitors. All are invited to come.


A Teachers Training High School Course will be added this year and a new teacher approved by the State Department of Education will be employed in the DeSoto High School.


W. N. SELLMAN has gone to Columbia to attend Summer School.


Miss Alice CAMPBELL returned from a weeks stay in St. Louis Friday.


Hinchey's store was broken into Sunday night. The entry was made through a small grated window in the rear. The haul was not extensive.


Miss Fanny ELLIS returned Friday from a visit at Fredericktown.


Mrs. Fred FOTSCH and baby were guests of her parents Mr. and Mrs. J.F. WALTHERS last week.


Mrs. Mary PAUL of McGhee, Ark, who has been visiting relatives the past two weeks, has returned home.


Ancil AUBUCHON returned last week to Chicago.


Rev. W. MILNER was ill Sunday and no services were held at the Congregational church.


J. HAMEL of St. Louis spent Sunday with his family.  He is well pleased with his business in St. Louis.


The Missionary Society of the Presbyterian church met Tuesday with J. G. BERKELEY.


Miss Gladys CARLEY left the first of the week for Peoria, IL where she will study Domestic Science.



Mr. Herman OBERHAUS and Miss Lillie WADE were united in the happy bond of matrimony Thursday, June 19, 1913, at 7:00 p. at the residence of Mr. J. H. WADE. The ceremony was performed by Judge M. F. DUNIGAN, who drove twenty-five miles through dust and heat to be present and to meet his old neighbors and friends. Mr. OBERHAUS and Miss WADE were sweethearts from childhood and a similar coincidence is that they were schoolmates and graduated under the Judge's careful teaching, and at the same time their fathers were members of school board.

The bride is a pretty brunette and was attired in a beautiful dress of white embroidery, wore white slippers and flowers. The bridesmaid was Miss Mabel OBERHAUS who also wore white. The groom is a decided blond, and a young business man of good character living at Byrnesville. He was dressed in a becoming black suit, and looked his best, as also did the groomsman Mr. Sam PERRY. After the ceremony and congratulations were offered by their many friends who joined to make the occasion a happier one, all marched to the dining room where all the good eatables of the season were in abundance, prepared by the bride's mother. Old and young joined in dancing until a late hour, when all departed wishing Mr. and Mrs. OBERHAUS many happy days together. They will be at home to their many friends at Byrnesville after July 10, 1913.

A guest




Robert SMITH age 60 and living near Goldman was overcome by heat in his hay field Friday, and died in a few hours. While the heat was intense, his weakened condition is thought to have been the seat of the trouble, being a frequent sufferer with intense headache, a result of an injury, a few years ago. While driving to St. Louis his team frightened at an automobile, and ran away throwing him out upon his head sustaining injuries from which he never fully recovered. Mr. SMITH was born and raised in the county and is a brother to Alfred SMITH. He leaves a second wife and three children, two sons and a daughter all married and living in the same township. He was buried in Hillsboro Sunday afternoon.



Two Jefferson County Boys Contestants

The unusually dry season is trying out the skill of corn growers and prizes will go to the man who "knows how."


The following contestants are entered from this county, one of whom will win a scholarship to the State Normal School and all will participate in the various cash prizes offered: Raymond POLITTE of Vineland, John F ROSE? of Hillsboro.



Mr. and Mrs. John H. REPPY entertained in honor of the Hillsboro band and members of the Band Association and their families Thursday evening. The night was ideal; the lawn well lighted so that the band members could play there. The place alive with light and music, for there was band music on the lawn, and piano, vocal and coronet solos in the parlors. Mr. HEMME and the Misses Lillie HEMME, Lucile BENSON, Margaret BENSON, Kathleen REPPY and Mr. SCHNEIDER being the musician besides all the guest taking part in singing the poplar songs. A pleasant feature of the occasion developed when Mr. W.J.A. SCHUBEL, in a neat and humorous speech, presented the band master, Tony SCHNEIDER and bride, with a handsome set of silver table spoons as a testimonial from the band boys. He was followed by Mr. J. H. REPPY who in happy vein, added teaspoons of the same pattern to the collection as a tribute from his Record friends. Refreshments were served. The occasion was a most happy one for all concerned.



We wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to neighbors and friends who so kindly assisted us during the last illness of our lamented father, Gustave LUHN.

His children.



Returned Shoes and Stolen Second Time.

Regular Festus Correspondent.


Atty. Will MURPHY of Springfield, MO is here visiting his mother and other relatives.


Lewis KOHLER has moved here to reside in the future.


Mrs. Ann CRAIG spent Sunday in St. Louis.


Mrs. H. S. WARWICK, wife of Supt. WARWICK of the Festus Glass Works, was in St. Louis Tuesday.


Miss Carrie SENNERT went to St. Louis Tuesday to replenish her stock of millinery.


Roy DIXON who has been sick with tonsillitis is able to be up again.


Miss Lydia KLEINSCHMIDT spent last week with relatives in St. Louis.


Eph WILLIAMS, residing on Crystal Heights celebrated the seventy-eighth anniversary of his birth June 16. The old gentleman is hale and hearty and bids fair to live many years yet.


Al LONG of Festus and Miss Lulu CARROLL of Fredericktown were married in St. Louis last Tuesday. Mr. LONG is a son of County Clerk, John O. LONG of Washington County and Mrs. LONG was a teacher in the Festus school last year. May their happiness never grow less.


Mr. and Mrs. Fred SCHAFER, Jr. are the happy parents of a fine boy baby born to them June 14.


Miss Gertrude, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe AuBUCHON is making an extended visit with relatives in Washington County.


Mr. and Mrs. Foss GRIFFIN of Danby had business here Saturday.


Richard WAGGENER visited relatives at Danby last week.


About two weeks ago the Frisco depot was burglarized, a box of shoes taken, hid in the weeds, found by some boys and brought back to the depot. Since that the depot was again broken into and the same case of shoes taken.


The ice-cream social at the M. E. Church Thursday night was a success socially and financially. A large crowd was present and all had a pleasant time.


Charles HOUSTON of St. Louis visited here Tuesday.


Labor commissioner BRADLEY was here last week on business.


Miss Della MEYERS of St. Louis came down Saturday to visit her parents.


Dr. RUTLEDGE of Ste. Genevieve visited relatives here Sunday.


Jas LUCAS of Caledonia, Washington County is visiting relatives here.


Grocery salesman, SYBERTS was interviewing the businessmen of Festus last week.


Mr. ROZIER, No. 4 sold his stock of merchandise to his brother and will engage in business in Perryville.


Miss Mary BOYER who has been absent, teaching, is home for the vacation.


Wm. STINER happened to a painful accident last week by getting his eyes badly burned with electricity.


Masonic Picnic at Hematite

St. John’s Day Celebration

….Interesting exercises from the platform took place in the afternoon….

Rev. Dr. WOOD of St. Louis, H.B. IRWIN of DeSoto, John REPPY of Hillsboro, Judge S.A. REPPRY of DeSoto, Mrs. C. E. PYEL of DeSoto, Rev. G. W. HOLMAN, Rev. Arthur WELLBOELTER of Hillsboro, Miss Elsie PYLE of DeSoto, Mrs. Frank DEITRICH and Miss ZOE BOOTH, Miss Carrie KLEINSCHMIDT of Hillsboro, Mr. Charles HEMME….


The Girl from Wyoming

Alberta CLAIR, the girl from Wyoming came through here Wednesday on her way to DeSoto where the Citizens gave her a reception at the Arlington.  A year and a half ago she passed thru here on her way from Wyoming to Buffalo, New York.  She rode Bud, a mountain pony, and came back on him.  While in New York City she drove the last rivet in the top of the famous Woolworth building.  She is making her way back to Wyoming and is riding through southeast Missouri and will spend a month in the Ozarks.  In a hasty interview, we found her exceedingly intelligent and alert and very gracious.  While touring southeast MO she is gathering data for the Good Roads Commission.


Carl MINER who has a position in Riverton, IL, was here a few days last week.


Mr. and Mrs. H.J. WELSH of Sikestown are visiting relatives in Festus.


Mr. and Mrs. H.L. MARBERRY and little son, Willard, accompanied by Geo. BESLINGHOFF who is also connected with the News left Sunday for Pertie Springs to attend the Press Association.


Mrs. Earl PADGETT of Florida is visiting her brothers, Frank and Grover HALLADAY.


The Presiding Elder of the M.E. Church attended children’s day exercises here Sunday and preached tonight.


During the electric storm Sunday night, lightning struck the house of Mr. BROOM of Crystal City doing slight damage but injuring no one.


There was some excitement and commotion at Crystal City Monday morning over the eight hour law which went into effect that day.


A couple was united in WAGGONER’s Store.  They came there and applied for a license. Mr. Ellis VAUGHAN phoned to Hillsboro for license after they made oath that they were of proper age.  Rev. EVANS was sent for and they were made man and wife.


Farmers Attention

Make a big profit from your vegetables and fruit by canning them.  Send for catalogue today of the Dandy Canner.  Its price is low and quality high.  Elizabeth WILEY, State Agent, Sulphur Springs, MO.  


Probate Court

Curator’s report of the sale of the real estate of Felix C. ROZIER, minor, approved and deed ordered made and delivered to Sarah J. DUFFY purchaser.


Annual settlement of Theresia PIES, curator of the estate of the PIES minors approved and the estate being exhausted the court dispenses with further administration.


Demand of Long Bros. Merc. Co. against estate of Maggie HUCK, dec. for 16.31 allowed.


Court appoints upon application Edmund KERRUISH curator of Berry minors and his bond approved.


Will of Gustave LUHN dec. probated and letters granted to Herman A. LUHN.


Court orders the administrator of the estate of Andrew WHITE, dec. to turn over to the widow of dec. all the personal property and the order of sale be revoked.


Rose HIGHFIELD and Mary, Andrew, Levi, and Myrtle, minor by Rose HIGHFIELD next friend vs. George MAHN and Roscoe B. JONES.  Court orders temporary injunction enjoining the defendants each of them from selling real-estate of plaintiff.  Until further order of this court upon plaintiffs filing with the clerk of the circuit court a bond in the sum of $1000.  Conditioned as required by law.


Marriage Licenses:

Herman OBERHAUS – Byrnesville and Lillie WADE – Byrnesvile

J.F. SCHYTT – Kimmswick and Josephine FRANKENRENTER – Kimmswick

Otto RATLEY – Herculaneum and Gertrude MILLS – Herculaneum

Benjamin F. BEECHAMP – Horine and Ora TIMS – Horine

Edward OKER – DeSoto and Laura LEWIS – DeSoto

R.F. SPRADLING – St. Louis and J. MANNING – DeSoto

George A. ROHLFING – DeSoto and Edna WELSH (WEL??) – DeSoto


Miss Alvena BOLLSFER of Kimmswick entertained a few friends last Sunday. Those present were Miss Esther and  [E?]  POGGEMOELLER of St. Louis, Mr. Theodore? DAUERNHEIM?, Miss Frieda SAEGER of House Springs, Hannah, Adella, Dorothy, Emil, Walter and Edwind BOLLSFER of Kimmswick, Mr. and Mrs. Frank BOLLSFER had served some extra fine meals and Frank BOLLSFER, Jr. was there also on his vacation from college in Springfield, IL.  There was lots of singing and music going on there, Miss Frieda SAEGER and Elenora POGGEMOELLER enjoyed their trip very much wading through mad Monday morning while getting back home to Heads Creek.


Mr. J. P. GILLMAN put up a new barn as he expected -- of --, and so he did.


We have two Fourth of July picnics to choose from: High Ridge and Cedar Hill.


Mrs. Henry HEILITAG and children of Antonia were visiting her mother, brothers and sisters last week.


Miss Amelia SAEGER was staying with Mr. and Mrs. Henry HEILITAG for several weeks and came home Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. Henry SAEGER were visiting Mrs. Wm. SAEGER.




Ed BLEDLEY? of Valley Park visited friends and relatives in Danby last week.  


Perry McCLANAHAN and family went to Kinsey, MO the latter part of last week to visit Mrs. McCLANAHAN’s home.


Miss Nell FUNK returned home last Saturday after an extended visit in St. Louis.


Little Esli WATT celebrated his fifth birthday Saturday afternoon by entertaining some of his little friends.


Everybody is busy cutting wheat.


Lynn WAGGENER went to Festus Friday.


Albert WATT had business in Festus Friday.


Garnett WAGGENER of Commerce is visiting his father J.E. WAGGENER last week.


Mr. and Mrs. Chris GARBER of Rush Tower spent Sunday with Mrs. GARBER’s mother, Mrs. BAKER, in Danby.


Mr. and Mrs. Will TINDELL and family of Rush Tower spent Sunday with A. WATT and family.


Carl McMULLIN has returned to Danby. Nothing like Danby for Carl.


Ed ALLRED came home Saturday night after a weeks stay in IL.


SIEFERT and McCLANAHAN’s new threshing machine engine arrived last Saturday. It is a fine big engine and they expect to do a lot of work with it. They will start Thursday at Mr. HOLTS.


A. WATT went Monday morning to Valle Mines where he will spend a week.


Miss Blanche KOHLER returned home Sunday evening after an extended visit with her aunt who came home with Blanche to stay awhile.





The Stork left a boy at Wm. GLASS‘ last Thursday, also one at F.W. RAEBELS’(?) three weeks ago.


Rev. DANTEMHAHN(?), who was paralyzed some time ago, is reported better.


There was a house warming at Geo. VOGT, Jr.’s Saturday, he having just completed his new house.


Miss Kate BERGEMEYER of St. Louis was home Sunday visiting homefolks and friends.


A. KASSEL and A. KLABLE, Jr. are building a fine residence for Rudolph RAEBEL of Barnhart.


Chas. SCHYTT is digging a cellar for Wm. KENZLE (?) who intends to build another house in the near future and then the wedding bells will ring.


The woods got on fire at A. HOOGE’s of Four Ridge and considerable damage was done to timber and quite a number of ties were lost last week.


Christ BRUNO is hauling lumber for a new barn that he intends to build next fall.


Answer to Silver Threads Among the Gold

Words and music by Amos L. COLMAN, DeSoto, MO. Send 25 cents to A.L. COLMAN, DeSoto, MO for a copy of this beautiful song. Postings prepaid.  Money refunded in not satisfactory.


Dr. J. E. JONES passed away in Iowa.

Dr. J.E. JONES, ex-treasurer of this county died on June 19 at his old home in Williamsburg, Iowa whither he had gone with his daughter to spend the summer.  Dr. JONES has been in failing health for four years having suffered several slight paralytic strokes, growing more severe until one proved fatal after 5 days lingering.  He leaves a widow, one daughter and two sons, Roscoe R. and Kirkwood, both business men in DeSoto. Dr. JONES served two terms as treasurer of Jefferson County and was a prominent Mason and G.A.R. man.  He had lived in this county nearly twenty years in Victoria, DeSoto and Hillsboro and in Bonne Terre previous to coming to this county.  It appeared fitting that the closing of an active useful life should be in the house where he was born among boyhood – and friends, with his family at his bed side.  He was sixty-five years of age.  


Hoyt HOEKEN of St. Louis came home to spend Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. Clyde WILLIAMS welcomed another little daughter, born on St. John’s Day.


Mrs. John HUGHES came Thursday to spend a week with Mrs. Curtis EAVES and other friends.


Mr. and Mrs. Milton MOSS were here, the guests of Green HEARST and wife who took them for a spin in their new machine.


The Misses Lucile and Margaret BENSON of DeSoto returned home Monday after a visit of several days with Miss Kathleen REPPY.


Miss Lily SCHUBEL of St. Louis arrived Thursday to visit her brother W.J.A. SCHUBEL and family and other relatives in the county.


G.K. ASHBY and son Raymond went to St. Louis Wednesday. Mr. ASHBY is home again but Raymond has a job and will stay with it.


Don’t forget the big Fourth of July Picnic at DeSoto.  Horse Races, baseball game, good music and refreshments of all kinds.


Mrs. Henry BRUNS of Morse MILL came in to attend the St. John’s Day entertainment, and was the only out-of-town member to do so.


Mrs. John F. WILLIAMS and two daughters left Monday afternoon for a visit to Kentucky relatives, stopping a few days in St. Louis enroute.


A.L. COLEMAN [COLMAN] of DeSoto ex-county recorder has sent us a beautiful song ‘Answer to Silver Threads among the Gold,’ which he has composed.  Mr. COLEMAN is a musician of ability but is best known among the men of the county as a pleasing singer, having sung campaign songs about the county during several campaigns.  See his ad elsewhere in our column.


Mrs. John LYNCH and son-in-law, Sam McKAY of St. Louis were here on business Monday, connected with her property.  The front of the livery stable which extends across the sidewalk, obscuring the view from the buildings each side, is to be removed by Mrs. LYNCH’s permission and by popular subscription.  A long desired improvement by all property owners in the neighborhood.


Miss Medora McMULLIN is home to spend vacation.


Miss Bessie KLEINSCHMIDT left Tuesday for a trip east.


For Sale – Fresh Milch cows.  Rudolph HOMBERG, Hillsboro, Rt.1


The Hillsboro Brass Band has been invited to play in Potosi on the fourth.


Don’t fail to get the opening chapter of our new story.  The Lady of the Mount which begins this week.


Miss Clara LEUTZINGER gave her Sunday School class a picnic down in Honey Grove, Monday afternoon.


Dexter WILLIAMS, W.P. WILLIAMS, Sr., and W.A. WILSON of Morse Mill were visitors to the county seat Tuesday.


F.E. SPILKER is limping badly, the result of a 20 pound block of ice falling on his foot.  It was necessary to lance the bruise.



Felix C. ROZIER, by guardian to S.J. DUFFY ¼ [1/2?] interest in homestead, DeSoto….$439.

W.E. HOOVER to A.M. STERNECKER, 2 lots, Sulphur Heights.$300.

O.O. NANCE to Geo. And M.E. HARTWEIN, lot in Harrison Park, Festus…$93.37.

O.O. NANCE to THOS. And Lena PORTER, lot in Harrison Pk, Festus…$46.69

Wm. HOOVER to Douglas JOHNSON, 40a, Allens Sandy Cr. Sub…$1.

John MIESE to C.J. SIEDLER 40 a. 2991-42 and 42-?,6….$1,000.     

W.H. WALKER to W.B. WALKER, ¼ [1/2?] int in DeSoto, lot…$500.


G.J. JOHNSTON to Walter SCHROEDER, 30a, Allen’s Sandy Cr, Sub…$3500.

Hattie E. ROZIER to Sarah J. DUFFY, ¼ int, in homestead, DeSoto…$3210.

Joseph JACQUEL to Louis JACQUEL, lot in Festus…$1.

Prosper JACQUEL to Jos. JACQUEL, 2 lots sur 160-twp. 40 -6….$1.

J.L. BOYER to F.C. LUCKEY lot in Festus….$25.

J.S. LILLY to F.C. LUCKEY, lot in Festus….$25.

A.F. MOORE to Lilliam G. BOLLE, 3.22, sur.416-40 5 and 6…..$10

Ethel L. SHUTE to D.L. ROUGGLY, 2 lots in R.& D. ad DeSoto….$1500.

Milton W. CUMMINGS to W.J. HERRINGTON, lot in Allen ad DeSoto…$650.

Oliver O. NANCE to G.W. McBROOM, lot in Harrison Pk, Festus….$38.24.


Notice to Hunters

All persons are hereby warned not to hunt or trespass in any manner on my land.  Persons doing so will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  H.A. McGALLISTER, Hillsboro, MO.   


A Child Dies
Mr. and Mrs. Frank BROUK nee Laura MILLER living near Fenton had the misfortune of losing their baby daughter on June 12, after an illness of seven days. Rev. S. Peter GOEBEL of the High Ridge Lutheran church laid the little one to rest in St. Martin’s cemetery offering words of sympathy and comfort to the bereaved ones in their stricken hour. Little Thelma lived less than two years but her cooing voice and baby ways cannot be forgotten. The sympathy of the community is extended to the bereaved family.