Jefferson County Record

April 17, 1913


~Festus is Having Building Boom~

City Election Will Result In a Contest


Miss Lilly SCHETZLY of St. Louis returned home Saturday after a visit with friends on Crystal Heights.


Frank DAHNER has resigned his position at the Crystal City Glass works and will turn his attention to farming.


Miss GRACE of Rush Tower was a Festus visitor last week.


Mrs. C.J. DAVIDSON is visiting relatives in Doniphan.


Miss Grace POLITTE is very ill with pneumonia.


Tom COLEMAN and family visited with Mr. Fred POLITTE and Mrs. BAKER, visited in St. Louis Wednesday.


Mr. E.N. BROWN has built an addition to his property.


Dr. and Mrs. BLYTHE’s baby is quite ill with measles.


Mrs. Dan NOCE and little son spent the weekend on Plattin.


Miss Sue DeWITT of Pevely visited the family of Eph WILLIAMS in Crystal City Sunday.


Mr. RUFFER who was paralyzed some time ago is able to walk downtown.


F.M. HUBBARD of St. Louis spent Monday in Festus.


Mrs. Frank DEITRICH of Hillsboro visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. G.W. BYRD last week.


Mrs. SHORES of Fayette visited friends in Festus last week.


Carl HAMPTON is quite ill with pleurisy.


Theo. DONNELL of Kansas is visiting his father, Uncle Eli DONNELL.


Uncle Eli DONNELL who is nearing eighty celebrated his birth last week by having all his children present.  Uncle Eli is as spry as many men at fifty and say he can mount a horse and ride as well as he could when a boy.


Mrs. J. H. AIKEN received a message from her son in Los Angeles California informing her of the death of his wife.


Mrs. E. A. FERGUSON who has been visiting her sister Mrs. T. H. LEAGUE returned to her home in Steelville Sunday.


Dr. J. Scott WOLFF attended the hearing of the Pittsburg Plate Glass Co. before the Governor in Jefferson City Saturday.


Mrs. H. J. WELSH and little daughter, Helen, who have been visiting Mrs. WELSH’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.H. LEAGUE have returned to their home in Sikeston.


Mrs. Walter WELSH is confined at home with a bad case of mumps.


Mrs. H. B. DRAKE has been seriously ill but is improving.


Harold LUCKEY jumped over a fence last week and broke one foot and is on crutches.


Miss BOYER of Pevely a student in the business college here has bee employed by the Realty Co. as stenographer.


The city election was so close that it will probably result in a contest.


Festus is having a building boom.  New houses are being erected in all parts of town and Mr. PATTERSON informed me that he had the contracts to erect five houses.


The Bazaar given by the Ladies Aid of last Thursday evening realized about thirty dollars for the church.


Mrs. Carrie ESHBAUGH is visiting friends in Crystal City.


Fred SUTTER lost a good mare last week which crippled herself in the stable and had to be killed.


Bri TOWNSEND made a trip to Toledo last week.


Arthur VINYARD and Gertrude DAVIS of St. Louis visited at Mr. VAUGHN’s Sunday.


Mrs. BEYERSTEDT and daughter and Mrs. GIBSON and daughter of St. Louis visited Festus friends last week.


~Spring Term of Normal~

The spring term at the Cape begins April 21 and closes June 28…..(no surnames mentioned).


~Man Bitten by Jack~

Martin ZIMPFER of Antonia was leading a jack out of the stable Monday when the animal grabbed his hand in its mouth and held on until it’s jaws were pried loose. Two middle fingers were so badly lacerated that they may have to be amputated. The jack exhibited strange symptoms but nothing was thought of it until after Martin was bitten, then he was confined in a pen which he tore at with his teeth and died Tuesday in a violent spasm.  It is generally believed that the jack had hydrophobia and Martin has gone to the city for expert treatment and may take the Pasteur treatment.


 ~Carbolic Acid Administered By Mistake~

Mrs. Reuben SHEIBLE Wednesday afternoon administered Carbolic Acid to her infant son by mistake.  Latest report Wednesday evening indicated the probably death of the child.  Mr. SHEIBLE is with the DeSoto Republic and was connected with this office for several years.  Mrs. SHEIBLE, his wife is a daughter of Judge R. A. FRAZIER and both were born in Hillsboro.


~Representative WOLF Charges an Attempt to Bribe~

The Sunday papers reported that at the hearing on the new eight hour law before Governor MAJOR Saturday that Representative WOLFF of this county charged that he had been offered a bribe to secure the veto of the eight hour law affecting glass workers. Jos. O’NEIL of St. Louis admitted that this was true and that WOLFF agreed to take $500 to use his influence to defeat the bill and if it was defeated was to get $750 more. To this WOLFF entered a counter denial. The Governor signed the bill Tuesday.



Mrs. Charles FRANK spent the week-end in St. Louis visiting her husband who is in a sanitarium there.


Jim BROWN moved his family in Arthur BEATTE’s house at Danby last week.  He has a position in the blacksmith shop here.


Rev. GALES will fill his regular appointment here next Sunday evening.


Miss Leanora WATT returned home Wednesday from an extended visit with relatives in St. Louis.


Miss Robert MASON will go to Irondale Saturday on business.


Miss Louise GRATIOT spent Sunday of last week with her sister.


Misses Harriet MEEK and Viola ENGELBACH gave a six o’clock dinner at the MEEK home on 5th street. Thursday evening the table was exquisitely decorated in pink sweet peas, and spring violets.  The place cards were very attractive and the favors were small finger rings.  The hosts were charming in their spring gowns and royally entertained their guest the members of the Parsaparia Club and escorts.


Miss Richard HOEKEN of Sandy was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Sam BYRNS last week.


Miss Estelle SEMANDS returned Tuesday from a few days visit with relatives of St. Louis.



The citizens of the community interested in the proposed consolidation of schools are requested to meet at the Court House in Hillsboro Friday night April 18 to discuss the question, have the law read and explained and thoroughly investigate the proposed proposition.  Everybody is cordially invited to attend the meeting. 


~Woman’s Club Will Meet in Hillsboro~

The DeSoto Woman’s Club will meet Friday afternoon with Mrs. John H. REPPY of Hillsboro.  Roll Call, Noted Buildings, Leading Colleges - Mrs. C. JARVIS. 

Old Missions - Mrs. WALTHER. 

Current Events, Business, Music  - Mrs. ROZIER leader.


Mrs. O.M. MUNROE entertained relatives from St. Louis last week.


The Missionary Baptists have appointed a committee to begin building their new church on St. Louis Street.


B. IRWIN went to Potosi the first of the week on business.


Horace AMES is painting Mrs. Ed MERCER’s residence on Miller Street.


Mr. A. JONES of Bowling Green, MO was here on Monday in the interest of the Children’s Home.


The Washington University Glee Club comes highly recommended. The entertainment will be at the Jefferson Theatre Friday evening.


Miss Alice CAMPBELL spent Saturday in St. Louis.


Mother’s Day the second Sunday is May will be observed by the DeSoto Woman’s Club.


Mrs. J. L. FARLEY left Thursday for ST. Louis to see her mother Mrs. CARL who is seriously ill.


Miss Charity DAVIDSON has returned from California where she spent the winter.


Mrs. Charity POPE was a St. Louis visitor last week.


The Dorcas Society will meet Thursday with Mrs. J.E. JONES on Third Street.


Miss Mayme MAUTHE spent the weekend with St. Louis relatives.


Mrs. Louis SUDDICK has been ill and not able to be at the office last week.


Bert HOEKEN of Hillsboro was a DeSoto visitor Friday.


It is reported that Lawyer BEAN has been appointed by Governor Major to splendid position.


A.E. STOCKING returned from St. Louis Saturday evening with his new automobile, the finest one brought to town so far.


Miss Lillie HEMME of Hillsboro was the guest of her sister Mrs. Charles HERMAN over Sunday.


Mrs. Betty MISEROY of Poplar Bluff arrived Saturday night for a visit with DeSoto friends.


The Monday Club held a jubilee meeting at the home of Miss Julia KLENN Monday night, over the successful entertainment given by them Friday April 11.  The Opera House was crowded to the utmost chairs were placed in aisles and one box given up that have been reserved for those who took part on the program.  The net proceeds nearly $140, will introduce Domestic Science in the public school.


Mrs. L.M. DONNELL of Kansas and Rose JARVIS of Hematite spent Monday of last week with Mrs. H. FARRIS and Mrs. C.T. JARVIS.


House cleaning will be the diversion for the next few weeks of homekeepers.


~Board of Equalization~

Meeting of County Board of Equalization and Notice of Board of Appeals.  The Board of Equalization Of Jefferson County, Missouri, met in regular session, in the Court House in the town of Hillsboro, in said County, on April 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 1913 at which said meeting the following

proceedings were had, vis:

[Transcriber note: In the interest of time and space, the description and land values, which are difficult to read, are not included in the following transcription] 

1298 SULLENS, G.M acres 34.85

1329 SULLENS, G.M. acres 14.15

2117 Chestnut Realty

2885 SCHEA, O.M. acres 240

2890 WINER, Jas. H. acres 318

3238 WILEY, Lee A. acres 199

3241 DINSE, Herman acres 280

3692 Pittsburg Plate Glass Co.

3749a  Crystal C. Land Sur. Co.

3751 DONNELL, J.F.

3752a KOVACKS, Steve

3756a HAMPTON, Mrs. Thos.

3758a BOSSMAN, Nick

3758b THOMASSY, Chas.

5759a KISER, Mrs. Ed

3762a STEGER, Fred

3763a THOMAS, Joe

3763b BOLDIA, Nick

3764a KOVACKS, Steve

3767a Unknown


3772 SCHAFFER, Fred

3774b BRACHER, Mrs.

3774a GLENN, Hugh

3773c HARTER, Frank

3776 BECKER, J.F.

3777b HARTER, Wm.

3780 PURSALL, John

3781a CARTER, Wm.

3783 ESHBAUGH, Mrs. Carrie

3784a SMETZER, E.

3784b KEMP, C.W.

3787a WALTON, Ed

3787b BROCKER, Mrs.

3793a GALLIGHER, Mrs. L.

3794a NECK, A.W.

3794b HOUGHTON, Chas.

3801 FUNK and SMITH

3801b CRAWFORD Lumber Co.

3805a Crystal City R&D Co.

3505b CRAWFORD Lumber Co.

3806a PITTSBURG Plate Glass Co.

3842 LEAP, S.C. and wife acres 2.15

3846 HARRISON, HY acres 8

3859 KAVANAUGH, Pat acres 14.50

3860 JONES, Mary W.

3864 PORTER, Wm. and Alf acres 1

3865 VOLLMAR, R.H. acres 2.40

3867 BYRD G.W.and R.E acres 45,84

3868 CROMWELL, Oliver acres 17

3908 SCHMIDT, Mrs. C.

3946 SIEBERT, Wm. B.

3977 GUTHOREL, Peter

3997 BOYER, Mrs. Oliver

4004 CRAWFORD Lumber Co.

4027 NANCE O.O.

4056 McLAIN, J.E.

4062 LUCKEY, F.C.

4063 LUCKEY, F.S.

{The below section was cont’d on the next page}:

4063 LUCKEY, F.C.

4064 SIEBERT, M., est.

4065 SIEBERT, M., est.

4074 SIEBERT, M. est

4084 LAPREVOSE [Laprevot ?], Mrs. Louis - Festus

4125 BAUER, Henry

4174 NELSON Distributing Co.


4294 ENGLAND, C.C.

4 ---  CRONE? Phil

4 ---  SMITH, Frank W.

4 ---  MARBURY, H.L.

4 ---  HOWE, Catherine

4 ---  MOORE, Hattie V.

4 ---  MAYHEW, Victoria

4 ---  WAGGENER and Bro.

4 ---  FERTILE, Matilda

4 ---  SHEIBEL, Mrs. L.

4 ---  HELLER, John

4 ---  REPPY, J.H.

4 ---  WILSON, W.B.

4 ---  MOCKBEE, G.W.

4 ---  EAVES, G.T.

5 ---  HUSKEY, W.L.

6 ---  SEB--?, Chas. 

7 ---  VICKROY, Mrs. S.L. 

7 ---  VICKROY, Mrs. S.L.

71-7  RUFF, John

7166 KURTE, Chas.

7 ---   HIGGENBOTHAM, Thos.

8 ---   CRAIN, J. L.

8 ---   DOWNEY, Mrs. B.S.

8 ---   DeSoto Imp. Co.


Ordered by the Board of Equalization that they have, and do hereby equalize the valuation and assessment on all the real estate except real estate, within the corporate limits of any incorporated town or city in the county of Jefferson and in the various townships of said county, and do hereby equalize and raise the valuation of all real estate in the following townships as follows:  Big River Township, twenty (10) [sic] per cent, Central Township, twenty (20) per cent, Plattin Township twenty (20) per cent, Rock Township, twenty (20) per cent and Valle Township, twenty (20) per cent.

And ordered that the Assessor’s books and tax books of said County be arranged in harmony with said order.

Ordered by the Board that the above order be published according to law, and that the Board of Appeals meets on the 4th Monday of April next to hear the reasons, if any be given, why such increase should not be made.  (Signed) James H. WINER, Chairman, W.C. KERCKHOFF, Wm. SCHWALBERT, with Theo. G. SEEMEL and Thos. S. GARVIN, dissenting.


The foregoing is a true copy of land, town lots and personal property on which assessed value was raised by the Board of Equalization……

W.H. PILLIARD, Clerk County Court and Secretary County Board of Equalization.



George MARSHALL was seen around with a brand new buggy.


A. KOHLER has purchased a new truck automobile.


- STAAT and wife went to DeSoto to visit Mrs. Ed. HERCHER yesterday.


Miss Elinor MEYER went to –ville to visit her sister, Mrs. ZELCH.


-HERSCHER [Hercher?] of DeSoto was here last week and bid the relatives of Antonia and Barnhart goodbye.  Ed has a position as carpenter at Pine Bluff, AR.


The stork visited the home and Mr. and Mrs. Charles HOFFARTH and left a baby girl.


News reached here of the death of Martin SCHLEUTER Jr. of St. Charles County.  Several of the neighborhood went to attend the funeral.


Mrs. X. F. KOHLER who has been in St. Louis in the hospital returned home and improving rapidly.


Ed--? (Eddie?), the son of Edmund –RTH,who has been in St. Louis under the treatment of an - - is seen on our streets.


The wedding bells will ring – Frank EIKERMEYER (Eikemeyer) and Miss Emma KASSELL will be the happy parties.


~Morse Mill~

Hello! We are here yet and about over our high water.


There is not much corn planting.


The prosperous merchant Will WILLIAMS has recently purchased a Ford.  Watch around the curves boys.


- WILLIAMS, Sr. and son brought a carload of stock last week.  Tuesday being a very find day to a haul hogs to the railroad.


- WIDEMAN is seen quite a bit driving toward Bethlehem.  flowers, I suppose, being his favorite.


Mr. and Mrs. J. L. BECHLER spent the weekend in House Springs.


MOTHERSHEAD and Dex --?-ELL made a trip to St. Louis Saturday.


Farmers get busy.  Did you ever notice what hard work it is to keep on doing nothing.


Since Mr. BECHLER sold his old blue horse, he seems to be quite a mud-splitter.


Quite a few young folks from here attended the entertainment at Seemel School last Saturday night, and all report a fine time.  


WILLIAMS, BECHLER and RYAN made a flying trip to Cedar Hill last week.


We see Fred WILLIAMS driving a matched team of sorrels.  I am wondering what is going to happen.


~Probate Court~

Annual settlement of Annie KELLER administratrix est. Jacob KELLER approved.


Inventory and appraisement lists in the estate of S.A. BAGE dec., approved.


Annual settlement Alice MILES administratrix est. Alex MILES dec. approved.


Inventory and appraisement lists in est. August FUELSCHE dec., allowed.


All the final receipts in the estate of James W. WILSON filed and discharged.


Inventory and appraisement lists estate Mary DONOVAN dec. approved.


Demand of Peter McLOON against est. Mary DONOVAN dec. for $138.20 allowed.


Demand of Peoples Bank of DeSoto on one note for $400 and interest against estate of John LYNCH dec allowed.  The attorney for executrix waived notice for allowance of demand in open court.


Demand of J. W. RUFF against the estate of Mary E. RUSSELL dec for $35 allowed.


Mary A. McLOON administratrix of estate of Mary DONOVAN dec., prays an order to sell the real estate.  Court orders all persons interested in the sale to be notified on or before the first day of the regular May term of court; and unless the contrary be shown at such time, order of sale will be made.


Eggs For Sale – Mrs. Ray CALDWELL, Hillsboro, MO Rt 1



Mrs. Eliza NULL is on the sick list.


Mrs. A. A. SMITH who has been very ill is slowly recovering.


Mrs. ROTAN is in poor health.


Uncle Eli DONNELL was made very happy last Thursday the 10th, by the homecoming of all his children, the occasion being a birthday dinner in his honor and at the old homestead counting sons and daughters and grandchildren nieces and nephews there were 21 present.  We wish Uncle Eli many happy returns of the day.


Hester STROUPE and little Jack ENGLANG spent Friday in DeSoto.


Miss Emma DUTTON of St. Louis is visiting her sister Mrs. W. R. ENGLAND.


Glen HOLMES from St. Louis spent Sunday in our town.


Chaimers SPARKS and sister were DeSoto visitors Saturday.


There was a pleasant birthday party at Mr. WOOTONS last Saturday evening and a pleasant time reported.


Fifty-four in the Christian Sunday School last Sunday morning in spite of the gloomy weather.  One hundred is the mark they are working for.  There were twenty-seven in the young people’s class.  Make it thirty by next Sunday.


A very enjoyable affair was a birthday surprise party given Rev. HOLMES at the parsonage last Saturday evening.  Nearly everybody in town was there, plenty of ice cream and cake, as well as various games music and interesting conversation made the time pass pleasantly and quickly.  Guests departed at a late hour, appreciating their minister more, having come in closer touch with him and his estimable family.


Miss Marguerite IRWIN spent Sunday with home folks.


Mrs. Helen SAUER PRATT from Peoria, IL is visiting Miss Edith LEONAN and other friends in town.


S.A. SEAT spent last Wednesday in St. Louis; and purchased while in town a beautiful scarf for the stand in the Christian church, making a present of which all are duly proud.


“Topsy Turvy” at Zion one night next week, date later.


~Bids for Depositary of
County Funds~

[No surnames were mentioned in announcement] – W.H. PILLIARD, Clerk County Court.


~Card of Thanks~

We desire to thank our many friends and neighbors for their aid and sympathy during the sickness and death of our beloved husband and father.  Mrs. Ina SECKMAN and daughter.


The mumps have again broken out and are not respectful of persons.  Resides a number of school children, Mr. P.?. BAILEY(?) was a victim.


~Belews Creek~

Belews Creek Presbyterian Sunday School is progressing nicely with forty-four present last Sunday and forty-two the Sunday before.  All who are interested in Christian Endeavor work are cordially invited to meet at our new church next Sunday evening at 8 o’clock to organize a Christian Endeavor Society.


~Marriage Licenses~

John A. WHITSELL…DeSoto – Ellen COLEMAN…Fletcher

John HUTTER…St. Louis – Louise KERN…St. Louis  

Walter WALSE…St. Louis – Eva FAN…St. Louis

Joseph BOYER…DeSoto – Sarah G. EVERETTE…St. Louis

W.M. WALLER…Mill Spring – Verna SALISBURY…DeSoto

Frank J. EIKEMEYER…Kimmswick – Emma KASSEL…Kimmswick


~Eggs For Hatching~

Henry RUNGE, Barnhart, MO


~Personal Chat~

Wallpaper in great variety at HINCHY’s.


Thornton HENSLEY of Pevely was here Monday.


Phonographs, records and needles at HINCHEY’s.


Judge WILLIAMS is back after an extended absence.


Mrs. J.R. EVANS has been quite ill for the past few days.


J.H. SIMCOOK of Victoria had business in the burg Saturday.


J.W. RUFF, a marble cutter in DeSoto was here Monday on business.


Rev. Mr. WINNINGHAM of Pulaski County returned home Monday after a several days stay at Morse Mill.


Representative W. Scott WOLF’s car backfired south of Maxville and was totally consumed.


Oscar TAUBOLD of Kimmswick was here Tuesday.  He has just returned from a trip to Denver.


‘Uncle Bill-Jake’ WILLIAMS the famous hunter from Morse Mill was in the County-seat Monday.


Miss Mary SPEIDEL who teaches the Baker School was in town on business Saturday.  Her school closes tomorrow.


F.C. VOLLMAR of St. Louis came down Saturday to attend the funeral of W.H. SECKMAN and visit relatives over Sunday.


Mrs. Izella DONNELL of Engelwood, KS who has been here visiting about this county has returned to Hillsboro to visit.


George M. STAAT of Antonia came down to the funeral of W.J. SECKMAN Saturday, and made the Record Office a pleasant call.


John H. HOPSON of DeSoto motored out Tuesday accompanied by W.J. KNORPP and J.J. SCHMIDT who had business in the county seat.


Mrs. W.S. WILSON gave a supper Tuesday night in honor of the fifth anniversary of their marriage.  The guests were Hillsboro relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Charles HEMME, Mr. and Mrs. Ware EVANS, Miss Lillie HEMME and Charles HEMME, Jr.  The affair was a surprise to Mr. WILSON and a most pleasant one.


Last Sunday week, Mr. LAMBERT and family were out flower hunting.  The sun shone brightly making it comfortably warm and after gathering their flowers, they returned by way of deep hollow which was extremely cool they found ice enough to make ice cream.  An occasion of this kind seldom occurs, ice in one place and blooming flowers with one hundred yards. – Festus News.


Hillsboro Camp met Friday evening in regular session with a large attendance.  One application for membership was received and accepted.  The camp voted to send a donation of $10.00 for the relief of the members of the order, made destitute by the recent cyclones and floods.  The next meeting will be held Friday evening.  Map the 9th, at which time it is expected two new members will be initiated into orders.      


Quite a number of Hillsboro people attended the school entertainment in DeSoto Friday night given by the Monday Club. 



R.J. MOSS to J.S. KING…..13-41-4….$100

W.J. PORTER to Mary E. PORTER…57a  Sur 416-40-6…$75

W.R. BRUCE Jr. to E.A. ROUGGLY..`4a, 32-39-5….$600

A.L. COLEMAN to Lillie M.J. EVERETTE, lot in DeSoto….$275

Edm. KERRUISH to Festus Glass Co. 4.82 Sur 416-40-6….$1

F.J. ADAMS to M.W. KERCKHOFF….1940-41-5….$1

John A. BECK to G.W. BECHLER  strip Sur 2991-42-5…..$1

W.T. BECK to G.W. BECHLER 37.5a Sur 1985…..$3750

J.F. DICKERSON to A.J. MUELLER 795a 10-38-4….$5500

H.T. EAVES to Felix EAVES 4 lots in DeSoto…..$75

Wm.J. KNORPP to C.E. NESLOY 6 lots in DeSoto $1600

Andrew PILLEN to Frank PILLEN 166.?9 1-40 2,….$6000

Bruno SCHEIBE to Wm. KREBS 80a  4-39-5….$2300

Catherine CHARLES to C.B. MURPHY 2 lots in Pevely….$1000

W.R. DONNELL to C.D. HORN..4a, 32-41-6….$1050

P.M. REILLY to Jno HEINER 4a  29 41-6…$50

P.G. McCORMACK by trustee to D.L. ROUGGLY 1a  2-39-2…$373

M.B. WARNE et al to Festus Glass Co. 4 82  Sur 416-40…$1

Mrs. Nell KELLY to Kate DALTON  163a 31-13-3...$600

George L. TAYLOR lot in Sulphur Springs….$1

Citizen’s Bank of Festus to Martin F. PLASS  761  27a, S 25, 36, 31, 41 5&4…$5,000

Martin PLASS to F.J. ADAMS Sur 1940 41-5 S 15-41-?...$25,000

Horine Townsite Co. to Frisco Ry strip….$100



Wm. H. SECKMAN was born July 21, 1864 and died in the City of St. Louis April 9, 1913.  He was married to Miss Ina KING January 13, 1897 by whom he had two children, a boy and a girl, the girl surviving her father.  Mr. SECKMAN had been ill for many months suffering from a complication of diseases by during all his sickness exhibited a patience and forbearance that was the wonder of those who came in daily association with him.  He was a carpenter by trade, having served his apprenticeship and was a master of his craft.  He was a son of the late Judge Henry SECKMAN of Rock Township and served a deputy County Clerk under Wm. F. EDINGER.  He was a member of the Modern Woodmen and Antonia Camp conducted the funeral rites of Woodcraft at the Grave.  Chas. H. EDINGER, acting V.C.  The internment was at Hillsboro cemetery after funeral services at the church conducted by Rev. E. J. HAMRICK.  Will SECKMAN was an apostle of sunshine.  The day was never so dark but that his cheerful soul could see the light and joy to come.  He had no enemies, because he loved all men and, was a loving husband and father, and lived a life devoid of offense before man and God.  He leaves three brothers and a sister living in St. Louis in addition to a wife and child.  During the months of his suffering and agony he received the most assiduous care so much so that his heart was touched and filled to overflowing by the tenderness and kindness of wife family and friends.  He sleeps well in the peace of the grave after life’s fitful fever over and until the day break when the shadows flee away.



Bank of Kimmswick

Henry HURTGEN & Son, Hillsboro, MO

Jefferson County Bank, O.M. MUNROE, Cashier, DeSoto

Frank BECHLER, The Big Blacksmit, Hillsboro

Herculaneum Lumber Co, J.W. DUGAN, President


Jefferson Theatre, Saturday Night, April 19 at DeSoto – The Great American Drama, The Clansman, by Thos. DIXON, Jr.  Founded on two famous novels, the Clansman and The Lepard Spots – A Carload of Scenery – Band and Orchestra – Prices 50 cents, 35 cents and 25 cents - Reserved seats at Box Office


~Lee Vicinity~

Mrs. J.T. CATLETT who has been visiting her daughter in Chicago returned home last week.


There was a large crowd at ZUFALS dance Saturday night.


J.M. LEE and Joe GANNON shipped a carload of cattle to St. Louis one day last week.


J.K. WEBER has moved on Mrs. BOUG----? place.  The place he formerly resided on will be occupied by H. RUCK/Buck?, a businessman of St. Louis.


J.M. LEE lost three fine hogs last week having died from the cholera.  He valued them at $100.


Misses Maud and Louis (Louise) O’FARREL are visiting friends in St. Louis this week.


Peter LEE who has bee sick for some time is improving.


Some of the boys from this vicinity attended the entertainment given by the college girls at the Jefferson Saturday, and all enjoyed the evening.


~Order of Publication~

Action to collect back taxes…John HELLER, Collector of the Revenue in Jefferson County, Missouri plaintiff against Emil SOUFFLOT, defendant  


~Order of Publication~

Action to collect back taxes…John HELLER, Collector of the Revenue in Jefferson County, Missouri plaintiff against L.D. WALTER, defendant 


~Order of Publication~

Action to collect back taxes…John HELLER, Collector of the Revenue in Jefferson County, Missouri plaintiff against William W. LOWE, defendant 


~Order of Publication~

Action to collect back taxes…John HELLER, Collector of the Revenue in Jefferson County, Missouri plaintiff against David H. HAVEN, defendant 


~Order of Publication~

Action to collect back taxes…John HELLER, Collector of the Revenue in Jefferson County, Missouri plaintiff against T.B. MANESS and Jane ROBERTS, defendants 


~Trustee’s Sale~

Whereas Richard J. MOSS and Mahala Jane MOSS, his wife, by their certain Deed of Trust dated August 190? And recorded in Book 22 (32?) at page 456(?) of the Trust Deed Records of Jefferson County, Missouri conveyed to the undersigned trustee the following real estate situated in Jefferson County Missouri to wit: The north half of the east half of the north-east quarter of section thirteen in township forty-one north of range four east, containing 42 (?) acres being part of the same land patented to Daniel BLAIR of St. Louis March 1, 18??. 

….Public notice is hereby given that I will …sell the above described real estate at public auction to the highest bidder for cash for the payment of said note and the expenses of executing this trust.  Robert SMITH, Trustee


~Order of Publication~

Action to collect back taxes…John HELLER, Collector of the Revenue in Jefferson County, Missouri plaintiff against H.W. T???, defendant 


~Order of Publication~

Action to collect back taxes…John HELLER, Collector of the Revenue in Jefferson County, Missouri plaintiff against Mrs. Albert BELLVILLE (?), defendant 


~Order of Publication~

Action to collect back taxes…John HELLER, Collector of the Revenue in Jefferson County, Missouri plaintiff against William F. HEIKE (?), defendant 


~Executrix’s Notice~

Notice is hereby given that Letter Testamentary on the estate of Aug. FUELCH, dec., were granted to the undersigned….Emilie FUELCH, Executrix


~Order of Publication~

In the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, State of Missouri…. Samuel HAAS, plaintiff vs. the unknown heirs, consorts, devices,…and immediate …. of Horace GAYLORD, deceased, of Louis RANKIN and Thornton JARVIS, deceased, of Jeduthan KENDALL, Deceased, of William BRADY, deceased, of Caspar KIRCKHOFF and Casper ELLERSICK, deceased, of William M. FLANDERS, deceased, and John BERGEN, deceased, defendants.  To Quit Title

The State of Missouri to all the above named Defendants, greeting.

You are hereby notified that the above named plaintiff has this day filed with the undersigned clerk of the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Missouri ….. his petition duly verified by affidavit, wherein said plaintiff alleges that the defendants claim sound title, estate of interest ….. of said petition and to the land herein described but that said plaintiff cannot ….  of said defendants in said petition because the names of said defendants are unknown to him, …… that the defendants have attained and derived their claim to the property hereinafter described from Horace GAYLORD, deceased and Thornton JARVIS, deceased and Louis J. RANKIN, Jeduthan KENDALL, William BRADY, Casper J. KIRCHKOFF and Casper ELLERSICK, William M. FLANDERS and John BERGEN all deceased, as heirs, consorts, devices, ….. voluntary or involuntary …. of Horace GAYLORD, deceased and Thornton JARVIS, deceased, and that said petition contains in full, correct and complete a recital  and description of the claims of said defendants and how said claims are derived as the same …..

It is thereupon ordered by the undersigned clerk aforesaid in that said defendants be notified that an action has been commenced against them in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County in the State of Missouri for ….. title to the following described real estate in Jefferson County, MO to-wit:

The Northwest quarter of US Survey # ? in Township 41 Range ? east, contains one hundred and sixty acres; also all of the northwest fractional quarter which is all of the north fractional one-half of said section. of section twenty (20) township 41, range 5 east, containing 76 acres excepting however thirty-two and eighty seven hundredths acres of the south side thereof conveyed to Herman MEYER by deed date January 7th, ? and recorded in ? in the recorder’s office in Jefferson County Missouri, all of the above described property containing in the aggregate two hundred and three and thirteen hundreds acres…more or less, and to which said petition plaintiff  …preclude the same defendants and each of them from setting up any interests or claim to or …… adversely to said plaintiff and which said action is returnable ….. on the first day of the next regular term of this court, to be holden at the Court house in the city of Hillsboro, in the County of Jefferson in the State of Missouri on the ? day of May 1913, at which time and place said defendants are required and commanded to be and appear and to read, answer or ….  plaintiff’s said petition.  Otherwise, the allegations contained in said petition will be taken and considered as confessed and judgment rendered according to the prayer thereof, forever barring and precluding said defendants from thereafter setting up any claim or title to said real property.


~Executrix’s Notice~ Notice is hereby given that Letter Testamentary on the estate of Bernard

MANHEIMER, dec., were granted to the undersigned….Mrs. Flora MANHEIMER, Executrix