April 10, 1913


Wm KLEINSCHMIDT made a business trip to Bonne Terre Friday.


Mrs. Jess WAGGENER made a business trip to Bonne Terre last week.


Fred SCHAFER is improving his property by building a nice porch to the front of his house.


Mrs. C.C. TOWNSEND visited in St. Louis last week.


Mr. and Mrs. Will MATTINGLY of St. Louis visited relatives here Sunday of last week.


Rev. W.E. SHINE of St. Louis visited the family of Rev. BYRNS last week.  Rev. SHINE is agent for the Christian Observer.


Miss Nellie Lee JINKINSON spent last week with Plattin relatives.


The friends of Mr. Joe AUBUCHON who has been in the employ of the Crawford Lumber Co. will be sorry to learn that he is dangerously ill and is not expected to live.


Dr. HOSTERMAN and Mr. Frank JOHNSTON of Crystal City made a business trip to St. Louis Wednesday.


Mrs. Coney MCCORMACK and Miss Dora EHRICHS visited the family of H.H. WEAVER last week.


The play by the students of Washington University St. Louis, at the opera house Monday night was attended by a large and appreciative audience.  The play was good, was well played, in fact was much better than many traveling exhibitions.  The leading man in the play, Robert ROESSEL was formerly a Festus boy, and his friends were pleased to know that he is meeting with success.


Rev. George EVANS preached a sermon Sunday in the M.E. church to school students taking to his subject, examination.  His talk was excellent and much enjoyed and appreciated by all, especially all the teachers present.  All students who were not there missed a treat and should have heard it.


Born to the wife of Tony CAXAUX  {Casaux?} last Sunday a fine baby girl.


Mr. and Mrs. Ellis VanDINER (Vandiver?) welcomed a fine baby girl March 28th.


Mr. and Mrs. Henry BOSLER are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine baby boy at their home March 28th.


Judge P.S. TERRY is erecting another house for rent on Garbarino Street.


Gus BEYERS is ill with something like appendicitis and has made several trips to St. Louis for treatment.


Old Uncle Antony BARNES was found dead in bed last week, supposedly heart failure.


Miss Esther PANCHOT gave a 500 party last week and Miss Winnie BYRD and Prof. Chas. WHITE carried off the prizes.


Carl SCHETSLE died in his home on Crystal Heights last week at the age of 81.  His remains were laid to rest in the Catholic cemetery.


The disgusting sight of a drunken woman was seen on the street last Saturday.  We understand she was taken into custody for disturbing the peace and will be notified to leave town.


~Hillsboro Cemetery Fund~

Last week we proposed that Hillsboro ought to get busy and do the obvious things.  We proposed to start work by securing ground for a roadway for the Cemetery, building a roadway, putting new fence around the rear portion and having a plat made.  The Record wants to raise $500 for the purpose and started the work by subscribing $5.00 and asked 100 contributors.  Money will be sent to the Bank of Hillsboro or the Jefferson Trust Company for the account of Hillsboro Cemetery Fund.


The Bank of Hillsboro reports the following subscribers at $5.00 each.  James H. WINER, Geo. M. MOCKBEE, W.R. DONNELL, Jr. and F.E. SPLIKER.  The Jefferson Trust Company reports the following subscribers at $5.00 each.  W.J.A. SCHUBEL, Chas. HEMME, Clyde WILLIAMS and R.A. MARSDEN.  This is a starter but we want to see a long list of names next week.  You needn't stop at 5.00 but can make it as much more as you want to.  Send money, registered letter, check or money order to either of the above banks and receipt will be acknowledged in the columns of the Record.


~Real Estate Sale Brings Big Crowd~

The Public Administrator's sale of real estate here on Saturday last brought out a large crowd of possible buyers, and the bidding was lively.  The James HOGAN farm east of Hematite was bought by D.W. CARROL of Hematite, 40 acres for $410.  The Maggie HUCK house and lot in Festus was bought by S.E. WILCOX for $2000.  The WALSH property east of DeSoto was bought by E.W. MEYERS of St. Louis who expects to put up a fine residence thereon.  He paid $1090 for the 40 acres.  The Annie SIDES property was a small house and lot in east DeSoto and was bought by James KELLY for 175 dollars.



The steel stringers that the Meramec Bridge needed for years are replacing the wooden ones, that rot so easily thereby making the bridge unsafe.  STUPP Bros. started to put the steel ones in Monday and by Wednesday they expect to complete it.


The high water that went over our road and washed it out but our road overseer, Jos. ZIEGELMEYER, was equal to the occasion and immediately scraped the gravel back on again, putting the road in good shape.


Wm. NAES, Jr. sold Peter FREDERITZI, a new case machine, it is by far the prettiest looking machine in the town.  Garage keeper PICKETT is very busy keeping the dust off it.


President Wm. V. BLANK of the Maxville Telephone Co. is remodeling some of the company’s lines.


PICKETT the horse trader is selling quite a few horses lately.  Those who purchased from him are Steve BECKER, Theo. GRAVING, and Thomas J. KIRK.


Henry NOLL is the new school director of the Soulard School.


John HERMAN, the hustling printer-farmer puts a new roof on his house and is preparing to erect a new barn shortly.


Peter L. GLASS is building a new house on the farm he bought recently.



Lays Steel Rail Across Iron Mountain Tracks


Allen BURGESS brought Chas. OSIA to the County Bastile last week and left him in charge if Sheriff DAHL.  OSIA while intoxicated placed a section of steel rail across the railroad track south of DeSoto one day last week.  It was discovered by a signal man and removed and the matter reported to BURGESS, who secured a velocipede and started after his man capturing him just before he entered the tunnel at Vineland.  OSIA confessed to having placed the rail on the track while intoxicated.  Had the obstruction remained undiscovered it might easily have cost several lives as a passenger train followed shortly after the discovery.


~Cedar Hill~

We are having some weather and the farmers in this vicinity are getting busy.


Louis BOHLE is building a new house on his farm which he just bought from BUXTON a few years ago.


Hubart STOVESAND has the mumps and was compelled to stay indoors the last few days.


Miss Huldah REINEMER came home from St. Louis Thursday where she has been spending a few weeks.


Frank SHEIBLE brought his wife down last week.  SHEIBLE has the barber shop here and is doing good business.


Dr. DENNY is very generous with his automobile, having taken numerous friends and relatives for a spin.


Louis BOHLE has been busy all last week hauling lumber with two teams for his new house.


Will WILSON is making some improvement on his house.


L.B. RADEACKER came home Friday from DeSoto.  He has sold his mill and store in DeSoto to Louis BROCKMANN.


Neighbors and friends gathered at Louis BOHLE's Sunday, it being Mrs. BOHLE's forty-ninth birthday.  There was a large crowd there and everybody went home having spent an enjoyable afternoon and evening.


~Thomas Ammon NULL~

Thomas Ammon NULL was born at Hematite, Mo. Not far from a little log cabin which served for a long time as the only Methodist Church in this community and which one was the first in this conference on Dec. 9th, 1838.  After a long life of nearly seventy-five years, seventy of which were lived in the town of his birth, he was called to rest on March 29, 1913.  He is survived by his wife and five daughters.


For the last forty-one years, Brother NULL has been a faithful member of our church here.  He was buried from the alter where he found the Lord and sleeps in the "Holy Ground" of the church he loved and served.  He was a man!  His patient consideration, faithful contentment and willing energy marked him as one of those rare but quaint characters of which the world needs more.  His quiet conservatism was a telling force. We weep at the loss to the family and our community, but rejoice at the surety of his Hope.

His Pastor, Guy W. HOLMES



Found Fatally Injured Near Railroad Tracks


Wm CROW of Kimmswick was found near the Iron Mountain Railroad track on the morning of April 3rd 1913 with a fractured skull.  Medical aid was called but he died that day.  A coroner's inquest was held on the fourth and the verdict of the jury was that he came to his death by accident cause due to a blow in the head, source of cause unknown.


The general consensus of opinion is that CROW was under the influence of liquor and lay down by the railroad track and went to sleep and the noise of the train passing waked him, and in attempting to arise the boxing of the tracks struck him inflicting wounds from which he died.  One strange feature of the tragedy is that his father was killed within a few feet of the same spot some years ago.


 ~Resolutions Of Respect~

Passed by the Ladies Aid Society of Hillsboro.

Whereas, God has taken from our midst one of our number, Mrs. E.L. HENSON.  Be it resolved that this society express a deep regret in the loss of this worthy member.  Although a new member, we feel that had she lived the society would have been greatly benefited by her domestic talents and willing hands.  Our sympathies are with the bereaved family in the loss of this loving wife, mother and sister. Be it also resolved that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family and also placed upon the records.    

Com. {Mrs. J.W. ECKLE, Mrs. P. RILEY, Mrs. J.F. WILLIAMS


 ~West Kimmswick~

The skies are flooding us.


The dance at Frank SCHWALBERT's was well attended and every body had a fine time.


H. MOTTERT's dance was also a pleasant success.


Our new blacksmith, Jake SCHYTT is kept busy sharpening plows and shoeing mules.


Fred C. RITTELL, who is selling Shores Remedies in St. Louis Co was home Sunday.  Fred says business is fine.


Miss Flora ARNOLD has spent the week in St. Louis.


Jake RITTLE was in St. Louis Sunday.


Anselm KOHLER was in St. Louis last week.


Nick ROESCH was in Franklin Co last week where he expects to farm.


Walter BONACKER was here Sunday.


William, Jake and Frank SCHYTT were recent visitors to the city.


~Big Entertainment at Seemel~

A house full and a yard full attended the school entertainment out at Seemel Saturday night….(No surnames mentioned).


~Fire Near Silica~

The residence of John and Samuel OGLE, between Silica and Zion was destroyed by fire Friday. Mrs. John OGLE was going down through the fields to where her husband was at work when she happened to glance back at the house and noticed a puff of smoke come up through the roof.  She gave the alarm and all hastened back but the fire gained such headway that they were only able to save part of the furniture.  The loss of building and goods amounts to about $2000 and the insurance on the property was $700.


~County Court~

All officers present.

On petition of Mrs. M. FRANKENREITER court orders taxed for 1907 to 1912 on 6 acres N.E. pt. N.E. N.N. `4-42-5, stricken off of tax books as a double assessment.

Account of MILLER and BORCHERDING on account repairing Herculaneum and LeMay Ferry Bridge in the sum of $2500 allowed.


~April 26, Date for County Spelling Contest~

Attention all ye spellers!  Supt. WILSON has set April 26, as the date for all the township delegates to meet in DeSoto to spell.  It will be a great day, somebody will be sent to Jefferson City to spell in the State Contest May 12.



Miss Lettie ENGLAND spent Monday and Tuesday in St. Louis.


George PHILLIPS and family visited home folks last week.


Raymond and Paul BRADY, from Plattin, spent Sunday in our town.


Bert NULL and wife are spending a few days in the city.


The members of the Christian Church have had it papered, wood work painted, and have purchased a piano. The young people are taking great interest in Sunday School work a class of about 25 members has been organized and the church is hoping for great things from them.


There was a dance at Martin BECHLER’s last Saturday evening a good time reported.


Frank EDLERS spent Sunday with home folks.


Miss Bessie NULL returned to St. Louis Sunday evening after spending a week with her mother.


Rev. HOLMES preaches at the M.E. Church Sunday a.m. and evening.  Don’t fail to hear him.


Ed ENGLAND and son Jim, Rev. HOLMES and Norman LEONAN attended the EHRICHS sale last Saturday.


‘Topsy Turvy’ a comedy played to a full house last Saturday evening was considered a success in every way.  $30.35 was taken in leaving about $25. clear, and the Christian church people take this opportunity to thank all who made this entertainment such a success and especially do they their thank to Mr.  HOLMES and his wife for their very valuable help and to the Epworth League for the use of the hall and to the public in general for its liberal patronage.


Norman LEONAN is assisting Mr. PORTER with papering this spring.


~Monday Club Will Give Entertainment~

Mrs. J. F. FARLEY has returned from St. Louis where she went to see her mother Mrs. CARL who is quite ill.


Rev. W. MILAAR returned Thursday from a business trip to Kansas City    


Miss Julia JARVIS returned Sunday evening from St. Louis where she visited friends.


Mrs. S.W. CRAWFORD entertained in honor of her Sunday School Class Friday evening.


Mrs. C.C. MITCHIM and little son returned from a two weeks visit with relatives at Mississippi.


James MOSS of Hillsboro spent last week with his daughter Mrs. Sam BYRNS.


Mr. and Mrs. Fred GRATIOT were the guests of her daughter Mrs. J. F. ROZIER Sunday.


Engineer WOOD is entertaining relatives from Cairo, IL.


Rev. GLANDVILLE of West Plains, MO has accepted a call as minister to the Presbyterian Church and will arrive here this week.


Mrs. S.E. MEYERS is spending a month in Colorado with her daughter Mrs. LOSER.


The Monday Club will give an entertainment at the Jefferson Theatre Friday April 11th, for the benefit of Domestic Science course in our public school.  The prices will suit everyone 25 cents down stairs 10 cents in balcony.  Sixty talented young ladies will take part on program.  Everyone is invited to attend and help in a most worthy cause.


Miss WORDBERRY of New York City gave an address on Missions at the Congregational Church Tuesday evening.


A select dance was given at the LEIDERKRANZ Hall Friday evening.


Miss Justine URGESS and mother spent Tuesday shopping in St. Louis.


J.L. FARLEY returned Friday from a six weeks stay at Pecos, Texas.


Miss Mayme MANTHE was a St. Louis visitor Tuesday.


Mrs. Henry LEDERER and daughters, Misses Dorothy and Trix were in St. Louis last Wednesday.


DeSoto will have a CHANTANQUA Meeting in August for five days. Season tickets will be $1.50 when purchased in advance or $2 when purchased at the gate. Season tickets for children $1.  The Company has its own private car and supplies its own tent. The Booster Club deserves great credit for this splendid treat as those who have attended a Chantauqua knows what a privilege it will be. Let every one help to make this a success so the Booster Club can arrange for an annual meeting.


George LOGAN and Elmer KEMPE were re-elected as school directors at the elections the first Tuesday in April.


Dr. and Mrs. L.A. CHAMBERLAIN spent several days in St. Louis with friends and relatives.


The Baptist revival meeting closed Sunday afternoon, a large number were baptized at the creek and others at the night service.  There were nearly a hundred conversions.


~Sunny Side~

Well we are having some more fine spring days again and I think everyone welcomes them back.


Albert ZIMMERMAN took a fine load of hogs to St. Louis one day last week and reports having received the top notch price.


Reverend EAVES of Ware called on L.M. JENNINGS Tuesday.


Mr. and Mrs. John MILLER spent a few days last week with his daughter, Mrs. Henry MARTIN of Festus.


The party Saturday night at Martin BECHLER’s was well attended and all report a grand time.


 Ed BARBY of St. Louis spent Wednesday with JENNINGs brothers.


Wm. GRUBB made a business trip to DeSoto Saturday.


Sylvan ARENZ of St. Louis spent a few days last weeks with his grandparents, Reuben SUTHERLAND and wife.


George VAUGHN and George McDONALD attended the sale at Plattin last Thursday and reports everything brought at top notch price.


Henry HAAS passed through our burg Sunday.


Miss Lulu COOPER is spending a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.A. WARRINER.


Rev. EAVES was around last week organizing a farmers union in this vicinity.


Miss Bessie REED and Bro. MILES were horse back riding Sunday afternoon.


There was an altercation took place at the school meeting at the HAVERSTICK School house between Martin BECHLER and George SCOTT, but their good friends broke them apart so no serious damage was done.


Upper Buck Creek and Lower Buck Creek crossed bats Sunday afternoon for the championship honors, Upper Buck Creek won with a top heavy score.


Miss Tilda HAAS returned home from St. Louis Sunday morning and reports a fine time.


A dangerous fire is sweeping the forest and several houses are in danger, the neighbors are busy fighting it to save people’s property.


There will be preaching at the church next Sunday afternoon. 


Harold WARRINER went to DeSoto Sunday.  There is surely something very attractive in town, be careful Harold.


Dave SLAUGHTER has resigned his position in the car shops in DeSoto and gone to railroading to improve his health.


Ed HOFFMAN is seen riding southeast often here of late.  Look a little out, Ed.


Mitch BERCHOFFER made a business trip to DeSoto one day last week.


The farmers are busy plowing for corn.


~Moss Hollow~

Hello!  We are here yet and just about over our high water scare.


Considerable damage was done to some of our farmers by the water taking the fences along.


We are informed that the wedding bells will soon ring up Moss Hollow. We have confidence in the young folks of our community and we entertain the best of hopes. 


In the school meeting last week F.W. RAEBEL was re-elected director.  It was voted that twenty dollars worth of good library books should be bought for the school.  This is a sign of progress.  A good library and adequate equipment are indispensable for a good school.  It is to be lamented that not all of the patrons of our school realize the splendid opportunity offered their children of attending a good school and acquiring a good education. This is apparent from the non-attendance or irregular attendance of a number of pupils. This must ultimately result in a deep regret of those parents who are not doing their duty toward their children now but who are depriving them of the most precious birth right.  Grasp the opportunity while you can for it is vain to regret after it is too late.


Some weeks ago, one of our progressive farmers moved to St. Charles County where he bought a farm near Wentzville.  We do not like to miss him but wish him good luck in his new home.


Wm GLASS, another thrifty farmer has now rented the KERCKHOFF farm and we are glad to have him with us.  Go to it, Bill.


Von DIERKS hasn’t killed any foxes this winter but he insists that he saw some fox tracks along the hillside at the time we had deep snow.  Tom is an old hunter and I take no appeal from his statement of the fact that he saw the tracks, but I only stand and wonder why he didn’t track ‘im up.  O, yes, it snowed so hard they were covered up at once.  That solves the problem.


Ben WEDDE has recently purchased a new buggy and is make good use of it.  Ben is a hustler, boys, it’s hard to get ahead of him now even if you’d possess an automobile.


Farmers in our community are busy sowing oats and hauling manure.  Some are about to plant potatoes.


We will ring off for this time, so long.  



Plenty of rain at present, too much to do farm work, indications there will be a late spring.


Dances were all the go last Saturday night at residences of Mr. Herman MOTTERT and Frank SCHWALBERT and at Antonia and all report of having had large crowds and jolly good time.


Jake REITER has been hauling apples to Herculaneum the past week where they sell readily at a good market price.


Rock Creek was the highest two weeks ago since 1991 when it took the Rock Creek Bridge on Lemay Ferry Rock Road.  A good many farmers had almost forgot what real water was but this overflow will remind them.


Last Sunday March 30, Phillip KROBAR was buried in the Antonia cemetery.  It was one of the largest funerals we have had in a long time.  Phillip was a bright industrious young man and was liked by all his friends and will be sadly missed by his friends, he had taken sick last November with tuberculosis and died Thursday March 27 at the age of 27 years.


Peaches are still in bloom at present and if jack frost fails to make his appearance we will have an abundant crop this year. Strawberries are also commencing to bloom which will also be a bumper crop.


Ed MESSIL and wife of Four Ridge were visiting their brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. SCHYTT last Sunday.


Peter Paul, Jr. and family were visiting at Barnhart last Sunday and Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf RAEBELS.


Edw. ARNOLD and wife of Barnhart were out driving with the new automobile seat top buggy and stopped in to call on Chas. EDINGER and family.


Edw. J. WHITE, merchant of West Kimmswick has purchased himself an auto truck and is going to haul berries and produce from West Kimmswick to the St. Louis market.  All we want and must have now is better roads and we hope the County Court will be liberal when called upon for funding.  



August FISHER, a St. Louis man now has charge of STUDELMAN (Stadelman?) Hotel.  Wm. FICKEISEN, who had charge of the same took charge of Cedar Crest Country Club, which Aug. KOEBBE, resigned.  The latter is now in the saloon business at Barnhart. 


County Highway Engineer, CAMPBELL, John H. REPPY and Judge FRAZIER were seen around town this week.


John MUELLER, just back from Florida, where he saw Judge Louis FREDERITZI, picking ripe tomatoes is sawing wood on the DOHACK farm.



Out of town people who attended the entertainment here Saturday evening were Miss WATSON from Flat River, Miss STEVESON, Paul STEVESON, CC. VAUGHN from St. Louis, Tom KENNER from Festus, Miss SIMOX and Roy MARSDEN from Victoria, and many others whose names we didn’t get.


W.R. ENGLAND and wife entertained Mssrs. SPEES and THORNTON from the St. Louis Union Dairy Co. last Saturday. They bought some thoroughbred Holstein stock from the ENGLAND farm.


Louis WILLIAMS and family spend Sunday at Charles RCHARDSONs.  



Lee GOFF has a new porch front …store on Main and Miller Streets.


Mrs. W. J. MAUTHE entertained her sister, Miss Linda SCHAFER of St. Louis Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. LOVELL of St. Louis are the guest of Walter EVANS and wife this week.


Mr. and Mrs. SIMMON (nee Emily CRAFT) have returned to DeSoto.


Henry MAUPIN spent last Thursday with relatives at St. Louis.


The Glee Club of Washington University St. Louis will be at the Jefferson Theatre Friday April 18th.  Our Society young people will give a reception in their honor at the Elks Club after the entertainment.


Miss Viola ENGELBACH spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents at Pevely.


Everett J. McMULLIN who has been chief clerk for the Train Master C.A. CLEMENTS of Poplar Bluff has been promoted and after a short stay here with his relatives left this week to accept a position on the Missouri Pacific with office at Atchison Kansas.


~Probate Court~

Demand of Kasper KROUPS against Jacob KELLER dec. for $29.00 allowed.


Letter granted to Leopold ZIPP.


Inventory list in the estate of J. W. ROSENHAUER dec, approved.


Last will of Hester WILSON dec, probated and letters granted to Hy LUDERMAN Inventory and appraisement lists approved.


Inventory lists in the estate of Robert GNICHWITZ, minor, approved.


Inventory and appraisement lists in estate of Henry GNICHWITZ dec approved.


All final receipts in est. Martin HUNNING administrator discharged.


Inventory and appraisement lists Catherine ERNEY dec approved.


Court orders administrator on est. John JONES dec to take charge of real estate of dec. and rent same for year March 13, 1914.


Final settlement of Horace BUSTON curator Gertrude HEINAN minor, approved and curator discharged.


Letters of administration of the estate of I.N. BREWER dec, granted to Jinnie Brewer.  Inventory and appraisement lists filed and approved.


Inventory and appraisement lists in the estate of Theodore EHRICHS dec., approved.


Same in the estate of Moses White McNUTT, dec. approved.


All final settlement receipts in the Andrew HOFFMAN estate filed and administrator discharged.


Annual settlement of Carrie ASHBAUGH administratrix of est., of Arthur ASHBAUGH dec., approved.


Final receipts in the estates of Peter BROWN, dec., Mary OGDEN dec approved.


Appraisement list of the real estate of Mary A. MANESS, dec. for $100, allowed.


Felix LEUTZINGER, ex public administrator files report of sales of real estate on the estates of Annie SIDES dec., Maggie HUCK dec., James HOGAN, dec., John WALSH, dec. on April 5.    


Eggs for Sale – Mrs. Ray CALDWELL, Hillsboro, MO, Rt. 1


~School Notes~

Rural schools are closing all about the county and their long vacations have begun….

A sanitary water cooler has just been purchased by the school.  

Miss WILLIAMS has two enthusiastic organizations in her room.  The wee girlies have a Busy Bee Sewing Club and the boys a Manuel Training Club.  Our new window boxes are their first efforts and they are now planning a miniature farm.

The Swastika Society will give a Spring Time Program Friday afternoon.  Visitors expected.

We are very hopeful that our window boxes and pot plants will bring much of glorious out of doors into the house.

The pupils in the eighth grade English class this week begin the study of Shakespear’s Merchant of the Venice.  They are now preparing some interesting book reviews of Poe’s Gold Bug.  The pupils in the fifth and sixth grades are reading James Otis; books of pioneer life.


~Marriage Licenses~

Edward WHITTER….Blackwell – Julia MACY….Blackwell

Vance WILLIAMS….Festus – Roselia SHORES…Festus   

Anton KORBELIK….High Ridge – Anna MORAVEC….St. Louis

John A. WHITESELL…DeSoto – Ellen COLEMAN…Fletcher


Eggs For Hatching – Henry RUNGE, Barnhart, MO


~Personal Chat~

D.S. FRAZIER delivered some fruit trees here Saturday.


W.E. KIDD of Belew’s Creek was here at County Court Monday.


Dr. DENNY and F.T. REINEMER of Cedar Hill were here Monday.


Mr. and Mrs. L.E. ADAMS of Sandy were visitors here Saturday.


Mrs. John LYNCH of St. Louis has been here on business the past few days.


Miss Mattie SULLENS of Murphy is visiting her sister, Mrs. Albert MILLER.


Mr. and Mrs. J.J. HOEKEN visited R.G. HOEKEN and family of Sandy Sunday.


Mrs. J. F. GREEN of St. Louis was the guest of Dr. and Mrs. MOCKBEE Sunday.


James SHIELDS of Potosi was a Sunday visitor here in the family of J.F. WILLIAMS.


John HELLER and family spent Sunday in House Springs and Monday’s rain kept them longer.


Spring house cleaning is in full blast.  Down go the heating stoves and up ? the bad cold.


Recorder Charles HEMME had all his children home to spend Sunday with him and their mother.


The Ladies Aid had a quilting at the Hall Friday.  Mrs. J. E. JONES and daughter of DeSoto came out to attend.


For Sale – 14 inch sulky, plow John Deere, John Deere disc cultivator, a Kingman one horse plow, Richard SCHROEDER, Hillsboro, MO.


Mr. & Mrs. R. B. WILSON and a score of other Hillsboro people attended the baptizing in DeSoto Sunday when fifty Baptist converts were baptized.


Sunday was a perfect spring day and all the world and his wife or sweetheart, was out walking, driving or motoring.  Then Monday it rained, oh, such a cold rain.  Tuesday, ditto.


E.J. BEAN, W. A. WELSH, W.J. KNORPP, R.B. JONES, Eugene EDGAR, T.B. EAVES, Henry SEYPOHLTOWSKY all of DeSoto have been here this week. Some of them attended the administrator’s sale on Saturday.


John HUBELI and daughters, Mrs. Ware EVANS, Mrs. J. H. REPPY, Mr. and Mrs. S.C. CAMPBELL, Miss BOYER, Mr. and Mrs. SPILKER, Mrs. Theodore HURTGEN, F.J. ADAMS, Ross DONNELL are among the visitors to DeSoto the past few days. 


Don McGLASHON of Bonne Terre has been here the past few days consulting with some of his engineering business.  Mr. McGLASHON is an ex-DeSotoan and is now a scout-master.  Bonne t
Terre, like all wide awake towns has a thriving Boy-Scout organization.


Fred SCHEIBLE who made the training trip with the St. Louis Cardinals has been sent by the club to Battle Creek Michigan a member of the Michigan Southern League.  He joins the club at Paducah, KY and will leave here tonight for that purpose.  It is understood that the Cardinal management retain the right to his services and send him to the Michigan League where he can have regular work.


O.A. WHITE of DeSoto was here Tuesday.


Monday brought quite an attendance to county court.


J.W. ECKLE is in St. Louis this week serving as federal juror.


A.G. MEDLEY, Public Administrator, was in the County Capital yesterday.


Lamar McKEE of DeSoto made a trip to Hillsboro Sunday with his family in his automobile.


For Sale – One gray mare 10 year, weight 1400 can be seen at Jefferson Hotel barn, Hillsboro, MO.


That joyous whoop heard yesterday announced to the Tooters that their horns have arrived.  The flood East belated them.


For Sale – Mare in foal, and yearling mule colt, and also a good big work mule five years old.  Henry WOHLBOLD, Hillsboro, RFD No 2.


Notice – Next week I will open a meat market in the Jefferson Hotel where I invite the patronage of my former patrons.  Horace FRAZIER.


We are headquarters for the Ladies Home Journal and Saturday Evening Post each a dollar-fifty the year.  Miss Katherine THOMPSON of Morse Mills subscribed this week.


C.A. MILLIKEN, W.T. SCOTT, B. ZACK, C. RUPPEL, and a number of other from Victoria were out here Monday, closing a deal whereby Mr. ZACK becomes the owner of Sherman Park.


An organization which will mean much for cleaner better Hillsboro, was affected Friday night.  Dr. BRISTOL is president, Burt HOEKEN secretary and John ECKLE treasurer.  Monday, a large force worked briskly all day, and cleaned Main Street.  More soon.


Fruit trees are in full bloom and peaches are safe as yet.  These heavy soaking rains for the past few days have drenched the gardens which were nearing proper condition for seed sowing.  Present indications are that spring is to be quite late.


For Sale or Rent – Blacksmith shop, good stand and well equipped.  A bargain to the right man.  Shop will invoice $225.00.  Will rent tools, building, good three room house, barn, out buildings and large truck patch for $14.00 per month.  Arthur BEATTE, Danby, MO.


 Notice is hereby given that on the last day of March 1913, the OERMANN Mercantile Co. of Oermann, MO sold their entire stock of goods, wares, and merchandise to Jesse O. CRAIG, who assumes to pay all the outstanding debts and claims that may hereafter come against said company for collection relieving said company of all debts that may be presented for collections.  John H. POERTNER, President, John WEBER, Secretary.



English Kitchens – Short Orders – Regular Meals 25 cents, also beds; Lee R. HUSKY, Prop.

F.J. ADAMS, Real Estate Agent

John REPPY, Attorney-At-Law, Hillsboro, MO

Desoto Marble Works – Monuments, Headstones – C.A. SCHOELLKOPF, DeSoto, MO



Mr. BRENT has sold the Tri-City Independent to Messrs. Wint JOHNSON and Henry KRATZER who assumed control Monday.  The young gentlemen are hustlers and will no doubt make a success of the business.


Alf PORTER is still alive but in a very critical condition.  His stomach and bowels are in a bad condition and are troubling him as much as his burns.


Mrs. H.J. WELSH and little daughter, Helen of Sikeston arrived here Saturday night for a few days visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.H. TEAGUE.


~Order of Publication~

State of Missouri, Plaintiff; against Emil READLOT(?), Defendant


~Order of Publication~

State of Missouri, at the ? and to the use of John HELLER, Collector of the Revenue, Plaintiff against L.E. WALTER, Defendant


~Order of Publication~

State of Missouri, Plaintiff; against William W. LO??, Defendant


~Order of Publication~

Action to collect back tax lien, State of Missouri, at the ? and to the use of John HELLER, Collector of the Revenue, Plaintiff, against David B. HAYES (?) Defendant


~Order of Publication~

Action to collect back tax lien, State of Missouri, at the ? and to the use of John HELLER, Collector of the Revenue, Plaintiff, against T.B. MANESS, Defendant


~Trustee’s Sale~

Whereas, Richard J. MOSS, and Mahala Jane MOSS, his wife, by their certain Deed of Trust, filed August 7, 190?, and recorded in Book 22 (32?) at page 456 of the Trust Deed Records of Jefferson County, Missouri, conveyed to the undersigned trustee the following real estate situate in Jefferson County, Missouri, to wit: the north half of the east half of the north-east quarter of section thirteen (13) township forty-one (41) north of range four (4) east, containing 42 acres being part of the same land patented to Daniel BLAIR of St. Louis County, March 1, 1832 (31?).  In trust to secure the payment of a promissory note in said Deed of Trust described, and whereas default are made in the payment of said note and the interest due thereon by reason whereof at the request of the legal holder and owner of said note.  Public notice is herby given that I will at 9 o’clock in the forenoon and 5 o’clock in the afternoon of said day at the front door of the courthouse in the town of Hillsboro in the above described real estate at public 

Auction to the highest bidder for cash for the payment of said note and the expenses of executing this trust.  Robert SMITH (?) Trustee


~Order of Publication~

[completely blurred]


~Order of Publication~

Action to collect back tax lien, State of Missouri, at the ? and to the use of John HELLER, Collector of the Revenue, Plaintiff, against Mrs. Albert BELLVILLE (?) Defendant


~Order of Publication~

Action to collect back tax lien, State of Missouri, at the ? and to the use of John HELLER, Collector of the Revenue, Plaintiff, against William F. HEIKE (?) Defendant


~Order of Publication~

In the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, State of Missouri, ….. March 13, 1913,

To the May Term 1913

Samuel HAAS, plaintiff vs. the unknown heirs, consorts, devices,…and immediate …. of Horace GAYLORD, deceased, of Louis RANKIN and Thornton JARVIS, deceased, of Jeduthan KENDALL, Deceased, of William BRADY, deceased, of Caspar KIRCKHOFF and Casper ELLERSICK, deceased, of William M. FLANDERS, deceased, and John BERGEN, deceased, defendants.  To Quit Title

The State of Missouri to all the above named Defendants, greeting.

You are hereby notified that the above named plaintiff has this day filed with the undersigned clerk of the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Missouri ….. his petition duly verified by affidavit, wherein said plaintiff alleges that the defendants claim sound title, estate of interest ….. of said petition and to the land herein described but that said plaintiff cannot ….  of said defendants in said petition because the names of said defendants are unknown to him, …… that the defendants have attained and derived their claim to the property hereinafter described from Horace GAYLORD, deceased and Thornton JARVIS, deceased and Louis J. RANKIN, Jeduthan KENDALL, William BRADY, Casper J. KIRCHKOFF and Casper ELLERSICK, William M. FLANDERS and John BERGEN all deceased, as heirs, consorts, devices, ….. voluntary or involuntary …. of Horace GAYLORD, deceased and Thornton JARVIS, deceased, and that said petition contains in full, correct and complete a recital  and description of the claims of said defendants and how said claims are derived as the same …..

It is thereupon ordered by the undersigned clerk aforesaid in that said defendants be notified that an action has been commenced against them in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County in the State of Missouri for ….. title to the following described real estate in Jefferson County, MO to-wit:

The Northwest quarter of US Survey # ? in Township 41 Range ? east, contains one hundred and sixty acres; also all of the northwest fractional quarter which is all of the north fractional one-half of said section. of section twenty (20) township 41, range 5 east, containing 76 acres excepting however thirty-two and eighty seven hundredths acres of the south side thereof conveyed to Herman MEYER by deed date January 7th, ? and recorded in ? in the recorder’s office in Jefferson County Missouri, all of the above described property containing in the aggregate two hundred and three and thirteen hundreds acres…more or less, and to which said petition plaintiff  …preclude the same defendants and each of them from setting up any interests or claim to or …… adversely to said plaintiff and which said action is returnable ….. on the first day of the next regular term of this court, to be holden at the Court house in the city of Hillsboro, in the County of Jefferson in the State of Missouri on the ? day of May 1913, at which time and place said defendants are required and commanded to be and appear and to read, answer or ….  plaintiff’s said petition.  Otherwise, the allegations contained in said petition will be taken and considered as confessed and judgment rendered according to the prayer thereof, forever barring and precluding said defendants from thereafter setting up any claim or title to said real property.


The Jefferson County Report published in Hillsboro in the County of Jefferson, State of Missouri, having been designated by the plaintiff and his attorney of record as the newspaper most likely to give notice to the defendant of the ? of this action it is further ordered that copy of this order be published in said Jefferson County Record once a week for and during four weeks successively, the last insertion of said order in said newspaper to be a least 14 days before the first day of the next regular term of court. 

W.J. A. SCHUBEL, Clerk Circuit Court.

State of Missouri, County of Jefferson, I, W.J.A. SCHUBEL clerk of the Circuit Court of the County aforesaid hereby certify that the foregoing a true copy of the original order of publication as the same appears of record in my office.  Witness my hand and seal as Clerk of said Court, this 13th day of March 1913, W.J.A. SCHUBEL, Clerk of the Circuit Court. 


~Executrix’s Notice~

Notice is hereby given that Letters of Testamentary on the Estate of Bernard MANHEIMER, deceased, were granted to the undersigned on the ? day of March, 1913 by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, MO.  All persons having ? against said estate are required to exhibit them for ? to the Executrix within six months after the date of said Letters, or they may be precluded from any benefit of such estate and if such claims be not exhibited within one year from the date of said ? of the publication of this source, they shall be forever barred.

Mrs. Flora MANHEIMER, Executrix