Jefferson County Record
March 27, 1913


~Negro Joints In Festus Raided!

Man Seriously Burned by Fire From Tobacco Pipe.

(From Regular Festus Correspondent)


Mrs. C.E. GIEBLER visited in St. Louis Wednesday.


Harold McCORMACK visited friends in St. Louis Sunday and Monday.


Coroner LUCKEY went to Seckman last week to hold an inquest. He was accompanied by Dr. HARRIS.


Mrs. John O’NIEL who has been in Hot Springs for ten days has returned home.


R.G. TOWNSEND has purchased the fine black mare formerly owned by Supt. Geo. TAYLOR of Crystal City.


Mrs. Thomas MANNING of Herculaneum had business in Festus Friday.


Mrs. Frank SMITH visited in Herculaneum Saturday.


Alf PORTER, Sr. who was so seriously burned by his clothing catching fire is still in a very dangerous condition.  Two doctors are in attendance.  He had a twenty and a five dollar bill burned which were in a pocket book and $2.50 was found.


The Catholic supper in COLEMAN’s Hall Easter Monday was a grand success financially.  A large crowd was in attendance, and report a good time and plenty to eat.


Supt. R.B. WILSON was seen in town Saturday.


Some of the Negro joints in the southeast part of town were raided last week.  Several arrests were made, some pleaded guilty and were fined $10 and a number of names of others were obtained.  The city officers are determined that these places must go.  This should have been done long ago, as it has been known that these places existed and were a disgrace to the town and cast reflections on the citizens for tolerating them.


A.M. BAILEY’s grandmother, Mrs. JENNINGS died in Farmington last week at the advanced age of 95.  The pall bearers were grandsons of the old lady, Mr. BAILEY being one.


Mrs. CRAIG has sold her interest in the Jefferson Hotel to Mrs. Chas. MILLER who will take possession April 1.  Mrs. CRAIG will erect a fine two story residence.


The supper given Tuesday night by the ladies of the Presbyterian Church was quite a success financially and socially.


Six members of Sage Tribe of Red Men accompanied by Mr. LIGHTHOLDER went to Perryville last week and initiated 15 candidates.  All report a good time and lots of fun.


A team belonging to Mr. SUTTER residing a couple of miles south of town took fright coming down the Madison Hill, ran the wagon into a ditch and broke loose from it.  The boy driving jumped out.  One of the horses had one leg badly cut, the other was not hurt.


Agnes PATTERSON died in Crystal City last week and was buried in the Catholic Cemetery.


The men who work at the glassworks in Crystal City are very much perturbed over the eight hour law.  Some think it will be better for them while others think it will be worse.


Dr. Edward THOMPSON, Sec. of the Sunday League of American delivered and address on the observance of the Sabbath, in the M.E. Church last weekend.  The address was fine and a greater number should have heard it.


Sam BOYCE of Plattin came to town Saturday, tied his horse under Waggoner's shed until after night and when he went to get the horse, he was gone and could not be found, neither could he be found at home and Sam thinks he was stolen.  A gang of Gypsies encamped south of town claims one of their horses was missing the same night.


Mr. O.O. WILSON who has been to Oklahoma for several months has returned to Festus.


~Equinox Brings Wind Floods and Snow~

Big River, Sand and Other Streams Impassible.


The sturdy March winds blew industriously and forcibly for days together before the advent of spring on Friday.  Since then instead of wind and rain we have had tempest and torrent…. 

[No surnames are listed in this article.]


~Mrs. E. L. HINSON Died Friday~

Missouri J. HINSON, wife of Edward L. HINSON died at her home in Hillsboro, Friday, March 21st, 1913.  She was stricken with pneumonia early in the week and from the very first there seemed to be no hope.  Outside medical aid was called but nothing could be done.  Mrs. HINSON was a daughter of John HUSKEY of Big River Township and was born in Dec. 1858.  She was married to Mr. HINSON on the 29th anniversary of her birth in Dec. 1887.  Four children were born of the marriage, Edward C., Dudley D., Benomi and John C. HINSON, all of whom survive.  Mrs. HINSON was a woman of great energy and since her marriage to Mr. HINSON they together have gathered quite an enviable share of the world’s goods.  They had just completed a beautiful home in Hillsboro and had given their Big River farms to their sons and were perfecting their plans to enjoy life’s pleasures and comforts.  Mrs. HINSON was not connected with any church organization but she was a professed Christian and the record of her life bears out the truth of her belief on the meek and lowly Nazarene.  The funeral services were at the church and were conducted by Rev. G.W. HOLMES pastor of the M.E. Church South.  The day was Easter and the minister called attention to the fact that it was the day of the Resurrection and that even as Christ had arisen so should those be lifted up who believed.  The interment took place Sunday afternoon at the Hillsboro Cemetery, where a loving wife, mother and sister was laid to rest among the Easter lilies to await that last Resurrection promised those who love God.


~Thousands Dead in Ohio Flood~

  [No surnames listed]


~No Place Like Missouri~

  [No surnames listed]


~Tried Cowpeas, Was Convinced~

  [No surnames listed]



C.B. GALE to Horine Transit Co. 2 lots in Horine….$1.

Ash P. TENBROOK to Anna HARRIS, 43 a, 2991-43-6….$1.

C.E. WINER to W.P. WHITESEL, 80a, 17-39-5….$3500.

W.P. WHITESEL to Lucy BALLARD, 150a, 13-40-3….$3750.

W.R. PIERCE to Thos. RYAN, 3 lots in DeSoto….$500.

Newport Realty Co. to Jno. S. RaPILLIARD, 80a, 33-43-3…$1200.


~Educational Meeting to be in Court House Saturday~

Program of Central Township Education to be held at Hillsboro, March 29th, 1913.

Address….Supt. FOX, Texas Co.

Address…Miss Willa Roberta BRUNER, Cape Girardeau

School House Decorated by Miss Mary R. SPEIDEL

School Exhibits…Supt. FOX

County Fair Exhibits…Supt. W.N. SELLMAN

Reading in the Grades…Miss Katherine WILLIAMS

Co-operation of Patrons…Miss Hazel BOYER

Address…John LAIDLAW


~LEE-PARKER, Nuptials~

Miss Beatrice LEE [sic] of St. Louis and Mr. Elijah LEE of Hematite were united in holy matrimony, March 16, at the home of the bride’s uncle, Mr. Buren HOLMES in St. Louis, by Rev. G.W. HOLMES.  At the appointed hour the bridal couple entered the parlor at the strains of the wedding march, played by Miss Minnie PHILIPS of Hematite.  After the mystic words and solemn pledges, congratulations were showered upon this worthy couple.  The bride was robed in a white silken gown with a profusion of sweet peas and rose buds about her and the groom looked proud indeed as he claimed her.

The guests were relatives and close friends, among whom were a number of Jefferson County people.  There was a large and beautiful display of wedding presents.  Mr. LEE will bring his bride to Hematite to live where he is engaged in the dairy business.  All joy and good wishes be theirs.


~Lee Vicinity~

Last Wednesday evening a horse belonging to Mr. J.T. CATLETT kicked on of his colts and broke one of its front legs below the knee and he was forced to kill it.  Mr. CATLETT valued his young horse at one hundred and fifty dollars.


Mrs. D.C. JONES and Mrs. SHELLY departed Saturday afternoon for New Mexico where they will make their home until joined by D.C. JONES and Atty. S.D. JONES of St. Louis.  They will then go to Texas where they will make their home.  Mrs. JONES is in poor health and is going to Texas for the benefit of the climate.


The Farmer’s Union held a meeting at Hyfield School house Saturday evening.


~Card of Thanks~

Our heart-felt gratitude is extended to all those friends and neighbors who so kindly ministered to the comfort of our dear wife and mother in her last illness and may God’s blessing follow you and yours throughout life.  Edward L. HINSON and sons.


Mrs. J.F. ROZIER spent Wednesday in St. Louis.


The members of Mrs. CRAWFORD’s Sunday School class will give a musical in the church parlors Thursday evening of this week.


C.T. JARVIS left Sunday evening for Potosi.


~DeSoto Schools To Add Domestic Science~

Fair Association Committed for a Big Fair This Year.

(Regular DeSoto Correspondent)


Tom CADWALLADER of Poplar Bluff had business here the first of the week.


Mrs. Charles MITCHIM and little son are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. WARD at Iverness, Mississippi.


Felix KEANEY of South America has arrived home for a visit with home folks.


Domestic Science will be taught in our school next year if the board can possibly arrange for it.  To help this good cause along the “Monday Club” will give an entertainment at the Jefferson Theatre some time during the coming month.


The First Baptist Church is holding revival meetings.  The pastor Rev. S.P. BRITE is assisted by Evangelist A.R. SITTON.


The Committee of the Fair Association is meeting from time to time to complete their plans for a successful Fair this fall.


The Masons received callers from the visiting members of the K. of P. order that attended the convention March 26, at the Masonic Temple.


The Frauline Club met with Miss Dorothy COUCH this week.


Max HACKE has enlarged his blacksmith and wagon shop, and has a good selection of wagons, etc. on hand.


Miss Angie MILLER of St. Louis spent Easter at home.


Thomas DONNELL spent Friday in St. Louis.


Special sermons and music were enjoyed by those who attended church services Sunday.


The members of the Monday Club were entertained by the President Mrs. Dan ROUGGLY and Vice President Mrs. J.W. BENSON on Easter Monday with a six o’clock dinner.


George RINKEL of St. Charles spent the weekend with friends in our town.


Mrs. Sam BYRNS visited her sister Mrs. R. G. HOEKEN on Sandy Saturday and Sunday.


Miss Gwendolyn BRICKEY who is attending school at Fredericktown spent Easter with her parents.


Ed WILLIAMS and family of St. Louis spent Easter Sunday with his parents Mr. and Mrs. A.D. WILLIAMS.


Russell HIBBERT of Columbia College is at home for Easter vacation.


Rev. HALTER is attending Annual Conference at Carthage this week.


Miss Zoe BOOTH of Festus spent the weekend here with her mother, Mrs. Charles BOOTH.


Walter BLACK and wife of Silica spent Easter in our town.


Mrs. THACHER and little daughter who were here Friday the guest of the brother C.T. JARVIS and family have returned to their home in Galveston, TX.


Rev. FREEGARD of St. Louis conducted Easter service at Trinity Church Sunday.


D.L. ROUGGLY, E. KAUFMAN and B. IRWIN were among our businessmen who made a trip to St. Louis Friday.  


~West Kimmswick~

Spring began with very cold weather and plenty of rain.


One of our merchants, F.J. WHITE has purchased an auto truck.  Look out for berry hauling this summer.


Mr. Wm. F. LINDEMAN and family made a flying trip to St. Louis Sunday to visit his parents.


A.A. WHITE has been doing some grading on the old state road just north of his father’s farm with his Rumely Oil Pull and has done some fine work and we must give him credit for it, as we needed grading very bad.  Now if we can get gravel on it we will have almost a rock road to Maxville.


The farmers have been busy planting potatoes and peas.


Our blacksmith, Mr. SCHYTT is doing a fine business and has enough work to keep him busy.



C.F. BAUMBACH…House Springs to Anna LINDHORST…House Springs

Robt. S. HUNTER…Crystal City to Mary WAGENER…Crystal City

Edw. RUE…St. Louis to Alberta RUE [sic]…Festus

Lucas BAUER…DeSoto to Jessie BOOTHE…DeSoto


~Probate Court~

Will of Louis NOCE, dec. probated and letters granted to Sarah D. NOCE without bond.


Lemuel F. MOORE appointed curator of estate of George A. MOORE, minor, Inventory list approved.


Will of John H. LANHAM probated.  L.S. LANHAM executor without bond.


Inventory and appraisement lists in estate of George RAPP dec. approved.  Administrator ordered to sell all personal property at public sale.


Executor of estate of John H. LANHAM ordered to sell all personal property at public or private sale.


Final receipt in the estate of Joseph CORROLLA dec. filed and administrator discharged.


Curators report of the sale of the estate of Walter G. WARNE and Freddie W. WARNE minors remaining on file 10 days curator ordered to make deed.

Same order on estates of Ralph WARNE and Willie BILLIE.


Executor of estate of R.A. WILLIAMS ordered to sell personal property.


Final settlement of Susan I. DOUGLAS adminstratrix of the estate of Walter DOUGLAS dec. approved and administratrix will be discharged when all final receipts are filed.


Final settlement of Sarah E. DICKERMANN administratrix est. Philip DICKERMAN [sic] dec. filed.


Will of Theodore EHRICHS dec. probated and letters granted to H.H. WEAVER and Dora WEAVER EHRICHS and their bond approved.


Last will of August FUELSCHE dec. admitted to probate and letters granted to Emilie FUELSCHE without bond.


Court orders to executors of the estate of Theodore EHRICHS to sell all the personal property of deceased at public or private sale.  And further ordered to take charge of the real estate of dec. and care for same.         


Court appoint H.H. WEAVER curator of the estate of Marie Minna EHRICHS, minor.


Court orders the adminstratrix of the estate of Robert M. BOOTHE to sell all the government bonds of dec.


Final settlement of A.G. MEDLEY curator of the estate of Herman DICKERMAN minor, approved and the curator discharged.


Will of Moses White McNUTT dec. probated and letters granted to Annie H. McNUTT without bond.


Will of Bernard MANHEIMER dec. probated and letters granted to Flora MANHEIMER, without bond.


Letters of administration granted to Mary McLOON on estate of Mary DONOVAN dec.


Bond of George O. HAYS curator of the estate of Lafayette M. SHAW minor, approved.


Inventory and appraisement lists in [the] estate [of] B. MANHEIMER dec. approved.


Demand of Luke E. BEQUETTE against estate of John G. BEQUETTE dec. for $71.55 allowed.


Letters of administration on estate of Catherin ERNEY dec. granted to Mary C. SCHAFER.


Last will of S.A. BAGE, dec. admitted to probate and letters granted to James A. BAGE without bond.



Balls and Banquets – I give special attention to Ice Cream Orders; Best prices on Bread and Pies – J.M. CHRIST, DeSoto


People’s Bank of DeSoto…


Lily White Patent Flour Good as Gold! The Family Flour Barrel is the standby of the housewife…-DeSoto Roller Mills, DeSoto, MO


How About That New Hat? – Julius A. KOHLER, at Antonia 


J.P. BOEMLER, Bell Phone 602, Eureka, MO – Ford Automobiles and Farming Implements


Staple and Fancy Groceries and Dry Goods of All Kinds at ECKLES, Hillsboro, MO


MARSDEN’s in Hillsboro – Groceries, Bread, Fruits, Harness and Dry Goods


C.H. GERARD – Manufacturer of Flour, Meal and Feed, Dealer in Lumber and Building Material, Kimmswick, MO



All those indebted to the estate of the late John GONZ are respectfully requested to call and pay his widow, the undersigned Mrs. John GONZ, Cedar Hill, MO


~Personal Chat~

Daffodils are a bloom, in the snow.


Mumps still tantalize Hillsboro youth.


D.D. McLANE of DeSoto was here Monday, and yesterday.


Roy MARSDEN of Victoria has recovered from an attack of fever.


The Easter program of the Sunday School was pleasing and appropriate.


Sam M. BREWSTER of Poplar Bluff was here on business the first of the week.


Leopold ZIPP and Albert ROSENHAUER of Rock Township were here on probate business Tuesday.


Hillsboro has a fresh meat supply from DeSoto now, J.J. CHAPPES {Chappee?} making Tuesday and Saturday trips. 


J. F. WALTHERS, W.A. COUCH and Dr. JONES and families, J.M. ALLEN and wife were among the DeSoto people who attended the funeral of Mrs. E. L. HINSON.


Dr. G.W. ELDERS and wife of Ware and numerous other friends from Big River Township were here Sunday to attend the funeral of Mr. E.L. HINSON.


Have your watch repaired by M. ZIEGLER, the Kimmswick Jeweler. Only first class work done. All work warranted to give satisfaction.  Respectfully, M. ZIEGLER


George F. BOOTHE, and Arthur M. BOOTHE sons of the late R. M. BOOTHE were in town Monday on business pertaining to their father’s estate and are having a plat of real estate holdings made.


Joe ECKLE who went to Chicago recently with Raymond FORREST, is working with him for the Illinois Central Railway and both boys are well and happy. To maintain their healthy interest in

their old home town, they have engaged the Record to follow them.


Festus Glass Company has taken out its articles of incorporation the stock in 3500 shares, amount to $35,000.  The Share holders are Ed KERRUISH, John LEBOUBE, C.C. ENGLAND, E.E. MILLER, Charles GROSSMAN, Frank J. SEWALD, and H. S. WARWICK each holding 500 shares.


Otto W. RAMSEY, president, Jas. E. THOMPSON cashier, and H.C. GRIDER assistant cashier of the Bismarck Bank arrived in town Monday night.  Each of them was riding a new R.C. Hupp automobile which they concluded to try out over the roads between Hillsboro and Bismarck.  Mr. RAMSEY enjoys the distinction of having brought the first automobile to South-east Missouri in 1900, when he brought the Ozark Queen through Hillsboro and toured the lower counties with it.


W.G. THUMEL and Clarence HOUSEMAN of St. Louis were here Saturday in the interest of Montesano Park.  Mr. HOUSEMAN is to be the manager of the New Amusement Company that is to have charge of the Montesano and brought Mr. THUMEL along with him to give him an opportunity to meet the people among whom he expects to do business.  The prospects for the season of 1913 are flattering and we sincerely trust that it will meet the expectations of new management all of whom are clever gentlemen well known in Jefferson County.  


Victoria enjoyed a recital last week which was written up in interesting fashion but failed to reach us until too late.  While no longer news, we will not fail to say that the performers, Mrs. Will ENGLAND, voice, Miss Carrie KLEINSCHMIDT, piano, Mr. G. W. HOLMES, impersonator, and Miss Bessie KLEINSCHMIDT, reader were greatly enjoyed.  The Hematite Glee Club with Messrs. HOLMES, OGLE, ENGLAND, and MALONE was a pleasing feature….


Hoyt HOSKEN of St. Louis spent Easter at home.


Miss BOYER went home to Potosi to spend Easter.


Mrs. James T. OGLE is recovering from an attack of sickness.


Mrs. R.B. WILSON and Miss Birdie were in St. Louis Saturday.


Ed MARSDEN, Horace FRAZIER and Sam ECKLE spent Easter in St. Louis.


Mrs. Virdie HERMAN of DeSoto spent Sunday here with her relatives.


Misses Birdie WILSON, Kathleen REPPY and Legia HILL, DeSoto students were home for Easter.


The suit of Augusts SCHROEDER against Richard, in replevin set for trial Saturday was dismissed by Mrs. SCHROEDER.


The Masons had a big meeting Saturday night followed by a dandy spread at midnight furnished by the Commercial.


Mrs. Sam BYRNES of DeSoto made an Easter visit to her father here, James H. MOSS and to her sister, Mrs. R. G. HOEKEN at Goldman.


Henry KNOX, a New York lawyer, was in town Thursday.  Mr. KNOX is interested in a tract of land near Frumet, known as the KLEIN tract and was here to close the sale of the tract with Theodore FRISSELL.


The unlawful detainer suit of Cynthia FREDERITZI against Harry FREDERITZI to have been tried here Saturday before Justice STONE was taken from here on a change of venue and sent to Justice SCHOFIELD at Victoria.  Quite a goodly array of Maxville folk were in attendance.

Ed RILEY of Hillsboro, Route 3, was in town Monday introducing his new neighbor G.H. TOMLINSON who has lately bought the Cramer farm.  Mr. TOMLINSON is a genial friendly sort of a chap, who looks like he’d make a good farmer and good friend.  He hails from Illinois.  Welcome to new home and friends.


Martin W. REITER Jr., Jacob T. HAEFNER, Jacob FRANKENREITER and Oscar NEUGEBAUER were in town Saturday to attend a Trustee’s Dale of the land near Kimmswick.  The land was purchased by James MULLIN for his son, Mathew MULLIN, holder of a second deed of trust on the property.


~Classified Advertising~

Wanted – Girl for general housework for family of four.  Mrs. Chas. HEMME, Hillsboro, MO.

Get your Seed Potatoes at Wiley Mercantile, Sixth & Boyd St., DeSoto, MO.

For Ladies – Get your Easter Hat at Kohler’s, Antonia, MO.

For Sale – 12 inch sulky John Deere, John Deere disc cultivator, a Kingman one horse plow. 

             Richard SCHROEDER, Hillsboro, MO.

For Sale – Mare in foal, and yearling mule colt, and also a good work mule five years old.  Henry 

             WOHLBOLD, Hillsboro, RFD No2.

Eggs for Hatching – S.E. Brown Leghorns, $1.00 per setting….Henry RUNGE, Barnhart, MO

Eggs for Sale – From purebred Single Comb Rhode Island Red chickens…$1.00 per 15.  Mrs. Ray  

            CALDWELL, Hillsboro, MO, Rt 1.


Watches, Clocks Jewelry, Silverware, Spectacles, School Books, Stationery, Musical Instruments and strings, at lowest prices. "The Kimmswick Jeweler" - M. ZEIGLER


FOR SALE - Farm of 60 acres large house and barn, 1 mile southwest of Kimmswick on state road, good springs, plenty fruit, 50 acres in cultivation, $5,500.00.  

Apply to Oscar TAUBOLD Kimmswick, Mo.


FOR SALE - Two Stallions, one a registered French Draft.

The other trotting bred.  Both good breeders, can clear them in one season.  Would sell on time or put out on shares to a responsible party.  I have four stallions, use for only two.

S.P. HARRIS, Barnhart, Mo.


For Sale or Rent – Blacksmith shop, good stand and well equipped.  A bargain to the right man.  Shop will invoice $225.00  Will rent tools, building, good three room house, barn out buildings and large truck patch for $14.00 per month.  Arthur BEATTE, Danby, MO.


Notice is hereby given that on the 1st day of March 1913, the OERMANN Mercantile Co. of Oermann, MO. sold their entire stock of goods, wares, and merchandise to Jesse O. CRAIG, who assumes to pay all the outstanding debts and claims that may hereafter come against said company for collection….John H. POERTNER, President, John WEBER, Secretary.


~Belews Creek~

Easter was a rainy day.


Charles F. WOHLBOLD visited his son, Henry and family on Easter.


Sowing oats was all the go last week.


Henry WOHLBOLD has his new barn completed and before the big rain.


Miss Lizzie BECKMAN was a caller here.


Robert WOHLBOLD made a trip to House Springs Saturday.


Hog buyers are plentiful in this vicinity and shoats are selling for a great big price.


Frank YENICEK explains his big smile by saying, “Another boy arrived on the nineteenth”.


Miss Mary McNAMEE spent Easter at home in Pacific.  She is teaching us a fine school.


~Two Buzzards~

This entertainment will be given at the Hall Saturday night.  You will want to see and hear what happens.  It is funny and you will enjoy it.  Admission ten and fifteen cents.  Refreshments served after the show.  Come out and contribute to the Church by spending a pleasant evening.