Jefferson County Record

March 20, 1913


~Clarence MARSDEN's Barn is Burned~


Last Wednesday night near midnight, Clarence MARSDEN's barn went up in flames. Whether the fire was due to incendiarism or accident is mere conjecture. So far as Mr. MARSDEN knows there was no possible chance for it to have caught fire accidentally, but he has no reason to suspect an incendiary. The barn contained about 200 bushels of corn, 6 tons of hay, about 1 and 1/2 tons of sheaf oats, 2 cultivators, 2 sets of harness, wagon bed, saddles and other material. The buggy shed adjoining with buggy and harness were also burned as was the chicken house and some of the chickens and a corn crib. There was only $50 insurance on the barn and a small insurance on the contents. A stack of hay near the barn was also burned.




White McNUTT was born near Knoxville, Tennessee on the 28th day of October, 1851 and died at his home in this county March 8, 1913.  He came to this county in 1891 and farmed with George McNUTT for some years and until he secured a place for himself.  He was married to Miss Rose CHAMBERLAIN in 1892, who died in the year 1901.  In 1904 he married Miss Anna HASS [Haas], who survives him.  Mr. McNUTT was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church at Festus and had been a consistent Christian and member of the church for many years.  He was also a member of Shekmah Lodge, A.F. and A.M. of Festus and his funeral services were conducted from the church of which he was an Elder and by the Lodge of which he was for so many years a member.


White McNUTT was at all times a gentleman.  His was the life that all men respect, that all admire and that all emulate.  If he had any enemies they were enemies to virtue because White McNUTT never knowingly wronged any man.  It is unfortunate that he left no descendents behind to transmit the virtues of this exemplary citizen for such he was in every sense and meaning of the term.  He sleeps well in the soil of Jefferson County where all his active life was lived and where he built for himself a character that was as pure as ice and as chaste as snow.




BECKER, -- Royal BECKER, beloved son of Christ BECKER and wife, Katie BECKER, nee EMS, entered into rest Saturday, March 1, 1813, at their home in St. Louis.  The funeral took place Monday, March 3, from their residence, 4604 Minnesota Ave., to Immaculate Conception church at Maxville, where services were held by the pastor, Rev. C.H. SCHEIFERS and where his body was laid to rest.  He is sadly missed by his parents and relatives.


~Prisoners to the Bastile~


Marshal E.E. ALDERSON and Special Agent Tom CADWALLADER came out to Hillsboro Tuesday afternoon and brought a bunch of prisoners to Sheriff DAHL. 


The names of the prisoners and the charges against them are as follows: 

Ed WILLIS and Steve WILSON, being intoxicated on a passenger train, resisting an officer and disturbing the peace; Arbuckle THOMAS, wife and child abandonment;  L.W. FIREY and J. SMITH, trespassing and unlawfully riding trains.  All of whom have been convicted and are brought here to serve out their fines.


~Baker School~

The entertainment and box supper at the Baker School house was a success…

(No surnames mentioned in article)


~Our Jefferson County Schools~

What They are Doing and What They Should Do….

The Commencement exercises will be held in the Opera House at DeSoto. 

Supt. SELLMAN is going to arrange the state so that there will be ample room for all graduates….

Bowles School is enthusiastic in an earnest to win that Gold Fountain Pen offered by Mr. HINCHEY of DeSoto to the best writer in the county.  


~John WILSON Attempts Suicide -Bullet in Dura Mater, Victim Will Probably Recover~

    John WILSON, a farmer living on the DENNY farm between Hillsboro and Cedar Hill attempted suicide Monday afternoon according to reports received here. The weapon used was a pistol and fortunately the penetrative quality of the powder behind the ball was not sufficient to break the skull and the result was a wound in the forehead ranging up into the scalp, from which a speedy recovery is expected. Mr. WILSON is a man of splendid reputation and a good citizen and temporary aberration is no doubt responsible for the attempt at suicide. Later Dr. J.V. DENNY who attended WILSON was in town Tuesday afternoon and informed us that the bullet did not glance as reported, but penetrated the skull and lodged as he believes in the dura mater. Notwithstanding this fearful wound WILSON was conscious and apparently little damaged, but what the ultimate effect would be the Doctor was not prepared to say as he could not say how surrounding tissue might later be affected.  WILSON stated that it was intentional and that he would do better next time.


~Charles McCREERY Dead~

Charles McCREERY departed this life at Hillsboro Monday, March 17th. He was about 73 years of age and had been living alone for some time. He contracted a heavy cold about two weeks ago and was removed to the residence of Robert EVANS so that he could have proper care and attention. Despite skillful nursing his cold finally developed into pneumonia and his children were notified. George E. McCREERY of Los Angeles, California and Dr. Robert McCREERY of Erick, Oklahoma and Mrs. Jos. J. O'KEEF of DeSoto, all hastened to his bedside and did all that could be done to alleviate his suffering but the grim reaper was not to be denied and Monday evening the sufferer passed to his last rest.  He was interred Tuesday afternoon at the Hillsboro Cemetery.


~Field Day for Road Bosses~


The Annual Convention of Road Overseers met at the court house Saturday.

There were only a few absentees.  The meeting was called to order by Highway Engineer CAMPBELL, who outlined the purposes of the meeting and gave the overseers instructions on the work.  He laid stress on the fact that owners of lands must cease throwing brush and trash in the ditches and keep fences off the right of way and advised the road overseers to make an example of the first fellow they caught doing either.


The use of the road drag was advised and Judge McNAMEE explained its value and told how to use and to make them. The value of ditches was also exemplified but the engineer told the boys that ditches were of no value unless the water could get off the road and into them, hence the road should be graded and have sufficient crown to throw the water in the ditches.


"Thank you Ma'ams", "Water Breaks" or "Dutchmen" were discussed. The Engineer favored a diagonal break on steep hills, Judge McNAMEE a square break and John C. HILGERT an A shaped break.  We favor John C. HILGERT's idea is a more practical because the A break divides the water. Judge McNAMEE agreed that an A break was as good as a square break, the advantage in both cases being that the vehicle wheels struck them fairly and evenly and save wrenching the vehicles.


Albert BROCK/Brouk? made an address urging the necessity of building some permanent work each year.  W.E. MEDLEY agreed that this was entirely proper if there was any money left after the holes and bad places in the roads were repaired.


The Road Overseers as a rule seemed to be impressed with the importance of their positions and with a desire to see the roads greatly improved, but all felt that the present fund was insufficient to accomplish much more than the necessary repair work on roads. Judges WINER and KERCKHOFF were present at the meeting. 


~Sunny Side~


Well we have had a light touch of winter again and when all arose Sunday morning there was a white blanket on the ground.


Fred REED and Roy WILLIAMS of Plattin passed thru our burg Sunday.


Mrs. John HAAS returned home Saturday from St. Louis and reports a grand trip.


The sale at BECKS, on the Plattin was well attended by all our neighbors.


Mr. and Mrs. John MILLER passed thru our burg Sunday.


Mitch BERCHOFFER [Berghoeffer] bought several pieces of furniture at the sale and says he is going to get married soon.  Look out girls.


Mr. and Mrs. Una COOPER of Festus are spending a few days with H.A. WARRINER.


Mrs. STINEMAN and sons Frank and Eugene attended the sale Saturday at Plattin.


~Doings in Woodcraft~

Hillsboro Camp M. W. of A. met in regular session Friday evening March 14, 1913.  After disposing of the regular business the camp was put in readiness and Dr. Grover R. BRISTOL was introduced into the mysteries of Woodcraft.  After traveling many weary miles through the “Forest of Brotherly Love’ and coming forth with the necessary evidence of his ability to do the practical work of a Woodman seemed to appreciate the labor that cost our forefathers to clear away the Pioneer Forest for the benefit of mankind and signified that he was hungry and a’thirst so he conducted to the dining room where a beautiful buffet luncheon was prepared of which all present partook freely. One member was received by transfers and one application for new membership was favorably acted upon, which will necessitate a repetition of the above festivities on April 11th next. 


Card of Thanks

We wish to thank the M. W.of A. also our neighbors and friends for their kindness and aid during the illness and death of our dear son and brother Also the Rev. Father TRACY for his kind words of condolence.  Albert ROSENAUER and family


~S.E. Missouri Normal School Breaks Record~

March Entry More than 36 percent higher than last year.

(No surnames mentioned in this article)


~Coming Soon~

Two Buzzards!  You will want to see them and their nest and what happens in it.  It is too funny to tell.  They will be at the Masonic Hall next week.  Watch the further announcements.



SCHROEDER's House and Contents Destroyed

Monday night, between nine and ten o'clock p.m. the residence of Mrs. Augusta SCHROEDER on the old MARSDEN farm was totally destroyed by fire together with the contents. The building was new being only two or three years old and was erected at a cost of something like $3000.  We are informed that the property was insured for $2500.00 but as this is mere rumor we give it for what it is worth.  Mrs. SCHROEDER was in St. Louis at the time of the fire and the property was in charge of her son Walter.


~Lee Vicinity~


There was a farmer’s union meeting held at Highfield school house Monday March the 11th.  Prof. GIBBONS made a short talk.


Mrs. LEWIS was visiting in DeSoto Sunday.


Mrs. JONES is visiting in St. Louis.


Mr. WEBER and MR. LEE were visiting Mr. BRUER south of DeSoto Sunday.


A crowd of young folks called at Mr. O'FARREL's Sunday evening.


~In Memoriam~

     Mrs. Margaret J. HARRIS, relict of Thos. M. HARRIS of St. Francois Co. Mo. passed away at her home, the Cedars, near Barnhart, Mo. March 7th, 1913.  She was a daughter of Cyrus HENDERSON, a pioneer Missouri merchant and was born in Cape Girardeau Co. Aug 15th, 1824 so was in her 89th year.

     She was early in life a Bible student, always a firm believer in Christ's promises, a Presbyterian of Presbyterian ancestors.  Her maternal grandmother, Mrs. Oliver Harris nee Margaret SHELBY, of Welsh decent was a niece of Brigadier General Evans SHELBY of Colonial wars; the first person invested with title on this side the water.

     Mrs. HARRIS was an unusual character, being a woman of executive ability, a home maker, a devoted mother, an interesting companion with a quick wit and a ready intelligence. She had many friends and admirers among the neighbors and the patrons of the Cedars. One of these latter writes to the family:

     "We who had known your mother so many years, her gentle nature, and beautiful spirit can enter into and appreciate just what your loss is.  I shall always picture her in my mind, sitting on the piazza among her flowers, the sweetest one of them all. To have known her was to love her."

    She was ill for over seven weeks and did not seem to suffer greatly except from extreme weariness. She rests now in Bellefontaine beside her daughter and two grandchildren. Mrs. HARRIS is survived by three sons, four daughters, seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren. "They raise up and call her Blessed."


~De Soto~


The De Soto Woman's Club meets with Mrs. DOUGLAS March 21st. 

Roll call; Quotation's from Statesman child labor, Mrs.  HALTER. 

What constitutes good citizenship.  Current events, Business, Music. 

Mrs. FARRIS leader.


Tom MADDEN, Dr. STEINMETZ and Frank WILSON of Blackwell were here Saturday on business.


Frank LONG of Cadet had business here Saturday. 


S.W. CRAWFORD received a carload of Ford automobiles Friday.


The family of Rev. STANFIELD left Monday morning for Cripple Creek, Colo. where he has been for a few weeks.  Rev. STANFIELD is a rector of a fine church in that city.


Miss Grace FLINT of St. Louis was the guest of Dr. and Mrs. L. A. CHAMBERLAIN Sunday.


Miss Margaret GLENDENNING of Pevely spent the first of the week with Mrs. S.W. CRAWFORD.


Miss Rhoda COXWELL entertained Miss Bessie COVER of Farmington over Sunday.


John L. THOMAS was here Friday on business.  Mr. THOMAS was enroute to Birmingham Ala from Springfield Mo. where they spent several weeks with their daughter Mrs. E.T. MITCHELL.


After an illness of three months Dr. S.C. SKEEL died at his home 3455 South Grand Ave. St. Louis.  The remains were brought to our city Monday morning and the Masons had charge of the funeral service.


Mrs. L.P. KRAMPF spent Friday in the city.


Leslie BROWN of Blackwell was in our city Saturday.


Mr. McLACHLIN the grand lecturer of the state of Missouri will hold a school of instruction at the Masonic Temple Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.


Mrs. Robert COXWELL entertained in honor of the Misses MILAAR at her home on 4th Street Monday evening.  The house decorations and refreshments were carried out in Green and White for it was St. Patrick’s Day. The guests numbered sixty.


A splendid program was given at the St. Patrick’s entertainment given by the ladies of the M.E. Church, South St, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. COUCH Monday evening.  Refreshments were served and a free will offering was given.


Mrs. Frank KAILER {Kahler} spent Saturday in St. Louis. 


Mr. and Mrs. C.T. JARVIS have returned from a ten days stay at Potosi. 


Rev. GLANDVILLE of West Plains, MO held services at the Presbyterian Church Sunday. 


Mrs. L.S. FULLER went to St. Louis Friday to see her sister Mrs. RICE who is on her way home to Excelsior Springs after a visit of several months with relatives in Ill.


Mrs. SCOTT of Potosi was the guest of Mrs. C. BOWEN last week.


The DeSoto High school Basketball team went to Fredericktown Friday and won the game.


Miss GOFORTH of Sherman Mo. is arranging for a recital in the near future.


Mrs. J.E. STEGMAN who has been the guest of her aunt Mrs. LONG on Boyd Street spent Friday in Hillsboro.  Mrs. STEGMAN will make her home in our city and has rented a house on Boyd Street.


Mr. and Mrs. G. HAMEL of St. Louis Street were surprised by a number of their friends Thursday evening.


Mrs. W.H. FARRAR was visiting at St. Louis Friday.


Mrs. W. GIBSON and daughter Miss Genevieve were in the city Friday to hear the world famous violinist, Eugene YSAYE.


Rev. Albert R. SITTON and vocalist TURNER and S.P. BRIGHT pastor of the Baptist Church at De Soto have just begun a series of meetings at the 1st Baptist Church on Boyd St. De Soto.




Gerhardt FICKEN and wife to Henry BAUER, 132.13a, 30-42-4, $6000.


John MEES and wife to James W. TERRY and wife, 35.25 acres in Sur. 1906, $3325.


W. E. OSTERWALD and wife to John MEES and wife, lot 7, blk 5, R.C. MORRIS' 2nd add to Festus, $1100.


Anna DAUM to Albert TORBITZKY, 120a, 6 41-3, $1700.


John DORNSEIF, 40a, lot 30, Sur. 2991, $4000.


Henry L. MILLER to Mary MILLER lots 4&5, blk 15, Kimmswick, $1 etc.


Catherine CHARLES to Catherine BRUHN, 14a, Sur. 420, $1000.


Frank O'HAMEL and wife to Herman HAMEL, et al, indiv. 1-4 int in 354a

18-40-3 and 40a, 13-40-2 $315.

(Transcriber's note - the surnames O'HAMEL and HAMEL are transcribed as shown in the article.)


John DORNSEIF and wife to Amelia BLANK, 33a, lot 10, Sur. 2991, $2000.


W. J. LINDWEDEL and wife to Fred MUGELE [Mugle] and wife, 28-52a, lot 4 Sur. 2991, $1900.


Fred MUEGLE [Mugle] and wife Sophie HERGOGE [Herzoge], 7.90 acres and roadway 7-42-6, $600.

[Note: This should probably read: Fred Muegle and wife, ‘and’ Sophie Herzoge….]


Henry HEIMSOTH [Heimbach?] and wife to Wm. J.  HATT [Hayt/Hoyt?] and wife 10a, lots 2 and 4, blk 12, Bradford's add to Sulphur Springs, $900.


A.J. KENEY and wife to Arthur D. KENEY, 40a, Sur. 1980, $1000.


Frank DICKERMAN and wife to H.F. McKAY and wife, lots 5 and 6, blk 4 Mont Pleasant add to De Soto, $700.


Chas. H. NENSTIEL to Henry DENSE, 280a, 29-41-4, $3950.


~Sunny Side~


Dave SLAUGHTER and wife spent Sunday with relatives.


Mrs. George VAUGHN made a business trip to Plattin Friday.


Mrs. GRAFF of Plattin, called on Mrs. Edna Jennings Monday.


Mrs. Laura ARENZ and son Sylva have moved back to St. Louis and intend making their home there this summer.


Mrs. John EICHBERGER is still on the sick list.  Also is Mrs. Tona Cheek.


Ruben SUTHERLAND called on Jennings Bros. Sunday.


Hary [sic] TOLBERT called on friends in De Soto Sunday. 


Stewart TAYLOR is suffering from a broken shoulder.  We are sorry to hear he is so bad but hope he will soon be able to be around.


~School Notes~


Mrs. H. STRAUSER, vice-president of Plattin township has proven a good leader in educational work.  The teachers of this township are loyal and the patrons are pleased with the progress made. 


~Personal Chat~


Mrs. Ed HENSON is seriously ill with double pneumonia.


Miss Hazel BOYER, Principal of the Hillsboro Schools spent Saturday and Sunday in St, Louis visiting friends.


Edward KERRUISH, H.A. STEWART and Mrs. White McNUTT were in Hillsboro Monday probating will of the late White McNUTT.


Mrs. Sarah E. DICKERMAN and her son Edward were in town Monday making final settlement of the estate of Phillip DICKERMAN, deceased.


Misses Gertie BUCHMILLER and Dolly MILLER spent the weekend with the former's parents Mr. and Mrs. BUCHMILLER on Route two.


Mr. HEMME, Mrs. Ware EVANS, Mrs. F.E. SPILKER and Miss Mary HOEKEN attended the funeral of Judge EHRICHS at Festus Friday.


TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.  This is to notify all persons that I will not be responsible for, or pay any bills or debts of any kind contracted by my wife, Darlie HUSKEY.  A.M. HUSKEY, Hillsboro Mo.


The suit of Augusta SCHROEDER against Richard SCHROEDER in replevin was set for last Saturday and brought quite a number of people into town, was continued on account of the absence of material witnesses until next Saturday.


By Assignment made a matter of record the brothers and sisters of Marvin HUSKEY who was accidentally killed some time since conveyed all their interest in the personal estate of their deceased brother to the father, W.J. HUSKEY.


Mr. and Mrs. Harry BUSSEY who have returned to their farm about 3 1/2 miles west of Hillsboro after an absence of several years during which time they have resided in St. Louis were in town Tuesday and paid the Record office a visit.


Charles NENSTIEL, a bachelor living near Hillsboro, has sold his farm to Henry DINSE for $3800.00.  Charles says he is tired of living by himself and had to quit the farm.  He says that he is interested in the ladies and will now have time to cultivate their acquaintance.  Chas. thinks Henry DINSE needs help too, and that the girls ought to keep their eyes open, if they want a farm and a good looking man.


Dr. J.V. DENNY was in town Tuesday and took Mr. DEITRICH and family and Miss Mary HOEKEN to De Soto in his new Ford car.  On his way back he had the misfortune of running into a buggy in which Engineer CAMPBELL and wife were riding and damaged one of the hind wheels of the buggy.  The boys on here were having considerable fun with the Doctor about his ability as Chauffeur, but couldn't phase his self confidence which after all is the essential quality in a good driver.


Ex Sheriff John L BECHLER is going back to join the honest, hardy, horny handed, sun burnt, son's of toil and has been out skirmishing for proper assistance.  He came in Sunday with a fine big team of mules he had purchased of Henry HESTMAN of Eureka.  John says he had a great time finding mules for sale of the kind he wanted, and the prices enough to make a fellow's hair stand, but he just had to have them.  He also remarked that he found plenty automobiles for sale and if he could have worked a pair on the farm could have bought them about as cheap as the mules.


Mr. and Mrs. J.W. ECKLE visited the city the first of the week.


Mesdames Charles WILLIAMS and Henry WEBER of House Springs attended the Eastern Star meeting Tuesday night.


William DONZ [this is likely GONZ] of Cedar Hill has been suffering of rheumatism for the last three months and is confined to his room.


Frank E. SPILKER and wife, Fred THORPE and Dr. Robert McCREERY made a trip to St. Louis yesterdays in SPILKER’s automobile.


Squire Edward BERGEMEYER and Mrs. August FUELSCH were in town yesterday to probate the will of the late August FUELSCH.


Mrs. Sue WILLIAMS and Mrs. H. WEBBER of House Springs visited friends and the O.E. S. here, Tuesday and Tuesday evening.


Mr. and Mrs. G. K. LOGAN and doctors, G.A. AUERSWALD and J.E. JONES of DeSoto attended the funeral of Charles McCREERY here on Tuesday.


Mrs. J. E. STEGMAN removed her household goods from Hillsboro Monday. She has rented property in DeSoto and expects to make her home there.


W.O ZACHRITZ, a son of Ex. Judge Wm. F. ZACHRITZ of St. Louis was in town last Friday, selling typewriters and having a good time with the hospitable folk of Hillsboro.


Miss Luis PIERCE who is teaching the Peter MOORE School south of DeSoto has been at home visiting the family of her father Herman PIERCE, returned to her school Sunday evening.


Have you watch repaired by M. ZEIGLER, the Kimmswick Jeweler.  Only first class work done.  All work warranted to give satisfaction.  Respectfully, M. ZIEGLER


Edward J. BEAN, Thomas B. EAVES, Claude JARVIS, and C.C. MI-----? were at Hillsboro Monday trying out EAVES new Ford car and other things, beside attending to business political and otherwise.


Thunder and Lightning.  Well yes the first we have noticed this, year was on Thursday last, March 113th;  Some of our weather prophets no doubt could tell us just what it portends be we don’t know, but venture the prediction that it indicates an early spring.


Rev. G. W. HOLMES was unavoidable detained in St. Louis last Sunday night and thus was forced to disappoint the Hillsboro Congregation to whom he had expected to preach. He regrets exceedingly that he was unable to be there.


Mrs. Catherine GRATE of Pevely has been visiting her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. E. BURGESS and went to DeSoto Tuesday to visit Mrs. Eliza BURGESS’s, sister-in-law. Mrs. GRATE soon leaves Mo. to go to her daughter in Denver to make an extended visit.


The Hillsboro band met Monday night and made arrangements to purchase the new horns necessary to complete the new band.  Six new instruments were ordered and with those privately owned and purchased, the new band will start out with ten horns and two drums making an organization with 12 members.


Dr. A. P. BOOTH was in Tuesday and gave us some very interesting data concerning his Florida trip.  The Jefferson County Colony is prospering.  Clarence R. HONEY is post master at Keystone Park and is resident manager of the Land Company from which he purchased his land.  Miss Emma HONEY is in splendid health and has a flock of between 300 and 300 (sic) hens and of course the best garden and prettiest flowers in Florida.  Clarence H. McMULLEN is working at his trade at St. Petersburg and is making and saving money.  Joel HONEY is in the real estate business in St. Petersburg and is building a good business.  St. Petersburg is a city of ?1,000 inhabitants and the Doctor think it has a great future before it.  Later on we will give some account of the country and it possibilities as viewed by the Doctor.  Lack of space not permitting this week.   


~Advertising ~


Life is just one battle after another one.  Those who save part of their earnings rise to the top.  The foolish, spending more than they make, go down and blame their failure to bad luck --  Have pluck enough to put one dollar in a saving account, and keep on adding to it.  People's Bank of DeSoto 

Capital $50,000.00   Surplus $30,000.00   Deposits $475,000.00


How About That NEW HAT?

Spring is here and the flowers will soon be blooming. 

The Ladies, young and old, should also put on new raiment and garb themselves with the beauty of Spring.  What must we get?  Go to JULIUS A. KOHLER, at Antonia

He has an up to date line of Spring Hats and Spring Goods and will give you prices that are right.  Don't forget the place and the name JULIUS A. KOHLER, Antonia, MO.


Easter Ball

Will be given in KOHLER's Hall, Antonia, Mo. on Monday, March 24, 1913.

Music will be furnished by HAEFNER Bros. Orchestra.

Come one! Come all! A good time is assured.  Chas. HOFFARTH, Mgr.


WANTED - Girl for general house work for family of four.

Mrs Chas. HEMME, Hillsboro, Mo.


Get your Seed Potatoes at WILEY Mercantile Co.

Sixth and Boyd St, De Soto, Mo.


FOR LADIES - Get your Easter Hat at KOHLER'S,

Antonia, Mo. You will always find it there.


FOR SALE - Two Stallions, one a registered French Draft.

The other trotting bred.  Both good breeders, can clear them in one season.  Would sell on time or put out on shares to a responsible party.  I have four stallions, use for only two.

S.P. HARRIS, Barnhart, Mo.


Notice is hereby given that on the 1st day of March 1913, the OERMANN Mercantile Co. of Oermann Mo. sold their entire stock of goods, wares, and Merchandise to Jessie O. CRAIG, who assumes to pay all the outstanding debts and claims that may hereafter come against said company for collection relieving said company of all debts that may be presented for collection.  John H. POERTNER, President, John WEBER, Secretary.


EGGS FOR SALE - From pure bred Single Comb Rhode Island Red chickens.  Red Wing Strain.  $1.00 per 15.  Mrs. Ray CALDWELL Hillsboro, Mo Rt. 1


Watches, Clocks Jewelry, Silverware, Spectacles, School Books, Stationery, Musical Instruments and strings, at lowest prices. "The Kimmswick Jeweler"  M. ZEIGLER


FOR SALE - Farm of 60 acres large house and barn, 1 mile southwest of Kimmswick on state road, good springs, plenty fruit, 50 acres in cultivation, $5,500.00.  

Apply to Oscar TAUBOLD Kimmswick, Mo.



John REPPY – Attorney at Law,  Hillsboro, MO


Good Looking Men Are Always Successful in Business – D.H. GOLDIE & Co., Chicago, IL


Robert E. KLEINSCMIDT – Lawyer, Hillsboro, MO

DeSoto Marble Works – Monuments – C.A. SCHOELLKOPF, Prop., DeSoto, MO

Patents – MUNN & Co., 301 Broadway, New York

F.J. ADAMS – Real Estate Agency, Farm Property a Specialty




Carl JOHNSON of Rush Tower spent the week end with friends here.

Mrs. HOUGHTON of Crystal City has been critically ill for several days.


Bishop Con?jutor JOHNSON will preach in Grace Church in Crystal City Thursday evening.


Assistant Supt. WEIDON/Weldon? of the Plate Glass Works in Crystal City has resigned and will assist Mr. RAYMOND in Pittsburg, PA.


Mr. and Mrs. Meyer MILLER visited Herculaneum Sunday.


Howard JAY is quite ill with pneumonia.


Rev. L.C. WERNERT of the Arcadia College visited Father HOTZSCHNEIDER last week.


J.F. PAPIN visited his home in St. Genevieve Sunday last week.


B. WALTON of Caledonia visited his brother Fred and family here Sunday.


Mrs. H. L. MARBERY and little son made a trip to St. Louis Tuesday.


Mr. and Mrs. Emil HAAS of St. Louis came down to attend the funeral of White McNUTT.


Little Charlotte EVANS who has been visiting relatives here for a couple of weeks has returned to her home in Washington County.


Mrs. Gus COLE of Desloge came up to attend the funeral of Judge EHRICHS.


GRIESHABER is taking his vacation and is off on a hunt.    


Mrs. Pete GETTINGER and children left here last Tuesday for Ste. Genevieve to spend Easter.


The teachers of Joachim township held a meeting here Saturday.  A number of interesting papers were read and subjects discussed.  Supt. WILSON was present and assisted in the exercises.


Mr. and Mrs. Chas. VINYARD are the proud parents of a fine baby girl, born last week.


Mrs. Hallie JINKERSON is spending a few weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. BOYCE on Plattin.  Mrs. Hallie has been suffering with pleurisy and thought a rest might be beneficial to her.


A little son of Mr. and Mrs. KUNTZ died Wednesday and was buried Friday in the Catholic cemetery.  The parents have the sympathy of the people in the loss of their little one.


Master Raymond BRICKEY and Eddie MILLER are taking music lessons on the violin from a teacher in Bonne Terre.


April 3rd the Presbyterian ladies will hold a bonnet and apron sale in the church, also serve lunch for 10 cents.


Crystal City now boasts of a new bakery opened up in ROZIER’s old store building.


The friends of Dr. EDWARDS will be sorry to learn that the doctor had his arm broken in an auto accident and is in the hospital in St. Louis.


Mrs. SIMMS is quite ill with pneumonia.


Alf PORTER, Sr., was badly burned Saturday night as he walked home on the railroad by fire blowing from his pipe which set his clothing on fire and before he could disrobe his hands and body were badly burned.  The doctor thinks his burns will not be fatal.


Roy BLOUNT who has a position in Kokomo, IN came home to see his parents and returned to Kokomo last week.  His father, Mr. Pete BLOUNT has been in bad health for many months.


A new baby girl arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie VOLLMAR March 6.


The friends of Miss Tattie CRAIG will be pained to learn that she is quite ill with pneumonia.


~Sticking Together Is Best~

Lengthy article regarding Norfolk.  [No local surnames mentioned].


~Cotton Seed Industry~

[No local surnames mentioned].



All those indebted to the estate of the late John GONZ are respectfully requested to call and pay his widow, the undersigned.

Mrs. John GONZ, admx, Cedar Hill, MO


~Seed Potatoes~

Just received a carload of seed potatoes.  Grades 75 cents to $1.00 per bu.  Early rose, Ohio, Burbanks, Rurals, Snowflakes, and Triumphs.  WILEY Mercantile Co., Sixth and Boyd St., DeSoto, MO.


An Oyster Fry was given at the home of Mrs. A.M. WITTRAM Saturday night.  Those present were: Misses BOOTH, SCHAFER, CALDWELL, Hick CONNELLY and HEIDORN, teacher in the Festus schools and Messrs. PICKENS, FUNK, McCORMACK, BOYCE, LEAGUE and WARNE.  It is useless to add that they did justice to the fish and that they spent a very pleasant evening.


~Executrix’s Notice~

Notice is hereby given that Letters of Testamentary on the Estate of Bernard MANHEIMER, deceased, were granted to the undersigned on the ? day of March, 1913 by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, MO.  All persons having ? against said estate are required to exhibit them for ? to the Executrix within six months after the date of said Letters, or they may be precluded from any benefit of such estate and if such claims be not exhibited within one year from the date of said ? of the publication of this source, they shall be forever barred.

Mrs. Flora MANHEIMER, Executrix


~Order of Publication~

In the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, State of Missouri, ….. March 13, 1913,

To the May Term 1913

Samuel HAAS, plaintiff vs. the unknown heirs, consorts, devices,…and immediate …. of Horace GAYLORD, deceased, of Louis RANKIN and Thornton JARVIS, deceased, of Jeduthan KENDALL, Deceased, of William BRADY, deceased, of Caspar KIRCKHOFF and Casper ELLERSICK, deceased, of William M. FLANDERS, deceased, and John BERGEN, deceased, defendants.  To Quiet? Title

The State of Missouri to all the above named Defendants, greeting.

You are hereby notified that the above named plaintiff has this day filed with the undersigned clerk of the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Missouri ….. his petition duly verified by affidavit, wherein said plaintiff alleges that the defendants claim sound title, estate of interest ….. of said petition and to the land herein described but that said plaintiff cannot ….  of said defendants in said petition because the names of said defendants are unknown to him, …… that the defendants have attained and derived their claim to the property hereinafter described from Horace GAYLORD, deceased and Thornton JARVIS, deceased and Louis J. RANKIN, Jeduthan KENDALL, William BRADY, Casper J. KIRCHKOFF and Casper ELLERSICK, William M. FLANDERS and John BERGEN all deceased, as heirs, consorts, devices, ….. voluntary or involuntary …. of Horace GAYLORD, deceased and Thornton JARVIS, deceased, and that said petition contains in full, correct and complete a recital  and description of the claims of said defendants and how said claims are derived as the same …..

It is thereupon ordered by the undersigned clerk aforesaid in that said defendants be notified that an action has been commenced against them in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County in the State of Missouri for ….. title to the following described real estate in Jefferson County, MO to-wit:

The Northwest quarter of US Survey # ? in Township 41 Range ? east, contains one hundred and sixty acres; also all of the northwest fractional quarter which is all of the north fractional one-half of said section. of section twenty (20) township 41, range 5 east, containing 76 acres excepting however thirty-two and eighty seven hundredths acres of the south side thereof conveyed to Herman MEYER by deed date January 7th, ? and recorded in ? in the recorder’s office in Jefferson County Missouri, all of the above described property containing in the aggregate two hundred and three and thirteen hundreds acres…more or less, and to which said petition plaintiff  ……preclude the same defendants and each of them from setting up any interests or claim to or …… adversely to said plaintiff and which said action is returnable ….. on the first day of the next regular term of this court, to be holden at the Court house in the city of Hillsboro, in the County of Jefferson in the State of Missouri on the ? day of May 1913, at which time and place said defendants are required and commanded to be and appear and to read, answer or ….  plaintiff’s said petition.  Otherwise, the allegations contained in said petition will be taken and considered as confessed and judgment rendered according to the prayer thereof, forever barring and precluding said defendants from thereafter setting up any claim or title to said real property.


The Jefferson County Report published in Hillsboro in the County of Jefferson, State of Missouri, having been designated by the plaintiff and his attorney of record as the newspaper most likely to give notice to the defendant of the ? of this action it is further ordered that copy of this order be published in said Jefferson County Record once a week for and during four weeks successively, the last insertion of said order in said newspaper to be a least 14 days before the first day of the next regular term of court. 

W.J. A. SCHUBEL, Clerk Circuit Court.

State of Missouri, County of Jefferson, I, W.J.A. SCHUBEL clerk of the Circuit Court of the County aforesaid hereby certify that the foregoing a true copy of the original order of publication as the same appears of record in my office.  Witness my hand and seal as Clerk of said Court, this 13th day of March 1913, W.J.A. SCHUBEL, Clerk of the Circuit Court. 



The Royal Union Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Des Moines, IA, the Pioneer Life Insurance Co., west of the Mississippi River desires to secure the services of a good reliable agent, in each township of Jefferson and St. Louis Counties….

….Address J. P. RICHARDSON, Gen’l Agent, 426 Central National Bank Bldg. St. Louis, MO. [No local surnames are listed in this article]



Royal Fence – CUNNINGHAM-HAMEL Mercantile Co.

Piles Cured without the Knife – You pay nothing until cured – M. Ney SMITH, M.D., St. Louis, MO

BYRNS & BEAN, Attorneys at Law, DeSoto

Chris W. JENNI, Real Estate, Festus, MO

Frank E. SPILKER Saloon, Opposite the Court House

L.A. CHAMBERLIN, Dentist, DeSoto

H.B. IRWIN, Lawyer, DeSoto



Whereas Martin W. REITER, Jr. and Christina E. REITER, his wife, but there certain deed of trust, dated November 23, 1911?, and recorded in the recorder’s office within and for Jefferson County, MO in Trust Record Book No?, conveyed to the undersigned trustee, the following described real estate, …being in the county of Jefferson and State of Missouri, to-wit, the east half of the north west quarter of section fourteen, township forty two, range 5 east, containing 80 acres, ….. reserved out of the northeast corner of said tract, containing after said deduction 73 acres, be the same more or less.

This to a second Deed of Trust and is given subject to a first deed of trust for $?,???.00 held by Frank GAMACHE.

In trust to secure the payment of promissory note from date with said Deed of Trust, one for the ? of $? Due is 3 years and those interest notes, each for $? Due in 1, 3, and 5 years.  One of which is long since past due and remains unpaid whereby all the said notes have become due by … whereof I will on Saturday the ? of March 1913, at the Court House door in the town of Hillsboro, expose said real estate to sale at public auction to the highest bidder for cash for the purpose of satisfying said debt and the expenses of executing this trust.

John H. REPPY, Trustee      


~Letters of Administration~

Notice is hereby given that letter of administration on the estate of John GONZ, deceased were granted to the undersigned by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, Missouri on the 30th day of February 1913.  All persons having claims against said estate are required to exhibit these for allowances to the undersigned within six months after the date of said letters or they may be precluded from any benefit of said estate, and if such claims be not exhibited within one year from the date of the last insertion of the publication of this notice they will be forever barred. Louisa GONZ, Executrix


~Letters of Administration~

Notice is hereby given that letters of administration of the estate of Charles F. SMITH, deceased were granted to the undersigned by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, Missouri on the ?th day of August ?.  All persons having claims against said estate are required to exhibit these for allowances to the undersigned within six months after the date of said letters or they may be precluded from any benefit of said estate, and if such claims be not exhibited within one year from the date of the last insertion of the publication of this notice they will be forever barred. This ? day of Aug ? King D. SMITH, Administrator