Jefferson County Record

February 6, 1913    


~County Court~


Court orders Clerk to make contract with E.E. WILSON to keep Clarence FARMER for one year from Feb.1, 1913 for $96.


Petition of Fred ROSE and Joseph WALLACH et al for a new public road presented. Engineer ordered to make survey.


Personal assessment of estate of S.S. WILEY for 1912 ordered stricken off of tax books as error $600.


Engineer ordered to make estimate on cost of concrete culvert or bridge over Sand[y] Branch on Hillsboro and Cedar Hill road at G. FICKEN's.


County pension of Mrs. Malinda GREEN ordered increased to $12 per quarter beginning Feb.1, 1913.


Accounts Allowed As Follows:

E.E. WILSON, board, etc. of Clarence FARMER …...$32.

Wm. ROSE, bank of Sand[y] Creek on Hills Cedar Hill road…….$15.

T.G. SEMEL, Assessor, bal. due 1913…..$15.09

C. M. STEPHENSON, sawing wood………. $17.

Edgar MARSDEN, salary and supplies…………. $46.25

A.A. WHITE, repairing Kimmswick Rd. $140.30

John HUBELI, repairs on Court House $6.60

Festus Drug Co. electric supplies…. $1.10

O.H. ENGLAND, sub and appr, Festus Rush Tower Rd……$7.00

M.W.A. Camp #8377, room rent, etc………..   $4.00

F.P. BOEMLER, repairs on Eureka House Springs rd……... $152.90

Town of Kimmswick…………………….$2.00

Jefferson Democrat, office rent…………$12.50

Jefferson Democrat, stationery………$35.75

Jefferson County Record, stationery……$63.00

George D. BARNARD, stationery…….. $67.48

Standard Printing Co., stationery……$63.80

Hugh STEPHENS, stationery………. $14.35

Buxton SKINNER, stationery…………..$3.36

D.D. McLANE, electrical supply……..$2.50

S.C. CAMPBELL, salary, etc……..$116.25

F.J. ADAMS, Co. school orders………$25.82

W.J.A. SCHUBEL, salary and fees……….$37.10

MO Pac. Ry. Co. scrap iron…………..$2424.20

State Hosp. No 1 board, etc………$731.30

SMITH and Sons grader, repair……….$6.

Dr. HENSELY, treating paupers…………$2.

W.J.A. SCHUBEL, salary and fees………$11.70

DeSoto Special School Rd. Dist tax & license…$2712.51

Festus Special Rd. Dist tax & license….$263.75

Industrial Home for girls board of inmates….$30.00

Ingersol Rand drill, Co. road machinery……. $ 270.00

W.H. PILLIARD, insurance Court House and Jail…… $56.00

Wilbert WILLIAMS, County farm supplies….. $25.00


~Found Dead Near Crystal City Sunday~

William ZUERN, a farmer, living over near Crystal City met death in a very peculiar manner Saturday night. He had gone over to a neighbor to get a horse and was on his way home, driving a blind horse with the other horse tied to the back of the buggy. He had to cross the old Mississippi River and Bonne Terre right of way at the point where there was a deep cut. While the railroad used this line a bridge was maintained over the cut, but after they began a route, the bridge was taken out and a fill  ....Mr. ZUERN safely crossed and had continued a quarter of a mile beyond where….torn out….  This was about five o'clock Saturday ….and not again seen alive.  He was found Sunday morning about 8 o’clock dead in the cut….The horse had left the road near the fill across the cut and had of course gone down.  The blind horse was dead and the other had a broken thigh and had to be killed. Mr. ZUERN's body...and disclosed injuries calculated to produce death, but as he was above 60 yrs. of age, the exposure and the shock no doubt caused death. He leaves a family.



~Happy Birthday Party~

 A birthday celebration took place at the home of Mr. Jacob DIPPEL out on Route one, Feb. 2, in honor of his 78th anniversary. Though a number of relatives were kept away by sickness a goodly crowd came to enjoy the day and feast together, and bring him gifts.  Except for an attack of grip a short time ago, Mr. DIPPEL enjoys good health and is strong and hearty. He works daily making baskets, which are excellent and keeps him feeling useful in spite of his near four score years. Happy returns be his.




Fred OBERMILLER, after being away on a business trip, returned home last week.


A. DOLLUS is in Peoria, Illinois on business.


Miss Edna WHITEHEAD will leave sometime this week for Kansas City to visit relatives.


C.H. DURENHEIM was in St. Louis Saturday.


Miss Molly CASSIDY of St. Louis is home with her mother. She is under doctor's care.


William HOOK, assistant Post Master, attended the Ball Saturday at Fenton.


Mrs. Oscar TAUBOLD and son left for Denver, Colorado to make their home.


It was stated in last weeks correspondence, that Harold WENOM and Hall WENRICK had scarlet fever. I have since been informed that they both had measles, but they did not have scarlet fever or any other contagious disease.


W.M. MORTON who has been sick for the last two months was able to go down town last Friday.


Mrs. Gus OHEIM has been sick for the past 2-3 weeks.


Snow is six inches or more deep and still snowing and the river is full of floating ice.


~Of Interest from the Records~     


Gleaned from wills lately probated in this county is the information that the late F.R. Benno STEINMETZ of Blackwell possessed large Big River lands, willed everything to his wife Mrs. Barbara STEINMETZ.


Leroy DOVER, a substantial farmer of Big River Twp., left his entire estate to his wife Mrs. Margaret DOVER.


Mrs. Dora KERKOWSKY near Hillsboro, who also died this month, though possessed of several children, willed the bulk of her property to her son, Henry.


Henry R.GNICHWITZ [Guichwitz?] of De Soto, who recently died in Texas where he had gone for his health, left an estate to his only child, a son twelve years old. John F.WALTHERS is named in the will as executor of the estate and the boy's guardian.




W.H. LESLIE to Mrs. Alice KOHL, 2 acres, Steph ad. Sulphur Springs ...$240.

Jane S. NECK to A.W. NECK, 2 lots in Fletcher’s ad, DeSoto .... $700.

J.J. NELSON to J.W. PARTNEY, 2 acres, 28-41-4 ....$ 1., etc.

Frank LAWHORNE to R.H. ROWE, 18 acres, 32-39-5, ...$1., etc

T.B. EAVES to K. JONES, 1 lot Allems ad, DeSoto ... $600.

A.B. HAG to MERSEAL-ALLEE, 40 acres, e4-40-3  ...$425.

W.E. CROW to MERSEAL-ALLEE, 280 acres, 9-40-4...$900.

Daisy BUREN  to Susan C.RICHARDSON, strip, Sur 423 ..$1.

MERSEAL-ALLEE to J.A. and A.S. DAVIS, 180 acres, 9-40-4…. $1,200.

Susan RICHARDSON to Daisy BUREN, 40 acres, 1-40-4 ...$1.



The ground is covered with a beautiful white blanket this morning.


The Masquerade Ball, Saturday night at KOHLER's Hall was a grand success, four prizes were given and were won by Miss Olivia MEYER, Miss LEHARD [Lenard?], Mr. Jacob HAEFNER and Mr. WEBER.


A dozen men of the Bell Telephone Company have been here the last two weeks repairing the line, new posts, etc.


Fred HEILIGTAG has been wrestling with the Grip for the past two weeks.


Mrs. X. F. KOHLER, who has been sick since the holidays is reported better.


Ed HERACHER [Herscher?] and daughter Lizzie of De Soto were here yesterday on business and visiting friends


Miss Rosalie BERGEMEYER is nursing a sore thumb, it is said to be a felon.


Wm. GLASS of Barnhart was seen in our town Sunday with his brother-in-law, Herscher of De Soto.


Florence HELD intends to move to his farm near Pevely that he recently bought from Thornton HENNLEY this week




Miss Margaret CARLEY, entertained S.K. Club Saturday afternoon.


Miss Vida ENGELBACH spent Sat. and Sun. at her home in Pevely.


Mrs. E.E. BOYER is entertaining her sister of Pennsylvania for several weeks visit.


Mrs. Emory STONE and baby Klenn have returned to Kansas after spending a month with her mother, Mrs. E. KLEUN.


Rev. SHERMAN of Kansas City, preached at the Presbyterian Church Sunday and will remain over for next Sunday service.


Sam BYRNS had business at Pevely Saturday.


Miss Grace MILLER of St. Louis spent the weekend with Miss COXWELL.


E.C. WHITE spent Sunday here with his family.


Mrs. Zoe LaBEAUME returned Sun. night from a weeks visit with relatives at St. Louis.


Rev. MILAAR [Miraar?] and family will be nicely settled in their new home on 4th St. this week.


The Japanese Tea given by the St. Mary’s guild was a success both socially and financially.  The members were in costume and served tea and other refreshments in the cozy corner under a large Japanese umbrella.  A flashlight picture was taken of the members, which will help them to remember this pleasant occasion.


Albert MILLER of Hillsboro had business in our town Friday.


Ward CUNNINGHAM of our city is president of the Mo. Retail Hardware Association. He will go to the National Convention at Jacksonville, Florida in March.


The Monday Club will meet next Monday evening Feb. 10th with Mrs. Dan ROUGGLY on 5th Street. The evening will be devoted to February's Noted Sons.


The Dorcas Society will meet with Mrs. J.F. ROZIER Thursday afternoon.


Blind BOONE and Company gave an excellent entertainment at Jefferson Friday evening.


Lloyd YOUNG spent Monday in St. Louis.


Mrs. J.D. LAHAY is confined to her home with rheumatism.


Rev. Roy J. STEPHAN, a former pastor of DeSoto died at his home in St. Louis Wednesday afternoon of last week.


J.F. BARRET spent Sunday in St. Louis.


Mr. and Mrs. C.T. JARVIS returned home Thursday evening from a 2 day visit in St. Louis.


Mrs. Harry JENSON returned to Teague, Texas Tuesday morning.


A roller skating rink has been opened in the K. of P.


Monday night at the Masonic Temple a number were initiated into the mysteries of the O.E.S…. and at this meeting by the request of Mrs. MEEK, the worthy matron, Dr. E.W. BLISS a past worthy patron installed the remaining officers elected.


~Gone Beyond the Pearly Gates~

   In the stillness of the morning, Feb.3rd, 1913, the Angel of Death came to claim Lucille Cynthia SIEFORT [Siefert]. Some weeks ago she took ill with complication of diseases and which were the ultimate cause of her death. On Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock, Rev. GALES held service at the church thence the funeral cortege preceded to the cemetery where in the presence of relatives and friends, all that remained mortal of little Lucille was laid to rest. She is survived by a father, mother, one sister and one brother. To them we extend our heart felt sympathy and commend them to our Father who doeth all things well K.B.M.




ICENHOWER on Jan. 23, 1913 the spirit of Wm. C. ICENHOWER was released from this earthly life and soared to the realms of his heavenly father. He was born in St. Charles, Mo., 68 yrs. ago. He lived in DeSoto for 16 yrs. and was an employee at the DeSoto railroad shops. He was married to Margaret SIEBERT Dec.21, 1887. He was the father of nine children, three of whom preceded him to the better world, besides he raised three orphan children.

 ..... The funeral sermon was preached at his home in St. Louis Jan. 25, by Rev. DUGAN the Christian minister and he was laid to rest in the Odd Fellows Cemetery by his brother Odd Fellows.

.......Besides his wife and six children, he leaves to mourn an adopted daughter, Mrs. Mable JACKSON of St. Louis and an adopted son in Colorado.


~In Memoriam~


Mrs. Leopold SCHAFFER of Cedar Hill who died on her birthday, the 31st day of Jan.1913 at the age of 84 yrs. She was buried at the St. Columbkills Church at Byrnesville. Grandma was born in Germany, came over to this country when she was six years old and has lived here since. She is survived by six of her children, four daughters and two sons and nine grandchildren and a brother and many other relatives and friends who appreciated her......   A Grandchild


~DeSoto Girl, Popular Song Bird~


Miss Blanch HERRICK of St. Louis, formerly of DeSoto made a great hit Sunday afternoon as soloist for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. She has a rare contralto voice and is making concert work her career. Miss HERRICK is a young lady of much beauty of person and character and has many ardent friends in her native Jefferson Co. She is the only daughter of Leon HERRICK and granddaughter of S.W.CRAWFORD of DeSoto.


~Hillsboro School Notes~


The pupils of the higher grades wrote to Senator STONE last week, asking him to especially consider how much bread and butter would be saved for our country if Senator McLEAN’s Bill for the protection of migratory birds were passed.  They were much pleased by his response this week that the Bill has passed the Senate.


In the study of Lamb’s essay on Gallantry down at school the other day, Miss BOYER afterward required the boys to write their views of a true gentleman and the girls to write theirs on a true woman.  [Essay (4 paragraphs) by Mary LEUTZINGER not transcribed]


~In Memoriam~

    Departed this life January 18, 1913, Mrs. Kathrina HELD nee DOTZANER, beloved wife of Florenz HELD of near Antonia, age 55 years, after a brief illness of great suffering...

Surviving are a husband and five children and five grandchildren and two brothers, Hy DOTZANER of Maysville, Oklahoma and Frity LONGHENY of Glaize Creek. ....

Funeral took place Tuesday, January 21st. The C.O.H. Camp # 925 of Antonia, of which she was a member, took charge of the body and with impressive ceremony, followed by an appropriate sermon by Rev. K. J. HAMRICH, she was laid to rest in the Antonia Cemetery.....




Miss Carrie SERMERT was a Hematite visitor Sunday.


A.F. KLEINSCHMIDT was a Flucom visitor Sunday.


Prof. E. LUCKY went to St. Louis Monday on business.


Mrs. Bert EDWARDS formerly a resident of Festus has moved back here to make her home,


Tom DONNELL has had the misfortune to lose two fine colts from the effects of distemper.


Mrs. Sam BYRNS and niece were Festus visitors Sunday.


Miss Margarette MONROE of Rush Tower was the guest of Miss EHRICHS last Monday.


C. HALTER of St. Louis was the guest of Wm. KLEINSCHMIDT and family Saturday.


Mrs. F.C. WILLIAMS has been ill for a couple of weeks with appendicitis, but is some better.


C.G. STEWART had business in the county seat Saturday.


Miss Esther BARCH of Collinsville, IL visited Mrs. M. ARMBRUSTER last week.


Mrs. W.W. TUCKER, daughter of Mrs. James MATTINGLY went to St. Louis to visit her husband who is in the hospital. She reports that Mr. TUCKER is improving.


Mrs. M.L. SUMMERS of St. Louis visited friends here last week. Mrs. SUMMERS formerly lived here and her friends were pleased to meet her again.


Supt. and Mrs. TAYLOR of Crystal City have gone east for a two week vacation.


Fred STEGER of Crystal City had business in St. Louis last week.


Mrs. WEADON of Crystal City entertained a number of friends at dinner last Sunday.


Mrs. Frank WAGGONER visited her mother at Rush Tower Friday and remained until Sunday afternoon.


We are pleased to note that Miss Blanche ARMBRUSTER, who was operated upon in St. Louis for appendicitis is improving.


Blind BOONE assisted by a couple of lady vocalists, gave a concert in the opera house Saturday night.


Mrs. R.B. VOLLMAR has left Festus and gone to St. Louis to make her future home.


Miss Lonnie BLOUNT of Potosi visited friends here last week.


Prof. HENSON of Dexter, Mo. has been employed to take Prof. McMULLEN’s place in the business college here and Prof. McMULLEN has gone to DeSoto.


Robert BUREN, who is attending business college in St. Louis, while at home had the misfortune to run a pair of scissors into his foot and was unable to return to school last week.


Mr. E.C. FLINT, who is traveling for Fruit Product Co. came in for a short stay with his family and he, his wife and baby went to St. Louis Monday.


A brother of Mr. A. OBERLE, residing at Ste. Genevieve has been dangerously ill for two weeks with pneumonia.


F.C. WILLIAMS went to Bonne Terre Wednesday to attend the funeral of an uncle and before he returned home, was notified of the death of a sister in Flat River and went on to Flat River Thursday.


Mrs. WILLIAMS is home ill with appendicitis.


Fred WALTON's store was broken into and robbed Wednesday night. Only some candy and soap were taken.


The Latae Puellae Club met with Miss Irene McCORMACK Monday night and a pleasant time was spent.


A number of friends were entertained by Mrs. R.E. BYRD Friday afternoon in honor of Miss Mariam CHAMBERLAIN.


Sam GOLDBERG a representative of the Drummer's Association was here last week in the interests of the Association, which meets here in May.


~Sulphur Springs~


At last we are having some winter weather, the thermometer stood at 5 degrees above zero Saturday morning.


S.P. HARRIS and F.E. STITES have returned home, after a pleasant trip to New Orleans.


Dr. HULL was called to Moselle last Monday to attend the funeral of his niece Hazel HULL.


Mrs. O.E. SHELTON has been seriously sick, but is now convalescing.


Eddie St. JOHN who is employed in St. Louis is home with a bad case of mumps.


Mrs. Mary GREENE and Miss Winnie CAVANAUGH are visiting relatives in Brazil, Indiana.


Mrs. Mary TILDEN, widow of Capt. TILDEN died in St. Louis last week at the home of her daughter, Mrs. YOUNG.


Mrs. CURBY and several friends have been staying a few days at the farm.


Mrs. J.M. SAXTON has gone to Kansas City to spend a few months.


Mrs. G.A. MILLS has gone to N. Carolina to visit friends.


Paul MECHAN visited our town for a few days last week, after an absence of six years in California, Washington and British Columbia.


Mrs. HULL and Mrs. Blanche McLOON drove to the Cedars, Thursday to visit Mrs. M.J. HARRISON who is ill.


John COLEMAN is suffering with a severe attack of rheumatism.


~Circuit Court News~


M.F. HERRINGTON vs City of DeSoto, appeal granted to St. Louis Court of Appeals, bond to be filed on or before May 12.


State vs Robert McBROOM continued to May term, motion in arrest of judgment continued to next term. 


Geo. H. HEMPKER vs C.T. McDANIELS, continued.


Jno. MEYERS vs Lucy MEYERS, divorce granted to plaintiff.


Frank B. CLARK vs H.L. MARBURY, defendant granted leave to file answer on or before May 1.


J.E. SMITH et al vs S.E. NEWHOUSE et al. Court adopts the report of E.J. BEAN, referee herein, except that there shall also be taxed the additional costs in favor of defendant, S. E. NEWHOUSE in pursuance in stipulation of parties, also $34 paid by NEWHOUSE to C.M. and J.E. SMITH for mileage and witness fees in depositions taken at Hillsboro. Also $2 additional fees paid to Frank DEITRICH as notary. Exceptions of plaintiff and defendant, and defendant Chas. M. SMITH Sr. to referee's report overruled. Referee E.J. BEAN allowed $600 as fee.  Judgment in favor of S.E. NEWHOUSE and against Chas. M. SMITH ref. deft., James E. SMITH and the estate of W. Rex SMITH, dec. plaintiff for the sum of $3177.15 and costs of this suit.  It is furthered ordered that the clerk of this Court certify this judgment to the Probate Court of Scott County, for classification.  Both plaintiff and defendant file motion for a new trial. Both over-ruled.  Appeal granted to the St. Louis Court of Appeals.  Bill of exceptions to be filed on or before May 13.  Bond $7000.


H.E. TIRRY et al vs John J. HOGAN et al, defendant files bill of exceptions herein.


Mo. Farmer Colonies Co. vs MERSEAL-ALLEE Timber Co., parties file stipulation as to waiving the signing of depositions herein.


Clarence LONG vs. Ratie LONG, divorce granted to plaintiff.


Nancy WATSON vs. David WATSON, divorce granted to plaintiff.


Edna COSTIGAN vs. Jno.P. COSTIGAN, divorce for plaintiff.


Rebecca E. PAGE vs. Geo.W. PAGE, divorce granted to plaintiff.


Thos. H. FORRESTER vs. Jno. F. COFFMAN et al, continued.


Con CARLIN vs Mary BOYER et al, report of sale approved and BYRNS and BEAN allowed $250 as attorney fee to be taken as costs.


~Notice of Final Settlement ~

All creditors and others interested in the estate of Martis HUNNING, Deceased…

Fred HUNNING, Administrator 


~Notice of Final Settlement ~

All creditors and others interested in the estate of Frank SCHMIDT, Deceased….

W.M. SCHMIDT, Administrator 


~Notice of Final Settlement ~

All creditors and others interested in the estate of Wm. KOHLER, Deceased….

Peter KOHLER, Administrator 

~Notice of Final Settlement ~

All creditors and others interested in the estate of Naomi WHITESIDE, Deceased….

F.D. WATERS, Administrator 


~ Personal Chat~


Yesterday was the first day of lent, and Easter come early this year, March 23.


Jake H. ARMBRUSTER and Miss Mae VALIEY [Valtey ?], a couple from DeSoto were married by Squire STONE Tuesday.


There will be a public sale of stock and farm implements of the estate of P.H. BYRNE of Byrnesville on Feb.15.


Mrs. L. SHEIBLE had the misfortune to run the scissors through her hand Tuesday, making a painful though not serious wound.


L.W. LUCAS of Silica was in town Monday to advertise his sale of stock and farm and dairy implements to take place February 27.


Mrs. Percy SMITH of Collins, Colo. and Mrs. Eulis WILLIAMS of St. Louis, who spent a week visiting relatives here, returned to the city Saturday.


There is a treat for you on an inner page; our new serial story.  This week we begin the Stolen Singer and it’s a dandy. Don’t fail to read it. 


Uncle Benj. MOSS drove in from R.G. HOEKEN's yesterday to bring their daughter, Mrs. Arthur DEES of DeSoto who has been visiting her parents this past week.


Jacob KEUCKENMEISTER living 5 miles west of Kimmswick will sell out and go into Kimmswick to live.  His sale of livestock and farm implements is advertised for February 22.


The new Commissioners for the Festus Special Road District are Herman HEINER, and Frank JOHNSON. Frank J. SEWALD is the other member. It looks like a new alignment with Crystal City and Pevely in the saddle, [sentence ends]


Louis BRUNS, Will THOMPSON, Columbus McCULLOCH, Syl WILLIAMS and Louis ZIMMERMAN shipped two cars of hogs to the city last week and went up to see the city and to attend the marketing. They arrived in Hillsboro Thursday and report having made good sales.


It may be interesting to persons who knew Rev. MEYER the Methodist Minister stationed on this circuit some years ago, to know that he made it possible for Blind BOONE, the colored musical prodigy, to secure his musical education. When Dr. MEYER was superintendent of the Blind Asylum, he could not under the law, provide for or keep colored children. He, however kept BOONE in the garret of the asylum and he was given music lessons and kept there some years and the foundation for his successful career as a musician was in this way laid.


Tony SCHUELDER [Schneider ?] spent Sunday with St. Louis friends.


Hoyt HOEKEN of St. Louis is home on the sick list.


Ernest FRAZIER attended church at Pevely Sunday.


Rudolph STADLER has sold the JOHNSON farm to Lon WIPPLE [Whipple].


Miss Hazel BOYER went home to spend the weekend in Potosi.


Victor HILL of William Jewel College is making his home town a visit.


Mrs. J.F. WILLIAMS spent the weekend in St. Louis, returning Sunday.


O.A. WHITE and brother, Arthur of west Kimmswick were here Monday.


Ed ENGLAND and Bert OGLE of Hematite were county seat visitors Monday.


Charlie BECHLER of Belews Creek district visited the county seat the first of the week.


Mrs. John HELLER had a visit from her brother, Wm. BRIMMER of St. Louis, last week.


Misses Kathleen REPPY and Birdie WILSON attended the DeSoto High School dance Friday night.


Miss Kathleen REPPY spent the weekend, the guest of Miss Margaret GLENDENNING.


City Counsel BAIRD of St. Louis and assistant Truman YOUNG were here Saturday as witnesses in a suit.


Mrs. C.S. BOOTH came out Tuesday night to attend the Eastern Star meeting and was the guest of Mrs. J.H. REPPY.


Festus is now a rural route station.  Danby, Rush Tower and Plattin getting their mail through that office on route one.


J.H. LIBERTY, a St. Louis decorator, who lives north of town, is home now till the season for his work opens up again.


Joseph LEUTZINGER, who came home from Colorado Christmas to visit his parents and others, has returned to his position in the West.


Wanted: Girl for general housework. German preferred. Apply in person or write J.M. CHRIST the Baker, DeSoto, Mo.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Reuben SHEIBLE of DeSoto, a daughter, January 29. Judge FRAZIER carries his new title with proper dignity and solemnity.


Jim DONNELL of Festus acted as cashier for his brother Ross in the Bank at Hillsboro, the first of the week. The latter was witness in the SCHROEDER case in St. Louis.


Mr. and Mrs. W.W. POWERS have made several trips to DeSoto the past week to see their niece, Miss PIERCE, who has had an attack of appendicitis. She is now improving and an operation will not be necessary.


Blind BOONE who played in DeSoto, Friday night had several visitors from Hillsboro, among them, Dr. and Mrs. MOCKBEE, Misses Katherine WILLIAMS, Hazel BOYER, Mary HOEKEN, Sam ECKLE, Robert KLEINSCHMIDT and Bert HOEKEN.


For Sale: Almack Wilkes, dark bay stallion, 16 hand high, weight 1200 lbs, a good saddler and driver; combines blood of Wilkes, Champion and American Eclipse families.

Pedigree on application.  Must sell at once.  Ellis T. MARRIOTT, Barnhart, MO.


John P.BOEMLER showed us a postal card from Ford Motor Co. dated January 28, 1913, advising him of the shipment for a carload of Model-T Ford touring cars. Eight cars constituted the load all of which have been sold in Jefferson County by Mr. BOEMLER.


For Sale: Black mare, 6 years old, 13 ½ hands high.  Bay horse, 6 years old, 15 ¾ hands high.  Good single or double drivers.  Also complete set of buggy harness.  Also 2 buggies in first class condition.  Bargain to purchaser if sold at once.  Theodore HURTGEN Hillsboro, Mo


Ferdinand HUBER of the Jarvis neighborhood was in town a few days ago on business. He reports considerable work already done on the new Jarvis Church to be built in the spring. The winter has been unusually open and favorable to out of door work, enabling contractor BURGESS to make the concrete blocks required. The excavation is also finished.


Mrs. James DONNELL of Jarvis has been critically ill for two weeks.


Joe HOOK and quite a delegation of Kimmswick people were in town Tuesday.


Hugh WILLIAMS will locate in Monette, Mo. where he will open a saloon, about March 1st.


For Sale: As we expect to move to our Fair-View Breeding Farm, will offer for sale on Thursday, February 27th at the Baily Station Farm the following; 1 pair matched sorrels…, 1 bay horse…, 3 mules…, 1 bay horse colt and 1 yearling bay colt…, 20 head dairy cows, 1 Durham bull, 16 head of hogs, a few farming implements and other things, too. Terms; under $10, cash, over $10 a credit of 6 months on bankable note will be given. L.W. LUCAS and son; Geo. W. RUSSELL, auctioneer.


~County Court~

W.F. McKEAN et al granted permission to erect telephone lines along right of way of Fletcher and Grubville road and Ware and Richwoods road in Big River Township, also on Bois Rame Mill and DeSoto road.


Engineer ordered to make estimate on cost of steel bridge over Sand Creek on Hillsboro and Cedar Hill road at the Wm. ROSE place.


Dram shop license granted as follows:

J.A. KOHLER….new…Antonia

H.H. OBERHAUS…new…Byrnesville

Peter FREDERITZIE…new…Maxville

Wm. HOOVER….new….Horine

BECKER Bros….new…Maxville

C. BRISSELL….renewal…Crystal City


F.J. ADAMS, Co. Treasurer presents settlement of warrants and script redeemed as follows:

Co. Revenue Fun Warrant Script….$17,735.02

Stenographers Script….$221.69

Jury and Witness….$910.80


Witness Fee Fund Script….$309.48  

Road and Bridge Warrants redeemed….$17,731.37

District Rd. Warrants…..$458.00

Permanent Rd. Warrants redeemed….$2,407/30

DeSoto Spec. Rd Dist…..$357.54

Festus Spec. Rd. Dist….. $801.43

Interest on Registered Warrants.$603.49



F.J. ADAMS, County Treasurer presents settlement of district clerks orders redeemed in the sum of $5163.57 approved.


Account of Theo. G. SEEMEL, Assessor – State of MO in the sum of $915.99 approved and ordered certified to State Auditor.


Petition of John BARDA et al for a public road taken up.  Report of commissioners read and non-consenting land owners given until Thursday, 6 to file exception to said report. 


~Marriage Licenses~

John G. GEHBRING – Mayme WEIKER [Walker?]….DeSoto

F.A. PARKER – Isabella OGLE…..Hillsboro, Rt. 2

Frank HIUZEK (House Springs) – Agnes DRIZEL (Rock Creek)

Fred MITCHELL – Edith HOLLAWAY…Herculaneum

Charles BINGHAM (Festus) - Dorah JACKSON (Jefferson Co.)


Luther VALIE – Lucy YOUNG….Herculaneum

C. WHITESIDE – Mary STATEN ….Herculaneum

{Note: The latter two also appear in the next issue 2/13/1913}


~Notice of Final Settlement~
All creditors and others interested in the estate of Henry LEIGHT, Deceased…
Anton LEIGHT, Administrator


~Notice of Final Settlement~
All creditors and others interested in the estate of Jacob REABAN, Deceased…
Ed REABAN, Administrator
~Notice of Final Settlement~
All creditors and others interested in the estate of Stephen BAST, Deceased…
Maggie BAST, Administratrix


~Letters of Administration~
Notice is hereby given that letters administration on the estate of John GOLDBERG, Deceased, were granted to the undersigned by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, Missouri on the 14th day of December, 1912….
Annie GOLDBERG, executrix


~Letters of Administration~
Notice is hereby given that letters of administration on the estate of R. G. MORGAN, Deceased were granted to the undersigned by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, Missouri on the 11th day of January 1913….
Robert D. MORGAN, Adm.


~Notice of Final Settlement~
All creditors and others interested in the estate of Edna J. FEISELMAN,
Edward J. FEISELMAN, Administrator


~Letters of Administration~
Notice is hereby given that letters of administration on the estate of William L. BOUGHTON, Deceased were granted to the undersigned by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, Missouri on 26th day of December 1912…
Mary J. BOUGHTON, Administratrix