Jefferson County Record, Hillsboro, MO

January 30, 1913


~New Glass Works at Festus~


Festus is to have a glass factory, all her own.  It is an assured fact; $25,000 has already been subscribed and one fourth paid in as a working basis.  The second fourth will be paid in early in February and the balance in thirty day intervals.  Fourteen directors were chosen, from among whom the five officers were elected.  For president, Ed KERRNISH [Kerruish ?], vice president and manager; C. S. WARWICK; an experienced glass man from an eastern factory; C. C. ENGLAND as secretary; and Charles GROSSMAN, treasurer.  Building the plant will be begun at once and will be in the northwest part of town near the brick kiln.  The class of product will be bottles; milk bottles, pickle bottles, prescription bottles etc.  Festus is to be congratulated upon her enterprise.




The Kimmswick Dancing Club gave their first dance Saturday night at the Woodman Hall which was a grand success…Excellent music was furnished by Prof. DEICHARDT Orchestra from St. Louis.  Those who attended the dance from out of town were Misses Irene HADI and Jemima KOHE, Frances LEIGHT, Messers. Earl and Elmer RUDDER, all of Fenton, Miss CREST, Mr. STRINGLER and Mr. STEVENS of St. Louis.


Miss Hilda MERKLE of St. Louis spent the week end with her aunt, Mrs. Fred OBERMILLER.


Mr. and Mrs. John HOGAN have a fine baby girl.


Harold WENOM and little Bob HALL have the scarlet fever.


Mrs. Ben LONG and son, M. Brady, were in St. Louis Friday.


Amanda SCHMIDT spent Sunday with her father, David SCHMIDT.


Miss Mable MCMINN spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. MCMINN.


Miss Ethel DUERENHEIM of St. Louis spent last week with her parents.


Mrs. Oscar TANBOLD and son, Lenard and Miss Emma HUSHFELD will leave next week for Denver, Colorado to make their home.


Mrs. Wm. HOUSHELL was in St. Louis one day of last week.


Mr. and Mrs. CLOVER of the far west have returned to Kimmswick, not having found any better place to reside.  They expect to make Kimmswick their future home.




G. B. D. PORTA to Citizens Bank of Festus, $1500, 2 lots.


R. B. VOLLMAR to R. E. KLEINSCHMIDT. Land near Festus, $10,000.


Julius OEHLERS to Fred GOLTERMAN, 65 acres 28-41-5, $200.


Patrick WIDEMAN to Thomas HARNESS, 194 acres, 5-40-3, $900.


W. G. PIERCE to Thomas RYAN, lot in Fletcher’s ad DeSoto, $800.




ROZIER No. 4 has moved his stock of merchandise to Festus where he will continue in business.


Geo. OSTERWALD has returned to Festus and  -- employed by FUNK and SMITH in their drug store.


Charlie WARNE who was employed by FUNK and SMITH is confined to his room with rheumatism.


Miss Blanche ARMBRUSTER was taken to St. Louis for an operation for appendicitis.  Her father died a few months ago, her mother underwent an operation and her brother was operated upon twice for appendicitis.  The family has surely had its share of misfortune and deserves the sympathy of every one.


Mr. Thomas BECKER of Rush Tower transacted business in Festus Friday.


Miss Mary MCNUTT of St. Louis came down Sunday to visit her parents.


Kendall NOCE has a bad case of mumps.


Mrs. WELSH of Vineland visited her mother, Mrs. MURPHY last week.


The friends of Mr. Joe WARNE will be pleased to learn that he is recovering from a bad case of la grippe.


Rev. EDWARDS filled his regular appointment here Sunday at the Christian Church.  His wife accompanied him.


Mrs. Will MILLER who was operated upon for appendicitis in St. Anthony’s hospital is getting along nicely.


Jim DONNELL was the winner of the dozen photographs given by the ladies of the Catholic Church Thursday evening.


Will MADISON is the possessor of two fine registered horses, which he recently purchased, one is a Percheon the other is a pace and trotter.  Will is a stock man and favors the improvement of the stock of the county.


The Theta Epsilon Club met with Miss Frances MILLER last week.  Refreshments were served and all report a good time.


F. O. HORN has his engine and boiler for his cleaning and pressing plant and as soon as possible will have it in operation.


The Festus news mentioned Hon. H. H. WEAVER as a suitable person or director of asylum No. 4 at Farmington.  We second the motion and think that Gov. MAJOR could not find a more suitable person and would be pleased to know of his appointment by the governor.


Dr. H. P. WALDMAN of Sikestown is taking care of Dr. WOLFF’s practice during the session of the legislature.


Mr. B. C. REVIS is quite ill with la grippe.


Prof. LUCKY of St. Louis delivered an able lecture in the M. E. Church Sunday night on friendship.


Mr. and Mrs. Hugh DICUS of Washington Co. are visiting their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. PARKIN.  Mr. DICUS is unable to walk on account of rheumatism but Uncle Sam provides for him to the tune of $24 per month as he was a soldier in the Civil War.


Prof. MCMULLEN of the business College has resigned his position to accept a similar position in DeSoto.  He has made many friends during his short stay here who are loath to see him leave, but all wish him success in DeSoto.  He will enter upon his duties there February 1.


~Joseph A. Hammond Dead~

Joseph A. HAMMOND died at the Farmington State hospital Sunday aged about sixty years.  Mr. HAMMOND was well known in this county having lived in Hillsboro, Victoria and was for a time identified with the Jefferson County Republican in DeSoto.  He was a broad minded, big hearted man but his late years were crowded with misfortune and the end was sad indeed.  Newspaper work in a southern Missouri town engaged him until the breaking up of his family life.  Years ago he was a member of the Jefferson County bar.



Letters of administration on the estate of P.H. BYRNE deceased, granted to Mary A. BYRNE.


Last will of F.R.B. STEINMETZ deceased, admitted to probate and letter of testamentary on said estate granted to Barbara STEINMETZ.


Inventory and appraisement lists in estate of R.G. MORGAN approved and filed.


Demand of F.P. CHOTT against the estate of Frank MRAZ deceased, for $52.96, allowed.


Inventory and appraisement lists in estate of John W. CHOTT, insane, approved.


Upon petition filed and verified of Hans HEIMICH praying the court for a writ of habeas corpas, it is therefore ordered that a writ of habeas corpus be issued in favor of Hans George HEIMICH and Ernest Man HEIMICH returnable January 22, and same.  Sheriff DAHL made his return by bringing into court the afore said children.  Parties agree and ask court to turn children over to Mrs. John F. MILLER to remain as before where the mother had placed them before this trial and the father Hans HEIMICH pay all costs of this trial.


All final receipts in the estate of George RICHARDSON deceased, filed and the administrator is discharged.


Inventory list in the estate of Hugh WILSON minor, filed and approved.


Court orders guardian of above estate to pay P. S. TERRY $100 balance due him for legal service rendered.


Demand of R.A. HERRINTON against estate of R.E. FRANCE deceased, for $16.40 allowed.


Demand of Mary ARMBRUSTER against the estate of Benjamin CARTILAGE deceased, for $292.62 allowed.


Appraisement list in the estate of Benjamin F. CARTILAGE deceased, approved. 


Inventory and appraisement lists in the estate of F.R. B. STEINMETZ deceased, and approved.


Executrix on above estate ordered to sell personal property at public or private sale.


~Woodsman Officers Installed~

At a special meeting of Hillsboro Camp No. 2389 M.W.A. called especially for that purpose, the following officers were duly installed for the ensuing year:  W.J.A. SCHUBEL, V.C.; Edgar LAFOON, W.A.; G.W. GASCHE, Banker; A.J. SHEIBLE, Clerk; E.E. MARSDEN, Escort; L.J. LAFOON, Watchman; John HUBELI, Sentry and W.S. WILSON, Mgr. for 3 years. Great interest in Woodcraft was manifested at this meeting and a prosperous year following is evident.  One new member was added to the Camp roll. In the past year, not withstanding the rate agitation, Hillsboro Camp has taken in nine members.  It was decided that at the next meeting, which will be held on Friday night, Feb. 14, 1913, a lunch and general good time will be had.




The ice has left us, only to be followed by high water; the river water quite congested with ice and blocked for a couple of days, and the river is still at a stage too high to permit operation of the mill.


Has everybody here had the mumps?  They still seem to be lingering in the neighborhood, Elmer HARNESS being the last victim reported.


L.P. O’BRIEN has taken a leave of absence from his position with the Missouri Pacific and is now spending a few days with his brothers here.


The DUNNIGAN sisters have had their house remodeled, which is a good display of energy on their part considering the fact that their invalid father had to be cared for during that time.


Miss Mary BYRNE has been confined to the bed for the past several days suffering with inflammatory rheumatism, but we are glad to hear that she is now enroute to recover.


Herman JUNGE, the blacksmith, in an effort to shoe a young bronco belonging to Walter BUXTON, narrowly averted having his arm broken when he was kicked by the animal.


P.P. O’BRIEN of Allenton was recently in our community and reports that Fred BOEMLER has been doing some good work on the Eureka Road, which he states is badly in need of repairs on account of the heavy traffic.  Due to the distance and condition of this road Big River farmers have a difficult time getting to the railroad, especially in bad weather.


Mr. O’BRIEN further states that the bridge proposition across the Meramec at the point known as Hunter’s Ford is getting very interesting.  At a very little expense the railroad can be brought between four and five miles nearer to us via this route.  An important feature connected with a bridge at the Hunter’s Ford is that the public travel would not at any time be blocked by reason of high water, and the road, after constructed, would not be expensive to maintain.  Farmers on both sides of the river are greatly impressed with the proposition, and Pat says he can show them its advantages.


Mrs. Wm MAY and daughter Ella, of Cedar Hill were visiting Mrs. Geo. BIRK last Tuesday.


Despite the condition of the roads, Will BOHLANKER was out joy-riding in his ‘Ford’ last Sunday.


~Circuit Court News~


Fannie M. WILLIAMS et al vs. Mary TRIMBLE et at report of sale of real estate, approved by court.


State vs. W.T. DARDEN, defendant files motion for new trial.


State vs. William BOLI and Walter TRAVIS, $300 bond for each.  Case set for May 15.  Wittnesses to return without further notice.


Mary AUSTIN et al vs. Alexander MILES et al, dismissed by plaintiff at their costs.


Alex MILES et al vs. est of Naomi WHITESIDES, cause continued upon affidavit of defendant, and at their costs.


State vs. Archie McDOWELL, Bond $500.  Set for May 13.


S.T. WAGGONER vs. Maria F. BERRY et al; decree of partition granted with order of sale.  Terms 25 per cent cash and balance in one year, purchaser to give not with approved security or all cash at option of purchaser.


Special grand jury summoned and met Jan. 24.


George H. HEMPKE vs. C. T. McDANIEL; jury finds for defendant on first count in plaintiffs petition and for plaintiff for $200 on second count.  Both parties file motion for new trial.


C.E. FENN & Co. vs. C.A. SCHOEIPKOPF; judgment for plaintiff $327.08 with interest form date of per cent.


Fred VOLSEY [VOISEY ?] is fined $500 for contempt of court.  Afterward remitted.


DeSoto vs. Lesley CUNNINGHAM not guilty.


Fred FICKEN vs. John EGGERS et al; motion for new trial overruled.


DeSoto vs. Arthur WASHBURN, continued.


DeSoto vs. Henry HARRIS, continued.


DeSoto vs. Thos. HARNESS, dismissed.


DeSoto vs. George TOLTON, dismissed.


DeSoto vs. Chas. BURRIS, dismissed,


Sate vs. James WASHBURN et al $500 bond; IRWIN & FRAZIER counsel.  Order of continuance set aside.


State vs. Jane WASHBURN, Pros. Atty, enters nolle prose qui as defendant, Jane WASHBURN.


Clyde MORSEY of Farmington enrolled a member of this bar.


Fannie M. WILLIAMS et al vs. Mary TRIMBLE et al, John H. REPPY and Clyde WILLIAMS allowed $500 as for the prosecution of this suit on part of plaintiff and P.S. TERRY is allowed $100 as guardian ad litem for minor defendant.


George DeCLUE vs. Iron Mt. Ry., continued.


DeSoto vs. Hy GARDNER, not guilty.


DeSoto vs. Hy BECKMAN, not guilty.


Fannie M. WILLIAMS et al vs. Mary TRIMBLE et al, Jno. L. BECHLER, late sheriff files final reports for land sales.


State vs. Horace WILSON, two [sentence incomplete] 


Judson B. POUNDS vs. W. P. WILLIAMS, continued.


Court swears as Grand Jurors: Philip BAUMGARTH, Wm. FREDERITZIE, Hugh WILLIAMS, Oscar OGLE, Grover BRISTOL, Ed HINSON, George RUSSELL, P.M. RILEY, Hoenan PIERCE, Landon S. WILLIAMS and John PARTNEY.  John F. WILLIAMS appointed foreman of Grand Jury.


James COOK vs. Jerushia COOK, continued.


W.B. WOLFSKILL vs. Wm. BYRON, jury finds the issues in the cause for defendant.


Hy. TOWNSEND vs. Geo. VANAY COLE et al, trial by court and temporary injunction issues herein made permanent.


State vs. Fred MILLER, guilty petit larceny and punishment fixed at 50 days in County jail, dating from Dec. 26. 


Mary E. LANHAM vs. Joseph LANHAM, continued.


Hattie REED vs. John REED, divorce granted plaintiff with care and custody of infant children.


State vs. Arthur EWING, bond $300.


Rosa CASEY vs. John CASEY, tried by court, evidence heard and cause taken under advisement until next term.


Delia GLOWEZEWESKIE vs. John GLOWEZEWESKIE, same order as above.


Mary E. VOLLMAR vs. Robert B. VOLLMAR, divorce granted plaintiff with care and custody of minor children, Agnes 10 and Eileen 7 and costs taxed against defendant.


Gertrude HAZELBACHER, trial by court and decree of divorce granted plaintiff with restoration of maiden name, Gertrude JEFFRIES.


Kate REILEY vs. Frank REILEY, same order, restored maiden name, Kate GEITZ.


R.W. SCHROEDER vs. Grover MARSDEN, dismissed by agreement at defendant’s cost.


Grand Jury report and are dismissed.


State vs. David T. DEES, capias ordered to issue, returnable forthwith.


Katie MILLER vs. Virginia McCREERY et all, dismissed by plaintiff at plaintiff’s costs.


Birdie LIVARAR vs. W. T. LIVARAR, continued by agreement.


School Dist. No 77 et al vs. DeSoto Special Road District et al; defendant files motion for new trial, continued.


Fannie E. BUREN vs. Cynthia FREDERITZIE; trial by court and court finds defendant has a life estate in the real-estate described in plaintiffs petition and hat plaintiff Fannie E. BUREN has a vested remainder therein.


State re P. ROBERTS vs. Fred SCHAEFER et al; continued.


Arthur EWING vs. Ella EWING; trial and evidence heard and case taken under advisement until next term.


Ernest GOWAN vs. Delia GOWAN, Decree of divorce granted with care and custody of minor child Oliva [Otiva ?] GOWAN.


Stephen HUG vs. W.S. CENNER [KENNER ?] et al: continued.


Poindexter MANESS vs. Wm. KELLEY, continued.


Walter B. PATTERSON vs. C.E. PATTERSON, continued.


State vs. James FRANCIS, judgment rendered for $50 and defendant remanded to custody of the sheriff until judgment and costs paid.


Melissa RICHARDSON vs. John RICHARDSON; dismissed by court.


State vs. Fred MILLERMAN, sentence rendered dating from July 12, 1912.  Two years for burglary and two years for larceny.


State vs. William LOESCH; judgment and sentence dating Dec. 26, 1911.  Two years for burglary and two years for larceny.


Viola E. MITCHEL vs. Clarence MITCHEL, continued.


State vs. Harold WILSON sentence rendered dating from the 1st day Dec. 13, for two years.


State vs. Roland BRYANT, fine commuted to 25 days from Oct. 16.


~Notice of Final Settlement ~

All creditors and others interested in the estate of Martis HUNNING, Deceased…

Fred HUNNING, Administrator 


~Notice of Final Settlement ~

All creditors and others interested in the estate of Frank SCHMIDT, Deceased….

W.M. SCHMIDT, Administrator 




A special grand jury was empanelled in the circuit court on Friday to investigate the murder of George BARTON, and returned and indictment against David T. DEES charging him with murder in the first degree.  Sheriff DAHL brought him to county jail on the same day, where he is confined awaiting trial.




Miss Maud SMITH of Potosi was the guest of Dr. and Mrs. E. W. BLISS Friday and Saturday.


Miss SIMCO of Victoria attended the 4th number of the lecture course entertainment Friday night at the Jefferson.


Mrs. John REPPY of Hillsboro was the guest of Mrs. Charles BOOTH Friday and Saturday.


R. B. JONES attended the funeral of Mr. WILLIAMS of Morse Mill last week.


The members of the Christian Endeavor of the Presbyterian Church held a social at the home of Mrs. BENSON Saturday evening.


The young society buds enjoyed a dance at the LEIDERKRAM (?) Hall Friday night.


Mrs. Robert COXWELL entertained her Sunday class at her lovely home on 4th street Saturday afternoon.


Mrs. DEEN and two little daughters returned to St. Louis Saturday after a visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. D.A. SWALLOW.


Miss Susie JONES returned to Hillsboro Sunday after spending a week with her brothers Roscoe and Kirk.


A. L. AMIDON went to St. Louis Sunday night for the week.


Rev. MILLER (?), the congressional minister will move his family from St. Louis here this week.  They will occupy the HARMONY property on 4th street and until they get settled the family will be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert COXWELL. 


Lawrence AuBUCHON was in Vineland Sunday afternoon.


Mrs. LeBEAUME and son Andy went to St. Louis Sunday for a visit with Mr. and



Miss COOK of Festus is here this week.


Mr. MALAY and family moved Monday in the home on 6th and Pratt lately vacated by the SHOWMAN family.


Mrs. Allie DOUGLASS spent the weekend with relatives in St. Louis.


Mrs. J.G. BERKLEY spent last Wednesday in St. Louis.


A.F. SLAWSON was a St. Louis visitor last week.


The DeSoto Woman’s Club meets Friday afternoon of this week.  The music committee will have charge of the program with Mrs. C. T. JARVIS as hostess.


T.J. DONNELL and Mr. HOPKIS went to St. Louis Sunday morning and arrived one half hour after Mr. WILLIAMS who has been quite ill at the Mayfield sanitarium had died.  They brought his remains on Number 9 Monday evening and it is likely that the funeral will be held at the Swashin Church.


Mr. True S. CLARK of Seattle who is visiting his sister-in-law Mrs. Charles PYLE and family returned home Wednesday.


Brother CROW gives us the reason why he wants to remove on term of court to DeSoto.  It is very much the reason we expected he would give.  His attitude is very much that of the big boy who protects his smaller fellows candy from the raids of other boys and the calmly appropriates it to his own use.  We believe and will not cease to believe that the better citizenship of DeSoto voted for the county seat to remain at Hillsboro and have little sympathy with the movement to terrorize the citizens of Hillsboro into giving up one term of court under the threat that if you don’t we will fix your clock next time.  Some of us have invested our all upon the faith we had in the integrity of the vote of the better citizens of DeSoto and it will take more than an editorial blast in the Republican to cause us to lose that confidence.


~Notice of Final Settlement~

All creditors and others interested in the estate of Wm. KOHLER, Deceased…..

Peter KOHLER, Administrator


~Notice of Final Settlement~

All creditors and others interested in the estate of Naomi WHITESIDE, Deceased…..

F.B. WATERS, Administrator 


~Personal Chat~


Bert HOEKEN is home again.


Mrs. J.E. - - -GMANN spent Saturday in St. Louis.


Dr. LUCKY of Festus, coroner, was here on business Friday.


Mrs. J.J. HOEKEN and Miss Marv visited DeSoto friends Friday.


Mrs. James A. WILSON of Morse Mill was in Hillsboro, Tuesday.


Ernest FRAZIER and J.H. BOUGHTON are in St. Louis on business.


Mrs. Charles HERMAN of DeSoto made a week-end visit to her parents here.


Charles MUSE, Jr. and Kern DEVON of DeSoto spent Sunday with the REPPY family.


Dick SCHROEDER, wife and boy have been in the county capitol several days of late.


Mrs. R.A. FRAZIER and son Frank visited Rueben SHEIBLE in DeSoto for the week-end.


Oscar OGLE of Hematite made a few hurried calls Thursday, while here in grand jury duty.


Miss Mamie PYLE of DeSoto was here Friday doing some stenography work for C.T. JARVIS.


Attorney Sam BYRNES of DeSoto was in town this week in improved health after a two weeks illness. 


Thomas S. BYRD of Festus was here as witness in circuit court and called on relatives and friends while here.


Dr. J. K. HOSTERMAN, real estate agent for Pittsburg Plate Glass Company was here Saturday, as a court witness.


Misses Hazel BOYER and Katheryn WILLIAMS, our teachers, went to the city Saturday to see the Sotherns in one of Shakespeare’s plays.


Mrs. John H. REPPY and son John attended the Zehner lecture in DeSoto Friday night and Miss Kathleen, a party there Saturday night.


Collector John HELLER has sold his auto and has ordered a Ford from J. P. BOEMLER who was here Monday in the interest of that popular machine.


Mr. and Mrs. R.B. WILSON, Mrs. J.L. BECHLER, Mrs. A.J. SHEIBLE and Sam and Joe ECKLE attended the funeral of Clyde WILLIAMS of Morse Mill Friday.


Warren SECKMAN of St. Louis was down Sunday to visit his brother Will who is still in a serious condition at the home of his father-in-law Robert KING on Route one.


Attorney MARBURY of Farmington was here Thursday to defend his brother, Editor MARBURY of Festus in an alleged libel case brought by Frank CLARK of Herculaneum.


E.H. BAUGHER of Sullivan, U.S. Deputy of Internal Revenue collector was here Tuesday on official business.  He is under the civil service commission and hopes to retain his job, but….


Watches, Clocks Jewelry, Silverware, Spectacles; School Books, Stationery, Musical Instruments and strings at lowest prices.  The Kimmswick Jeweler, M. ZIEGLER.


Uncle LIGH BURGESS slipped on an icy step Thursday and fell against the porch giving himself a painful injury in the side.  He is up about the home getting over it as fast as grit and his three score and ten years will permit.


Quite a delegation of our young people went out to Seemel School to the literary Friday night.  Woman’s Suffrage was duly debated, possibly to that it is settled for good and all.  They say Edgar MARSDEN put up a heated argument against it.  He takes the stand that right to the ballot would also permit women to hold office, and Edgar, being a live Democrat is afraid there wouldn’t be offices enough to go round.


County Court meets next Monday.


R.G. HOEKEN, wife and daughter were in town yesterday.    


Mrs. BOAS moved from her farm south of town to DeSoto again.


Watch for the Woman’s Column next week.  It will interest you.


Miss Gladys JOHNSON (Jamison?) of St. Louis is a visitor in the home of R.A. MARSDEN.


Attorneys W. A. MOSELY of Bloomfield and J.H. JAMISON of St. Louis are practicing in this court this week.


The NELSON-OGLE controversy was settled out of court Tuesday upon agreement that Mr. NELSON pay Mr. OGLE $400 for his personal property and take possession.


We hear of a teacher in Plattin township who has attended every teachers meeting in the township this year.  Denslow DIXON by name.  Beat it, if you can.


John KEISKER of Jarvis was here Monday with Julius OEHLERT and wife who were here getting the necessary papers to convey some land to Fritz GOLTERMAN.


Mrs. Frank BECHLER and Mrs. Jim BOUGHTON have returned from St. Louis where they went to nurse their sister Mrs. Lillie GONZ who has recently undergone an operation.


Judge DUNNIGAN married on Saturday, Louis VOTAW of Crescent, St. Louis Co. and Fannie Gertrude JEFFRIES nee BAKER of Cedar Hill.  The bride had obtained a divorce from JEFFRIES on Friday.


Rev. Joseph STEPHEN, well known in this county died at his home in St. Louis Wednesday after a ten weeks illness.  He was pastor of the Methodist Church, South in DeSoto and Festus before going to St. Louis and had hundreds of warm friends here.


Anthony BOGENCHECK of Flat River was here Saturday on business and called on a number of his business friends.  Mr. BOGENCHECK in the fall secured the necessary permission to hold night schools for the foreigners where they are taught English and the simpler duties of American citizenship.  Certainly an important work.


Dr. Francis E. GUIBOR, Mayor of Maplewood was stricken with paralysis while waiting on a street corner near his home, waiting for a street car.  He was removed to his home and little hope for his recovery is entertained.  This from Tuesday’s Globe-Democrat.  Dr. GUIBOR and family lived for years at House Springs and have many friends in this county who will be pained to learn of his sad condition.


Public Sale – I, the undersigned having retired and rented my farm 5 miles west of Kimmswick, 5 miles south of Maxville on Lemay Ferry Rock Road near Maxville, MO, will offer for sale on February 22, 1913, the following property to-wit:

Matched team of gray mules, 16 hands high, Roan horse, good trotter, 2 fresh cows,

1 heifer, Top spring wagon, good as new, Truck wagon, new wagon bed, Hay frame good as new, Top buggy, Runabout, set of single harness, set of double harness, set plow harness, Deering ideal binder, Superior disc grain  drill…..

Terms of sale: Cash for all sums of $5 and under, all sums over $5 a credit of 9 months will be given, purchaser giving a bankable note with approved security, bearing 6 per cent interest  from date of sale.  2 per cent discount for all cash payments.  Sale commences at 10 a.m. sharp.



~Notice of Final Settlement~

All creditors and others interested in the estate of Henry LEIGHT, Deceased…

Anton LEIGHT, Administrator


~Notice of Final Settlement~

All creditors and others interested in the estate of Jacob REABAN, Deceased…

Ed REABAN, Administrator


~Notice of Final Settlement~

All creditors and others interested in the estate of Stephen BAST, Deceased…

Maggie BAST, Administratrix


~Letters of Administration~

Notice is hereby given that letters administration on the estate of John GOLDBERG, Deceased, were granted to the undersigned by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, Missouri on the 14th day of December, 1912….

Annie GOLDBERG, executrix


~Letters of Administration~

Notice is hereby given that letters of administration on the estate of R. G. MORGAN, Deceased were granted to the undersigned by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, Missouri on the 11th day of January 1913….

Robert D. MORGAN, Adm.


~Notice of Final Settlement~

All creditors and others interested in the estate of Edna J. FEISELMAN,


Edward J. FEISELMAN, Administrator


~Letters of Administration~

Notice is hereby given that letters of administration on the estate of William L. BOUGHTON, Deceased were granted to the undersigned by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, Missouri on 26th day of December 1912…

Mary J. BOUGHTON, Administratrix




The Monday club met with Miss Julia KLENN and an interesting program was rendered.


Mrs. Adam MUMERT spent last Wednesday with relatives in St. Louis.


Miss Maybelle WILLIAMS of St. Louis is visiting relatives in our city this week.


Mrs. Charles BURRIS entertained a few friends Wednesday of this week.


Mrs. Jennie ARMBRUSTER entertained the county woman’s club Tuesday afternoon of this week.


Walther COUCH Mercantile Co. is having a special sale for the next few weeks.


~Marriage Licenses~


Louis VOTAW, Eureka….Fannie G. JEFFRIES, Cedar Hill

James J. CRAHAN, DeSoto…..Magnolia S. JONES, DeSoto