Jefferson County Record

January 16, 1913


~Fatal Shooting in Festus~

Frank BARTON Killed by Dave DEES in Dees’ Saloon.

A fatal shooting took place in Dees’ saloon in Festus Saturday night when Frank BARTON, Marshall of Crystal City, was shot down by the bartender, David DEES.  A dispute arose over whether or not BARTON had been served with his drink. According to evidence deduced in the inquest proceeding, a brother of the bartender handed him a pistol and then entered into the dispute.  Soon the Marshall slapped the third party and the bartender shot him, death followed almost immediately.  The young man is but twenty-two years of age, and is under a $5000 bond.  The preliminary trial takes place January 30.




Clerk ordered to release school fund mortgage of Leo and X. F. KOHLER paid in 1892.


Court orders taxes of Mrs. ROUGGLY for 1912 in lot 7, block 4, R.R. ad. DeSoto collected on valuation of $1000.


Same in Mrs. Rhoda HOPSON for 1912 on personal property in DeSoto collected on valuation of $450.


Personal taxes of W. J. WILLIAMS ordered collected on valuation $165.


Personal taxes for 1912 on property of J. T. MOSS ordered collected, val. $1880.


Highway engineer ordered to examine road on hill near William GRETCHEL’s place in road district No. 67, make estimate of repairs needed and report.


Settlement of outgoing county treasurer, showing balances in the several funds…ordered turned over to F. J. ADAMS, the new treasurer.


Taxes on 80 acres, S29 T40 R3, for 1906 to 1911, on petition of C.E. MERSEAL, ordered collected on valuation of $50.


B. F. CHAPMAN ordered sent to county farm.


School fund bond of E. J. HAMRICK approved.


Settlement of Treasurer JONES of warrants redeemed by him approved and ordered credited….


~Wm. L. PIPKIN, Dead~

Wm. L. PIPKIN, formally a commission merchant of St. Louis died at his home north of Kimmswick on January 9.  The funeral was held Sunday at the residence, interment in Richardson Cemetery.

He was an invalid for several months from paralysis and had recently become connected with the Presbyterian Church.

He was one of the numerous PIPKIN family well known in this section and in other parts of state.

Mr. PIPKIN  was born at Gravois St. Louis County in 1875 and was only 37 years old.  He leaves a wife and four young children to battle with the world and who receive the sympathy of friends and neighbors in great measure.

Besides nearby relatives, there were present, Mr. Walter PIPKIN, Miss AMES and Mr. and Mrs. PARKER from St. Louis, who brought floral tributes.




For the first time this season the river is full of floating ice.


Mr. and Mrs. E. C. MEISENER have gone to Kansas City to locate.


There is some interest in the new post-master ship.   So far, W. W. J. HILGERT and E. J.  WHITE are the only ones in the race.


Mr. and Mrs. John H. REPPY of Hillsboro visited friends here Sunday.


William L. PIPKIN aged 36 was buried Sunday.  He had been in poor health for a long time.  He leaves a widow and four children.


F. E. OBERMILLER our champion chicken fancier certainly won premiums at the DeSoto Poultry Show.  His big white Wyandottes scored four blue ribbons, two red, and two yellow.  They are beauties and command a fine market for eggs and for flesh.




G. WOLF the horse and mule buyer was here Friday, but did not buy, the weather being bad.


G. M. STAAT has been down with the grip the past week and the result was that our school has been closed since the 7th.


Carson and Carol STAAT of St. Louis came out Saturday to see their sick father and grandparents, John MCCREARY and wife of Goldman.


Rudolph WINTER got tired of bachelorship so he went to St. Louis procured a marriage license brought his best girl, Miss Lida DAUTENHAHN along and got married Sunday at the Lutherian (sic) Church by Rev. DAUTENHAHN.  We wish the young couple an abundance of good luck.

Miss Emma SCHNEIDER of here was married to a Mr. REIHL of St. Louis last week.  We wish the young couple a long and happy life.


Mrs. F. HELD is still on the sick list.


Walter BERGMEYER left last week for Great Bend, Kansas after having spent two weeks with parents and visiting old friends


~Festus News~


Mrs. J. E. RUTLEDGE spent Friday in St. Louis.


Aug. KESSLES spent a couple of days last week in St. Louis.


Miss Edith BOYER fell last Sunday and sprained her wrist.


Joe AUBUCHON and two sons, Frank and Clarence had business in St. Louis Friday.


Mrs. BYRNS and little daughter who have been visiting home folks for several days, returned to Festus Tuesday.


Messrs.  R. S. ENGLAND and Frank HOLLIDAY made a business trip to St. Louis Friday.


Mrs. Sam WALTON and children visited her home folks near Hematite last week.


Mrs. Jennie SMITH entertained her mother, Mrs. M. E. GRIFFIN of Rush Tower last week.


The Theta Epsilon Club met with Mrs. D. B. FROST Friday, in honor of Mrs. FLANAGAN of Chicago.  Misses Francis MILLER and Ernie SCHAFER were the winners of the prizes at 500.


Mrs. M. C. MCDONNEL who has been visiting her sister at Doe Run returned home Monday and reports that her sister is better.


A class of eleven was initiated into the Court of Honor No. 632 last Tuesday night.  22 of the DeSoto team, the state manager, Mr. FLOYD, and District Deputy, Mrs. GIBSON were present.  After the initiation a reception to the visiting team was give.  A very pleasant evening was spent by all.


Little Lyle SCHAFER, daughter of Fred SCHAFER, Jr., fell from a high chair and broke her collar bone.  She is getting along nicely.


R. B. VOLMAR has had a serious attack of pneumonia but is some better and the doctors think that with proper care he will get up again. Improvements are being made in VOLMAR’s old store building preparatory to Mr. ROZIER’s stock of merchandise.


Since it is an assured fact that the Glass Works will be established here lots are going like hot cakes.  Mr. HOLLADAY has sold five in the last week, one to DuBart LEAGUE and four to the A. J. JENNIS boys.


A row occurred in the Dave DEE’s saloon Saturday night in which George BARTON  (The first article listed Frank Barton, rather than George Barton.) of Crystal City was shot and killed by DEES.  We understood that BARTON drew a gun and threatened to shoot Dave’s brother when Dave drew his and shot BARTON who lived only a few minutes.  BARTON was Marshall of

Crystal City.


We learn through Mrs. H. H. WEAVER that Mrs. Alice BRANDS who is at her daughters in Denver is gradually growing worse with cancer, that she will come back to her other daughter, Mrs. HELBERSTADT at Fayette, and from there will go to a hospital in St. Louis.


T. V. ROBINSON, barber, visited his parents in Flat River Sunday.


~Faithful Service is Recognized~

Louis PHILLIPI, the genial, affable and faithful chief accountant of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company at Crystal City for the past thirty seven years retired from the active service of the Company on January 1st.  Mr. PHILLIPI has seen the plant grow from a doubtful and losing problem to a successful plant.  Has been with it when its continuing existence was a matter of serious doubt and has seen that doubt dissolved into the present factory which is only just beginning to give the founders and builders hope that they made no mistake in the erection.  The company does not part with Mr. PHILLIPI whose services are at its command in advisory way, but does not expect him to engage in active duties.  He will receive for his services in this capacity and in reward for his long and faithful service $100 each month which speaks well not only for Mr. PHILLIPI but for the Company.




Frederick RITTERBUSCH, eighty one years old died at 9 a.m. Tuesday in Luxemberg where he has been making his home with his daughter.  He was laid to rest in the Concordia cemetery in Corondelet.  His wife preceded him a good many years ago.  Mr. RITTERBUSCH was an old settler near Maxville and was well liked by every one.  He was one of those old quiet Germans who tended to his own business and let every body else do likewise.


The Maxville Mutual Telephone Company held their annual meeting Saturday.  On account of the increasing membership the members decided to put their switch board in James GRAY’s residence who will hereafter take care of it.  Officers elected Wm. BLANK Pres., James GRAY, Secy., Eugene MCCLAIN, repair man.


~Probate Court~


Demand of Dr. MOCKBEE against estate of Mary E. RUSSEL deceased for $25.25 allowed.


Demand of A. J. SCHEIBLE against same estate for $2.00 allowed.


Demand of LONG brothers against estate of Maggie HUCK deceased $24.25 and allowed.


Upon petition by the administrator of the estate of Mary A. MANESS deceased.


Letters of administration on the estate of George J. EVERETTE [Everett] deceased granted to Patrick E. EVERETT.


Letters of administration on the estate of R. G. MORGAN deceased granted to Robert D. MORGAN.


Court appoints Olive BOYER, curatrix of estate of William, Harry and Olivia BOYER minors.

Letters of administration on the estate of Benjamin F. CARTILAGE deceased granted to P. S.



Court orders by petition filed that all persons interested in the James HOGAN estate be notified on or before Feb. 24, and unless contrary be shown by said date, an order will be made for the date of said real estate.


Same order as above in the estate of Maggie HUCK deceased Felix LEUTZINGER administrator.


Same order John WALSH deceased estate.


Demand of E. S. COXWELL against estate of Annie SIDES deceased for $63.50 allowed.


~Circuit Court News~


State vs. Robt. MCMILLIAN, Pros. Atty. enters nolle pro qui.


Harry DAHL, Sheriff, Edmund FOREST, N. B. WILLIAMS and Leroy HUSKEY, deputy sheriffs are by order of the Court sworn to summon jurors.


State vs. Gus BEFFA, No. 7 guilty, $40 fine, No. 8 nolle pros qui.


State vs. David PETEREIN, guilty, $40 fine.


August BOUT vs. Iron Mountain Ry., time for filing bill or exceptions extended until May 12.


State vs. Charles BOEMLER, continued.


State vs. Robert MCBROOM, 2 yrs. In penitentiary, Bond of $1000 pending motion for new trial approved.


Frank B. CLARK vs. Horatio L.  MARBURY, defendant filed demurrer and motion for Security of Costs.


State vs. John A. MEYERS, Eugene WINGO, Oliver KENCH, paroles continued.


William GRIFFIN, Frank MOON, Charles B. FRAZIER, L. E. THOMAS, Leroy HUSKEY and W. W. POWERS appointed Deputy Sheriffs.


State vs. Arthur ENNIS, Pros. Atty. enters nolle pros qui.


Thos. M. LANHAM et al vs. William BIENHARD [Blenhard ?], time for filing all of exceptions extended to April 1st.


Lillie MCCLAIN STRICKLAN vs. Anna Belle MCCLAIN et al, extended to February 1.


Ida HEARST vs. Iron Mt. Ry. Extended to April 1st.


School District No. 84 et al vs. Rose TOOLOOSE et al, extended to April 1st.


State vs. Clarence RUCKMAN, extended to April 1st.


State vs. Milton MOSS, con’t.


State vs. Wm. DOWELL and Hugh HUSKEY, nolle prose qui.


State vs. Ed PETERS, fined $100.


State vs. Jack MARSDEN, con’t.


State vs. Chas. PHILLIPS, nolle prosse qui.


State vs. Archie MCDOWELL, passed to Jan. 23.


State vs. Jno. EICHELBERGER, set for May 14, witnesses return without further notice.


State vs. Horace SCHAFER, guilty, 6 months in jail.


C. G. HARRIS appointed deputy sheriff.


State vs. Jas. FRANCIS, $50 fine.


State vs. Jno. WIDEMAN, continued to May 15.


State vs. Wesley WIDEMAN, same order.


State vs. Fred MILLERMAN, 2 years for burglary and 2 years for larceny.


State vs. Clayton MAUPIN, Edw. MAURICE and Benj. PATTERSON, pleas of not guilty entered.


~Atty. E. J. Bean’s Son Fatally Injured, Coasting~

Edwin, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. BEAN is dead as a result of a coasting accident in DeSoto last Wednesday evening.  Fourth Street, a famous coaster of more than two blocks, was alive with scores of young people enjoying that winter sport, young BEAN among them.  His sled shot down the street and he was thrown with great violence against the stone coping, fracturing his skull and rendering serious internal injury.  He never regained consciousness in spite of immediate and constant medical attendance and lived less than twenty four hours.  He was fourteen years old and a bright promising boy, whose loss is a bitter one to parents and community.


~In Memoriam~

In sweet remembrance of our darling Ivan, who fell asleep in (sic) Jesus one year ago, Jan 11, 1912 and dear idolized son of Mr. and Mrs. Edw.SHUBERT.





Wm. HOOVER  to Elmer S. FRAZIER, 2 lots in Horine, $160.

E. C. EDGAR to F. E. LANHAM, lot in Rathbuns ad DeSoto, $400.

W. KERRNISH to V. E. CANEPA, lot in Festus, $50.

Oliver CROMWELL to Frank HLUZEK, 37a, 11- 42-4. $1400.

Jno. P. GRATIOT to Wm. CASTLEBERRY, lot in Fletchers ad DeSoto $75.

W. BELLVILLE to Jos. BELLVILLE, 80a. 14 & 15-39 5, $100.

G. E. STONE to L. A. MEYERS, 40a, 16 40 4, $750.

Emma WILLIS to W. J. KNORPP, 95a, 17 39-5, $1300 John DRISSELL to H. S. DRISSELL, lot in Herberts ad DeSoto, $1.

Amanda  HARBISON to Edward REABAN, 155 36a 15 41-3, $3000 Herculaneum Lumber Co. to John W. DUGAN 2 39a, B. T. F. & C. Co. plat, $100.

Same to Same, lot in Herculaneum, $6.

Same to Same, lot in Horine, $300.

P. J. SCHNEIDER to Clarence HUSKEY, 6 lots in Rathbun’s ad DeSoto, $1.


~Marriage Licenses~


Cleve M. BREWEN…..DeSoto

Bessie H. TOLTON…...DeSoto


Frank HARNESS…..Hillsboro

Lydia J. SCHULTZ…Eureka


Edw. B. BOYER…...Festus

Alice M. COOK….. Festus


Wilks G. POOKER ….Hillsboro

Emilie SCHON……..Hillsboro


Wm. SCAGGS………Herculaneum

Jessie WHITE……Herculaneum


Jas. STAFFELBACH….Victoria

Isabel SCHEARPE…….DeSoto


Charles NELSON……Crystal City

Myrtle PEEBLES…….Crystal City




The New Era Publishing Company

A partnership composed of

John H. REPPY and Mrs. Albertise COON REPPY




Mrs. SMITH of Oklahoma who has been visiting her uncle, Mr. Steve AUBUCHON and family left Monday for Hematite to visit her husband’s relatives in that city.


Mr. and Mr. J. Ben MILLER of Cape Girardeau left Sunday for home.  They were called her to attend the funeral of their nephew, Edwin BEAN.


Edwin BEAN, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. BEAN was fatally injured while coasting on Fourth Street Wednesday afternoon after school hours.  He died Thursday and the funeral services were held at the Presbyterian Church Saturday afternoon.  Dr. JEWELL of Fredericktown officiating.  Mr. and Mrs. BEAN have the sympathy of their many friends in the loss of their young son who would have celebrated his 14th birthday Monday January 13.


The Fair Association elected officers Tuesday afternoon of last week.  They are: President, A. J. BLAIR; Vice President, P. P. HINCHEY; Secretary, C. J. DAVIDSON; Treasurer, R. B. JONES.   These officers are preparing to make the fair this fall a better one than the one held in 1912.  Washington and St. Francois joining Jefferson making it a tri-county affair.


Miss Maude GOFORTH left Friday morning for her home at Sherman, after a weeks visit with friends in our city.


Miss Chessie LONG  has returned from Teague, Tex.


Miss Bertha CROSSLAND who spent the holidays at Newport, Ark. with her parents has returned to school.


Mrs. CROSS entertained the Country Woman’s Club Tuesday afternoon.


One of the fine horses brought here for sale died on pneumonia Saturday.  This was quite a loss as it was a high priced animal.


Ray AUBUCHON has returned to Chicago after spending his mid year vacation with his parents.


Miss Rosa A. REYNOLDS and Harry VAUGHN were married at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. REYNOLDS on Boyd Street January 6, 1913.


The West Minister Guild of the Pres. Church met with Miss Harriet MEEK Monday afternoon of last week and elected new officers.  They are: President, Miss Nell PEASLEY; Vice President, Miss Genevieve GIBSON; Secretary, Miss Ruth CLYDE; Treasurer, Miss Lucille BENSON.  The hostess served light refreshments.


Mr. and Mrs. R. R. TULEY, former citizens of De Soto, but now of Teague, Texas are rejoicing over the arrival of a son New Years Day.


Blind BOONE who was here some years ago will be at the Jefferson Theatre Friday, January 31.  He will be accompanied here by Jessie BROSIUS, Messes Soprano and Miss Emma SMITH, Soprano of whose singing the press speaks most highly.


The Wells-Fargo Express has a new wagon for delivering express packages without extra charge.


Mrs. Adah AYLESWORTH passed away at the home of her son, M. AYLESWORTH, January 6th.  The funeral was held Wednesday at the Baptist Church of which she was a member.


On account of inclement weather the party to be given by Mesdames O. P. DEVIN and A. F. SLAWSON complimentary to the Woman’s Club was postponed.


Mrs. R. E. SINGLETON is entertaining her brother from Indiana.


Mrs. Louis ROZIER and daughter, Miss Adele, left Saturday morning for St. Louis to visit relatives.


Judge J. F. GREEN and wife of St. Louis were the guests of our city Saturday.


Mrs. H. FARRIS who has been quite ill is better Mrs. WILSON of Vineland spent several days with Mesdames HIGGINBOTHAM and J.F. CARLEY.


Mrs. DAVENPORT who has been the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Robert COXWELL for several months has returned to Texas Mr. and Mrs. Tom EAVES entertained relatives from Iowa last week.


The DeSoto Woman’s Club will meet Friday with Mrs. W. E. GIBSON.


A large number of packages were sent from our city by Parcel Post last week, one, was an excellent roast sent to Blackwell that arrived there in time for dinner.


Mr. Frank DAUSS of Farmington and daughter, Mrs. BUTLER of Ironton were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. BEAN last week.


Mrs. Harry JENSON of Texas is here visiting her mother, Mrs. WILLIAMS.


~Docket for Second Week of Jefferson Co., Circuit Court~

Monday, January 20th-Seventh Day


Albert MILLER  53      State of Missouri vs. Ed EICHELBERGER -burglary

Albert MILLER  56      State of Missouri vs. Dr. F. E. SKINNER  -abortion

FRAZIER & TERRY  57    L. H. DUNLAP vs. St. L. & S. F. Ry. Co. -damage

P. S. TERRY  58    Joseph CROSS vs. M. R. & B. T. Ry. Co. -Appeal

H. B. IRVIN   59   Henry TOWNSEND vs. George VAN SYEKEL et al -injunction

R. A. FRAZIER 60   G. T. LANHAM vs. Est. of James HOGAN -appeal from Probate


CHILDERS -attachment

Jno. H. REPPY  62    Aupa B. KELLER vs. Frank LORENZ et al  -attachment

P. S. TERRY  WAYBARK & STEWART  63  Elbert FAST vs. St. L. & S. F. Ry. Co. -appeal


Tuesday, January 21-Eighth Day


Albert MILLER  64  State of Missouri vs. Jennie MERSEAL  -concealing birth of child

BYRNS & BEAN & THOMAS  65 Mo F--? G----?  Co. et al vs. MERSEAL & ALLIE Timber Co.  –injunction  

Clyde WILLIAMS 66  Herculaneum Timber Co. vs. Thomas GOZA -Suit on Mechanics Lien

Clyde WILLIAMS 67   Herculaneum Timber Co. vs. Ethel KEAGY  -SAME

WILLIAMS & MILLER 68  George M. HEMPKER vs. C. T. MCDANIELS  -breach of contract

WILLIAMS & MILLER 69   Phillip BAUMGARTH vs. C. T. MCDANIELS  -damages

P. S. TERRY 70   M. B. HARRIS vs. St. Joseph Lead Co.  -damages

Clyde WILLIAMS   71  Fannie BUREN vs. Cynthia FREDERITZI  -Try title

Jno. H. REPPY   72  Richard W. SCHROEDERA vs. Grover MARSDEN -Appeal


Wednesday, January 22-Nineth Day


E. E. SCHNEPP, John H. REPPY  73   Mary AUSTIN et al vs. Alexander MILES et al  -Partition

John H. REPPY, E. E. SCHNEPP  74    Alexander MILES vs. Est. of Naomi WHITESIDE et al  -appeal from Probate Court

P. S. TERRY    75     Emma DAY vs. St. L. & S. F. R. R. Co.  -Damages

BYRNS & BEAN   76   Con CARLIN vs. Sherman BOYER et al   - Partition

H. B. IRWIN, E. C. EDGAR  77     City of DeSoto vs. Leslie –CUNNINGHAM Appeal

H. B. IRWIN, E. C. EDGAR   78    City of DeSoto vs. D. D. MCLANE  -Appeal

P. S. TERRY    79   Stokely T. WAGGONER vs. Maria F. BERRY et al  -Partition

Geo. W. LUBKE, Jr.   80    Thomas H. FORRESTER vs. John F. COFFMAN et al -Quiet Title

R. A. FRAZIER    81    Cyrus P. VERNON  vs. Fred STRANGE  -damages

H. B. IRWIN      81a    City of DeSoto vs. Henry BECKMAN  -appeal


Friday, January 24-Eleventh Day.


REPPY & IRWIN    91     Judson B. POUNDS vs. W. R. WILLIAMS  -demand

P. S. TERRY       92      Katie MILLER vs. Virginia MCCREARY et al  -demand

R. A. FRAZIER   93   I. N. HAMILTON vs. Crystal City Gun Club  -demand

P. S. TERRY     94    Rosa CASEY vs. John CASEY  -divorce

P. S. TERRY     95    Mary E. VOLLMER   vs. Robt. B. VOLLMER  -divorce

R. A. FRAZIER   96   Edna COSTIGAN  vs. John P. COSTIGAN  -divorce

R. A. FRAZIER  97    Edward HINDMAN  vs.  Lodesky HINDMAN  -divorce

R. A. FRAZIER    98  Gertrude HAZELBACKER  vs. Henry C. HAZELBACKER -divorce

R. A. FRAZIER   99   Kate RILEY  vs. Frank RILEY  - divorce

DAVIS & ERD     99a State ex rel P. Roberts  vs. Fred SCHAFER et al   -Action on bond


Thursday, January 23-Tenth Day. (The 23rd and the 24th are in this order in the newspaper.)


REPPY, TERRY and IRWIN  82  Frank B. CLARK vs. Horatio L. MARBURY  -damages for libel

H. B. IRWIN, E. C. EDGAR   83   City of DeSoto  vs. Henry GARDNER  -appeal

REPPY and MILLER, Clyde WILLIAMS   84   Fred FECKEN  vs. John EGGERS et al  -Motion for new trial

H. B. IRWIN, E. C. EDGAR  85  City of DeSoto vs. Henry HARRIS  -appeal

 ----------------                          86    George DECLUEvs. St. L. I. M. & So. Ry. Co. et al - appeal

H  B. IRWIN, E. C. EDGAR    87   City of DeSoto vs. Arthur Washburn - appeal

H. B. IRWIN, E. C. EDGAR   88    City of DeSoto vs. Thos. Harness  - appeal

H. B. IRWIN, E. C. EDGAR    89    City of DeSoto vs. Geo. Tolton  - appeal

H. B. IRWIN, E. C. EDGAR   90     City of DeSoto vs.  Charles Burris  - appeal

BYRNS & BEAN    90a   U. E. FETCH  & Co.  vs.   C. A. SCHOELKOPT - suits on note


Saturday, January 25-Twelfth Day


R. A. FRAZIER     100    Mary MAZZELLA  vs.  Ben MAZZELLA  - divorce

R. A. FRAZIER      101   Mary E. LANHAM  vs. Joseph LANHAM  - divorce

R. A. FRAZIER    102      Clarence B. LONG  vs. Katie V. LONG  - divorce

P. S. TERRY     103        Birdie LIVARER  vs. N. F. LIVARER  - divorce

J. G. BERKLEY  104      James COOK vs.   Jerusha COOK  - divorce

J.  G. BERKLEY   105     Arthur EWING  vs.  Ella EWING    - divorce

R. A. FRAZIER    106     Rebecca E. PAGE  vs. George W. PAGE  - divorce

R. A. FRAZIER     107    Viola E. MITCHEL  vs. Clarence MITCHEL  - divorce

Chas. P. WHITE   108     Hattie REED  vs. John REED - divorce

Clyde WILLIAMS  109    Edwin D. LUCKEY vs. Rebecca LUCKEY -  divorce

Jno. H. REPPY   110    Melissa RICHARDSON vs. John RICHARDSON - divorce


~Of Local and Personal Nature~


Mr. and Mrs. Jos. KING of Goldman spent Monday in Hillsboro.


A son of George W. RUSSELL of Route 8 is reported ill of pneumonia.


The young folks expect to enjoy a little dance at the hall tomorrow night.


Walter DAHL of Christian County, a brother to Sheriff DAHL is here on a two weeks visit.


W. T. DARDEN and R. B. MONROE of DeSoto were here Monday on business.


Edgar REPPY of Roxie, Ark. spent the first of the week here with his brother, the editor.


Dr. DONNELL of Herculaneum and two companions motored down to serve as a witness in Circuit Court.


John Jay WILSON of Louisiana has been here this week getting some farm affairs with his tenant straightened out.


Miss Viola MUELLER of Jarvis has returned home from a pleasant visit to friends and relatives in St. Louis and Bellville, Ill.


Mrs. J. W. ECKIE is home again after weeks of nursing her daughter Mrs. Syl WILLIAMS of Morse Mill.  The invalid is improving but still is bed fast.


Mesdames F. E. SPILKER and Ware EVANS, the Misses Lillie HEMME and Mamie HELLER and Charles HEMME, Jr. attended the funeral of Miss Emma HERMAN of DeSoto on Friday.


Taylor EAVES is in the Capitol as clerk to Representative Scott WOLF for a while after which he takes a clerical position in the office of the penitentiary.  Mrs. EAVES left for Jefferson City yesterday.


Walter GRIFFITH is entertaining his cousin, Gilbert MCFARLAND of Two Dott, Montana who with his family is spending a couple of the winter months in Missouri visiting DeSoto, Potosi, Richwood and elsewhere.


The James A. WILSON real estate was sold a public sale at the Court House, yesterday.  William A. WILSON bought the homestead for $8060 [$8860?] Mrs. Dexter WILLIAMS, a daughter, bought the Victoria lots and Wm. WILSON of Cedar Hill and H. B. IRWIN and E. C. EDGAR of De Soto bought the De Soto lots.


The bad weather and sudden change from summer to winter since the holidays has been hard on health and in our own town alone, there is quite a list of ailing, though not exceedingly serious.  Among the number improving being Mrs. G. E. ASHBY, Mrs. Frank WILLIAMS, Mrs. B. A. MARSDEN, Sr., Miss Susie JONES, Frank FRAZIER, M. F. DUNNIGAN, Casper DIEKBRADY, and Mrs. S. E. CLARK on Route 1.


J. H. FIEDLER, representative of the National Rating League of Chicago was here Monday in the interest of that organization…




Decorator, Painter and Paper Hanger


~Official County Directory~

Representative—W. W. HULL

Prosecuting Attorney—Albert MILLER

Sheriff—John L. BECHLER

Clerk of Circuit Court—W. H. PILLIARD

Collector—John HELLER

Recorder—Charles HEMME

Treasurer—J. E. JONES

Probate Judge—M. F. DUNNIGAN

Coroner—Dr. O. E. HENSLEY

Surveyor—Theo. HURTGEN

Assessor—Theodore SEMMEL

Public Administrator—Felix LEUTZINGER

Superintendent of Schools—R. B. WILSON


~West Kimmswick~


Christmas and New Year passed without any snow or any other enjoyment, but we had a dance at HENTCHELIS Hall and everybody seemed to enjoy it.  Music was furnished by St. Louis professionals.


Our merchants were kept quite busy during the holidays and also our friend LUDERMAN.


Petitions are out for a new Post Master, Mr. HILGERTH having the influence.


Elmer CADWALLADER has sold his house and lot to Jacob KUCHENMEISTER, Sr. [Kuechenmeister] and has bought and moved to the GERARD place near the park.


Wm. KUECHENMEISTER is also doing some moving to their new place but they will not vacate the farm until after the public sale February 22.


Walter MILLER has returned from his hunt in the wilds and now is busy telling the boys of all the big game and deer (or was it dear) he saw, I forgot.


Henry BUSCH who is a traveling salesman for the Rice and Stix Clothing Company was home for a weeks vacation.


Wm. HAAS took  a bunch of joyriders to Hillsboro New Years day in his J. I. CASE Car.


~Letters of Administration~


Notice is hereby given that letters of administration on the estate of William L. BOUGHTON, Deceased were granted to the undersigned by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, Missouri on 26th day of December 1912…

Mary J. BOUGHTON, Administratrix


~Sheriff’s Sale Under Special Execution~

Whereas, A. P. BOOTH on the 25th day of September, 1912 recovered judgment in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County Missouri against Newton T. ESHBAUGH by the attachment of the real estate of said Newton T. ESHBAUGH for the sum of three hundred and eighty-one dollars, costs which said debt and costs were by the court declared to be a lien upon the real estate set forth and described in – judgment, and whereas, Special Execution – from the office of the Clerk of said court, dated Dec. 11, 1912, and was to me said Sheriff, delivered on said day, by virtue whereof I have levied it upon and seized the following described property attached in said same to wit:  All the right, title and interest of the said Newton ESHBAUGH, of, in and to the following real estate situate in Jefferson County Missouri to wit”

All that part of U.S. Survey No ? Township 40, North of Range 5 East, described as intersection of Fractional Section 11 with the S.W. line of said Survey, thence N. 38 degrees…….corner of Mrs. Sarah GAMEL’s land, thence 8.1 degree W…….

Excepting however from above described tracts of land all that part thereof that was conveyed by Arthur L. ESHBAUGH and wife Ana P. BOOTH, by deed dated September 22nd 1906 (?) and recorded in the Recorder’s office of Jefferson County in Book at page 458.  All the described real estate situate, lying and being in the County of Jefferson and State of Missouri.

And I will on Saturday, the 18th day of January 1913, at the front door of the Court House in the Town of Hillsboro in Jefferson County, Missouri, during the session of the Circuit Court of said County, between the hours of 9 o’clock in the forenoon and 5 o’clock in the afternoon of said day, expose said real estate to sale at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said Judgment and Costs.  John L. BECHLER            


~Sheriff’s Sale in Partition~

Con CARLIN, Plaintiff vs. Mary P. BOYER and Sherman BOYER, Defendant,

Whereas the circuit court of Jefferson County, MO by its judgment and decree in the above entitled cause, rendered at the September term A.D. 1913 to-wit: On September 20, 1912, ordered and directed the sale of the hereinafter described real estate for the purpose of making partition and division thereof, between the parties according to which said judgment, decree and order duly aforesaid, bearing date, October 29, 1912, was to me delivered on the said October 29, 1912.

Now therefore, public notice is hereby given that I the undersigned Sheriff of Jefferson County, Missouri by virtue and authority of said judgment, decree and order will on Saturday, January 18, 1913 at the north front door of the court house in the town of Hillsboro Jefferson County, Missouri between the hours of nine o’clock in the forenoon and five o’clock in the afternoon of that day, and while the circuit court of said county is in session offer and expose to sale at public venue to the highest bidder, the real estate set forth and mentioned in said judgment, decree and order, lying being and situate in Jefferson County, Missouri and described as follows to-wit: …..

Terms of sale: One fourth cash and balance in one year; the deferred payment to be  - by deed of trust on said property and to bear interest at the rate of six per cent per annum with privilege to the purchaser of paying all cash, provided he elect to do so before the approval or the …..

John L. BECHLER, Sheriff of Jefferson County, Missouri. 


~Sheriff’s Sale in Partition~

Fannie M. WILLIAMS, nee WILSON and W.P. WILLIAMS, Jr., her husband, William A. WILSON and Ella WILSON, his wife, Martha BITTICK, nee WILSON, a widow, and Jennie WILLIAMS, nee WILSON, a widow, Plaintiffs vs. Mary TRIMBLE, nee WILSON and John TRIMBLE, her husband, John M. WILSON and Bertha, his wife, Jennie(?) A. WILSON, a widow, Daisy WILSON, Bessie WILSON and Lila WILSON, minors, and Hugh WILSON, a minor.

Whereas, the circuit court of Jefferson County, Missouri by its judgment and decree of the above entitled cause, rendered at its September term …..and ordered and directed the sale of the hereinafter described real estate for the purpose of making partition and division thereof between the parties according to their respective rights and interests, a copy which said judgment, decree and order duly certified by the clerk of the circuit court….was to be delivered on said November 25, 1912.  Now, therefore, public notice is hereby given that I, the undersigned Sheriff of Jefferson County, Missouri, by virtue and authority of said judgment decree and order will on Wednesday January 15, 1913, at the north front door of the court house in the town of Hillsboro Jefferson County, Missouri between the hours of nine o’clock in the forenoon and five o’clock in the afternoon of that day, and while the circuit court of said county is in session offer and expose to sale at public venue to the highest bidder, the real estate set forth and mentioned in said judgment, decree and order, lying being and situate in Jefferson County, Missouri and described as follows to-wit: …..

Terms of sale to be 50 percent cash and the balance of the purchase price to be paid in one year and to bear interest at the rate of 6 per cent per annum from date of sale or all cash at the option of the purchaser.  John L. BECHLER, Sheriff of Jefferson County, MO.   


~Sheriff’s Sale in Partition~

Sarah GIBSON, Martha BARNETT, Anderson BOWLES, Julia HARRINGTON, Susan WILSON, Albert SCHULTZ, Josie GAMMON, Frank SCHULTZ, Ellen SCHULTZ, Alice SCHNETTENBERG, John WILSON, Jesse WILSON, Jennie HAWKINS, Elizabeth BUSH, Eliza Ann KEYES, Milton GILMER, Plaintiffs,  vs. Caleb BOWLES, David BOWLES, Jefferson BOWLES, Mary BRUEN, George HAFNEY (H--?--y), Johanna CUSICK, John GU-ER, Michael VOGELSANG and John M. DAHN, Defendants.

Whereas the circuit court of Jefferson County, MO, but its judgment and decree in the above entitled cause, render at the May term 1912, ordered and directed the sale of the hereinafter described real estate for the purpose of making partition and division thereof between the parties according to their respective rights and interests which said order was renewed by said court a the September term thereof 1912 to-wit…..

The interest of Anderson BOWLES in said real estate is subject to the – of a deed of trust 

Given by Anderson BOWLES to Michael VOGELSANG, trustee for John M. ----


Terms of Sale: Twenty five percent in cash at the time of sale, and the balance to one year, purchaser to give note with approved security for the balance of the purchase money, said deferred payment to bear interest from the day of sale until paid at the rate of 6 per cent per annum or all cash at the option of the purchaser.  John L. BECHLER, Sheriff of Jefferson County, MO.


~Letters of Administration~

Notice is hereby given that letters administration on the estate of John GOLDBERG, Deceased, were granted to the undersigned by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, Missouri on the 14th day of December, 1912….

Annie GOLDBERG, executrix


~Letters of Administration~

Notice is hereby given that letters administration on the estate of R.G. MORGAN, Deceased, were granted to the undersigned by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, Missouri on the 11th day of January, 1913.  All persons having claims against said estate are required to exhibit them for allowance to the undersigned within six months after the date of said letters or they may be precluded from any benefit of said estate, and if such claims be not exhibited with one year from the date of the last insertion of the publication of this notice they will be forever barred.  This 11th day of January, 1913. Robt. D. MORGAN, Adm.  




A.T. BOWLES has got some of the frame work up on his house which he is rebuilding having lost the other by fire.


Rudolph DELOHNE is making preparation to build a new house.


J.W. CHATT [Chott ?] and Michael VOGELSANG made a flying trip to St. Louis last week.


G.B. SULLINS is staying at home and is improving in health.


Thomas HELICK has his new residence complete and the stork also visited him.


Mrs. W.S. HAWKINS died last Thursday and was buried Friday in the Park Hill Cemetery.


SAPPINGTON, the highway engineer and John CONRAD were out inspecting the roads; hope we get some gravel put on.


Henry KETTLER of Kirkwood is visiting Peter GROSSGLOSS the last few days.


Fred BARTH who went South with E.R. FRITSCHIE is reported having a good time down in Norville, LA hunting and fishing.


Frank DOUGLASS spent the holiday in St. Louis and Dupe, IL.


Walter DAHN is seen out on the roads with his new auto.  He says he don’t mind the ice very much.


There were not many young folks at the A.O.U.W. Ball Saturday night on account of the ice.


David BOWLES is on the sick list the last few days, but is getting better.


~A Grand Masquerade will be given in Adolph Hall, Antonia, MO~

Saturday, Feb. 1. 1913.  First Class music will be furnished by HAEFNERS Brothers Orchestra.

Four prizes will be awarded – one for the most popular ladies and gentleman costume and one for the most popular ladies and gentleman costume. {exact wording}.

Come one, Come all – M.F. ZIMPFER