Jefferson Democrat, Jefferson County, Missouri
Thursday, May 22, 1890
The sporting men of
De Soto were quite indignant, last Sunday, because the Sheriff interfered with the base ball game, which was advised to take place at the Fair Grounds. They complain because they were not notified beforehand that the game would not be permitted. It was known that the De Soto players were stopped from Sunday games last season, and why they expected St. Louis teams to be granted more privileges than home men we do not know. We are not discussing the propriety of the law which forbids Sunday games - on that point there is room for great difference of opinion; but when it comes to sworn officials attempting to do their duty and enforce laws, whether popular or not, and whether they are enforced or not in other counties, we will give the officials our support every time. If the law is wrong it should be repealed, but while it stands it should be enforced.

The Republican ideas, in? from expressions we have heard, is that a tariff is not a tax, but some kind of blessing that benefits certain classes without injuring any other. They even claim that it does not add to the cost of the protected articles; but this is not consistent with the plea always made in Congress, that unless a tariff protection is given they can not compete with foreign products. That if it does not add to the prices which are demanded for the goods, there is no protection, is a truth so plain that anybody with ordinary common sense can see the point. Farmers are not protected by a tariff on wheat and corn, because it does not  and can not add to the price of wheat and corn, for this country is and exporter and not an importer of those articles, and the price is fixed in competition with the cheapest labor in Europe and Asia. A tariff on tin plate does add to the price of tin, and it is for that purpose alone that it is urged; and this is true of the other protected articles of manufacture.

The following, from the Journal of Agriculture, is sufficient to answer the long article in the Mirror regarding the circular signed by Judge MADISON and James H. WAGGENER, as members for the F. & L. Union, in favor of Judge THOMAS. The above mentioned paper is the organ of the Farmers' and Laborers'
Union. Read what it says: "The attention of the Journal of Agriculture has been called to a circular signed by the President of the County Union of Jefferson Co., Mo, and also by the President of one of the local Unions of that county, urging the nomination of a personal friend of theirs for Supreme Judge. We see no objection to the circular whatever; because a man belongs to the Farmer's and Laborers' Union, does not debar him from citizenship. Neither does it encroach upon his political prerogatives. The circular merely asks the farmers who affiliate with the party to which these gentlemen belong to attend their primaries and see that good men be nominated.

We were unintentionally absent from the county convention last Saturday. In assisting to entertain a
St. Louis gentleman, who was here with a view of investing in Jefferson county property, we had taken a trip to Big River, and a series of unforeseen circumstances delayed our return. We learn though that every thing passed off harmoniously, except as to some interruptions by a drunken individual, who immediately subsided on the appointment of a sergeant-at-arms for his benefit. Mr. John T. BURGESS made a speech which was a surprise to many of his hearers, who did not know that he was so well informed on the issues of the day, and so capable of presenting his views. The only other speech was a short one by Dr. Charles WILLIAMS, which was also full of good points. While there was no mention of Judge THOMAS, it is a fact that everything was done just as he desired, and the proceedings were all in his interests. The delegates will go to St. Joseph for the purpose of securing of securing his nomination if possible.

We may have to enlarge our paper soon. We have just had an offer from an advertising agent of $?, for running a five inch ad one year.

Washington Letter.
No better evidence could be shown as to the weakness of the Republican in the tariff discussion than is afforded by the ?? movement to check all debate and force a vote on Wednesday next. The truth is the Democrats have had their op?? crowded to the wall and they are glad to escape the scathing review and criticism of their work by another assumption of arbitrary parliamentary power in forcing a final vote on a matter of great economical importance without due and clear consideration. Although the Democrats had a tight grasp on their political throat, it needed the utterances of the erratic Ben BUTTERWORTH to complete their demoralization. They had endeavored to choke off the Ohio man and refused to assign him a leading place in the debate, although he is considered one of the braniest men on the Republican side but the gentleman from Ohio had something to say, and was
determined to say it. It was, without doubt, a curious legislative episode to see a leading Republican orator dependent for sympathy and applause upon his political enemies, while his own political friends sat around with misery depicted on their faces. The Democrats will print this Republican tariff speech, or rather honest tariff admissions made by a Republican, for circulation in the next campaign.

As to the McKinly bill it will pass the House, for the leaders say it must go through, and the Republicans are too well drilled not to obey the commands of their leaders. That there is individual dissatisfaction with the measure, almost in its every line, need not be said; that personal grievances and discontent will all be sank in the effort to make a record for the grand old party.

The demagogues in the United States Senate of the Blair stripe, have concluded that the post-canteen system in the army must go, because the enlisted men are there said light wines and beer. At the legislative contest, as is known, the Democratic Senators upheld the canteen, not that they had any particular favor for liquors, but because acknowledging the fact that soldiers as well as other men will drink less under restraint than they would if given full liberty. At the canteen, too, they got no whiskey - only beer and light wines. As evidence of the good sense of Democratic Senators in the matter, the following letter from the commandant of a leading military post has been received.

"The canteen has been a success in every particular. This ??niated ? in situated near a small town, where only the poorest kind of whiskey can be had. The canteen has remained the temptation for the town by providing the men comforts as well as light beverages. It has done much for the discipline of the post and the contentment of the enlisted men.

The leaders of the Republicans in Congress now recognize that they are confronted by a condition and not a theory. The trouble is, that with all that huge surplus in the treasury, which the Democratic administration left, they have not enough money to go round. One thing must be done, they say, and that is to increase the pension expenditures by many millions. If the Morr?? bill, passed by the House, is agreed on, the immediate annual expenditure, according to the war department authorities, will be at least $??,???, ??? annually, or, with what is now allowed, in the neighborhood of $175, 900,000 a year. If the bill passed by the Senate, known as the dependent bill, is taken as a compromise, the increased outlay will be $10,000,000 annually. Well, as said, these millions must be provided, for the Republicans dare not increase the anger of the soldier boys, and as Legislators have already
been more than reckless in their drafts on the treasury, it is recognized that a halt must be called. In fact, some of the huge expenditures contemplated must be lopped off, and in this is anxiety, for the river and harbor men are fearful that their pet measure will die aborning. The public building men also realize that that their schemes may turn out to be failures, while the only people happy are the pensioners in prospective and the subsidy grabbers, who want to revive commeres by dipping their hands deep into the treasury.

County Convention~
The following are the proceedings of the county convention, for the selection of delegates to the State Democratic nominating convention, held in
Hillsboro, May 17th.

Convention was called to order by W. H. H. THOMAS, chairman of the county committee, and John A. TUTTLE was named as temporary chairman, and Jos. J. HOEKEN was elected as temporary ??.

After objects of the convention were stated, on motion, the temporary officers were made permanent.

On motion of James H. WAGGENER it was voted to elect ten delegates and ten alternates.

On motion of Simon? McNEARNAY?  the ?? appointed James ACKLEY , Wm.  A. GAMEL, and E. F. DONNELL as committee to select delegates to the state convention, which meets at
St. Joseph, Mo. June 11th.

On motion James WAGGENER, Frank DEARING and M. F BYRNE were appointed ? ?? on residence?.

Committee reported following list of delegates and alternates, who were then duly elected by the convention Delegates

John O'FALLON, M. F. BYRNE,  J. F. GREEN, Frank DEARING, J. H. WILSON, Elijah BURGESS, William TOWNSEND, R. McCORMACK, R. G. MADISON and James WAGGENER; alternates - W. J. KIRK, John T. BYRNE, R. W. McMULLIN, H. HAMEL, W. J. WILLIAMS, Joseph ?AML??, S. T. WAGGENER, H. C. BERRY, John N. CONN, JR., and D. C. McCORMACK.

On motion of Dr. Charles WILLIAMS, the convention ratified the selection of the committee.

Committee on resolutions reported the following, which were adopted on motion of W. J. WILLIAMS:

The Democracy of Jefferson county, in convention assembled, reassert their adherence and fidelity to the fundamental principles of the great party founded by Jefferson, and upheld and maintained by Madison, Munroe, Buchanan and Cleveland, and send greeting to our standard bearers in the National Congress, who are so gallantly fighting for the rights and privileges on the agricultural and laboring classes, and bid them God speed in their noble work.

Resolved, that having the utmost confidence in the honesty and integrity of the gentlemen selected to represent us in the Democratic State convention, to be held in St. Joseph on the 11th of June prox, and knowing that they will faithfully represent and take care of our interests and the interests of the Solid Southeast to our entire satisfaction, the only institution, we desire to give them is "go and make the best fight you can for us, even unto dying in the last ?."

A resolution was also adopted, providing that in case of absence of any of the delegates, those present at the convention are authorized to case the vote of the county. The convention then adjourned. John A. TUTLE, Chm., Jos J. HOEKEN, Secretary.

Crystal and Festus  by Damphool

I understand that Mr. Robert FROST  has been appointed enumerator of the 11th census of the
Crystal City district, A worthier man could not be chosen.

The Indians were here again, but this time the ?? medicine man did not come.  He showed a man how to take ?, and he swallowed a spoonful and took sick.

The hammer I use on some of our authorities once in a while is of good effect. The plank walk to
Crystal is repaired, and the boulevard also. We have nothing to complain of now.

I passed over the narrow gauge, last Sunday, and found the track in excellent condition for a new road.
Herculaneum is becoming lively, and had it not been for the bad weather we experienced this Spring, the Crystal wedge would be booming.

Last Friday, the glassites working in the new shed, were scared by a dangerous ? of the ?, and a stampede for the doors was made. It is said that the colossal building sank? about four inches. Carpenters were set to work at once to repair the damage, and every thing goes on as usual now.

We have a new bar in Festus, and Mr. F. BAUER and his brother are "admitted to the bar"  with which  a???? to fraud. It is not a sand bar either,  ? is it ??  of bareley of ???ley ? and other hardware. The bar is in KL???MANN;s building, and Bill THOMAS ??a??.

From reliable authority I have it ? that the  ? at
Crystal City  have reached a  depth of  of ?? but no further information  ???? ing prospects. The company ought to know that the ? are as much interested, and perhaps more so than they are, and a,  ?? ??ing strap? poured over their  ??  inquisitiveness would not be amiss .

Your correspondant took a flying trip to
St. Louis in the interest of a G. A. R. post to be established here. You may tell all the ?, who desire to spend the last few days left them in this delapidated world in ?? ??, to call and ?? in the ?. I have made acquaintance with the Assistant Adjutant General of the Department of Missouri in moving ?? in, and ?? tramp, tramp, the ?? to their graves.

We had pay-day last Saturday and all the boys were made glad. Festus was swarming with happy humanity and nothing occurred to mar the joyful mood of the people, only on the corner of Main and Adams streets two fellows  had an argument, and to give weight to the words, one had a pistol and  ?? ?  The pistolman said "Shall I shoot? and the ??  said he should; another man said he  shouldn't shoot, but he replied  he  was mad and should shoot.  Then he ? behind a pair of broad ?? and all was lovely once more.

Competition is the life of trade, but sometimes it is death, too, especially when the competitors try to choke competition out of one 
another at their windpipes. You know that we sport two fine hotels at Festus and two fine keepers keep them; but last week they entertained a ? last the world should not be made ?? at ??  
Adams tried to ring the bell on the platform at Crystal station, but Mr. Bell wouldn't ring worth ?? and turned and rang the ringer. The sounds didn't suit the bystanders, therefore B. MOORE cut the Bell rope. And then there were two hotel keepers very mad and cut faces at one another
May 20, 1890


Saturday Evening
How quiet and sweet are the closing hours of Saturday evening! The busy week past, every thing in order for the Sabbath, I sit down, with folded hands, and survey my work with a pleasure that no one without........ever enjoys."All Done" and now comes the sweetest ?? of all the week, and I feel a ....of repose and quiet that only one who leads a busy life can appreciate. What an hour for thought! I think of the happy ?? Saturday eve brings to the men and women of  [...?...]  and my thoughts and sympathies go out to those who are ?? whom Saturday brings none of my pleasant hours. The thought of these sadden my heart, and memory conjures a Saturday evening of "long ago" ??  family ?? youth, health, delightful rambles in the wildwood, songs of birds and
fragrance of flowers. ??? days of youth! What pleasing thoughts of th?? memory brings this ???, when life was beautiful and the future so fair and thoughts of God's infinite love and mercy soften and humble my heart, as I take a retrospect of my past life and feel how His guiding hand has brought me to this hour. When we thus earnestly contemplate the goodness of god, when we compare His great love and care to our  ingratitude, we feel how little we deserve the blessings that surround us. Such thoughts have a good ?/?. The thought of God's kindness, love and forbearance towards us softens our hearts toward others, and we forgive a we hope to be forgiven. thus, with peace and good will towards all people, ? refreshed in mind and body by these pleasant Saturday evening rests and reveries. S. F. O., 
Sandy, May 10, 1890

An appointment was made some time ago of chief engineer of the Post Office Department. This appointment was given to a man named O'DONNELL, who had made several ? to pass the required examination. Finally he was given the position provided he ?  to the Virginia side, and ?? until he had acquired a residence and the right to vote, the Republican ticket, of course. This he did, moving to Alexandria, remaining there one month, thereby becoming a citizen of Virginia. Then he moved back to this city. His potion pays him $1500 per annum, and gives M? one more voter - National Democrat.

~List of Conveyances~ Filed with the recorder during the week ending last Tuesday:
J. W. FLETCHER to John NcNULTY, lot in De Soto
Martin MANION? to Martin CL???MAN, lot in De Soto
Martin CL??MAN to Margaret MANION, same lot
Bess?  BOYER to Henry SEILE, on in survey ???
H??? SMITH to C. V. SEGER? , ???
James HUSKEY to Frank PILLEN 217 acres
John FRECH to Philipena? FRANK?  lot in De Soto
A??? HEILIGTAG to H. C BOEHLING 120 acres
Casper V????? to  district  ????  in Cedar Hill 

???  I. WALLACE to Alexander BOYER 
Millie C. DICKEY? to A.D. DAVIS, lot in De Soto
J. D. B????? TO M. F. HUSKEY, lot in De Soto
M. F. HUSKEY to Wm. H. HARPER, lot in DeSoto
C. P. ???? to S. R. S??NG, lot in De Soto
J. W. FLETCHER to S. R. S??NG, lot in De Soto
G. D. N??????? to M. G. T????
Anna? ???? to Simeon TUTTLE three lots in Victoria 
James F. ????? to C. A. B????
M. W. CAMPBELL to Clementine Z??MAN?
R. W. McMULLIN to William and Caroline FULCHIN, 2 lots De Soto
William BRYAN to Missouri McKE?E, ?? acres in section ? township? range?
F. A. WILEY et al   to ?. F. WIDEMAN, 311 acres, sec?? tp??range 3
Catherine DYER to R. M. and ? ? BUBER?, 12 acres in survey ??
Thomas D????? to Wm. WILLIAMS
S. E. SMITH et all to T. C. O'HAVER

For cheap good go to HOEKEN'S Cash Store, Hillsboro

Prof. NEELEY paid our town a visit this week.

Remember the picnic at Antonia one week from today.

A. Mr. MONTGOMERY has moved into J. J. HOEKEN'S old store building.

Go to the Opera House Drug Store for any thing you need in the way of standard medicines, perfumery, etc.

Mr. SHORTRIDGE, of Mason City, is here this week, on a visit to his wife's people.

Said he to her: "Get a 25-cent bottle of Dr. F. TRANDT's celebrated Cough Drops and stop your cough. Sure cure.

Father SCHRAMM, of Maxville, came to town, Tuesday, and took out his final citizen papers.

The finest assortment of perfumery and toilet articles, at The Opera House Drug Store.

John and Allison REPPY will probably both be appointed census enumerators to begin work on the first of June.

Beware of fraudulent imitations in Dr. HOFFMAN'S Family Medicines, F. TRANDT'S are the only genuine.

Messrs. GAMEL and WILKERSON, who were on the regular panel for the jury, were excused Saturday and Monday respectively.

A sure cure for nervous headache - Dr. F. TRANDT'S Indian Healing Liniment. For sale by all dealers.

J. Ed. GREEN, who is employed in the railroad office at Poplar Bluff, came up to see his kinfolk, Saturday. He went back next day.

Bargains in Millinery and Notions, for the next sixty days, at Mrs. PRIMM's, De Soto, Mo.

Thomas N. MOORE and Miss Lizzie D. WALLACE, both of Festus, were united in marriage, at MOCKBEE'S hotel, last Tuesday, Judge ELKINS  officiating.

We carry the best men's and boys' shoes in the county, for the least money, at the Square Deal Clothing House.

The Sheriff is elated this week over a present from Leopold BERRESHEIM, of Seckman, of a quart of fine strawberries - the first brought to town this season.

Boys' and children's suites from $1 upwards, at the Square Deal Clothing House, De Soto, Mo.

The Workmen Lodge of Hematite will give a strawberry festival, at their hall, on Tuesday evening, June 5th, to which they cordially extend a public invitation.

Men's and boy's hats, in all sizes and shapes, at reduced prices, at the Square Deal Clothing House.

Joseph J. HOEKEN is pushing the work on the Victoria road with a good force of hands, and expects to have this contract completed before the court meets in July next.

Max FROMHOLD, at De Soto, sells a superior metal polish for silver, copper and brassware, bar fixtures, etc.

Martin COLTON?, who is attending high school, went to the west side of Big River to see his best girl, Friday afternoon. He was on hand Monday morning at roll call.

For a full line of first-class ladies', gents' and children's shoes - sold at bottom prices - go to E. KEMPE, De Soto

Homer WEAVER, John MARTIN, Ross SHANNON, Willis McCLAIN  and Charles GRIFITH?, all of near Rush Tower, started for Colorado last week, in search of health and wealth.

Gent's furnishing goods will be sold below St. Louis prices, at the Square Deal Clothing House, De Soto.

Judge DINNING, last Saturday evening, excused from further jury duty at this term, J. F. SHANNON of Rush Tower, A. H. MOORE of Valle's Mines, and Martin HOOGE of Rock Creek.

At the Commercial Exchange in De Soto, you can get the best brands of imported wines and liquors, also fine alcohol.

Capt. Joseph WALTHER has been appointed postmaster of De Soto, to take the place of J. W. CLARKE, whose resignation has been accepted, to take effect on the first of June.

If you want a lifetime-lasting roof get the Washington red-cedar shingles, kept only by the Gust. HAMEL Mfg. Co., De Soto, Mo.

The Antonia Social Club will give a picnic in the grove near Antonia, Thursday, May 29th. Refreshments, good music, and plenty amusement. See advertisement elsewhere.

For the latest improved spring hoe grain drill and wheat fan go to HACKE'S Agricultural Depot, De Soto, Mo. They are warranted to give satisfaction.

Sunday, June 8th, has been set apart by the churches as children's day, and a National programme of exercises has been prepared. The Sunday School at this place will observe the day, and carry out the regular programme.

G. R. RATHBUN, De Soto, Mo., is agent for McCormick reapers and mowers, and will keep them constantly on hand. Best work guaranteed.

Mr. MARRICK, an attorney from St. Louis, spent last Saturday, in company with his wife and children, getting acquainted with a portion of Jefferson County. Mr. STELBRINK acted as host, and exerted himself to make the visit a pleasant one.

Check your cough by using Dr. F. Trand'ts celebrated Cough Drops; only 25 cents per bottle. Best in the world, Everybody keep them.

For the cure of colds, coughs, and all derangements of the respiratory organs, no other medicine is so reliable as Ayers Cherry Pectoral. It relieves, the asthmatic and consumptive, even in advanced d stages of disease, and has saved innumerable lives.

Wanted - A girl for general house work. Good wages to a competent person. Apply to Mrs. M. J. HARRIS, Sulphur Springs, Mo.

Hematite Lodge, A. O. F. W. will give a strawberry festival on the evening of Thursday, June 5th, to which all are invited. The people of that town never fail in providing handsomely for their visitors, and we are sure all who attend will go away well satisfied.

Pains in the back can be gotten rid of by one application of Dr. F. TRANDT's Indian Healing Liniment. Ask your dealer for it.

John? SPARKS lost one of his fine grey horses, Monday.

The Grand Jury has just adjourned. It could have finished business sooner but had trouble in getting witnesses.

John MURPHY of East St. Louis, who spent his boyhood days in this county, was here this week visiting his old friends.

Plows, Cultivators, Corn planters, Corn drills, Reapers and Mowers and other farming implements, all of ??? make and at lowest prices, at Henry HURTGEN's, Hillsboro, Mo.

Judge Reed McCORMICK has just returned from a two week visit to his sons at Birmingham, Alabama. He reports them well and thriving financially? 

Francis McKEE is not only good looking, as the girls say, but he is also lucky. He has been squandering some of his loose change in the Louisiana Lottery, and drew $200? this month. He also claims to have drawn $300? last month, but we did not see the "credentials" for that drawing.

Buggies, phaetons, surreys, and every style of carriage, made to order on short notice, if not on hand, by F. HACKE. De Soto. Patent wheels and steel axles always kept on hand, so that repairs can be promptly made.

~Licensed to marry~
Fritz OTJE and Mary FUCHS
John F. STULKEN and Anna WILLE 
Frederick WILLENBROCK and Lizzie STULKEN
George F. REED and Mary STETZEL

John P. NIEHAUS  and Mary K. C. CRAEMER 
Thomas N. MOORE and Lizzie B. WALLACE

~25 Men Wanted~
Wanted, 25 men to work in quarry on Hillsboro and Victoria gravel road. Apply to Jos. J. HOEKEN, Hillsboro, Mo.

We understand that Henry BLUMENSTENGEL was very indignant, after his trial last Saturday, because "Drs. WYNE, MONROE, DEEER?" and others had testified that he was of unsound mind As an evidence of insanity, Mr. WYNN cited the fact that BLUMENSTENGLE once ran for Mayor of De Soto.

13 men wanted to work in clay mines, steady work at 1.25 to 1.40 per day. Also one or two men with small families. Address, L. MANDLE, Regina Mo.

We have just learned that Thomas BLAKE, who formerly resided in this county, is in jail in St. Louis, charged with murdering and robbing a man in Washington county, and that the evidence is quite strong against him. He is under indictment at Potosi, but kept in St. Louis as a more secure place.

Those needing anything in the line of Saddlery, Harness, &c. are invited to call at my store, as I am making a change in my business and selling out everything at net cost. H. HAMEL, De Soto, Mo.

When McBeth  ?ically asked, "Canst thou minister to a mind diseased? he little knew that mankind would one day be blessed with Ayer's Sasaparilla. In purifying the blood, this powerful alterative gives tone and strength to every functive and faculty of the system.

Saddlery and Harness are now going at cost at H. HAMEL'S, De Soto, Mo. Those who need anything in that line should call soon and secure a bargain.

We see no good reason why Hillsboro should not have a flouring mill and creamery too. There is a big ?? country surrounding the county seat, which is admirably adapted to wheat raising and for meadow purposes it can not be beaten anywhere. Capital, too, is plentiful, and it is about time that our people do something for their home place instead of investing all their savings in adjacent cities or towns. Charity should begin at home.

'Tis strange, ladies will go on month after month suffering from some female disorder, which one bottle of Dr. DROMGOOLE's Female Bitters would speedily correct.

From a private letter we learn that Mrs. John HOLMES, late of this county, has been very sick in St. Louis, where she resides at present, and that she is now recovering. Miss Jennie is in Texas, where she is establishing a good reputation as teacher. Buren is in ?ried and also follows teaching; Duane is in business and doing very well.

During the remainder of this season Capt W. H. WASHBURN will keep his horse, two days  in each week, at LEPP's old stand, near COLE's mill. Please take notice.

Parties contributing society notes to this paper will please be careful in writing names, both of persons and things, especially in giving descriptions of dresses. There is nobody connected with this office, who could tell the difference between a lady dressed in the height of fashion and one not dressed at all, and as in the names and styles of dresses we are equally ignorant.

We defy competition on our 5, 7, 10 and 15 dollar men's sails in prices, quality and fabric. Give us a call before buying, which will be to your own interest, as a dollar saved is a dollar made. Square Deal Clothing House.

Louis OGLE and William WEBER unite in a letter of thanks to Judge DINNING, the jury and their attorney, Joseph J. WILLIAMS, for the manner of trial and verdict in the case against OGLE, which was before the Circuit court last week, and in which the defendant was acquitted. The case came up on an appeal from 'Squire ZOLLMAN, where OGLE was out one dollar. This mention will be sufficient.

For sale cheap, 2 full-blooded Berkshire boars, one sow with 10 pigs, and a few Merino back lambs, some of which will shear from 10 to 12 pounds of wool. Address, C. H. SMITH, De Soto, Mo.

Conductor Johnny NELSON, who was recently shot in the hand, was in town Tuesday, on a visit to relations and looking after his landed interests here. Mr. BOHMIE, who was also shot by a tramp about the same time, is reported on being out of danger. Mr. NELSON talks of this town as a good place to start a creamery, and as Johnny has a fine farm near here, his talk will amount to something.

F. HACKE, of De Soto, is making a specialty in the manufacture of farm wagons, which he sells at St. Louis prices. They are the best and lightest running wagons extant. Go see them and examine work and prices, and patronize a home institution. Every wagon guaranteed to give satisfaction.

One of the grandest wedding of the season took place last Sunday at Mr. CRAEMER'S between Hillsboro and Ware  P.O. The contracting parties were the daughter of Mr. CRAEMER and a Mr. NIEHAUS of St. Louis. Rev. Mr. NORDEN performed the ceremony. May they enjoy long life and prosperity.

Rock Creek, May 11 - Everybody a ??  sowing oats and began planting oats. Had a big frost on the ?th, which did great damage. Leopold LEIGHT?  and family of St. Louis, have been visiting in this section. Miss Manda?  BECKLEG  has gone to De Soto. B. J. HOOGE?, of King's Highway, was at the upper end of Rock Creek. The ball at M. M??, on the ???, was a grand success and an enjoyable affair.

Next Sunday is Memorial Day and will be observed as such at De Soto and Victoria. The service at Victoria will be conducted by Rev. C??, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. At De Soto there will be services by various ministers at the M. E. Church, at 11 a.m. and ? and 7 p.m.. A cordial invitation is extended to all. The following Friday is Decoration day, which will be observed by the Grand Army men and citizens, generally? at DeSoto. There will be a big parade starting at ? p.m.

Two suspicious looking individuals were seen at Morse's Mills, last Sunday. They came in a top buggy, with a one-eyed  bay horse as locomotive power. Both were up in years, and the silver threads" had almost crowded out the "gold" They were equipped with a good-sized lunch basket, which contained two bunches of green onions, two dried-apple pies, and six bottles of Green Tree blood purifier. While emptying out one of the bottles, one of the gentleman took a survey of his long grey beard, with Big River for a Mirror, and exclaimed. "A man's a ?? a this" to which the other replied, "???" To allay the fears of the people around Big River, we will state that the men were our printers - John ?? of the ? and John HEAD? of the Mirror. 

Seckman? May 19, Henry JORGEN, the nursery man, went to town to attend the funeral of his mother, who died on the 15th and was buried on the 17th. She was 84 years of age.


George ARNOLD went by here, trying to sell self-binders?. He is agent for the Walter A. WOOD? machine and for
William ????. He has been successful in selling, having sold as much now up to the ???.


There are a number of sick horses in this vicinity. The disease is called the grip, and is supposed to have been contracted from the human races but I believe it to be distemper. Owing to late frostbite, cherry crop will not exceed one third, peaches are all frozen, and there will not be more than a half crop of apples, and raspberries are frozen too. This will leave farmers but little to speculate on this season.   J. J.

[AD] H. HAMEL, De Soto, Mo.
[AD] Square Deal Clothing House
[AD] Dr. DROMGOOLE's English Female Bitters
[AD] Henry HURTGEN's, Hillsboro, Mo.
[AD] Farm for Sale, Suitable for dairy or gardening. This place is located just outside the limits of the City of De Soto and on the Iron Mountain railroad. Will sell cheap and on easy terms. For further information call on, or address, John W. BURKE, Hillsboro

[AD] Bees, Bees!, 100 colonies of bees for sale, at one dollar per colony, after May 2?, 1890. purchasers to furnish hives. First come, first served. Send hives soon to J. R. DOVER, Victoria, MO.

~Circuit Court~

Thomas POLITTE vs Iron Mountain railroad, appeal from Justice court, dismissed.

Viola M. Vs Frank K. BATES?, action for divorce, dismissed by plaintiff.

W. T. HENSLEY, for maintaining nuisance slaughter house, was fined $5.

J. H. GEL??KEN? vs. H. ?. ???? et als, action to divest title, amount taken.

Joachim GIESE vs Louis LOHMANN, action for damages, dismissed for failure to give bond for ???

W. A. BAKER vs Iron Mountain railroad, garnishee of Frank WILLIAMS, judgment for garnishee

J. W. SMITH vs  same, garnishee of L. Lotsinger, same judgment.

State vs T W. POOLE, continued until next term.

Marion vs Nancy Ellen EASTY, action for divorce, dismissed by plaintiff.

Martin EOFF vs Iron Mountain railroad, damages, judgment for $30?

Cursior of estates of Mary D.,  Emily I., William and Carrie F. MADISON, was authorized to convey certain real estate to the Bonne Terre railroad for depot purposes.

John PETERSON vs Iron Mountain railroad, damages for killing cows, judgment for twenty and thirty dollars.

William BLAKE, a young man hailing from the State of ???, plead guilty to horse stealing, and was sentenced to two years in the

D. M. ?? & Co. vs M. ROSENAUER et al, dismissed

Jos. I . FA?? vs F. W. PORTER, administrator of estate of Felix G. PORTER, motion for release of deed of trust. Prayer of petitioner granted, and administrator ordered to enter satisfaction.

John HARNESS vs Rudolph HARNESS, dismissed.

Emanuel HOFFMANN vs John H. MORSE, on note, judgment for  $??

John M. HUBBARD vs Susan L, divorce granted plaintiff

Willliam vs Elizabeth  SENTIER?, divorce granted plaintiff.

Bernard SCHNEIDER vs Henry STELBRINK, nonsuit taken.

Prudence ANDERSON vs Iron Mountainrailroad, action for damage for killing her husband, jury disagreed and cause continued till next term.

S. S. WILEY vs. John H. MORSE, order??? judgment.

Staley? LOUIS? and Wash OGLE, charged with petit larceny, verdict, not guilty

Elis J. ?  EHRICHS  et al,???, report of??? the land deed and approved.

William  A. OTTOMEYER vs William  GO?? et all, partition order of sale 

Emanuel? HOFFMANN vs John H. M???, judgment by ?? for ?

State vs. Henry ??STENGEL?, charged with forgery; acquitted

Charles WILSON and James WILLIAMS  were each fined $5 for gambling

A?? MCSPADDIN, Geo. MCSPADDIN, George MOSS, Frank MITCHELL and Joe S???, plead guilty to gaming, and were find one dollar each.

?? MADISON et al,  by R. G. MADISON , their curator report of sale of land for depot purposes ??? and approved.

Christopher ? was made a citizen of the United States

State vs WILLIAMS and DEARING, gaming; dismissed

State vs. J. N. DOUGLASS, disturbing the peace, dismissed.


Ann J. BURGESS vs. estate of Elias BURGESS, judgment for plaintiff

A.M. ?  and Frank S ? excused Saturday, from further services as grand jurors, and E. F. HONEY and J. S. HERRINGTON were summoned in their stead.

Charles D?HAN was granted final citizen papers

P??dy BROWN, disturbing religious assembly, was fined one dollar

State vs Joseph ZIPP, selling liquor to minor dismissed?

E. BARTER? vs Matilda BARTER, divorce granted plaintiff

D. BALLARD, keeping a gaming house, fined fifty dollars

Thos. R. SMITH, for selling liquor on Sunday, was acquitted

In the case of Nicholas ? FOSTER vs Crystal Plate Glass Company, venue was changed to Iron county

FINK & NASS?  vs John H. Morse, on accounts, judgment for $????

Adeline WILSON vs. John M. WILSON'S estate, judgment for plaintiff giving her absolute property as widow in addition to half the estate.

Peter STEINMAN? was tried on a charge of keeping a slaughter house nuisance but the jury failed to agree.

George MORSE, for carrying concealed weapon, was fined $50

~Probate Court~

Judge ELKINS had a busy week in Probate court this week. Final settlements were made of estates of Louis HORN? , ?.?, ??? MEAD, John S??????, ????? VINYARD?, Henry??, A?? S???, ????,  ??, and M? K???

Annual settlements were made of the estates of Br?? EVANS, John J. KLENN, Samuel MARSDEN, ??? HEYWOOD, John P. SPE??, Thomas PRICE, Mary HARVEY, John T. COLE, James BAILEY, John Da????, Louise R??, Isadore? E??, Wm. G. MASION, Thomas ?. WILLIAMS, deceased, and T. C., W. L., Anna? L,. and Mary C. FLETCHER, MICHAEL AND FRANK S??,
P??K??, ? F??, AND ??, minors.

One hundred dollars were appropriated out of estate of Elijah BURGESS, minor , for board and clothing.

Public administrator was ordered to take charge of estate of Andrew ?? deceased.

?? were appropriated out of estate of T. C. FLETCHER, minor, from out of estate of Wm. F. and ?, each out of estates  of Mary C. and Anna L., for board and clothing.

Guardian of Louisa ?? ordered to repair porch to said minor's home.

John WENOM was appointed administrator of estate of William BERGWALD, deceased.

$100 appropriated out of estate of James DAILEY, in addition to grain and meat on hand, for year's provisions for widow and family.

On application of Charles GILLMAN the name of Julius Frederick RANKE? was changed to GILLMAN.

$100 appropriated out of the estate of Elias BURGESS, deceased, for year's support of Stella BURGESS, minor.

$100 appropriated out estate of Wm. RICHTER, deceased for year's provisions for widow.

Estate of Garland WHITWORTH, deceased, order of sale of real estate.

Estate of Cynthia WHITWORTH, deceased;  report of sale of real estate approved.

Demands were allowed against estates as follows:

To Whom.............Estate .............Amt
Wm RUFUS?  Louis BOGGE?   $45.??
E. KEMPE         Herman STEIN
Chris HERCHER   Herman STEIN
A GIMPLE?          Herman STEIN
G. W. JONES       Herman STEIN
G. SIEVERS        John M.  WILSON

Andreas WEBER   Albert WEBER
W. H. FARRAR       Margaret SLATTERY
A. I. F????          Edward McHUGH
John O'MALLEY    Edward McHUGH
Patrick FLYNN     Edward McHUGH

Administrator of estate of Catherine FRECH was ordered to distribute $200 to each of the heirs.

At Net Cost: All goods in my store will be sold at net cost, on account of change in business. HAMEL, De Soto, Mo.

~Deaths and Births~
The following is a list of the deaths filed with the county Clerk in the past week:
Date Name Age
April 7, Julean MENERD?, 41? years
April 27, William BORGWALD, 56 years

Date    Name of Mother    Sex
April ?, Mrs. Bernard C??, girl
May ?, Mrs. Henry BECKER?  girl
May 7?, Mrs. J???, boy

High School Notes
Visitors: Messrs. FINK?, SHANNON and COLE, Rush Tower.

Miss BRUCE has returned to her home at Festus.

It is probable that Prof. DOUGHERTY will hold an examination in Hillsboro  early in June. This will accommodate about ten of our students.

If one young boy here would spend some time in studying and applying the principles of education it would be...  [can't read the rest]

[AD] Look Here! Go to E. Donalson's Best Jewelry Store.
[AD] Consumption Cured
[AD] The Gust. Hamel Mfg. Co.
[AD] The Antonia Social-Club will give a Fine Picnic in the grove near Antonia, on Thursday, May 28th.
[AD] Atlas Engine Works, Indianapolis, Ind.
[AD] Farmer's and Laborers' Union of De Soto
[AD] Albert B. HAMEL, Physician and Surgeon, De Soto
[AD] Bryan's Saloon, Hillsboro
[AD] Mark C. JENNINGS, Insurance Agent and Justice of the Peace.
[AD] DORRANCE Portrait Studio, De Soto
[AD] Commercial Exchange, Max FROMHOLD
[AD] MOCKBEE House (Clarks Hotel), Hillsboro
[AD] Southeaster Sample-Room F. A. KAIN, Prop., St. Louis
[AD] Mrs. PRIMM, Leading Milliner, De Soto
[AD] Miller Bros., Steel Pens
[AD] Chas Edw. TURNER'S Telegraph Academy, St. Louis
[AD] The Jefferson Hotel, Fred WAPPLER
[AD] The Missouri Railroad and Telegraph, G. S. PARKER, St. Louis
[AD] 14-Mile House, Lemay, Aug. KASSEBAUM
[AD] DR. DROMGOOLE'S English Female Bitters
[AD] E. VOLLMAR, Hillsboro, Dry Goods, Groceries, Clothing
[AD] Ed. L. HUNTLEY & CO., Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers for Men, Boys and Children, Chicago, Ill.