Jefferson Democrat, Hillsboro, Mo.

May 1, 1890


Festus Items

The rainy season is over for the present and cellars and cisterns are well supplied with water. The Ladies' washing society of Festus put most of last week's work off till this.

The descendants of Ham or lovers of chicken - or in other words, our American citizens of African descent - are about to build a Masonic Lodge in Festus; also another church.

Last week the Mayor issued a proclamation, warning the parents of children to guard against scarlet fever by using proper precautions. We would call the attention of his honor to the dangerous conditions of our sidewalks, which in many places are more holey than righteous.

There's no music sweeter than the laugh of a little child. A few days illness week before last, and Death claimed the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. James MANWARRING. The body was taken to Valle's Mines for burial. The deepest sympathy is felt by many friends and neighbors for their affliction. Jesus said, " Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

Died, of consumption, last Monday, in the 32nd year of his age, Edward MANWARRING, leaving a wife and three children to mourn his loss. He was buried Wednesday afternoon at the GAMEL graveyard, many following his remains to their last resting place. He was a member of the Christian church. The Rev. GIDEON, of the M. E. church, performed the last sad rites for the dead  in a very affecting manner, and many shed tears. How dark seems the world and how dreary, When we part from the ones that we love; But there's rest for the faint and the weary,
When friends meet with lost ones above.

Final Settlement: of Elizabeth Mead, S.H. Mead Executor


Final Settlement: Aquilla H. Cole,


Administrators Notice: Thomas Byrne, James Byrne Administrator


Sheriffs Sale: Amanda W. Whitehead 

Spring Stock!
Our immense store is filled with the best and most seasonable goods in the market, which we are selling at less prices than any house in
Jefferson county ever attempted to sell at. We have a large assortment of imported French Satines and Ginghams which are the admiration of every lady who visits our store, and the only thing that has ever come near equaling the aforesaid assortment is our elegant line of ladies' hats! Our stock of general merchandise is as complete as could be desired, and if you don't see what you want, ask for it. As heretofore, we carry the best manufactures in boots & shoes. Groceries and provisions sold at bottom figures, and the
highest market price paid for all kinds of country produce. If you want to save money call at the Crystal Plate Glass Co's Store, Crystal City, Missouri.

For cheap goods go to HOEKEN'S Cash Store,

Xavier KOHLER, of Seckman, has been added to the pension list.

Burns, cuts, etc. can be cured by using Dr. HOFFMAN'S Golden Ointment.

For drugs, medicines, etc. go to the Opera House Drug Store,
De Soto.

William BORGWALD, one of the early settlers of Kimmswick died at
3 a.m. on the 27th ult. after a sickness of many months.

The finest assortment of perfumery and toilet articles, at the Opera House Drug Store.

No births were reported to the county clerk last week; one death was reported - Alexander BOUGHTON, March 29, aged 68 years.

Beware of fraudulent imitations in Dr. HOFFMAN's Family Medicines. F. TRANDT's are the only genuine.

Mr. John S. POUNDS and Miss Sarah J. GOWAN were united in marriage, by C. S. BOOTH, Esq. at his office in
Hillsboro in the 23rd ult.

A sure cure for nervous headache - Dr. F. TRANDT's Indian Healing Liniment. For sale by all dealers.

The first whip-poor-will of the season we heard Sunday night, but it was so cold that there was but little life in this "whip-poor-will"

in Millinery and Notions, for the next sixty days at Mrs. Primm's, De Soto, Mo.

Kentucky Sam, the celebrated roadster, will stand three days of each week during the season at the stable of Oscar EDWARDS, south of
De Soto.

We carry the best men's and boys shoes in the county, for the best money at the Square Deal Clothing House.

Mr. Jno. T. MANION  and Miss Mary E. HEARST, both of Big River township were united in marriage last Tuesday by Judge ELKINS, at Hillsboro.

Boy's and children's suits from $1 upwards, at the Square Deal Clothing House,
De Soto, Mo.

No. 14 arrived in Sheriff MAUPIN's family last Monday evening. It is a girl. The Sheriff seems to be bearing up under his affliction  very well.

Men's and boy's hats, in all styles and shades, at reduced prices, at the Square Deal Clothing House.

There were three days last week that the creek at
Victoria could not be forded. We must have at least a foot bridge at that place before this time next year.

Gent's furnishing goods will be sold below St. Louis prices, at the Square Deal Clothng House, De Soto.

We learn that H??ty" KOHLER, of Antonia, has concluded that hay weighs more when wet than dry, and while hauling a load to a customer recently he first dumped it into Glaize creek.

For a full line of first-class ladies', gents' and children's shoes sold at bottom prices - go to
E. KEMPE, De Soto.

Licensed to marry -
Wm. M. SCHMIDT and Emma M. BLACK,

Amadeus AuBUCHON and Mary LAROSE,
John S. POUNDS and Sarah J. GOWAN,
John T. MANION and Mary E. HEARST

Max FROMHOLD at De Soto, sells a superior metal polish for silver, copper and brassware, bar fixtures, etc.

On the night of the 17th of April, Jos. BURGESS and Ed. MAUPIN, with two steel traps and one mouse trap, caught six big rats and fifteen mice, and they don't think it was a good night for rats and mice, or they would have caught more.

At the Commercial Exchange in
De Soto, you can get the best brands of imported wines and liquors; also fine alcohol.

Mr. Walter BURPEE and lady arrived in our town last week. Mrs. BURPEE is a sister of Mrs. W. T. MOCKBEE, whom she had not seen for 16 years. We believe they intend to make this their future home. The came from Glen's Falls, N.Y.

Go to the Opera House Drug Store for any things you need in the way of standard medicines, perfumery, etc.

After being deprived of two or three days' mail, an account of the fullness of the Joachim, Charlie KARTE came out with a load of Green Tree beer to drive away the "blues." We learn this beer made some feel "blue" the day after drinking it.

Let quality, not quantity, be the test of a medicine. Ayer's Sarsaparilla is the concentrated extract of the best and purest ingredients. Medical men everywhere recommend it as the purest and most economical blood medicine in the market.

If you want a lifetime-lasting roof get the
Washington ????? shingles, kept only by the Gust. HAMEL Mfg. Co., De Soto, Mo.

The great majority of so-called cough cures do little more than impair the digestive functions and ??? bile.  Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, on the contrary, while it cures the cough, does not interfere with the functions of either liver or stomach.

Members of Perry V. FLETCHER Post, No 46, G. A. R. are hereby requested to be present at the first regular meeting of the post in May, the second Saturday, on account of important business concerning decoration day. Yours in F., C. and L. G. W. R????????

Check your cough by using Dr. F. TRANDT's Cough Drops  

A woman, named Louisa BOURGEOIS, was placed in jail as insane, last week. She is from Irondale, but was taken up when on a visit to Silica. She claims to have a husband and children, and that the husband abandoned her and took the children. She should be sent back to where she belongs. One evening of last week she set her clothing on fire in some way, but the Sheriff heard her screams and got back to the cell in time to extinguish the fire before it burned her body.

There was one entry of record made by the Board of Equalization that we did not publish before, because we did not know of it. All that the record  shows in regard to the matter is as follows: "The motion of Judge CHARLES, to increase the valuation on east part of survey No.  215, containing ??  acres, owned by Crystal Plate Glass Co., to the sum of ??? was ???  The valuation now on said property is ???. It is the land on which the glass works, etc., are

Saddlery and Harness are now going at cost at M. HAMEL's,
De Soto, Mo. Those who need anything in that like should call soon and receive a bargain.

Messrs. Henry HAMPEL and Michael ZIEGLER, of near Maxville, have been having more than their share of affliction of late. Both families have been down with scarlet fever and the following deaths have resulted.  Apr 22, Frank, aged 4 years, and on the 27, Francisca? aged 10 months, son and daughter of Henry HAMPEL; March 2?, Maggie aged 3 years and 10 months, and on April 27, Clara aged 7 years, daughters of Michael ZIEGLER. Both families have the heartfelt sympathies of the entire community.

25 Men Wanted!
"Wanted, 25 men, to work in  quarry on 
Hillsboro and Victoria gravel road. Apply to Jos. J. HOEKEN, Hillsboro. Mo.

Judge CHARLES brought out and exhibited to admiring crowds the door key lately found on the site of the old Town of
Herculaneum. It has been recognized by Mrs. Dr. CLARK, one of the oldest citizens, as the key to the jail when the county seat was yet located at Herculaneum. It resembles modern keys only in shape, it being of three-fourths inch iron and ten inches in length, and would make a formidable weapon in a fight at close range. Louis GROVE claims ownership of the relic, and has already been offered five dollars for it, just as a reminder of olden times.

The Board of Equalization meets to make people rich, but the Court of Appeals follows after to make them poor again. The court this week knocked off nearly all the raises of evaluation made during the first week in the month. It seems to be a matter of difference of opinion. In the opinion of those who attend the Board of Equalization, the property is all assessed too low, while those who attend the Court of Appeals are as positive in their opinion that the property is assessed too high. It seems a very easy matter in the minds of many to assess the property of the county, put everybody on an equality and give universal satisfaction, but, in practice, it is one of the hardest things to the world to do.

Those needing anything in the way of Saddlery, Harness, etc. are invited to call at my store, as I am making a change in my business and selling out everything at net cost. H. HAMEL,
De Soto, Mo.

George BAUER, charged by James GILLMAN with breaking into his house and stealing one
Winchester rifle and two double-barreled breech-loading guns, was arrested by Constable NOLEN of Rock Township, last week, on a warrant issued by Squire MORSE. BAUER had been previously arrested on the same charge and had given bail, but after Willie GILBERT was arrested he confessed that he and BAUER had stolen the guns, and told where one of them
could be found hidden; the gun was found and BAUER was arrested and in default of a new bond he was sent to jail.  We refrain from further comments, not wishing to prejudice the case before trial.

Our stock of men's and boys' clothing is complete for spring and summer wear. Give us a call if you want to save from 10 to 20 per cent on any purchase you may make, at the Square Deal Clothing House.

On account of change in my business I am now selling my whole stock of goods at cost.  Those wanting anything in the line of Saddlery and  Harness should call at once. H. HAMEL,
De Soto.

Rev. HARWOOD and family have not had a very prosperous time since they arrived in
Hillsboro. Owing to illness of his wife and the bad weather, which has prevailed, Mr. HARWOOD has not been able to sit many appointments, and supply were running low. Hearing of the situation, some of the ladies organized a donation party, and made a raid on the preacher's house Monday night. Nearly all the young people and some of the married folks were in the crowd and were accompanied by Mr. STEEL, who calmed the fears of his brother minister by explaining the object of the visit.  An hour was spent pleasantly, and we are sure all feel the better for having engaged in a worthy  ?  and we hope they will consider what they took to the family not as presents, but

as payment on a debt they owed, for, "the ? is worthy of his ?" 

Miss Jennie HORAN was united in marriage to Mr. M. VOGELGESANG, on the 24th ult., in
Fenton, Mo.  The bride a beautiful brunette, looked lovely in her wedding gown of white faille, made Princess style, cut V., filled in with Duchess lace, long Court train, over which was draped the bridal veil of fine tulle, con??ed to her dark hair by pearl pins. In her hand she carried bride roses and lillies of the valley. Mr. STERENS acted as best man and Miss Kathy HORAN, the bride's beautiful cousin of St. Louis, was bridesmaid and looked lovely in a gown of white blue silk, made full skirt, ??? ??? the cap sleeves were met by long gloves, girdled at the waist by a
long sash; in her hand she carried La
France roses, and lillies of the valley in her beautiful auburn hair. After the ceremony the bridal party ?? ???? to the beautiful country ????? of the ???? Mo  where an elegant feast was served. The bride was the recipient of a number of elegant and ? presents.

If Pat ?? will keep running horses, the citizens of Crystal and Festus have no objections provided he lets them run away on his own private grounds. We do object to them running on the ?? highway, to the danger of all they meet, and we call the attention of our Mayor to try and stop them. 

Shekinah  Lodge A. F. A. A. M, had a pleasant time last  Saturday evening at Festus. There was a good attendance of members, six visitors from
Hillsboro and Past Master Speaker, of Meridian Lodge of St. Louis. After transacting the routine business,  the Third Degree was conferred on Charles H. FAKE and J. P. SHELDON which occupied the time until midnight. They then closed lodge and retired to Adams' hotel, where an excellent  repast was served. After all had filled up with the good things, there were  numerous short speeches, every one feeling too good to inflict the company with any thing like a long speech. Those who responded to calls for speeches were W. F. H. THOMAS, J.F. Green,  C.S. Booth, C. G. WARNE , Mr. SPENCER, James HOUGHTON, Louis PHILLIPI, J.P. SIE??, D.B. VEAZEY, and J. J. WILSON.
WILSON attempted  to express a great deal of gratitude to the members of Shekinah Lodge for
assisting him when he was sick, but said nothing about how he had repaid the Hillsboro members for ??? service

Wanted, at once, a housekeeper, single or married woman, without children - can give

employment to husband. Family small and a good home to a deserving woman, and good wages.

References required. Address H. W. DOUGLASS?, Pevely, Mo.

Seckmann, MO, Apr 20 -  

The boys from Glaize Creek came to give our merchant ?? but they came too soon. He was married on Thursday and they turned out that night and did not find him at home. They gave Mr. STAAT? the blacksmith, a round with their bells, pans, horns and other ? When they learned that our merchant arrived Friday with his bride, they started out again, but he had gone on a visit to some of his friends, so they only found Mr. STAAT? again.They left with angry threats to catch him if it took them a month, and to make him pay for it when they did catch him. Saturday night they returned again and saw no lights, but began to ring their bells and toot their horns, and our merchant ran out and helped them awhile, after which he asked them what they wanted.  They
demanded three kegs of beer. He offered them one keg of bock, which he had in the house. but at first they refused to accept any less? quantity than three kegs, but they afterwards concluded it was better to take what was offered, than to go home with nothing. So, after drinking and turning on the music ?? the  boys went home in a good humor. Hope they will have better luck next time. The heavy rains damaged the wheat crop, and it is too wet to plant potatoes.
We saw our Deputy Constable passing here and going to 
Hillsboro jail with some young men of this township. If they are guilty with what they stand charged,  we hope the devil will get his dues. Our merchant treated the boys to a keg of bock beer yesterday, and the Seckman band made ?? ?? while the beer was being disposed of. The band is progressing quite nicely under the instruction of their teacher.

[AD - Dr. DROMGOOLE'S English Female Bitters.]

100 colonies of Bees for sale, at one dollar per colony.  Send hives soon to J. R. DOVER, Victoria, MO.

Farms Wanted
Large and small farms in all the counties of Southeast Missouri Jefferson county farms preferred.  BAKEWELL & Co.

Sulphur Springs
James SWEENEY has moved his family  upon the farm he recently leased.


William WHEELING?  moved his family to this town ???? ????? ?????  one of us.

Mesdames GOVERO and JAMES have gone on a visit to
Cornwall, Madison county, Mo.

Strother BURGESS fell into the
Mississippi river, the other day while attempting to get into a skiff 

Miss Ida MASON visited friends at Pevely, and Miss Katie  B??ing  has been entertaining her friend, Miss Alta LEPP, of Vineland.

William SCHMIDT and Miss Emma BLACK were married on the 27th last, at the groom's home. Many attended and a good time was had.

Died, at her home on Glaze creek. Mrs. Gertrude SCHMIDT, mother of William SCHMIDT, on the 27th inst., aged 47 years, 4 months and 22 days. She was an old resident of this county, and leaves eight children.  Sulphur Springs,
April 28, 1890

Crystal and Festus
The little boy born to William ?????? a few days ago, of which  ?? I reported died Sunday morning  of ??????.

I understand that my literate friend, Mr. H?? the jeweler, is contemplating building a new cottage this summer. If this contemplation means anything, it surely means ??

Herman MEYERS, quite an amiable young man, will leave us ??  ?? to engage in the wagon-making  business in a shop on Franklin avenue, St. Louis, and that is good for Herman, the ????? 


No Sir, Patty, we did not ???? and ???? at Miller's that Sunday. Who would do that on Sunday?  Your conclusion in last J. D was wrong and to convince you we shall go out and do the thing over.

Please tell Mr. Aaron MOORE? the farm hand to repair the stiles over the  company's fence at
Crystal, so that the workmen and children may pass over them without risk of life when going to church or school.

Furnace No. 1 and casting ball No. 3 have been shut down for repairs. Many of the men are laid off, and some of them will  shake the dust of
Crystal off their feet and go to Indiana. God's speed to the boys.

Steve CAMPBELL had a lock of hair sent him from 
Potosi, last week, but could not make out the color. He asked me so I pronounced them auburn. "No, by giminee" he said, "They are  red."  But anyhow, he went down yesterday, to ask the fair wearer all about it.

I am now preparing a subscription list to raise funds to present Old ??? the weather clerk at
Washington, with a  weather medal. He announced fair weather for Missouri every day last week. Didn't he hit it,  though, only in the saloons there was a liitle dry season.

I do so regret that we lose one good man after another at the glass works. Harry  (Henry?) 
PEYTON and John BEATTY are next on the list. BEATTY goes to ?? and PEYTON goes to
Kokomo, Indiana this week.

When "Little Patty" was here last I told him to send the J. D. to my daughter in
St. Louis and this is the answer I received form her, "I got the paper, and thank you for your kindness. It was a surprise to me. I could not imagine who sent me it. I like it very much; it is a nice paper, and I am
well pleased with it.

Mr. John KRAUSS, the bock beer magnate of ???  brewery was in town last week. His name is very suggestive of "grouser" but the grouse season being over, he was not in danger of being shot and stuffed with oysters or ??   But maybe a mug of "old bock" was shot down to the ??? of the vitality ?? of ?? our gentleman of leisure.

Now, we can go it again. Festus is  ?? and under a
new city board, and it was done last Monday.

The Negroes, for some months, have had quite a carnival under my neighbors saloon on off nights and the whole ??? were the "???" on earth. Like boys they would always find a hole to crawl through into the old tenspin alley to shoot craps. Today, Poley AUBUCHON put a stop to it by handing keys to the tenants to lock the dilapidated doors of the "??" Poley thinks the Negroes must go, or at least keep out.

Bro. FLYNN of the Bonne Terrre Democrat, was in town today. He did not come to see me, and I think that that is not proper regard shown a contemporary. I hope Bro. FLYNN does not carry his politics around with him.  


The horsethief, who was ?? in this place by Constable MORRAN and two other gentleman, 

and of whom I spoke two weeks ago, has been run down and is now meditating over his sins

in the Clayton, St. Louis county jail. He barely escaped lynching, by strategy of the Constable

who hurried him through a rear door of Squire ??'s at Sappington, (rest unreadable) 

Beginning of article unreadable....Rev. BLAIR found Joachim creek too high to be forded

and drove his team over the cement bridge. When about midway down came a ?? car on the ?? onto the bridge, as it struck the wagon, the tongue was splintered and the horses were dragged a considerable distance before the car came to a halt. The horses were badly bruised and the driver received a severe gash in the forehead and face. It is only a wonder that the whole outfit was not ??? down into the creek, a distance of about forty feet.

Last Sunday evening there was a fight between two Negroes, around the corner. One was a yaller nigger and the other was a brown. The yaller one had a pistol and the brown one two rocks. The yaller nigger said, "I shoot you!" and the brown nigger said, "Shoot yaller brindle dog; I've got two agin one: Then the yaller nigger thought two against one was too much and he cleared the barbed wire fence of our park with a surplus of ten feet of space beneath  him. And then,  when the blood spilling lectures was over, I went down to the brown nigger and whispered, "It's he, who fights and runs away, will live to fight another day." He ?? and so did I

Dr. A. P. BOOTH will lecture next week before the psychology ??  

List of conveyances
Filed with the  Recorder during the week ending last Tuesday

Anna  POPE? to  Aaron  ??? , lot in De Soto

J. W. FLETCHER  to J. R. QUIGLEY two lots in DeSoto


 J. ?. BAKEWELL to ????  C. GRAYSON 

Sarah A. HOPSON   to John HOPSON, two lots in
De Soto.

Ferd BURKHARDT to Louis YATES same land 

Louis YATES to Charles NELSON

Julia ????? to M. C. JENNINGS

M. F. BYRNE to Edward SALE

Elizabeth SCHMIDT to Frederick Henry SCHMIDT?, 150 acres,


S. W. CRAWFORD  to G. W. JONES, two lots in De Soto

J. R. HARRIS? to S. W. CRAWFORD, two lots in
De Soto

W. A.  MEDLEY  to J??? GREY and ?????? lot in ????

Probate Court
Term  docket of the Probate court of Jefferson county. 

Monday, First Day 

Estate                              Adm. or Guard.  
Aquilla H. COLE              S.T. AUBUCHON
Henry GROB                   ?
Elizabeth MEAD               S. R. MEAD
Louis BOGGE                  Louisa BOGGE

[...?...]                               ? KLEINSCHMIDT
Julia VINYARD                 ?

Tuesday, Second Day
Elias BURGESS         Elijah BURGESS
[...?...]                         E. W. COLE
John  BAILEY             Catharine BAILEY
[...?...]                         [...?...]
[...?...]                         Sullivan FRAZIER

[...?...]                         Patrick KAVANAUGH
John J. KLENN?
        Elizabeth KLENN?

?LORENZ                  ?LORENZ
MARTIN                     Samuel WASHBURN

Samuel MARSDEN    Sullivan FRAZIER 
[...?...]                         William BRACKMANN?
[...?...]                         Steven H PERRY 
John [...?...]                John [...?...]
Thomas [...?...]           [...?...]
James R. MCCULLOCH      [...?...]

Wednesday, Third Day
[...?...]                Henry D. ACHTER

[...?...] ZIEGLER?       [...?...]