Past Commanders Veterans of Foreign Wars

Jefferson County Post 3777

From 50 year Anniversay booklet "We Remember"

Transcribed by Lisa K. Gendron



1940-41                       Edward Null

1941-42                       Homer B. Graig

1942-43                       Fred J. Speidel

1943-44                       Robert Dunn

1946-47                       William B. Milfelt

1947-48                       Alfred H. Decker

1948-49                       Wilbert J. Reed

1949-50                       Earl Toulouse

1950-51                       Davis Fite

1951-52                       Clifford Hardin

1952-53                       John H. Burns

1953-54                       Bernard Pratt

1954-55                       Walter G. Bachmann

1956-57                       Pershing Govero

1957-58                       Luther Squires

1959-60                       Victor Lucas

1961-62                       Robert Howard

1962-63                       John G. Wilson

1963-64                       George L. Covington

1965-66                       Ernest Elliott

1967-68                       Milton Greenstreet

1968-69                       Robert Clark

1970-71                       Joseph Sliz

1971-72                       William Dorsey

1975-76                       Floyd Dunham

1977-78                       Dave Engel

1978-79                       Donald P. Crump

1980-81                       William J. Reich

1981-82                       James A. Polk

1982-83                       Daymond L. Harned

1985-86                       James H. McPeters

1988-89                       Lindze Johnston


Ladies Auxiliary Past Presidents


Pearl Null

Irene Fite

Myrtle Allen

Mariann Burns

Hazel Allen

Elaine Buachman

Verdie Boyne

Henrietta Covington

Sue Sliz

Wanda Covington

Ethel Howard

Ivah Todd

Melba Greenstreet

Fay Dunham

Mary Sue Roberts

Mabel Carrow

Delores Engel

Pauline McDaniel

Donna Reich

Mary Johnson

Inez Fischer

Barbara Amsdon

Virginia Hill

Mary Elliott


"Honor the dead by helping the living"



The Veteran's of Foreign Wars was organized in 1913. Organization of Jefferson County Memorial Post #3777 was initiated on November 25, 1938. Russell Kamper was appointed organizer, and on January 26, 1939 a charter was issued. The first muster was held on March 12, 1939. They began in a small room in the old Crystal City building, and later in the Masonic Hall above the E&D Room in Festus. On August 6, 1948 the membership voted in favor of purchasing "Hill-billy Park" that at one time had been called Lucas Lake. The parcel of land now called VFW Park contained 13.8 acres. Meetings continued to be held in the Masonic Hall until June, 1954, when they then moved to the present property, VFW Park. Meetings were held in a small building (Tarpaper Shack) across the lake while construction began on the new basement. The first meeting was held there on December 3, 1955 and served as the post home until 1956 when the building was completed. Additions of the bar and game room were completed by 1973.