Jefferson County Historical Society


Delinquent Taxpayers in Jefferson County, Missouri - 1833

From the Jeffersonian Republican, February 22, 1834

as reported in the St. Louis Genealogical Society newsletter


This land was offered for sale by the state with the proviso that delinquent owners could reclaim it by paying the taxes and a fee.


John Bivin & Peter Lindle (Joachim Creek)

William Clark (Merimeck River)

John Dowling heirs (Merimeck River

Frederick Dent (Joachim Creek)

William Eastep heirs (Big River)

William Harris (Isle du Bois)

Augustus Jones (Big River)

John Kerr (Merimeck River)

Lawson Lovering (Merimeck River)

John Iveland heirs (Isle du Bois)

Charles Peck (Joachim Creek)

Daniel D. Page (Sandy Creek)

William Russell (several parcels)

Isaac Roberts (Joachim Creek)

George F. Strother (Joachim Creek)

Alfred Skinner (Sandy Creek)

Hardy Ware representatives (Merimeck River)

Guy Morrison (town lot Herculaneum)

Samuel Perry ex. (town lot Herculaneum)

Ann Webster (town lot Herculaneum)

Robert Wash (town lot Herculaneum)