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Slave owners in 1860, taken from:

Slave Inhabitants in District No. 42, being in the county of Jefferson, Missouri.

Transcribed by Lisa K. Gendron


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John H. Morse

Madison Graham

James McCulloch

Ephriam Wilson

John M. Wilson

Francis Williams

C. S. Beeler

James Wideman

John Carney

Willard Frissell

James Couch

James McCane

James Williams

Ellen Cragg

Calvin Johnston

Moses F. White

Willis S. Martin

John Alerson

Washington Craig

James McKeen

Meredith Williams

Meredith Rodgers

D. L. Huskey

James Hensley

John Herrington

Delafayette Huskey

F. Hagan

Charles Vinyard

Henry Miller

T. R. Bruce

L. J. Rankin

James A. Beal

Edward Cotter

Alexander Haile

Charles S. Rankin

G. M. McNutt

Josiah Craft

Jack Brighton

David Bryant

James L. Dunklin

Henry Snoden

James Foster

Sam Nicks

In trust for the heirs

Elizabeth Horine

William Herrington

Dr. William West

Joshua Herrington

Mary A. Burgess

L. O'Donald

Samuel G. Swan

Charles G. Warne

John S. Deadrick

Robert Gamel

A. Lee

John Stroup

Stephen Osborn

P. H. Buren

Ann M. Woodson

Caroline Smith

Landon Williams

Thornton Jarvis

Flemming Hensley

William Hensley

C. H. Kerckoff

V. J. Spalding

Phillip Helterbrand

Laiborn Pruitt

Duiguid Pitzer

Phillip Watkins

Arthur C. North

Peter M. Brown

James S. Brown

Louis C. Wilson

Ira I. Drake

T. L. Donel

William Weaver

J. R. England

R. G. Wagner

Mary E. Lee

Wilson Weaver

Toby Wiatt

Samuel Mead

B. B. Byrd

J. F. McCarty

A. H. Cole

John W. Tullock

Eliza McCormack

E. F. Donnell

K. S. Thomas ??

Ferdanan Kennett

J. B. Dover

James Steward

James Burgess

Lewis Waters

Latitia Waters

T. W. Floyd

D. M. Cooper

Malinda Raiburg

Elizabeth Southerland

Peter Frederisee

A. K. Wellson

John Richardson

Ellen Richardson

Marshal Price

Anderson Bolds

In trust for minor heirs

James Thomas

John O'Fallon Jr.

William O'Fallon

Charles O'Fallon

Emely O'Fallon

J. F. Smith

Augustus Pernard

J. B. Cox

Francis M. Roberts

Francis H. Pratte

F. C. Rozier, Felix Rozier, Fermin Rozier, Felix Valle, Francis H. Pratte, agent

Francis C. Rozier

Felix Rozier

Felix Valle

James Ranson, adm. of the estate of Wm. Katon? Francis H. Pratte employer

William Lemaster

Eliel Donnell

Salathiel Cole

John C. Cole

Sarah Board

Leander Mitchel

James L. Williams

J. D. Heret

C. B. Fletcher

J. M. McCormack

A. Parkhurst

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