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Slave owners in 1850, taken from:

Slave Inhabitants in District No. 42, being in the county of Jefferson, Missouri.

Transcribed by Lisa K. Gendron


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Philip Pipkin

L. J. Rankin

Est. of B. G. Martin

Mary L. Williams

James A. Beal

James Terel

John Patten

Willis F. Martin

L. Bolduc

John Carney

Danl. Eastwood

James Williams

M. Wideman

Jno. Herrington Sr.

Polly Boyd

Thos. J. North

James L. Brown

Peter M. Brown

Mary A. B. New

Edmund Sale

J. D. P. Thompson

John G. Greer

Geo. A. Smith

Elizabeth Hale

Anderson Boles

Merril Parke

Stephen Smith

Wm. L. Pipkin

Jno. Richardson

Peter Frederica

Geo Sutherland

F. Raborg

James McCollock

Jno. R. Campbell

Est. of J. M. White

Louis Reynard

Est. of Wm. Keyton

Est. of James Donnell

Sarah Berry

Est. of James Donnell

Andrew Fight

Est. of James Donnell

R. G. Waggener

James M. Brooks

Henry Skaggs

S. T. Renfro

John Cole

B. B. Byrd

W. G. Walker

James Hensley

Fleming Hensley

Wm. Hensley

Henry Edner

Thornton Jarvis

James Thomas

Aaron Quick

Margaret Kendal

Valentine Stine

S. Richardson

John Richardson

Letitia Waters

Jno. E. Cowen

Sophia McBride

Joshua Herrington

Wm. West

Isaac Cadwallader

Emily Dunklin

Eliza Dunklin

Jane C. Dunklin

J. L. Dunklin

Sophia McBride

C. S. Rankin

M. S. Fletcher

A. Lafoon

Eliza Clark

G. A. Ellis

W. Herrington

F. H. Martin

Thomas M. Horine

Robert Gamble

Delilia A. Geiger

J. Hollingworth

James R. England

W. S. How

W. S Boyce

Samuel Skeel

Giles Lee

P. H. Buren

Joshua Patterson

Stephen Shore

S. B. Stong

Alfred Mitchell

Joseph Moon

Jefferson Boards

Jonathan Smith

H. Haverstick

J. B. Valle

F. B. Valle

Felix Valle

Jules Valle

F. Rozier

Firmin Rozier

John F. Brown

F. B. Valle

John C. Cole

Cynthia McCormack

John Dunklin

S. F. Dunklin

Est. John Perry

L. J. W. Lee

Wm. L. Lamaster

Eliel Donnell

Willis Hopson

W. J. Williams

Edward Butler

J. L. Williams

Est. James Donnell

S. Osborn

Hannah Morris

John Hearst

H. S. Mitchell

James Couch

Edward Cotter

H. A. Honey

John Stroup

Ann M. Woodson

F. J. Smith

John Hammond

Landon Williams

Josiah Craft

Henry Snowden

V. J. Spalding

Est. L. Cooley

Jefferson Board

Est. J. H. Alfords

Alexander Hale

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