The following interview was from a 1975 assignment given to students at JEFFERSON COUNTY JUNIOR COLLEGE in Hillsboro, MO. They were to select a longtime resident of the county and ask them a prepared list of questions about their recollections of their family's experiences in the county.


†††††† †††††† Interview with Nola Propst of De Soto Mo.



Ivr:You're Nola. Nola Propst? How†† longhave†† you†† lived†† in†† Jefferson†† County†† now?†††††††††††††††


Ive:†† Well,††† from†† 1919,††† let's†† see,†† 1928†† we†† moved†† to†† Crystal†† City.


Ivr:1928. Have†† you†† lived†† out†† in†† this†† area....out†† here†† off†† the†† JJ†† Road†† here....††††††††


Ive:†† Since†† 1927,††† 37,††† 1937.


Ivr:Have†† you†† seen,living†† outhere†† this†† long,†† seen†† quite†† a bit†† of†† difference†† in†† the†† populationasfast as†† this area people moving in or moving out?


Ive:††††† Oh†† yes,†† quite†† a†† bit,†† quite†† a†† few†† of†† them,†† big†† difference††††††††††††††


Ivr: When†† would†† you†† say†† the†† change†† as†† far†† as†† people†† starting to†† move†† in†† the†† area†† took†† place?


Ive:††††††† Oh†† I'll†† say†† about†† 1935†† orsomething†† like†† that.


Ivr: You†† mean†† it's†† been growingever since†† 1935?


Ive :†† Yeah.


Ivr:You†† think†† the†† last ten years, maybefifteen years†† it's seemed like†† the†† people's†† been†† on†† more†† of†† a†† move†† to†† moveout of the area.


Ivr†††† For†† this†† area?

Ive:†† †† Every†† year,†† every†† year†† our†† taxes†† go†† up.

Ivr:††† I ††know†† you†† live†† out†† of†† the†† city†† limits†† here†† and†† everything

Ive:†† Yes,†† it's†† been†† quite†† a bit†† ofbuilding†† out†† in†† here since then

Ivr:††† Doyou†† think†† most†† of†† the†† people thatlive around this areawork in the city or do they farm out in this area?

Ive:†† Well†† the†† majority†† of†† them yes,work in St. Louis†† in the†† cities,

Ivr:††† What†† do†† you†† think,†† what†† doyou think the reason the people move out in this area?

Ive:†† Well,†† I,†† I†† would†† think,†† I've talked to†† several different ones†† and†† they†† seem†† to†† think†† it's†† cheaper†† living†† out†† inthe†† country†† than†† it†† is†† in†† the†† city,

Ivr:††† If†† youhad†† togoback†† towork,†† now I know you're†† retired, wouldyou†† think†† you'dwantto†† live†† out†† in†† this†† area†† or wouldyoumove?


Ive -. Oh†† yeah ,


Ivr:††† Youwouldn't†† move†† in†† closer†† to†† the†† city?


Ivr:What do you think are some of the needs that Jefferson County needs out here as a result of all these people moving in out here that would kind of help it out?



IveWell, I really wouldn't know what we need, but I do know that the taxes and everything are going†† up.

Ivr: You think thetaxesareprettyreasonable nowor†† do†† you think they're toohigh?


Ive:††††††† Well, I†† think†† they're†† toohigh.

Ivr:†† Forthis†† area?


Ive:†† Everyyear, every year our†† taxes†† go†† up.

Ivr:†† I†† know†† you†† live†† out†† of†† the†† city†††††† limits†† here†† and†† everything you think thereís anything as far as your tax money should be maybe spent on as far as roads or anything in this area that could improve this area?


Ive:Well,†† as†† far†† as†† the†† roads,†† like†† I†† say,†† they've†† got†† goodroads. They've†† improved†† them†† every†† year,†† blacktopped†† them.


Ivr:††††††††††† All these people out in this area, or in Jefferson County, they, you think itís good or bad?

Ive:††††††††††† I think itís good myself.


Ivr:†††††††††††† Do you think crime has gone up any in the last five or ten years due to?


Ive:††††† Well,†† I†† think†† it†† has,†† yes.


Ivr:††††† Have you had any personal experience with people stealing anything from you out in this area?


Ive: No, not here I haven't.Well, when we first started to build a house they, we had the foundation in and we bought it from Hill-Behan and they brought it down on a Friday and of course Pon was the nephew was building the house.And they worked over here, I was working Saturday And they worked over here Saturday putting the framework up and they got the rafters up and we was going to put the shingling up Sunday and I came up here Sunday morning and they wasn't nothing up there.Everything was gone.


Ivr: Done, done took it away?


Ive: Yeah, oh everything was, plywood and all.


Ivr: Do they have any zoning out in this area at all? Restrictions of any kind?


Ive: Oh yeah.


Ivr: They†† do?


Ive: Yes.


Ivr: Doyouhave†† any†† comments†† on†† them?††††† Do†† you†† think†† they're good††

or†† need†† tobe†† improved?


Ive: Well,†† I†† don't†† know†† too†† much†† about†† it,†† but Iknowwe didn'thave too,I†† didn'thave too much dealings withit for†† I†† started†† my†† house†† before†† this†† zoningwent†† in.††††

I poured†† my,†† foundation and then I went on up with it and I didn't have to get no permit.


Ivr: I'll†† be†† durn.Do†† you†† know†† anything†† about†† the†† Meramec Basin†† Project?


Ive: No.


Ivr: Or†† the†† Jefferson†† County†† Port†† Authority?


Ive: No,††† I†† don'tknow†† anything†† about†† it,


Ivr: When†† you†† first†† moved†† out†† in†† this†† area,†† you†† say youwere about†† 17†† years†† old?


Ive: No,†† outhere.


Ivr: No,†† I†† mean†† into†† Jefferson†† County.


Ive: Yeah.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


Ivr:Where did you live at that time?


Ive:Crystal City.


Ivr:Is that right after you went to work at Pittsburgh?


Ive:Yeah, Pittsburgh.


Ivr.- Did you have a car then?


Ive: Well no, I didn't, but later on I bought a Model A.


Ivr:Did you buy a new one or a used one?


Ive:No, a used one.


Ivr: Do†† you†† remember†† what†† you†† give†† for†† it?


Ive:think†† it†† was†† about†† $200,†† itwas†† used.††††† Itwas†† my†† dad's and†† I†† bought†† it†† fromhim.


Ivr: Crystal†† City†† pretty†† wellhad†† allpaved†† streets†† atthat†† time were'nt†† they?

Ive†† No,

Ivr:†††††† Mostly†† dirt?


Ive: Some†† of†† themwas†† dirt†† andblacktop.

Ivr:††††† ††Yeah.††††† Were†† they†† pretty†† rough†† going?


Ive:††††††† Well,†† the†† back,†† back†† alley†† streets†† was,†† yes.††††† But†† Main Street I think was concrete at that time,

IvrDid you ever get stuck with your Model A?

Ive: ††No.


Ivr:††††††† Never†† did†† havenoproblem?

Ive:†††††††††† No,††††† no.

Ivr:††††† Can†† you†† remember†† the†† first†† time†† you†† went†† to†† St.Louis?

Ive:††††† Well†† I,†† I†† can†† tell†† pretty†† close .Itwas†† summernear round †††† 1931†† I†† guess.


Ivr:††††††† Do†† you†† remember†† what†† the†† reason†† of†† the†† trip†† was?


Ive:†††††††† Well, my brother-in-law lived up in St. Louis and he didnít have any car and I went up and got him and brought them down and then I ††††††††† took them back.


Ivr:††††††††† How long did it take you to make the trip?


Ive:†††††††† Oh, on Sunday evening it took about an hour and a half. Or two ††††† hours cause the traffic was so heavy sometimes youíd just have to stop dead still.


Ivr:††††††††† Is that right?Going from Crystal City to St. Louis at that time?Iíll ††† be durn.


Ive:†††††††† Yeah.