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The following index contains links to our historical society newsletter, which was sent to members on a quarterly basis. Many society members contributed articles to the paper, and it contains an abundance of history pertaining to our county. We are now presenting the newsletters here on our website for your enjoyment. We hope you find them interesting!

Index by Jerry McKee & Lisa K. Gendron


1985    SPRING                                                                      

            Scales of Justice                                                        

            President's Corner - Fletcher House                                                 


1985    SUMMER                                                                     

            Mastodon State Park                                                 

            Old Herculaneum cemetery                                                  

            Charles Rankin                                              

            Genealogical Help Needed                                                    

            Drowsing & Divining                                                


1985    WINTER                                                             

            1904 World's Fair Corn Palace                                                         

            World Fair Committee requests appropriation                                                        

            Missouri's corn palace          

            Genealogical Tips--names    

            Mastodon State Park 

            Fletcher House--Christmas   

            Platters donated to Fletcher House   

            Christmas Open House Fletcher house       


1986    SPRING              

            Sight seeing--Ste Genevieve, St Mary’s, Perryville 7 others

            Annual Membership meeting

            Fletcher House barn  


1986    AUGUST                    

            Red Smith & Mary Susan Coleman Tigert   

            Trails west showing  

            Rock Township cemetery records


1987    JULY                                                    

            President's Report                                         

            Coming programs                                                                  

            Isabelle "Pete" Madison Von Lon--"A Wasp"     

            Fletcher House Report                                                                      

            Log book, Maid of Orleans


1987    FALL                                                   

            Plank Road presentation by Gertrude Zimmer                               

            Fletcher house                                               

            Daniel Dunklin 1790-1844                                        

            The Bootheel                                     


            Records housed at DeSoto Library                                     

            Herrington cemetery                                     

            Genealogy Buffs Relationship Chart                                           

            Logbook of the steamboat "Maid of Orleans." (continued from previous issue)


1987    WINTER                                                                                  

            Jefferson County - Lost or Gone                                                                   

            Genealogical Helper                                                              

            The President's page                                                              

            Yearly Dues                                                               

            Heritage & Land Mark  1891 - 1931                                                            

            Genealogy collection                                                            

            Early County Newspapers                                                                 


1988    MARCH           

            Boyhood on Crystal Heights, Chicken Hill & Butterfly area           

            Jefferson College History Room

            Old House of Memories, Old Red Brick Plantation House

            Joshua Herrington

            Herrington Family Tree

            Logbook of the Steamboat "Maid of Orleans"

            Victoria School  1904 (Picture)

            Take Note


1988    SUMMER

            Mastodon State Park Tour

            The Story of the Cradle

            Genealogy Report

            Boyhood on Crystal Heights, Chicken Hill & the Butterfly Area, Chapter 2

            Jefferson Republic Newspaper 1973 - Photo Fletcher House


1988    FALL                                                                           

            Bingham's Missouri Performance                                                                

            Fletcher House report

            Ozark's Watch Society formed



1989    SPRING                                                                                  

            Letter - Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation

            Old Settlers Reunions records housed at Missouri Historical Society

            Old Settler's Constitution

            Names in early Minutes of the Old Settlers                                                            

            Annual Membership meeting                                                           

            Fletcher House barn                                                              


1992    FALL                         

            Historical presentation Commission plans               

            House Springs Second Annual Demaree                   

            Jefferson Heritage & Landmark Society Meeting               

            De Soto Historical Society - Pictorial History                    

            Hematite flour mill               

            75th anniversary for Missouri State Parks & Historic Sites                                                            

            Weingarten - Prisoner of war camp erected                                                            

            Report of wheat & oats thrashed   

            The Jefferson Democrat Aug 30, 1875 - School Directors                                                               


1993    JANUARY                                                                      

            Indian Burial Sites                                                                 

            Reminiscence of History of Jefferson County, Jefferson Democrat 1870

            Indian Grave, Kimmswick - The Democrat 1878                                                                

            Legend of the Indian Pipes   

            Mentions of Indians in Jefferson County Missouri Newspapers 1870                                                                   

            Missouri Indian Tribes                                                                      


1993    APRIL                                                                  

            Rest in Peace - Tombstones                                                        

            Legends can be dug up at local cemeteries -  Bertha Gifford

            Memories to the Dead - Jefferson Democrat March 1872

            Did You Know?

            Body Snatchers

            Unfenced  graveyards  Jefferson Democrat March 1867

            Robert Coxwell, Undertaker

            Sunnyside Graveyard - Jefferson Democrat January 1878

            William J. Kirk, Undertaker           

            Fred Heiligtag - Undertaker

            John W. Bement - Undertaker

            Advertisements: De Soto Marble Works, Louis Rieber, John Heller, Henry Brimmer, John Schneider, DeSoto Undertaking


1993    JULY         

            Letter from the Editor

            Board of Directors Meeting

            Selma Hall - Kennett's Castle: Family Names - Smith, White, Frost, Brent, Deaderick, Farrar

            Daughters of American Revolution     DAR



1993    OCTOBER 

            Frank Magre Day

            The Democrat  1885- Doctors - Taylor, Miller, Bruce, Brookes, Horn

            Indian Artifact Presentation, Charles Zimmerman

            Private wells, Cisterns

            Outdated Medical terminology


            Advancement in Medicine

            Diseases--smallpox, and other

            November 1918 - Influenza Proclamation

            Jefferson County Obituaries - Berkley, Morris, Parks, Koerner

            Advertisements: Festus Drug, Dr. T.J. Jones, Druggist C.H. Bainbridge, Druggist W.H. Farrar,


1994    JANUARY                                   

            Missouri Archeological Society formed in Jefferson County                     

            A Lost Dog  1876                  

            St. Louis Iron Mountain Railroad                 

            War action on the railroad                

            I Been Working of the Railroad  

            Various Jefferson Democrat articles about events and accidents on the railroad, 1875, 1879, 1882, 1883, 1886                 

            Obituaries, Lou Kelly, James Fulcher, Henry Grob, Felix Williams


1994    APRIL                              

            Cemetery Research               

            School Days (teacher listings)

            1886 Jefferson Democrat, The Economy school desk, manufactured and sold by Gust Hamel

            Article written (1885, 1886) by John Thompson McMullin about the early schools of Jefferson Co.

            Article (1949) by Ross Shannon, Early Days of Rush Tower         


1994    JULY                                 


            Mob Law in Jefferson County

            Jefferson Democrat 1878, Mary A. Dean murdered her children (McKee, Vinyard)

            Jefferson Democrat 1880, Murder of Andrew Wilson and Martha Shultz (McAnally, Huskey)            

            Jefferson Democrat 1881, Murder of Anson Vail (Marsden, Meyer)

            Jefferson Democrat 1881, Murder of Joseph Yerger (Spradling, Drentel, Wilson, Thistle, Rogers)

            The Marsden Trial

            Jefferson Democrat 1884, Murder of Bonacker (Glatt, Horan)

            Advertisements: Yeida, Englebach, Hamel, Klenn, Wynn, Smith, Hacke, Williams, Miller         


1994    NOVEMBER                                                                                

            Fletcher House`          

            Genealogy Workshop

            Four Legged Chicken

            Hanover Post Office 1876                                                            

            Hanover/Bailey Station: (Warne, Bailey, Howe, Donnell, Conner, Varnum, Easton, Crawford, Whitehead, Jennings, Baker, Warner, Lee, Palmer,

            Angell, Turley, Null, England, Malloy, McRill, Withington, Waggener, Berry, Harrison, Goully, Posten, Brands, Schaefer,   Smith)                                                                     

            Harrison Lake                                                              

            England/Harrison Family Cemetery

            Obituary Reuben Waggener 1884                                                             


1995    FEBRUARY                                                                              

            McCormack, A pioneer Family   

            The Old Red Brick Plantation House  

            James McCormack Cemetery

            Obituary Hardy McCormack 1872                                                               

            Marriages from the diary of James McCormack (1822-1849)                                                                 

            Deaths from the diary of James McCormack (1822-1849) 

            Letter from Reed McCormack to his brother Mitchell McCormack (history of Plattin Methodist Church)

            Descendants of Peter Patrick McCormack                                                           

            Additions and Corrections--Descendants of Peter Patrick McCormack

            Correction Cemetery Listing                                                            


1995    MAY                                                                              

            The Civil War

            Dispatches to/from Major General A.J. Smith & Major General W.S. Rosecrans (DeSoto)                                                            

            Aftermath of War - Loyalty Oath

            Exemption Act of 1863 (includes list of "southern sympathizers" who paid tax)

            Soldiers meeting 1866

            Pensioners 1884


1995    AUGUST 

            Cemetery Searches

            Herrington Family Cemetery

            Huskey Family Cemetery

            McCormack Cemetery

            Bliss Johnson Family Cemetery

            McCormack Cemetery

            Meyer Family Cemetery

            Medley Family Cemetery

            Thompson Family Cemetery

            Vinyard Family Cemetery

            Obituaries; Joshua Herrington, John Huskey, Jacob Meyer, Ann Thompson)


1996    FEBRUARY        

            Village Smithy in Antonia Operating since 1895 (Hoffarth, Reiche)

            Locust Years -Victoria 1902

            Lynx - August 1878 (Johnston, Wilson, Moss)

            Unclaimed letters at the Hillsboro Post Office 1866 (list of names)

            Derby City Meteorite - December 1883


1996    JUNE       

            Images of the Past - Photographs, Tintypes, Ferrotypes, Daguerreotype, Ambrotypes

            Early Jefferson County Marriages

            Goldman's oldest citizen (1949) Mrs. Lily Marsden


1997    MARCH  

            Indian Graveyards & Remains, Big River, Plattin Rock

            Cemetery Findings (Tucker, Martin, McCormack, McMullin, Porter, Hunt)

            Grave Stone Recordings

            Old Naming Patterns

            Our Nations History of the Web


1998    JANUARY                                                                               

            McMullin Cemetery

            Tullock Cemetery

            Memories of Bailey School

            Jefferson County Place Names                                                              

            Jefferson County From the Beginning - Archeology                                                                      

            Jarvis Cemetery History                                                                   


1998    JUNE                                                                                

            Death of Craig Fosterling                                                                 

            Minutes of Old Settler's Committee  September 1910

            Obituary Mary A. Cable - 1896  

            Outside Your Back Door - Lead Mines                              

            War Survivors 1869-1870                                

            Mapping History                               

            Henley House (Shelton, Horine, Adams, Donnell, Marsden)  Hensley?                  



1998    SEPTEMBER                                         

            Maid of Orleans - Riverboat Captain John W. Honey                                  

            Obituaries: Elias F. Honey, Mary M. Williams

            Smith - Williams Cemetery

            Outside your Back Door - More information (Honey, Blair, Bates, Bell, Marsden, Hall, Frazier, Adams, Ogle)

            Picture of Steamboat Maid of Orleans


1999    FEBRUARY                                            

            The Democrat  February 23, 1883 - Hanover, Rockfort Hill - soap

            The Democrat February 1875 - Lee Mines (Mammoth, Stelbrink)

            Matilda Wideman, daughter of Henry                             

            George Francis Gamble & associated family                                

            Top ten ways to Know You're addicted to Genealogy                                 

            Stafford Cemetery                             


1999    MAY       

            Old Settlers Association

            Introducing Charlotte

            Neely Pauper Cemetery

            Paupers Burial in Hillsboro Cemetery

            Old Settlers List  Jefferson County, Missouri (list of names, when joined, came from, died)

            Jefferson County--Trivia


1999    OCTOBER           

            Excerpts from Old Settlers Minutes  September 10, 1898

            Progress of Railroad Depots - 1867






            Sulphur Springs                                                                     


            De Soto 

            Organization of the Jefferson County Emigration Society 1866

            Selling Jefferson County - 1880  (description of selling points of the county)



2000    JANUARY                                                                       

            Mystery of Glenfinlas                                                                       

            Historic Sites Lost in Jefferson County between 1970-1985

            Preaching to the Choir - cemetery vandalism

            Outside your backdoor, Again - Lead mines

            Newspapers from the "Good old Days"

            A Few Famous personages of Jefferson County, Missouri

            County Newspapers


2000    APRIL     

            You Never Know - Searching Deed books

            Correction - Glenfinlas article (Mammoth Mines)

            Petition For the Creation of Jefferson County - 1818

            Records Trace Development of County From Its Founding (1940)

            Why was Centennial 22 years Late?

            County Seat moved to Hillsboro

            County Centennial Articles & Letters

            Funeral Industry Progressed slowly

            De Soto weekly Facts  January 9, 1896

            Graves at Home of Louise Cole

            Bella Gamba or Lucas Cemetery

            Isaac Stroud Baker Cemetery

            Hematite Cemetery

            Ogle-Null Cemetery


2000    SEPTEMBER     

            Sixth Annual Reunion Old Settlers Association 1897

            Another Piece of History - Adoptions

            1907 Jefferson County Directory

            Sale of Village Lots in Hanover - 1866

            Jefferson County Abstract Company founded in 1865

            Historical Trivia

            Jefferson County Farm Information 1866-1920

            14th Census of the United States 1920 - County Farm

            Thompson Family Cemetery, Obituary Ann. M. Thompson

            McCormack Cemetery - additional stones                                                                   

            Medley Family Cemetery     


2000    DECEMBER

            1900 DeSoto Press Advertisement, Beisbarth Grocery Store Christmas Delicacies

            Election 1898

            Linnville & Oceola

            The Literary Gazette 1918

            Jefferson County Historical Society (history, books for sale)                                                                        


2001    APRIL                                                                              

            Whoooo  Here Comes the Train - St. Louis & Iron Mountain RR                                                              

            Meramec River Bridge                                                                      

            Evangelical Lutheran Cross Church                                                             

            A Hunting You Shall Go - Wills, Probates                                                                    

            Report of Landmarks,  Old Settlers Association 1899

            Interesting City Ordinances  1896                                                                


2001    JULY                                                                            

            1803  Louisiana Purchase                                                                 

            Mt Olive School Book  1910-1911                                                               

            Letter Recalls Vineland Railroad Bridge 1861

            History in the Warranty Deed Books

            Cemetery Records, Huskey, Hale, Steinmetz, Horine, Herrington, Hilpertshauser-Bleiker, Vinyard

            Morse Mill (includes picture 1938)


2001    NOVEMBER       

            Books in the News: John Smith T, Stephen F. Austin

            Glimpse of Slavery in Jefferson County

            Scout Invasion

            1948 Variety Fair Cookbook

            History of Missouri  1888, Methodist Churches of Jefferson County

            German Methodist Church

            Brief History of the Works at the Famous Lee Mines - 1920

            Miller Graveyard

            Independent Friends Cemetery

            Items From the Jefferson Watchman  December 1883


2002    FEBRUARY         

            Highway 21 to be finished soon - 1940

            Captain Frank J. Smith

            Muir Cemetery update

            A Great Big Still in Haunted House - The DeSoto Press 1992

            Map early 1900's

            The Missouri Short-Cut Canal



2002    JUNE      

            1930 Census available

            Rural School Graduation 1917

            1913 Jefferson County

            Additional Adoptions

            Pevely News Items

            Agricultural Statistics of Jefferson County  1910

            Disastrous Train Wreck 1938 - Joachim Creek


2002    DECEMBER       

            J.C.H.S. Report                                              

            François Valle & His World                                     

            Lead Mining in Jefferson County                                         

            Primitive Methods of Early Mining                                     

            Sandy Mines                                      

            Plattin Creek Mines                                      

            Valle Mine Group                                         

            Yankee Diggins                                             

            Howe's Diggins                                             

            The Mammoth-Frumet Group                                              

            Lead Smelting in Jefferson County                                      

            Shot Tower at Herculaneum