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All transcriptions are copyrighted by the Jefferson County Historical Society and are available for your personal use only. They are not to be sold or reproduced for any commercial purpose, or used on any other web site.

Although every effort has been made for accuracy, there is no doubt that mistakes have been made in the process of issuing and transcribing these records. Sometimes the family member gave wrong information to the recorder. Sometimes the physician or coroner misheard or misspelled the information. It is also very hard to read these records from the handwritten documents, so there may be errors in the transcription. 

The original books were loaned to the historical society for recording and are no longer in our possession. Our policy is to present the information just as it was in the funeral home books, even if the information given in the record is incorrect. If you have an actual copy of the funeral home record (not the same as a death certificate) that proves a mistake in our record, please email a copy to the address below and we will make the change. Otherwise, we will not be making physical changes to the records.

However, we fully understand that present day family members would like to submit corrections so that other researchers are aware of the actual facts. Please email any facts that you can prove to the address below. We are providing an alphabetical list for these corrections. When researching your family members, please be sure to check the list provided below to see if anyone has submitted additional information or corrections.

Funeral Home Records - Jefferson County, Missouri

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