September 14, 2019 - Frisco Hill Challenge Event

The Saint Louis Cycling Club began in the early 1900's. In 1919 they began marking their most popular routes with permanent monuments that served as both destinations and memorials. Resembling large tombstones, they were made of red granite and stood four foot high. Two of the four stones vanished, seemingly lost to time.

The Frisco Hill marker was the first and was installed in 1919 at the intersection of Frisco Hill Road and Old Lemay Ferry in Jefferson County, Missouri. It marked the rough but scenic 40 mile route from downtown St. Louis to DeSoto and was the most difficult portion of the section of the ride. A full round trip usually required an overnight stay, and the route was considered a supreme challenge for any bicyclist.

While this monument is one of those that disappeared, the Jefferson County Heritage and Historical Society installed and unveiled a new stone at their September 14, 2019 bicentennial event. A fundraising ride, entitled "The Frisco Hill Challenge" helped raise money to purchase the replacement stone. The Scenic ride passed by all four monuments that were originally installed by the St. Louis Cycling Club at Frisco Hill, Pond, Hilltown & Smith's Hill.

Original installation of the Frisco Hill monument by the St. Louis Cycling Club - 1919

New monument installed by the Jefferson County Heritage & Historical Society - 2019