1870 Baseball Letter

Dated Sept. 4th, 1870

From A. Stroup, Manager, of Victoria, Jefferson County, Missouri

To Mr. C. Pipkin, Secretary of the Hillsboro B. B. C.:


"Dear Sir, I hereby challenge the first nine of your club to play the independent club of this place on next Saturday, Sept. 10th, 1870.





Jefferson County Missouri Ball Team, circa 1895

(Names) Ogle, Hensley, Donnell, Marsden, Whitehead, Crossman




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A big thank you to Jim Johnston for his help in "sewing together" and editing this photograph.


All of these ballplayers apparently lived in the Sandy Creek area around 1895, and appear to have all been born around there between 1870-1875. This photo was owned by Hart Donnell (one of the men in the photo) and his wife Grace Adams Donnell, who lived in the Sandy Creek area (or at nearby Jarvis, Missouri) for much of their lives. Hart is in the top row at the far right. The handwriting on the photo is that of Grace Donnell (including the date, 1895). The photo was inherited from Grace Donnell by her son, Dr. Hart Donnell, Jr., and from him by me, his son Robert Donnell, the current owner of the photo.


Pictured in the photo:

Top Row: missing #1 -- missing, Geo. Ogle, [George Ogle] Robt. Ogle, [Robert Ogle] O. E. Hensley, [Oliver Hensley] R. H. Donnell [Hart Donnell]
Bottom Row: ...sden, [Edgar Marsden] Edgar Whitehead, Rev.(?) Ogle -- M. H. Crossman


The name "Edgar Marsden" has been confirmed by several people. If anyone is able to identify missing persons #1 and #2, please contact me - even if you only have a guess. Also, can anyone identify or confirm the name which appears to be "Rev. Ogle"? Thanks for your feedback, which can be sent to Lisa Gendron or to me, Robert Donnell.