Lewis John Dettweiler




Born 1 May, 1811 Beil Be, Switzerland son of Johann Jakob Daetwyler and Anna Katherina Schwab. Parrish records Biel, Be, Swit. Christening register vol. 5 page 291

He served in the army for three years was a carpenter by trade, worked for three years in Naples, Italy before coming to America.  He spoke eleven languages and could read and write seven.  While he was of Swiss ancestry and grew to manhood in Switzerland he was really born in France.  His ancestors lived in Switzerland for some 5oo years prior to his birth.  The occupations of his ancestors were as follows: time maker, calico printer, doctor and carpenter.


As a young man Lewis was trained as a cabinetmaker and carpenter by his father.  He migrated to this country working on a ship as a translator for his passage, landing in New Orleans in 1841. Moving up the Mississippi river and settling in Jefferson County, Missouri near Catawissa on LaBarque creek.


On the 15th day of June, 1841 he married Phebeanna (Peggy )Heiott (Hyatt) in Calvey Township, Franklin County, Missouri by Justice of the Peace Thomas Bay, she being the daughter of Eli Hyatt and Margaret Woodland who lived in the near Franklin County.  Her family was of early English stock migrated from Montgomery County, Kentucky around 1828 listed in the 1830 Franklin County Census PG 147. There marriage is on file Jefferson County Missouri Vol. A page 188


On the 28th of August 1842 records in Hillsboro, Mo shows that he purchased 60 acres of land on LaBarque creek from David and Sarah Wright.


LaBarque School was built near his home. Originally it was a one room school This small building still standing, although the bell tower and awnings are not there, it is located on highway FF very near Bob Hientz ranch. It has long since been closed but it stands as a monument of time gone by for the community.  It was better equipped than most because of the benches that Lewis built for the school.  One child of theirs, Albert, taught at this school.


Lewis was an educated man, speaking several languages.  An old priest attached to a convent near the farm used to visit with him to brush up on his Latin.  Notes gathered   said that he hanged the last person for horse thief from a bridge in Jefferson County

Lewis and Phoebe had twelve children all born and raised at the old homestead.  The first one James Valentine born Feb. 14, 1843 the last Eli Frances born April 18, 1868.


August 23, 1852 At the circuit court building in Union, Mo Louis Dettwyler took the oath of allegiance and became a citizen of the United States   (Circuit Court Records Vol. 2 & 3 page 273) which states:

              In Vacation August 23, 1852

On this 23rd day of August AD, 1852, before me the clerk of the Circuit Court in and for the county of Jefferson appeared Louis Dettwyler, a native of Switzerland age 41 years, who do duly sworn upon his oath declares, that it is bona fide his intension to become a citizen of the United States and remove forever all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign person, potentate, or sovereignty whatsoever and particularly the Governor of Bern of whom he is at Present a subject and sworn to and subscribed before me date aforesaid Tho C Fletcher Clerk      signed  Louis Dettwyler



On August 2, 1868 his wife Phoebe died. While working in the garden she was stricken and died shortly after. Cause of death was from a Hernia . She was buried on the family farm.


Son, William and wife Susan lived with Louis for a short time. Their daughter Rachael died and was buried on the family farm August 21, 1884.


As old age took its toll on Lewis it became necessary for him to leave the farm and move to Lebanon, Missouri into the home of son Lewis C. Dettweiler.   Lewis John Dettweiler died December 7, 1893 in Lebanon, Missouri  He is buried at the city Cemetery in Lebanon, Mo. A tombstone was erected on his grave. Some years later a large tombstone was placed there.  On this stone is shows his marriage to Phoebe and where he was born with dates.  On the back it shows all there children by name.


Ann Clary daughter to Lewis was in control of the property and had an opportunity to rent the farm out, so in 1894 they rented the farm for two years for $ 50. Per year. The family had some boring done on the property in hopes of finding coal under the sandstone.  Their expectations were that they would later sell the farm for about $2000. It was in October of 1898 when Ann Clary went to Pacific to meet with Henry Oberhaus to arrange sale of the old Dettweiler farm Their agreement was that he would purchase 8/10 of the farm for the sum of  $ 720. Minor children owned the other 2/10 and he would purchase them when they became of age. Papers show that the graves in the Dettweiler cemetery were moved to Pacific, Missouri and layed to rest in the old City Cemetery.







Detweiler Homestead


Section 33 and 34 Twp 43 Range 3 Jefferson County Missouri.

Deed Records 1841-1844 Book F   Page 238F

North End of the Southeast ¼ of the Southeast ¼ section 33 twp 43 Range 3 East.


Circuit Court Records Vol M 1854

Purchased from the Goverment

SWQ of SWQ sect 34 Twp 43 Range 3 east 40 acres at the price of $2.25 per acre





Record Group

Office of Secretary of State


Township School Land Patents





Reel Number


Certificate Number


Land District


Type of Land

Township School Land

Name of Purchaser

Detwyler, Louis



Date of Purchase





3 East

Land Section


Parts of Section

Southwest quarter of Southwest quarter



Hundreth of Acres


Price Per Acre




Date of Certificate





Records show the farm of Louis Detweiler was purchased from David and Sarah Wright in 1842 for the sum of $40.00.  Records indicate that Lewis Detweiler built the original log house, which stood on this property.  The original structure appears to be a two-story log home with a lean-to type addition to both ends of the log structure.  Photos of the original structure taken in early 1900’s in my procession


The family decided to sell the Old Detweiler Farm and on 20 October 1898. They sold 8/10ths to Henry Oberhaus for $720.00.  The other 2/10th owned by minor children.

The 28 October 1931 Henry Oberhaus sold the farm to Harry and Marie Antionette Witte. 


April 7th 1955 Geraldine M. Fink bought the farm and about ten acres.  Later she sold the farm to Harry F. and Stella Weber.


The 22 April 1957 Geraldine sold the property to Raymond Jaudis. 


April 1959 Arthur and Janet Nielson purchased the farm.  After the death of the Nielsen's the family kept the farm for weekend getaways. 


It appears the next owners of the property were Lakewood LLC Inc.  As they were the sellers of the property to the now present owners Larry and Debbie Ross.


Through many years of vandalism and fires not much is left standing of the original structure.  The stone front entryway is all that is left of this ancient dwelling that served many generations with need, fun, and excitement.  Though the logs are long burnt you still get a warm feeling when you round the curve in the drive and see the "majestic stone entryway and chimney," in the distance. 





Phoebe Ann Hyatt Detweiler



Jefferson Co Missouri Newspaper from Hillsboro, Mo dated August 14, 1868



Departed this life on the 2d day of August, A. D. 1868, Jefferson Co, Missouri, Phoebe Ann Detweiler, consort and wife of Mr. Louis Detweiler, in her forty-fifth year of her age, by Hermia.

   Mrs Detweiler leaves a large and very helpless family to regret her loss, being the mother of twelve children, eleven of them living, and nine are living at home.  She was a most exemplary lady, and led the life of a sincere Christian.  As a wife she was most obedient and affectionate; as a mother, tender and indulgent; and as a neighbor the most estimable that could be desired.

   A husband mourns the lost of a dutiful companion, children, an indulgent parent, and friend, a kind and generous neighbor.    Becoming a member of the Baptist Church in the year of 1841, she remained a self denying and consistent member to the day of her death, she was but a few hours sick before death came to her relief; and during the few hours of her agony, she exhibited that fortitude and patience, which unmistakably foretells a true follower of Christ.  Her family has sustained an irreparable loss, but what is their loss; is her gain.  May her good husband find consolation in this hour of his affliction, and the  hildren find a parent in  Him that saith :  Suffer little children to come unto me, : &c.


                                                    We know that she is happy

                                                      With her Angel-plumage on,

                                                   But our hearts are very desolate

                                                      To think that she is gone.


She was buried on the Dettweiler farm.  When the homestead was sold she and her grandchildren were moved to Pacific Cemetery Deed  # 123 purchased by  son William Dettweiler 2nd January 1899  shows first grave purchased July 1, 1896







Children of John and Phoebe Hyatt Dettweiler


James Valentine Detweiler


Born 14 Feb 1843 Jefferson County Mo

Died 6 Mar 1863  Memphis Tn.


Enlisted in the Union Army 22 Aug, 1862 age 19. He spelled his name Detwiler at that time.  He served in the 30th Regiment Infantry Volunteers Company H under Captain Hopkins in the rank of Corporal.  He had black hair, was 5 feet 8 inches tall, eyes were dark, complexion dark. His occupation was farmer.  He gave his nativity as Jefferson county Missouri and place of residence at the time of enlistment as Franklin County.  He was wounded at the Arkansas Post and  died in the hospital in Memphis of chronic diarrhea. The official Army report says that he became sick 7 February and was sent to the post hospital in Memphis on 20 February 1863. He was in the hospital until 6 March when he died.  According to the article he was not wounded are ever fought a battle.  The report was signed by J.C. Farnsworth, Colonel, U. S. Army dated 9 Feb., 1863.  This all came about by father Lewis attempts to get a pension from the death of James. Many letters went back and forth between Lewis and The Department of Interior.  However, Lewis died before the matter produced anything.  The last letter was mailed in November Lewis died in December.  Most likely James is buried in the Civil War Cemetery in Memphis. James did not marry or have any children.




Jacob John Detweiler



Civil War Union Veteran


Enlisted under the name of Jacob Dettwiler  on the 4th of May, 1863 in the 11th  Missouri Cav Company E  Volunteers.  Discharged 27 July, 1865 in New Orleans, La..

At the time of enlistment, he was 5ft 7in tall, light complexion, hazel eyes and hair color light occupation farmer living in Jefferson County, Mo

Pension Certificate  #  809366

3rd June, 1908 wife Nancy E Dettwiler nee Cook applied for a widows pension her residence was Plato, Texas, Mo. Application shows marriage toJacob as 20th day of August, 1866 in Eureka Mo. By William S Hollaway JP  Both as first marriage.   Application number 89720



Jacob John Detweiler

Birth: 29 Apr 1845 in Eureka, Jefferson,Mo

Death: 29 Apr 1908 in Plato, Texas, Mo

Marriage: 20 Aug 1866 in Eureka Co, Mo

Wife: Nancy Emiline Cook

Birth: 20 Oct 1837 in Hillsboro, Jefferson, Mo

Death: 13 Jun 1931 in Roubidoux, Texas, Missouri

Burial: Mt Pisquah Cem Plato Mo Texas Co




Evangeline Detweiler

Birth: 1867 in Lebanon, Laclede, Mo

Death: 1888 in Lebanon, Laclede, Mo

Marriage: 1886 Spouse: Daniel Webster Nicks


Lewis Addison Detweiler

Birth: 15 Jul 1867 in Cuba, Crawford, Mo

Death: 22 Mar 1943 in Kalamath County, California

Marriage: 01 Jan 1888 in Pulaski, Mo Spouse: Sarah Pointer



Alpha I Detweiler

Birth: 1869


Cora Ida Detweiler

Birth: 19 Mar 1866 in Lebanon, Laclede, Mo

Death: 01 Jan 1946 in Lenox, Dent, Mo

Burial: Mt Herman Cem, Dent, Mo

Marriage: 10 Sep 1892 Spouse: Benjamin Franklin Roques


Dora J Detweiler

Birth: 04 Nov 1872 in Lebanon, Mo

Death: 1965 in Houston, Mo


Amy Ann Detweiler

Birth: 02 Jan 1875 in Lebanon, Mo

Death: 10 Nov 1930 in Kansas City, Jackson, Kn; Springfield Mo

Marriage: 18 Jun 1893 in Laclede, Missouri, Spouse: Silas Henderson Medlock


William T Detweiler

Birth: 01 Dec 1876

Death: 1909 in Disappeared In Colo


Name: Ira Francis Detweiler

Birth: 12 May 1878

Death: 1897

Spouse: Bess Edwards


Homer Detweiler

Birth: 1880 Death: 1897 in Drown Mill Creek Plato Mo


Name: Hayden Detweiler

Birth: 07 Feb 1882

Death: 20 Aug 1902 in Roubidoux, Texas, Mo





Jacob John Detweiler

1880 United States Federal Census & Voter Lists

Name: Jacob Detwiler

Spouse: Nancy E. Detwiler

Birth: abt 1845 - Missouri

Residence: 1880 - Liberty, Pulaski, Missouri


1900 Missouri, Texas County, Upton Twp Census pg 350 a

Name: Jacob Detwiler

Spouse: Nancy E Detwiler


Jacob Detweiler April 29 1908

Laclede County Missouri Obits 1900-1929 Jacob Detweiler Dead

Word was received, Wednesday morning, by Judge L. C. Detweiler that his brother, Jacob Detweiler, had just died, at his home, four miles south of Plato, at the age of 83 years to a day, dying on his birthday. The cause of his death ___ was a complication of grippe and catarrh.

Deceased was well known in Laclede County, having lived here many years before going to Texas county, to which place he removed about nine years ago.

Mr Detweiler, was a schoolteacher of many years’ experience, having taught in St Louis county, Pulaski and Laclede counties, covering a period of over forty years. He served in the Civil War as a member of the Eleventh Missouri Cavalry.

Funeral services were held at the family residence at 10 o’clock yesterday morning, attended by many friend, neighbors and relatives. He is survived by his wife, three sons, three daughters, and several grand-children


Nancy Emiline Cook

Missouri Death Certificate on file 24002





Louis Clark Detweiler



Biographical of Louis Clark Detweiler

Found Missouri Secretary of State Official Manuel Volume 1905-1906 pg 37 Call # 353.9 M 6910


Representative from Laclede County, Missouri, lives at Dry Knob, where he is engaged in mercantile business, conducting a general country store and a good farm. He was born in Jefferson County, Missouri January 25, 1847 and received his education in the common schools of the county. Mr. Detweiler is a widower, with five children. He was census enumerator in 1890 and in 1900, was a postmaster under the

Harrison, McKinley and Roosevelt administrations, and was presiding Judge of the Laclede county court from 1894 to 1898. He was elected to the forty-third General Assembly in the November election of 1904.



Husband: Louis Clark Detweiler

Birth: 25 Jan 1847 in Eureka,Jefferson,Mo

Death: 05 Feb 1920 in Lebanon, Mo

Burial: 07 Feb 1920 in Old City Cem

Marriage: 24 Jul 1870 in Laclede Co, Mo Wife: Talitha Thodoslia James Headlee

Birth: 08 Jan 1848 in Greene Co, Mo

Death: 11 Feb 1880 in Franklin, Laclede, Mo

Burial: Partner Cem Near Competition Mo



Ora Detweiler

Birth: 15 Oct 1871 in Laclede Co Mo

Death: 22 May 1954 in Lebanon, Laclede, Mo

Spouse: Thomas Henry Casey


Lula Detweiler

Birth: 02 Dec 1874 in Laclede Co Mo

Death: 14 Aug 1961 in Ohawa Kan

Marriage: 09 Feb 1891Spouse: Fred D Willard



Louis Clark Detweiler

2nd Marriage: 29 Aug 1880 in LaClede County, Mo Mary Belle Nicks

Birth: 17 Feb 1857 in West Plains, Howell, Mo

Death: 03 Dec 1901 in Dry Knob, Laclede, Mo


Alfred Elberson Detweiler

Birth: 10 Mar 1884 in Laclede, Mo


Pearl Detweiler

Birth: 14 Mar 1886 Spouse: Walter Wright


Milan Harrison Detweiler

Birth: 20 Aug 1888 in Laclede Mo

Death: 12 Oct 1984 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Az


Louis was married one other time with no children by her

Annie E Kirkpatrick




Louis Clark Detweiler


Missouri Death Certificate on file. #7474

Listed in the 1920 Census Lebanon, Laclede, Mo T 625-931 ED 50 pg 22b image 204 Louis C Detweiler living with daughter Ora Casey


Louis Clark received the ordinary schooling of his day and was taught the trade of carpenter by his father.  When the Frisco was being extended west of Rolla, he was employed  as a carpenter.  When the construction was delayed  at Lebanon, Mo., he obtained a job to build a house for Mrs. Headlee on Cobs Creek.  This is probably when he met his first wife Talitha.




William Tell Detweiler


William Tell Detweiler

Birth: 29 Dec 1848 in Jefferson Co., Mo

Death: 04 Dec 1938 in Carthage, Jasper, Mo

Marriage: 11 Mar 1889 in St Louis, Mo Susan Elizabeth Eoff

Birth: 12 May 1850 in St Louis Co, Mo

Death: 23 Jan 1938 in Carthage, Jasper, Mo



Rachael B Detweiler

Birth: 11 Jul 1884 in Pacific, Franklin, Mo

Death: 24 Aug 1884 in Pacific Mo Recorded In Jefferson Co

Burial: Pacific Mo


Louis C Detweiler

Birth: 20 Dec 1889 in Jefferson Co Mo

Death: 16 Dec 1918

Marriage: 20 Jan 1917 in Nevada, Vernon, Mo Louisa M Dunnham


Alberta Jane Detweiler

Birth: 07 Jan 1892 in Carthage, Jasper, Mo

Death: 13 Oct 1944 in Columbus, Cherokee, Ks

Marriage: Columbus, Cherokee, Ks Owen Thomas Mitchell


Walter Rawleigh Detweiler

Birth: 30 Jun 1895 in Pacific, Franklin, Mo

Death: 30 Jun 1896 in Pacific, Franklin, Mo


Missouri Death Certificate on file


1910 Census Carthage, Jasper, Mo        T 624 Roll 791 part1 pg 222B ward 4

Detweiler        William          61        3 born/2 living

                        Susan  59

                        Louis   21

                        Alberta            18


1920 Census Marion Twp, Jasper, Mo    T 625-922 Pg 10B ED 85 Image 894

Detweiler        William          71

                        Susan E           69

                        Alberta J         27


1930 Missouri Carthage Jasper ED 40-43 roll 1206 sheet 55-4a

Detweiler        William          81

                        Susan E           79

                        Alberta J         38






Mary Louise Detweiler





George Gottfried Grampp

Birth: 1850 in St Louis Co, Mo

Death: 19 Jul 1898 in St Louis Co, Mo

Burial: Memorial Park Cem WESLEYAN Sect

Marriage: 10 Jun 1873 in Jefferson Co, Mo  Mary Louise Detweiler

Birth: 11 Jan 1851 in Eureka, Jefferson, Mo

Death: 15 Oct 1933 in Clayton, St Louis, Mo

Burial: 18 Oct 1933 in Memorial Park St Louis sect 6 lot 116 marker




Charles Benj. Gustave Grampp

Birth: 10 Apr 1874 in Cuba, Crawford, Mo

Death: 02 Mar 1933 in Russell, Kn

Burial: 06 Mar 1933 in Memorial Park sect 6 lot 116 marker

Marriage: 1923 Spouse: Florence ?


Louis George Grampp

Birth: 06 Dec 1875 in Cuba, Crawford, Mo


Magdelena Grampp

Birth: 15 Mar 1876 in Manchester, St Louis, Mo

Death: 02 Jan 1946 in St Louis, Mo

Burial: 08 Jan 1946 in Memorial Park Cem, St Louis, Mo

Marriage: 22 Jul 1899 in Clayton, St Louis, Mo John Anthony Blackburn

Other Spouses: John Steve Blanton (Aft. 1915)


Rosina Elizabeth Grampp

Birth: 18 Aug 1880 in Cuba, Crawford, Mo

Death: 19 May 1956 in Fort Scott, Kansas

Burial: Fort Scott, Kansas

Marriage: 18 Aug 1904 in St Louis, St Louis, Mo Bk 8 Page 542 John Bell Seavers


Frederick William Grampp

Birth: 01 Mar 1882 in Cuba, Crawford, Mo

Death: 05 Feb 1961 in Festus, Jefferson, Mo

Burial: 08 Feb 1961 in Memorial Park Cem sect 1 lot 383 marker

Marriage: Bet. 1914–1916 Mrytle D Willis


Joseph Franklin Grampp

Birth: 01 Dec 1884 in Cuba, Crawford, Mo

Death: 25 Jul 1951 in St Joseph, Buchanan, Missouri

Marriage: Abt. 1913 Lena Caroline Walterschied


Bertha Phebean Grampp

Birth: 12 Jun 1887 in Cuba, Crawford, Mo

Death: 1956

Marriage: 19 Oct 1923 in St Louis County Mo BK 26 Page 143  Henry Baumbach


Arthur L Grampp

Birth: 11 Jan 1890 in Clayton, St Louis, Mo

Death: Abt. 1898 in Clayton, St Louis, Mo

Burial: Memorial Park Cem sect 4 grave 171 St Louis Mo


Emma D Grampp

Birth: 12 Oct 1892 in Manchester, St Louis, Mo

Death: 17 Aug 1978 in Clayton, St Louis, Mo

Burial: 19 Aug 1978 in J B Smith Funeral home 7456 Manchester

Marriage: 1927 James Earl Spencer

Other Spouses: William J Schlafke


Biographical of Mary Louise Detweiler


The following is from a newspaper article about the death of Mary Grampp  The Watchman


Pioneer Woman Who Died, was Bonaparte Heir.

Mrs. Grampp,  whose Grandmother was an Indian Herb Doctor decendant to Austrian Nobility.

In the obituary of Mrs. Mary Grampp of Crondelet Ave., Clayton prepared by a daughter, some interesting facts and family corrections are brought out about this.

Pioneer lady who died on October 15, at the age of 82 years. 

Born January 11, 1851 at LaBarque Creek, Jefferson Co. Missouri.

Mrs. Grampp was the Daughter of Pioneer Parents who struggled in that wilderness to build  home away from civilization and in closer contact with the Indians.

Her Grandfather, Jacob Hyatt, was called “Great Bear,” because of his strength.

The name was given to him by the Indians.

Her Grandmother, wife of Jacob Hyatt, was known and loved by the Indians and white

People and was prominent as an “herb Doctor,” because of her great skill in blending herbs and administering to the sick.  It was often told by Mrs. Grampp who assisted her mother in the preparations of the herb remedies and many times took her place in caring for the sick, that Indians traveled for several days in order to get her medicine.  They were never afraid of Indians because of the friendship existing between them and her Grandmother. 

On her Fathers side Mrs. Grampp was in direct line to the Austrian Throne, and was also a first cousin to Josephine Bonaparte.  Her Fathers folks fled from France to Switzerland during the religious wars and later came to the United States in a sail boat, reaching New Orleans about the year 1835.  “Actually 1840.” 

Her Father was Louis Detweiler (Ludwig Jakob Daetwiler) a native of Alsace Lorraine. He spoke 11 languages and could read and write 7.  Thus on his voyage to American served as an interpreter. 

Her Mother was Phoebe Ann Hyatt, a native of Kentucky.

Mrs. Grampp was the oldest of 11 children, (Oldest Daughter in 12 children) “seven boys and four girls,” (seven boys and five girls), and after the death of her mother in 1868, she assumed the responsibility of caring for the family, the youngest of which, a boy, Eli Francis, was four months old.  She has three brothers living.  Albert, Arnold, and Eli Francis.

Mrs. Grampp, living at LaBarque until 1872, when she became the wife of George C. Grampp, and moved to Manchester.  Later they came to “the Old Grampp Homestead,” on Clayton Road near what is now Big Bend Boulevard, and in 1886 took up their residence at the address in which she died. 

She became the Mother of 9  children, 5 of whom are living, Mrs. Lena Blanton, Rev. F.W. Grampp, and Mrs. Bertha Baumback of St. Louis, Mrs. Rose Seavers of Fort Scott Kansas, and Mrs. Emma Spencer of Clayton, who resided with her Mother. 

On moving to Clayton Mr. And Mrs. Grampp built a 13 room residence and were among the “early residents,” of the county seat.  Mrs. Grampp was one of the first members of the Clayton Methodist Church, and addition to being active in Church circles was also prominently connected with school work, assisting in raising funds and taking part in many plays given at the Sangerbund Hall. 

After the death of Mr. Grampp, Mrs.Grampp had to shoulder the responsibilities of caring for her family. 

Her funeral occurred on October 18, from the Bopp Funeral Church at Clayton to Memorial Park Cemetary.  Rev. B.V. Powell   Pastor of the Methodist Church conducted the services, assisted by Rev.Walter Langtery, Retired Pastor of the Central Presbyterian  Church.





17 Oct 1933 Globe Democrat St Louis Mo


Grampp Mary L

Beloved wife of George G Grampp Mother of Lena Blanton, Rose Seaver, Rev Fred Granipp, Bertha Baumbach. Emma


Funeral Wednesday at 10:30 am from Bopp Funeral Home, Church, Handly Rd & Forsyth to Memorial Park Cemetery


1870 Census Missouri

Mary was at home with parent  Louis Dettweiler


1880 Missouri Census Bonnhome Twp Roll 716 Pg 17 line 145/145 Vol 30 ED 185 Line 30

Krampp George          35        laborer            B. Mo F. Baden M. Baden

              Mary             32        h/w                  B.Mo  F.Swit     M.Mo

              Benjamin      6

              George          4

               Lena             2



1900 Census Central Twp St Louis Co. Mo sheet 17 Ed 117 Vol 83 Line 36 roll 888

Grampp,   Mary          49        Head    Bn. Mo Father. France Mother. Virginia

            Rosina 18

            Bertha 14

            Emma 7

            Ben      26

            George L         23

            Fred W            17

            Joseph F          13

Arthur died before 1900


1910 Census  Central twp St Louis Co   T624  Roll 810 pg 177b continued on next page

Grampp    Mary l    Head   59    widow

            Bertha R    dau   21

            Emma S            dau   17


1920 Census Central Twp Clayton City St Louis Co Mo ED 129 sheet 18a roll 810 part 1 pg 177b

Grampp   Mary L        68        widow

                Bertha         29

                Marion G    10

                Emma         24

1930 Missouri Census Clayton, St Louis, Mo  Roll 1223 ED 31 Image 1102

7712 Crondolet Ave  Living with daughter Emma and husband James E Spenser





Albert Franklin Detweiler 

Albert Franklin Detweiler

Birth: 09 Feb 1853 in LaBarque, Jefferson, Mo

Death: 12 Sep 1933 in Ralls, Crosby, Tx

Burial: Ralls, Crosby, TX

Marriage: 01 Aug 1880 in Humbolt, Hunt, TX Mary Catherine Reed

Birth: 22 Jul 1859 in Fannin, Tx

Death: 27 Feb 1935 in Crosby, Ralls, Tx

Burial: Ralls, Tx



Maggie Lee Detweiler

Birth: 28 Jul 1884 in Regan Falls Tx

Death: 17 Dec 1953 in Southland Tx Crosby Co

Marriage: 03 Feb 1907 Arthur Fualkner Davis


Eula May Detweiler

Birth: 21 Feb 1886 in Regan Falls Tx

Death: 02 Feb 1965 in Lubbock, Tx

Marriage: 24 Nov 1936 Delmar Parrish


Willie Salome Detweiler

Birth: 03 Aug 1888 in West Tx McLenon Co

Death: 10 Sep 1980 in Lubbock Tx

Burial: Ralls Tx

Marriage: 20 May 1906 William O'Hare


Bertha Detweiler

Birth: 25 Sep 1892 in Lorenzo Tx Crosby Co

Death: 05 Jan 1989

Marriage: 21 Apr 1912 Matt Kirskey



Mary Catherine Reed

Texas Death Certificate on file # 6567

Ralls Cemetery Sect 1 row 127 lot 2



Texas Death Certificate on file 40409

Ralls Cemetery sect 1 row 127 lot 1


1880 Texas Collins 7 pct series T-9 roll 1296 pg 274

Detweiler   Albert       25        boarder


1900 Texas Emma Crosby


1910 Texas Justin Prct 1 Crosby


1930 Texas Ralls Crosby roll 2308 ED 1 page 3a image 329

Detweiler        Albert              77        married 22 years

                        Mary C            70

                        Eula M                        43





Margaret Ellen Detweiler


Charles Henry Van Horn

Birth: 04 Nov 1849 in St Louis, St Louis, Mo.

Death: 17 Apr 1930 in Crescent, St Louis, Mo

Marriage: 20 Oct 1877 in Jefferson Co, Mo page 175 Margaret Ellen Detweiler

Birth: 30 Jan 1855 in Jefferson, Mo

Death: 29 Feb 1884 in Cresent, St Louis, Mo

Other Spouses: Mary Jane Graham



B A Van Horn

Birth: Nov 1877 in Cresent, St Louis, Mo

Death: 03 Oct 1878 in Cresent, St Louis, Mo


William H Van Horn

Birth: 23 Oct 1879 in Cresent, St Louis, Mo

Death: 14 Oct 1960 in Hot Springs, Melbourn, Ar.

Marriage: 09 Mar 1905 in Ross, McLennon, Tx  Martha Elizabeth Cook


L E Van Horn

Birth: Sep 1880 in Cresent, St Louis, Mo

Death: 07 Mar 1882 in Cresent, St Louis, Mo



Margaret Ellen Detweiler


Buried at Cresent City Cemetery





Katherine E Lizzie Detweiler



H Joe Wright

Birth: Cedar Hill Mo

Marriage: 23 Feb 1879 in Jefferson Co, Mo page 281 Katherine E Lizzie Detweiler

Birth: 1858 in Cuba, Crawford, Mo




Lavinna Ann Wright

Birth: Dec 1880 in Jefferson Co,Mo

Death: 11 Aug 1884 in Jefferson Co, Mo


Elizabeth S Wright

Birth: 19 Aug 1880 in Jefferson Co, Mo

Death: 11 Aug 1884 in Jefferson Co, Mo

Grave moved to Pacific City Cemetery when Farm was sold.





Pheobe Anna Detweiler




Daniel Clary Birth: 29 Sep 1843 in St Louis, Mo

Death: 08 Dec 1912 in St Louis, Mo

Marriage: 11 Apr 1879 in St Louis, Mo Phoebe Anna Detweiler

Birth: 03 Feb 1859 in Jefferson Co, Mo

Death: 15 Jul 1926 in Chicago, Il




Morris Detweiler Clary

Birth: 23 Jan 1880 in St Louis, Mo

Death: 19 Jul 1966 in Oak Lawn, Cook, Il

Marriage: 03 May 1902 Emilie Nora Allen


Phoebe Anna Detweiler Death Certificate # 6020675


1900 Census Missouri City of St Louis WD 14 Roll T 6232-895 ED 222 pg 8b

Clary Daniel        56

          Phoebe A   41

         Morris D     20


1910 Census Missouri St Louis WD 13 T 624-817 ED 215 pg 1b image 462

Clary Daniel        65

          Anna          50


1920 Census Illinois Chicago 28 Princt Cook

Clary Morris      39

          Emmily    38

          Howard    15

          Allen        13

      Russell     09

      Kenneth    05

Clary Anna    60     Mother





Eliza Elsa Jane Detweiler


Married John Anthony Blackburn

Birth: 17 Jan 1845 in Washington Co, Pa

Death: 05 Oct 1916 in Hoyt, Haskill, Ok.

Marriage: 23 Mar 1889 in Oswego Labette Co Kansas Eliza Elsa Jane Detweiler

Birth: Jun 1861 in Jefferson Co, Mo

Death: 13 Sep 1896 in Shawnee, Ok

Burial: OK

 John Anthony Blackburn was married three times

1st Rose Ann Green Jefferson County Illinois

3rd Magdalena Grampp daughter of George and Mary Louise Detweiler Grampp

      Three girls to this Union, Thelma, Mae, and Agusta “ Gussie” Blackburn




Rosie Phoebe Blackburn

Birth: 17 Jun 1890 in Parsons, Ks

Death: 1963 in Galena, Ks

Married  Charles Allen Miller


John Roscoe Blackburn

Birth: 06 Dec 1891 in West Tx

Death: 08 Jun 1936 in Galena, Ks


Wanda Effie Blackburn

Birth: 27 Nov 1893 in West, Tx

Death: 06 May 1936 in Morris, Okmulgee, Ok

Burial: Morris Cemetery

Marriage: 18 Mar 1911 in Keeter Creek, Ok William Ira Goldsmith


William W Blackburn

Birth: 12 Dec 1895 in Shawnee, Ok

Death: 01 Jan 1896 in Shawnee, Ok


Bryan S Blackburn

Birth: 13 Sep 1896 in Shawnee, Ok

Death: 13 Sep 1896 in Shawnee, Ok






Arnold Winklereed Detweiler



Arnold Winklereed Detweiler

Birth: 20 Jun 1864 in Eureka, Jefferson, Mo

Death: 07 Nov 1953 in California

Marriage: Jan 1886 in Cuba, Crawford, Mo Marie Ley

Birth: Jan 1865 in Germany




Phelomina Detweiler

Birth: Oct 1886 in Cuba, Crawford, Mo

Death: 10 Jul 1981 in Sonoma, Ca married Fred Lambert


Joseph P Detweiler

Birth: 10 Oct 1887 in Cuba, Crawford, Mo

Death: 24 Dec 1962 in San Francisco, San Francisco, and Ca


Victor Alosius Detweiler

Birth: 07 Nov 1892 in Ca.

Death: 20 Feb 1980 in Sonoma, Ca


Marie V Detweiler

Birth: 24 Aug 1894 in Ca.

Death: 22 Nov 1989 in San Francisco, San Francisco, Ca Spouse: ? Osuna


Annie M Detweiler

Birth: 1896

Death: 1988 in Sanoma, Ca


Rosina Detweiler

Birth: Aug 1896 in Ca.


Victoria Detweiler

Birth: Jun 1899 in Ca.


Leo W Detweiler

Birth: 1905 in Ca.

Death: 1930



Vincent F Detweiler

Birth: 1906 in Ca.

Death: 1936




1900 San Francisco Ca Census   T623 101 Page 4B ED52

Shows 7 children 6 living

living at 809 Minna St


1910 Census T624 Roll 97 Part 2 Page 183a

Shows 12 children 10 living

home at 243 Lee Ave


1930 Census San Francisco Ca

T 626 198 Page 5b ED 100 image 0517





Eli Frances Detweiler


Eli Francis Detweiler

Birth: 18 Apr 1868 in Eureka, Jefferson, Mo

Death: 26 Aug 1932 in Paduca, Tx

Burial: 29 Aug 1932 in Garden Of Memories Paduca, Tx

Marriage: 20 Oct 1889 in Parsons, Ks Lillie Gertrude Moter

Birth: 20 Jul 1870 in Carthage, Jasper, Mo

Death: 23 Nov 1959 in Amarillo, Tx

Burial: 26 Nov 1959 in Paducah, Tx





Grace Hazel Detweiler

Birth: 28 Aug 1890 in West McLennon, Tx

Death: 01 Jun 1979 in Van Buren Ark

Marriage: 11 Jun 1911 Ed Thompson


Lillie Gertrude Detweiler

Birth: 11 Jul 1892 in West McLennon Tx

Death: 12 Aug 1893 in West McLennon Tx


Carl Oliver Detweiler

Birth: 01 Jul 1894 in West McLennon Tx

Death: 14 Jun 1972 in Mission Hildalgo Tx

Marriage: 30 Jul 1916 Eva Huffstutt


Louis Alexander Detweiler

Birth: 20 Feb 1896 in West McLennon Tx

Death: 20 Jul 1977 in Paducah Tx

Burial: Garden Of Memories

Marriage: 21 Nov 1915 in Paducah Cottle Co Tx Deddle Mae Tapper


Albert Cook Detweiler

Birth: 02 Oct 1898 in West McLennan Tx

Death: 24 Feb 1936 in Oklahoma City Ok

Marriage: 12 Nov 1916 Alice Huffstutt


Goldie Frances Detweiler

Birth: 20 Jan 1901 in West McLennan Tx

Death: 24 Apr 1986 in Andrews Tx

Burial: Herford Tx

Marriage: 18 May 1919 Robert Criswell


William McKinley Detweiler

Birth: 23 Feb 1903 in Ross, McLennon, Tx

Death: 07 Jan 1988 in Lubbock, Tx

Burial: Earth, TX

Marriage: 12 Feb 1936 Bessie Black


Robert Harvey Detweiler

Birth: 21 Jan 1906 in Ross Tx

Death: 28 Feb 1976 in Paducah Tx

Marriage: 16 Mar 1926 Ollie Hall

Other Spouses: Catherine Simkins


Frank Jacob Detweiler

Birth: 07 Aug 1910 in Paducah Tx

Death: 19 Jul 1929 in Paducah Tx


Eli Francis Detweiler

FAG 42004334

Texas Death Certificate on file 33487

Buried as Frank Detwiler


Lillie Gertrude Moter

FAG 42004320

Texas Death Certificate on file # 64306


Robert Harvey Detweiler

Texas Death Certificate on file # 34829


Frank Jacob Detweiler

FAG 4004349

Texas Death Certificate on file 34367



Other Detweilers have migrated to the Jefferson, Franklin County area.  While my records indicate that Louis was the first I would like to mention  on Jan 19, 1852 on the ship Adolphine landing in New York with passengers Rosa age 36,  Marie age 26 , and Heth Dettwyler age 32  and Ludwig age 3, with them was Franz Schindler age 27.  My records indicate that Franz was married to Marie who later died and he married Rosa.  They setteled in nearby Franklin County. just south of Pacific.


1860 Census Franklin County Mo pg 31  285 house 198

Schindler     Francis     36     Baden

Dattwigler   Rosa         34     Switzerland

                     Robert        7     NY

Schindler      Francis       7     NY

                      Loue         11    Switzerland

                      Arnold       4     NY


Records also indicate a cousin John Dettwiler in nearby Franklin Co.


The family name has been spelled in many ways.

While every effort was made to correctly report this family some mistakes may have been made.  If corrections are needed, I will be glad to correct with positive proof of error.

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