Extractions from Government Records: Jefferson Co., Missouri

Transcribed by Carole Goggin


Book #747 I-D-R [JCHC]

12/13/1837 Isam Williams appeared in Court and acknowledged bill of sale to Rachel Banford, thereby manumitting and setting her free.



Minutes 1850 (Jefferson County History Center; Book#108 IAF)


Saturday, 7 Dec 1850

Mason Frissell -  Order relative to fugitive slave


Wednesday, 26 Nov 1851

Thursday comes Fritz Smith and presents his petition and affidavit for recovery of fugitive slave, and Tho. M. Horine duly sworn identifies slave.


Thursday, Nov 27, 1851

James A. Beal, duly sworn as attesting witness to deed of manumission of Watley commonly called Watley Terrell, a man of color, aged about 28 years, about 5 feet 10 inches in high, ordered be cert.


Thursday, Nov 27, 1851

Chas. Jones, duly sworn as attesting witness to deed of emancipation by Daniel Eastwood to negro man, Ned, aged about 42 years, about 5 feet 10 inches in high. Ordered same be cert and it is further ordered said Eastwood be held bound for support of slave.


Monday , 3 May 1852      State VS John (a slave)

Indicted for manslaughter

Defendant brought into court. Pleads guilty as charged in the Indictment. County fixes his punishment at 39 lashes on his bare back.  Sheriff ordered to execute same.


Saturday, 27 Nov 1852

Elizabeth Burns VS Leonard Eastwood… Judgment of Partition order sale of slaves for cash and Sheriff to pay over Leonard’s share to clerk of this court and the clerk is ordered to loan same on good real estate, securely, sale on the day of next.


Monday, 23 May 1853

Elizabeth Burns VS Eastwood & B. Johnston- motion to set aside order, sale of slaves filed.


Wednesday, 7 Dec 1853

Burns VS Eastwood … verdict set aside and new trial granted at cost of plaintiff, except as for 4, 5, & 6 issues and order [and directs] for B. Johnston to bring paper bill to next term, ordered admin. Of Dan’l Eastwood hire the slaves till 1st June next.


Thursday, 25 May 1854

Isaac Cadwallader in open court here acknowledged deed of manumission set free Negro woman, Leanor, slave, aged about 52 years, of a dark color.


Thursday, 25 May 1854

Isaac Cadwallader in open court acknowledged deed of manumission Negro man slave named John Cadwallader, aged about 19 years, of a light copper color.


Saturday, 2 Dec 1854

Burns VS Eastwood… Report of sale of slaves by Sheriff McCollock. Filed and Approved.


Monday, June 2 1856

State VS B. J. Boughton… selling to slaves. Pd $100, promised to appear from day to day.


Wednesday, 3 Dec 1856

Jno. O’Fallon VS Sophia McBride…report as to assess of damages set aside order comes and proceed to make partition of slaves under former order of court and order of sale of land on 12 months. Continued.


Monday, 25 May 1857

Emily Martin in open court acknowledges manumission of Eliza age 45, slave etc.


Wednesday, 27 May 1857

Willis F. Martin acknowledges deed of manumission to Eliza. Order to be certified.