Former Jefferson County Missouri Judges, Circuit Court

The following was compiled by Judge J. F. Green and transcribed by Lisa K. Gendron


Nathaniel Beverly Tucker                  1819-1822

Alexander Stewart                            1822-1826

William C. Carr                                1828-1834

Luke W. Lawless                             1834-1835

William Scott                                    1835-1836

Henry Shields                                   1836-1837

James Evans                                     1837-1838

David Steniger                                  1838-1844

John H. Stone                                   1844-1862

James W. Owens                              1862-1866

James H. Vail                                    1866-1873

Louis F. Dinning                                1873-1881

John L. Thomas                                 1881-1891

James F. Green                                  1891-1899

Frank R. Dearing                               1899-1904

E. M. Dearing                                    1904-1905

Jos. J. Williams                                  1905-1911

Elbridge M. Dearing                           1911-1938

William R. Edgar                                (appointed for a few months 1938)

Edw. T. Eversole                                1939-1941