Second Baptist Church of Festus, MO

Bluff City Mission, later changed to Festus Baptist Mission, was started by First Baptist Church of Festus/Crystal City in a three room house in Bluff City in 1943. In 1949 they moved into a basement at the present location, and in 1951 they built an auditorium on top of the basement. They were organized into the Second Baptist Church in 1953 with 103 charter members.


Second Baptist Church of Festus Pastors 1953-2017

Leroy Pratt 1953-1958

Gene Casey 1958-1980

Max Barton 1981-1988

Randy Casey 1988-1992

Bruce Foster 1992-1998

Leonard Himes 1999-2008

Gary Satterfield 2008-2013

James Waymire 2013-present (2017)