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Jefferson County Leader, Oct. 26, 1866

Representatives at the 13th annual meeting of the Jefferson County Baptist Church:

Bethlehem: G.E. Frost, H. Lee, William McKay

Lebanon: L. W. Weaver, H. Bailey

Sandy: T.C. Moss, J. M. Hensley

Swashey: J.P. Cape, J. Cape

Rock Springs: Thomas Johns

Pilgrim Rest: W. O. Gibson, D. Hale

Cedar Hill: S. Meadley, B. Helterbrand

Indian Creek: N. Reed, R.N. Gaub

Big Springs: T. Burns, W. Stephens

Calvary: J. Reed

Little Merimac: C.W. Hoff, L. Belew

New Harmony: S. Frazier

Hope Wll:  no representative