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Bonaparte Dover (deceased), late of Section 21, Big River Township, was
born in Washington County, Ind., October 11, 1831, the son of Judge 
John and Jemima (Stevens) Dover.  The father was a captain in the War
of 1812, and was in several prominent battles.  He moved from Indiana 
to Ste. Genevieve, Mo., in 1841, or thereabouts, and came to Jefferson
County and settled with his family in Big River Township in 1844.  He
was judge of the county court of Jefferson County for some time, and 
was a prominent surveyor.  The subject of this sketch was the sixth
child, and received a good business education in the common schools of
the day.  On reaching his majority he returned to Ste. Genevieve, where
for four years, he was clerk at the landing.  At this time, his father
having died, he came back to Jefferson County to take care of his 
mother and the younger members of the family.  In about 1860 he bought
a quarter section of land near what is now called Frumet, and settled
there.  He was married to Miss Nancy S. Lollar, of Jefferson County,
November 7, 1861.  He took no active part in the war, as he was deputy 
sheriff most of the time, but served some in the militia near its 
close.  He was strongly in favor of the preservation of the Union.
After the war he devoted his whole energies to the improvement of his
farm, and was active in promoting the interests of his brother farmers,
and the cause of education, and later one, that of religion, he having
joined the Methodist Episcopal Church of Frumet in 1881.  He was steward 
of the church, and an active member.  His life well illustrates the good 
one may do in a quiet unassuming way in private life, but is hard to do 
justice by in a biography.  He was averse to politics, and vastly 
preferred the independence and retirement of rural life.  He died a 
triumphant Christian on April 27, 1883, leaving his wife and six
children to mourn his decease.  The following are the names of the 
children: John A., Mary B., Minnie A., Leroy B., George P. and Elmer W.
The three eldest are influential teachers in Jefferson County at the
present time.  Mrs. Dover is a worthy member of the Baptist Church.