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Adoptions - Jefferson County, Missouri

These adoptions were located in the Warranty Deed Books at the Jefferson County, Missouri Courthouse Archive Room.
They are scattered throughout the many books with no pattern to the listings.


ALLEN, Charles, a minor 9 years old, son of Randolph ALLEN of Jefferson County, adopted by Walter and Katie PERRY of Jefferson County, Recorded 16th November 1909, in book 65 Page 599.

ANDRUS, George adopted by Leonard G. & Katie E. Durocher on 26 March 1898, recorded in Book 53 Page 389.

ARNELL, Liddie, born 14th February 1901, adopted by Frank W. LAWHOME and his wife Arria of Jefferson County from her parents Joseph and his wife Anna Arnell, on 23 March 1909, recorded in Book 65 Page 302.

ARMSTRONG, Florian adopted by Bernard and Matilda SCHNEIDER formerly Matilda Armstrong, of Jefferson County, December 4th, 1909, recorded Book 65 Page 609.

BAKER, Mamie, of Jefferson County, adopted by Peter MOORE or MOON and Julia his wife of Jefferson County, October 23, 1888, recorded Book 31 Page 563.

BECKMAN, Maria Caroline, a minor child the age of 1 year and 9 months, adopted from her father Diedrich BECKMAN, by Frank FROELICH of Jefferson County, on 21st April 1894, recorded in Book 41 Page 143.

BLACK, Vivian Belle a minor child born January 18th, 1903, adopted by Eugene C. EDGAR of De Soto on April 14th, 1903, recorded Book 77 Page 269.

BOGHOSIAN, Alice, adopted by Daniel C. HAEFNER aged 17 consented to by said Alice and her mother Nellie HAEFNER nee BOGHOSIAN having been granted a decree of divorce from the father of said minor, Parham BOGHOSIAM in Civil Court, St. Louis Cause # 102441-B, August 22nd, 1926. Mother awarded case and custody, name changed from Alice BOGHOSIAN to Alice Marie D. HAEFNER July 12, 1943, recorded Book 154 Page 75.

BURNS, James, Joseph, William, Eugene, Mary, adopted by Benjamin BROWER and wife Mary E. of Jefferson County, January 23, 1917, recorded Book 78 Page 635.

CLARKE, Nellie, a female child now of the age of thirteen years and nine months, adopted by Theodore GRAVING and Helen his wife of Maxville, from the New York Foundling Hospital, May 10th, 1912, recorded Book 73 Page 290 a female child now of the age of thirteen years and nine months.

COLE, Francis Mabel, a minor, adopted by Alexander BECKER and Mary his wife of Jefferson County, from Isabella Cole of St. Louis County, her mother, on December 5th, 1898, recorded Book 47 Page 411.

CONN, Evalynn daughter of Orval B. Conn and his wife Julia, of Mediapolis, Iowa, adopted by John BRAZIL and wife Ada Evalynn of Jefferson County, January 1st, 1914, recorded Book 75 Page 319.

CRAYTON, John Foxton, born February 13, 1874 to Mary S. Crayton widow of Monroe Crayton of Jefferson County, is adopted by John FOXTONand his wife Susannah on 16 May 1874 recorded in Warranty Deed Book 8 Page 583.

CRAIG, William, a nephew, for $1.00 and love and affection, adopted by Charles NULL and his wife Laura E. of Jefferson County, 13th October 1911, recorded Book 71 Page 294.

DIARD, Rosalie a female child about 3 1/2 years, daughter of Mary, adopted by Anna Belle McDONALD, all of Jefferson County on October 14, 1887 recorded in Book 31 Page 11.

DONDESON, Lizzie, born on or about 16 September 1891 and delievered to the Children�s Home Society of Missouri by Joseph DONDESON on 6th August 1898 was adopted by Thomas WHILEY and his wife Maranda of Kimmswick Mo., and had her name changed to Lizzie WHILEYon 26th January 1899 recorded in Book 55 Page 459.

DUTTON, John Earnest, a boy of Jefferson County who is the son of Wm. JENNINGS and Martha DUTTON and aged 1 year 9 months, born in Festus May 18, 1888 adopted by William FRAZIER and his wife Maria on 24 March 1890, recorded in Warranty Deed book 35 Page 18.

EAVES, Ethel May, a female minor, adopted by Pleasant C. EAVES and his wife Polly A., from Elisha C. Eaves and his wife Bertha Eaves, father and step mother, on December 27th, 1904 as recorded in Book 57 page 610.

FLYNN, Gertrude Virginia, 4 month old daughter of Loretta Flynn of Jefferson County, adopted by Theodore SONTAG and wife Susie M. of Jefferson County, March 13th, 1911, recorded Book 71 Page 8.

FRIZELL, Thomas, a male child born St. Francois Co, MO on April 2, 1917 and ordered by the Probate Court of St. Francois Co. MO to be delivered to the Children�s Home Society of MO on July 5, 1917, adopted by John Harvey & Henrietta P ESTES of De Soto who have had the child for 52 days. The child�s name to be known as John Harvey ESTES Jr. Recorded April 2, 1917 in Book 84 Page 252

FURGUSON, Ida, infant, adopted by Joseph HUBER, July 18th, 1871, Book 2 Page 598

GEORGE, Roxie, a male child, adopted by Richard GEORGE and wife Jennie of Jefferson County, from his father Melvin GEORGE, on 18 October 1910� recorded in Book 69 Page 478.

GIFFORD, Charles Granville, 11 years old, adopted by Forrest BAILEY of Danby, Missouri, from the Baptist Orphans Home, "that he (Bailey) take proper care of said Gifford and cause him to be properly instructed in the moral and religious principals, to attend Protestant Church and Sunday School, to be taught to read and write, and the ground rules of Arithmetic, the compound rules, and the rule of three, and that he will give to him (at) the expiration of term of service, a new Bible, two suits of clothes to be worth (20) twenty dollars, and (50) fifty dollars of current money of the United States ...", October 23rd, 1913, recorded Book 75 Page 221.

GILLETTE, Harry Irwin, a male child born on or about 21st October 1896 in Cass County and surrendered to the Children�s Home Society on 29 May 1900 by Cora GILLETTE of Cass County, Missouri, adopted by James Henry WHILEY and his wife Felicia residing in or near De Soto, Mo and changed his name to Harry Irwin WHILEY on 2nd October 1900, recorded in Book 51 Page 200.

GRAY, Ethel, a female child said to be born in the City of East St. Louis, Missouri, on the 16th November 1893, and which was abandoned by one Ida GRAY alias Irene PEOPLES, who claimed to be the mother of said child which she called Ethel GRAY when she left said child with David Cook and wife on 10 December 1893, and David D. Cook and wife Mabel C., of the city of De Soto desire to adopt said female child recorded 20th January 1894, Book 41 Page 86.

GRASS, Kenneth Gordon, male minor age 15, of Jefferson County, adopted by George E. HELENSCHMIDT, mother of child is Helen L. Helenschmidt, name changed to Kenneth Gordon Helenschmidt, recorded Book 154 Page 514.

GREEN, Maria Alvina, daughter of Martha M. GREEN widow of Andrew GREEN, deceased, adopted by Joseph HYDE and his wife Maria Jane and "was granted to change her last name to ours" recorded on 20th April 1876 and recorded in Book 10 at page 285.

GULLION, Samuel Robert, "We Robert GULLION and his wife Mahala C., intermarried on 6 June 1870, at the city of Charleston, County of Coles, State of Illinois, now and for the last 4 years residents of the city of De Soto�adopt�Samuel Robert GULLION, a male born 23 march 1899 at City of St. Louis of the lawful wedlock of his mother Luchia E. GULLION born Luchia E. GODDING who on the 31 December 1899 Died at City of St. Louis,�and his father Oliver GULLION survives at the City of De Soto ... and we having since the 1st January 1900 adopted, cared for, and tenderly reared said child under the name of Samuel Robert GULLION ..." recorded 13 January 1900 in Book 49 Page 480.

HAHN, Jacob, now 21, of the City of St. Louis, Missouri, adopted by Gerhard BLANK and wife Gertrude of Jefferson County, on 16 August 1907, as recorded in Book 63 Page 150.

HARDISTA, John William, "Agreement, Morse Mill, Mo. 21 March 1867 ... I Melinda Jane HARDISTA to give up to Mr. James DAVIS my little boy John William, to keep, care for, and bring up until the age of 21 ..." recorded in Book 73 Page 401.

HARLOW, Noah Baziel, adopted by Alonzo T. HARLOW and his wife Rhoda, both of Kimmswick, they having no children born unto them and having procured from the "Methodist Orphan Asylum" of the city of St. Louis...infant boy about 20 months whose name to them is unknown...Recorded Book 10 Page 109.

HILLERT, Frank, son of Mary HILLERT adopted by Frank & Anna STOW, 20 March 1877, recorded in Book 11 Page 356.

HILLERT, Rosa, delivered into the care and raising her daughter by Mary HILLERT of Jefferson County, unto Andrew OBER and his wife Margaret, until she reaches the age of 18, then she may choose her own course to pursue 20 March 1847, recorded in Book 11 Page 356.

HOLT, Herbert Herman, 8 years old of De Soto, adopted by William J. MUELLER of De Soto, January 19th, 1917, recorded Book 81 Page 204.

HUGHES, Luells Maria, infant, adopted by Charles F. LEE, daughter of Thomas Hughes and his wife of about 17 years Book 9 Page 356

JOEV(R?)US, Laura May a female born 16 February 1898 at the home of Mrs. M. B. STEVENS of City of St. Louis,...of the lawful wedlock of her mother Sophia Hannah HOUSER(?), father unlisted...we, Wm. F. JOEV(R?)US and Mary VOIGHT intermarried on 11 January 1894 at City St. Louis and for the last 4 years residents of Jefferson County adopt Laura May as our lawful child...we having since the 16 February 1898 adopted, cared for, and tenderly named said child...Recorded in Book 47 Page 30

JOHNSON, Edna May, born Greene Co., MO on August 3, 1899 and surrendered by Fannie JOHNSON on December 15, 1899. Adopted by William & Elizabeth STYLES of St. Louis, MO who have had the child 90 Days. The child's name shall hereafter be known as Margaret STYLES. Recorded in Book 51 Page 551.

KREICHALH, Charles 7 years old, and George Herbert, 9 years old of St. Louis City, adopted from their father Julius KREICHALH and his wife Mary, now deceased by Thomas Fischer of Jefferson County, on 30th January 1891, recorded in Book 37 Page 162.

KIRN, Nellie, 8 years old of Jefferson County, adopted by Hamilton A. JENKINS of Jefferson County, Sept 3rd, 1884, recorded Book 25 Page 466.

LATIER, Frank, a minor without parents adopted from his guardians Aaron & Lou CROSS, by Susan KOHL of De Soto, 13 April 1911, recorded in Book 71 Page 62.

LATIER, Frankie and Sam W., children under the guardianship of Samuel NICOLS adopted by Aaron & Louisa CROSS of St. Louis. Recorded January 16, 1907 in Book 63 Page 218.

LEE, Mary Ellen, a girl of Jefferson County, daughter of Joseph and Ellen LEE, born in England 4th January 1887, adopted by Siebert and Emily PRICE of Jefferson County, on 11 February 1893, recorded in Book 39 Page 291.

LINDWEDEL, Bernice, an infant female 16 months old, given up by her mother Marie LINDWEDEL, her father being shown to be dead, adopted by Herman and LINDWEDEL, Martha by Decree of the Circuit Court, of Jefferson County Mo, Juvenile Division, as recorded January 15, 1938 in Book 137 Page 299.

LONG, Adele, 13 years old adopted by L. K. & Sarah Jane A. WILLIAMS of Jefferson County, February 6th, 1909, thru the Baptist Orphans Home, recorded Book 65 Page 208.

MADOLE, Charles Henry, male child born in the County of Adair on March 4th, 1893, adopted by George RASMI(?)SEN and Ellen his wife residing in Kimmswick, from Children�s Home Society of Missouri, parents Margaret and S. F.Figge of Adair County, February 5th, 1909, and change his name to Charles Henry Madole Rasmis(?)en, recorded Book 65 Page 197.

MANCHESTER, Nathalia M., a minor, adopted by William V. & Mary E. CARSON of Jefferson County grandparents of said child, from her parent Gertrude FLUETTE of Jefferson County through the Children's Home Society, as recorded on July 18, 1900 in Book 51 Page 191.

MATHEW, Milliard F., minor, adopted by Frank MAHN and Henrietta his wife, from Harry H. Mathew of St. Louis City, his parent, April 11th, 1914, recorded in Book 85 Page 461.

MEDLEY, Monet Lorine a female child born near De Soto on January 5th, 1905, adopted by E. J. WARNER and Ida his wife of Jefferson County, from J. F. Medley (widower) of Jefferson County, recorded Book 69 Page 190.

MESSICK, Clessen Eliven, minor born February 28th, 1908, adopted by Wallie N. MESSICK and Nora his wife of St. Louis County, April 15th, 1915, recorded Book 77 Page 270.

MIMMO, Addell, daughter of SIMONSON, Rose, a minor of St. Louis City, adopted by SWEEN, Wm. H. and wife Catherine E. of Jefferson County, on January 8th, 1901, recorded in Book 51 Page 341.

MORSE, Nellie Anna, 5 years 8 months old, adopted by Henry S. MORSE and Minnie P. his wife of Jefferson County, from Joseph P. Morse of Warren County, Missouri, February 6th, 1918, recorded in Book 83 Page 556.

MUIR, Joyce, infant female born February 1st, 1914 in St. Louis, Missouri, adopted by August MOHLMAN and Ella his wife of Jefferson County, from Rosa Muir Jackson County, Missouri, August 24th, 1914, recorded Book 75 Page 534.

PAGE, Vernie Edwin, male son of Vernie and Marie O. Page, born 28th July 1913, adopted by Herbert C. Page and Pearle his wife, all of Jefferson County, February 6, 1917, recorded Book 263 Page 81.

PAGE, Wilma Marie, aged 5 year old daughter of Marie Stroup, formerly Marie Page, adopted by W. C. SCHMICK and wife Ollie of De Soto, November 16th, 1916, recorded Book 81 Page 509.

PARKER, Susan Elizabeth, an infant girl of said place who is a natural daughter of Alford H.PARKER and his wife Rachael, and about the age of 4, adopted by Doctor John WIATT and his wife Eliza M. of Jefferson County, on 18th April 1871, recorded in Book 2 Page 525.

PODGORSEK, Frank, of St. Louis City, a 22 year old young man agrees to be adopted by Gustav URLICH, of the City of St. Louis, on Friday November 17, 1922, and had his named changed to Frank URLICH, Recorded in Book 112 Page 581.

PULLEN, Hersie, a minor child of Owen PULLEN and his wife Carrie born 25th May 1905, adopted by John CROSS and wife Elizabeth, John signing with his mark (X) on 21st September 1908, recorded in Book 63 Page 592.

PURCELL (formerly Dryer or Dreyer), Pauline Augusta, daughter of "Carl Dreyer of St. Louis City father of Pauline Augusta Purcell formerly Dryer of the age of 29" (I think the age refers to Carl) adopted by Robert BACKER and wife Augusta of Jefferson County November 26, 1915, recorded Book 77 Page 574.

RIEBOLD, Frank, minor child, adopted by Louis and Barbara RIEBOLD from his mother Mary RIEBOLD of the same place on 14 August 1909, recorded Book 65 Page 479.

RUDDER, Thomas Charles of Jefferson County, adopted by John WAFLER and Mary A. his wife of Pevely, Missouri, from Children�s Home Society of Missouri where he was placed by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, April 19th, 1907, and change his name to Henry Samuel Wafler, recorded Book 61 Page 626.

SANDERS, Hatty Roselia of Jefferson County was adopted by Laura And John DAVIS of Grant County Indiana on October 10, 1891, as recorded in Book 37 Page 281.

SCHORR, Emma Rosina, daughter of Conrad Schorr, adopted by Herman J. and Mary MEYER on 18th May 1899, recorded in Book 49 Page 67.

SEYPOHLTOWSKY, Catherine Amelia, born January 13th, 1873, daughter of August SEYPOHLTOWSKY and where mother of child and late wife of said Seypohltowsky is now deceased, and he is unable to properly care for said child, and whereas Charles W. HERBERT and his wife Mary M. adopt said child, and if Herberts should die, the care of said child reverts back to Seypohltowsky. Dated August 1st, 1873, recorded in Book 29 Page 378.

SHIELDS, Loretta, a female child born on or about July 31, 1911, in the care of the Board of Children's Guardians of the City of St. Louis, Mo., both the parents of said child are dead. The Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis, Mo., orders that the child can be adopted by B. F. and Jennie MEYER of Kimmswick, Jefferson County, Mo, and her legal name be changed to Leona Loretta MEYER as recorded March 16, 1933, in Book 123 Page 446.

SHULTZ, Jennie and Charles S., adopted by John TILLSION and wife Sarah A., of Jefferson County, Missouri, on 4th December 1884, recorded in Book 28 Page 15.

SIMONSON, Dorothy, a child born about 5th day of September 1891 to parents who reside in ___ Co., Mo., adopted by SIMONSON, J. M. & Bessie J. of Pevely, from the Children�s Home Society of Mo, recorded April 20, 1877, Book 43 Page 328

SMITH, Velma, adopted by Ray L. SMITH and Mattie his wife of Jefferson County, March 21st, 1910, recorded Book 69 Page 159.

SPEES, Anna May, born in Gallatin, IL on December 28, 1898 and surrendered by her father Thomas SPEES to the Children's Home Society of MO on October 31, 1902. Adopted by Peter & Augusta FISCHER of Knorpp, Jefferson County and her name to be known as Anna May FISCHER. Recorded February 3, 1902 in Book 55 Page 102.

STALLINGS, Lenora, who is the daughter of Henry Stallings aged 16 years, adopted by Allen STALLINGS, and his wife Sarah A. of Jefferson County, on August 26th, 1884, recorded in book 25 Page 485.

STEINMETZ, Martha, of St. Louis City, adopted by Henry F. LOTHER of Jefferson County, "for the love and further consideration of the care, support, education, & nurturing of said Martha Steinmetz from the time she was about three years old until the time of her marriage March 14, 1884, that I have given the said Martha Steinmetz my name and she has never been known by any other name from the age of 3 to marriage, she was previously known by the name of Martha FLEISCHAUER, and being the natural child of my wife Alvina FLEISCHAUER by her former marriage adopt Martha STEINMETZ having been born on or about 20 August 1868" signed by Henrith F. LOTHER as recorded in Book 71 Page 592.

Beginning on Page 593 is an affidavit by Martha STENMETZ of the city of ST. Louis stating that she is the person mentioned in the above deed of adoption, she always recognized Henry LOTHER as her father and that he had always been very kind to her and has always treated her as his own child, and always told her she is his child, and consents to the above adoption.

Next on Page 594, Henry F. LOTHER of Jefferson County swears that he intended adopting Martha STEINMETZ now of St. Louis City, when she was a child of tender years, and not knowing that at the time it was necessary in making an adoption by deed, that he and Alvina LOTHER have had the sole care as his only child "that he thought when toke her into his home he was properly adopting her...that the reason to do this is to confer upon her all rights of a child"

STONE, Lillian G., a female child born about May 22, 1891, in ___ Co., Mo., surrendered to the Children's Home Society by Aaron MAST of ___ Co., Mo. Adopted by John & Eugenia BAUM of Festus who have had said child for 90 days. Name of said child to be known as Lillian G. BAUM. Recorded May 22, 1891 Book 49 Page 19.

SUTTON, Susan Ruth, adopted by Elizabeth EHLERS and her husband John Henry of Jefferson County, from John B. Gamache and Cora his wife of Jefferson County, parents by adoption (see adoption at Recorder's Office, City of St. Louis, July 25th, 1905 in Book 1862 Page 177 also March 10th, 1906 in Book 1895 Page 473.) recorded Book 63 Page 49

SYLVESTER, Jennie Viola, a minor of the age of 13 years 9 months, adopted from her mother Mary HESS formerly Mary SYLVESTER of the Town of Maxville, Jefferson County Missouri, by A. J. Buck of the City of St. Louis, Missouri, on 24th January 1891, recorded in Book 35 Page 512.

TAUBE, Julius Frederick, a nine year old boy, adopted by Charles GILLMANN, son of his present wife Wilhelmina GILLMANN and her first husband Frederick TAUBE, recorded on 13th May 1890, Book 35 Page 90. Charles Gillmann signing by his mark (X).

THOMAS, Commodore, of Elizabeth Thomas adopted by John and Elizabeth McGLAUGHLIN, all of the town of Kimmswick, on July 2, 1887, recorded in Book 29 Page 476.

THOMPSON, Alice, Mrs. Nellie Thompson releases all her right, title, and interest in parentage, custody, and guardianship, of her daughter Alice THOMPSON, now 7 years of age, to Thomas WILLIAMS said ward Alice Thompson shall in to way be influenced in choosing her own religious beliefs and that whenever she arrives at the age of 12 she shall be at liberty to choose own denomination? In that regard recorded 14 December 1905 recorded in Book 59 Page 589.

TRACY, Olive C. a minor whose father is Harmon W. Tracy, adopted by Amanda F. SCOTT and Drucilla F. HICKS of Jefferson County, March 1st, 1902, recorded Book 53 Page 310.

TRIMMER, James Joseph, adopted by "...John CRAHAN and his wife Katie, intermarried on November 25, 1886 at De Soto, Jefferson County, now and for the last 25+ years being a resident of De Soto without issue...adopt...James Joseph TRIMMER a male child born 25 July 1890 at DE Soto of the lawful wedlock of his mother Mary TRIMMER nee FRANEY born September 1852 and who on the 18 September 1890 died at De Soto and his father James TRIMMER who on the 23 December 1893 died at DE Soto, and we have since about the 15th day of August 1890 adopted, cared for, and tenderly reared said child under the name of James Joseph CRAHAN..." recorded 30

TWINEHAM, Leota, born Henry Co., MO, on September 26, 1898 and surrendered to the Children's Home Society by Mrs. Jennie Tweneham of Henry Co. Mo. On June 8, 1900. Adopted by Fritz & Theresa HAGUIS of De Soto who have had the child for 90 days. Child's name to be known as Len Haguis.Recorded May 14, 1901 in Book 51 Page 543.

VIEHLAND, Vernon F., a minor of the age of 15, represented by his appointed guardian Ad Litem Theodore P. Hukriede, consents to be adopted by Louis RIEMAN and his wife Mary , and that his father Frank Viehland is the surviving parent and his consent in writing is filed with court. Petitioner resides together on a farm near the Village of Dittmer "are of good moral character" have a comfortable home and regular source of income. Court finds Meta Viehland, the mother departed this life on 5 March 1924 and said Vernon F. Viehland is now a resident of Franklin County. Filed for record 27 March 1939 and duly recorded on 27 March 1939 in Book 139 at page 485.

WADE, May, daughter of Lucy Wade both of Jefferson County adopted by William & Sophronia PERRY of Jefferson County, 13 July 1908, recorded in Book 63 Page 523.

WARNE, Ralph, a boy 2 years old the son of my present wife Annie May WILLIAMS by her former husband C(?). E. WARNE, adopted by John F. WILLIAMS, on 2nd June 1902, recorded in Book 53 Page 415.

WASHBAUER, Bertha, a female child now of the age of fourteen years and three months, adopted by Jos. HABERBERGER and K. his wife of Maxville, from the New York Foundling Hospital, May 11th, 1912, recorded Book 75 Page 15.

WEBER, Gotthelf Frederich, born at St. Louis City on October 13th, 1886, son of Lizzie Weber of St. Louis City, adopted by Louis LOERCH of Jefferson County, on October 29th, 1886, recorded in Book 29 Page 99.

WESTRICH; Louis, Ida, Catherine, and Alvina, (minor stepchildren of Louis Kohler) adopted by Louis KOHLER, on February 25th, 1882, recorded in Book 20 Page 593.

WIDEMAN, Eddie Lee, a minor of Jefferson County, son of Tillie WIDEMAN widow of Robert WIDEMAN deceased, adopted by William T. & Mary M. WIDEMAN of Jefferson County, 21 February 1908, recorded in Book 63 Page 338.

WIDEMAN, Goldie, adopted from the National Benevolent Association of the Christian Church (Christians Orphan Home), a female child named AGNES HAUS born State of Illinois, County of Coles, on or about 18 March 1902 and Martha J. HAUS of county and state above said, being rightful and legal custodian of said child did by lawful writing entered into on 20 July 1908 surrender and delivered said child to said Association, whereas said child has been placed by said Association in the home of John / Emily WIDEMAN, residing in Oerman, Jefferson County, who have said child in their home for 10 months and at their option changed its name to Goldie WIDEMAN recorded Book 73 Page 439. /p>

WILCOX, Nancy Jane, a female child under the age of 18, adopted by COLE, William H. and his wife Annie K. of Jefferson County, on 18 October 1893, recorded in Book 39 Page 582.

WILSON, Dorothy Marie, minor age 15, of Jefferson County, adopted by Horace E. Haverstick and Juanita R. Haverstick, mother of Dorothy Marie Wilson, the natural father of Dorothy was proven dead, name changed to Dorothy Marie Haverstick, on 15thApril 1944, recorded Book 154 Page 462.

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