Missouri School Directory 1948-1949

State Board of Education, Publication #15


Transcribed by Lisa K. Gendron (private collection)


In the following list, the number after the name of the school indicates the assessed valuation; the second number is the total tax levy in cents on the one-hundred dollar valuation. The number of high school teachers and elementary school teachers and the enrollment follow this.


H.S. means high school and Ele. means elementary school.

Wh. means white and Col. means colored. (neither means there were no colored pupils)

An asterisk before the name of the school means that it is a member of the North Central Association.

Following enrollment and above the name of the superintendent are given the name of the president and secretary of the school board.

The figures after the name of a teacher indicate the number of years in the present position, this year counting as one.


The following abbreviations are used to indicate the subjects taught by each teacher.

A Aeronautics                                                Ag - Agriculture

Alg Algebra                                                    Art Art

Bd Band                                                          Bk Bookkeeping

Bi Biology, Botany, Zoology                       Chem Chemistry

Cho Chorus                                                    CS - Commercial Subjects

CC Core Curriculum, General Ed                Coun Counsellor

DE Distributive Education                           Dr Dramatics

DT Driver Education                                     E English

Ec Economics                                               Fr French

GC Glee Club                                                Ger German

Geo Geometry                                              Geog Geography

GS General Science                                      Guid Guidance

H History                                                       HE Home Economics

IA Industrial Arts, Drawing, Shop                Jour Journalism

L Latin                                                            Lib Librarian

Lit Literature                                                 M Mathematics

Mu Music                                                      Or Orchestra

PE Physical Education                                 Ph Physics

Psy Psychology                                             RR Remedial Reading

ROTC Reserve Office Training Corps        Sc Science

SSc Senior Science                                       SH Study Hall

Shtd Shorthand                                              Soc Sociology

Sp Spanish                                                      Spch Speech

SS Social Studies                                          T Typing

Trig Trigonometry                                        TT Teacher Training

VA Vocational Agriculture                          VHE Vocational Home Economics



Jefferson County, Missouri

Clyde S. Hamrick, County Superintendant, Hillsboro

Roy E. Taylor, President of County Board of Education, Herculaneum


*Crystal City              $3,307,210      270

No. Teachers Wh., H.S., 15; Ele., 16; Col., Ele., 2

Ele. Wh., Res., 415; Non-Res., 15; Tot., 430

Col., Res., 47  Tot. 47

H.S. Res. 184; Non-Res., 126; Tot., 310


H. H. Hanna  E. E. Blake

E. A. Sparling, Supt                                        17

E. J. Christy, Prin                    Geom               1

Gerald C. King                        PE                   2

Mrs. Golah DeWitt                  VHE                3

Mrs. Clyde Hamrick                CS                   6

Ethel Holdinghaus                   SS                    23

L. P. Thomure                          Mu                   17

Richard Berry                         IA                     4

Martha Vaughn                        Sp, E                3

Marjorie Jones                        E                      3

Herbert Morice                       Sc, SS              1

Pauline Brown                        E, Spch            1

Edward W. Rapp                    SS                    5

Elmer E. Smith                        Sc                    2

Estella Bailey, Ele. Prin                                  33

Ralph Spencer, Col. Ele. Prin                         13

Mary Lee Schulte, Sec. to Supt.                       9



*DeSoto          $2087,770       280

No. Teachers Wh., H.S., 13; Ele., 17

Col., Ele., 1

Ele. Wh., Res., 562; Non-Res., 42; Tot., 604

Col., Res., 28; Tot., 28

H.S. Res., 230; Non-Res., 73; Tot., 303


Dr. J. P. Ingels             June Jinkerson

Ralph Poole, Supt                                           26

J. C. Culwell, Prin                  Sc                    15

O. N. Hunter                            PE                   3

Byron Munson                         Mu                   3

Clifford H. Bryan                    PE                   1

Herbert Rice                           IA                    2

Olive Fitch                              SS                    25

Gladys Henriksen                    CS                   5

Sally McKemy                        E, Jour             23

Ronald C. Evans                     M                     1

Stephen C. Kyrias                   Sc                    1

Mary Rose Clyde                    SS                    31

Julia Lou DeMasters               VHE                1

Minnie Browning                    E                      2

Kenneth Kirk, Ele. Prin                                   2

Estelle Pierce, Ele. Prin                                  23

June Jinkerson, Sec. to Supt.                          



Festus             $1863,420       230

No. Teachers Wh., H.S. 13; Ele., 17

Col., H.S. 4; Ele., 3

Ele. Wh., Res., 509; Non-Res., 85; Tot., 594

Col., Res., 61; Tot., 61

H.S. Wh., Res., 206; Non-Res., 99; Tot., 305

Col., Res., 26; Non-Res., 56; Tot., 82


R. W. Johnson             Harriet E. Vinyard

Ralph B. Tynes, Supt.              Psy                  10

James Brockman, Prin             Geog                4

Lucile Holmes                         M, L                 7

Raymond Hoggard                   Sc, M               3

Emma Lee Hoffman                 CS                   4

Warren Elkins                         SS                    2

Cora Dreyer                            Jour, SS, E       7

John Clippard                          IA                    4

Roy Clemons                           Bd, Cho           4

Betty Joe Clyde                       VH                   1

Sarah Manley                          Sp, E                5

Mrs. George Morris                E                      1

Murrell Godwin                      PE                    1


(Festus) Colored High

Joseph H. Davis, Prin                                     3

A. J. Bowler                                                   3

Callie Lentz                                                     2

Curtis Anderson                                              1

Jesse L. Wood, Ele. Prin                                 3

Harriet E. Vinyard, Sec. to Supt.                     3



*Herculaneum            $1300,000       280

No. Teachers Wh, H.S., 14: Ele., 7

Col., Ele., 1

Ele. Wh., Res., 250; Tot., 250

Col., Res., 14: Tot., 14

H.S. Res., 83; Non-Res., 226; Tot., 309


Dr. Emmett J. Senn                  Bernice Johnston

Roy E. Taylor, Supt                 SS                    25

Noah E. Gray, Prin                  M                     2

Ora E. Robinson                      E, Geog           25

Daphne Crawford                    M, E, Sp          12

Pauline Craft                           Lib, SH            6

Mary Noble                             SS                    5

Mary Massey                           CS                   5

Gordon O. Johnson                  IA                    3

Howard E. Miller                   Mu                   3

John H. Freeze                        PE                    2

Helen Cunningham                  E                      2

Wanda DeWitt                         VHE                1

Leon H. Bess                           Sc                    1

Wallace K. Hollander             Spch, Alg, SS  1

Jerry P. Ryan, Ele. Prin                                   1

Bernice Johnson, Sec. to Supt                         13



Hillsboro         $1574,640       150

No. Teachers H.S., 7; Ele., 7

Ele Res., 211; Non-Res., 11; Tot., 222

H.S. Res., 65; Non-Res., 45; Tot., 110


Raymond Gasche         Mrs. Clara Schubel

J. R. Vineyard, Supt.               GS                   2

Mrs. Rita Crenshaw, Prin        M, L, PE         7

Mrs. Lucile B. Edmonds         Mu                   10

Charles Vreeland                    SS, PE             5

Mrs. Myrtle Wieman               E, Lib              6

Betty Crose                             HE, SH            3

Vivian Woodward                   CS                   1

Saidee B. Morse, Ele. Prin                              1

Mrs. Fern Pigg, Sec. to Supt.