Festus High School Tommy Alexander Award Winners

1946 through 1970


The Tommy Alexander Award is given every year by the Tom Alexander family, in honor of his son, Tommy, who gave his life for his country in World War II. Tommy graduated from Festus in 1942. The boy or girl is chosen by the faculty by the following criteria:

Scholarship - Leadership - Loyalty - Character - Friendliness


1946              Laura Evalyn Thomure                

1947              Marjorie Jane Harbour                

1948              Caroline England                           

1949              Robert Joseph Bequette

1950              Trula Mae Skaggs

1951              John Edwin Brase  

1952              William Earl Sims

1953              Charles Brase Dreyer

1954              Carma Frances Rigdon

1955              Robert Stephen Rigdon

1956              Florence Elaine Klein

1957              Gene Roland Brunkhorst

1958              James Miller Lindenberger

1959              William Lee Byrd

1960              Sara Elizabeth Aubuchon

1961              Nancy Charlene Goodwin

1962              Pamela Ann Thomure

1963              Horace Benton Drake

                        Michael Roy Turley

1964              John Robert Davis

1965              John Robert Shoush

1966              Garrett William Walton

1967              Patti Alice Zimmerman

1968              Gailynn Sue Campbell

1969              Martin Grady Collier

1970              Warren Stanley Hayes