Harry Yoskit

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Pittsburgh Plate Glass Hospital Death Records

Harry Yoskit  (as signing physician)


Doctor’s Permits to Prescribe Ethyl Alcohol and Wine 1922-33

Jefferson College 790 II D-R

Harry Yoskit, Festus


Howard Litton, “Tanglefoot, Portrait of a City”

Dr. Harry Yoskit M.D.  Born March 20, 1889 in Poland as Hersch Joskowitz.  Naturalized 1919 in South Dakota.  In 1920 he was a physician at Battle Mountain Sanitarium, Hot Springs, SD. He was known to be in Festus before 1925. He and his two sisters managed to get out of Lodz Poland (previously Prussia) in 1935.  He had an office at 130 Main St, before going into the Army in WWII. Dr. Bolgar filled in for him during that time. Upon returning he practiced from the basement office in his home on West Main in Festus. In 1975 a pet store owner brought his ill chimpanzee named Coco in to be treated by Dr. Yoskit. The doctor prescribed some medication and said it “was one of my strangest cases in 50 years of practicing medicine.” Dr. Yoskit developed glaucoma, became blind and his two sisters, Marcia & Judy, took him to live in Ridgewood, New York where he spent his last years. He died on March 26, 1985.


South Dakota Naturalization Records

Last Name: Joskowitz

First Name: Hersch

County of Residence: Fall River

Final Date: 9/26 1919

Birth Year: 1889

Country Renouce: Russia

Page: 30

Location: V5792

Note: His two sisters naturalization records give their names as, Idesa Yoskowicz (Judy) and Masza Joskowicz (Marcia) They arrived New York 1937. Judy married Herman Guzowski in 1950. Marcia married William Spinner in 1950. Both couples resided in New York.


St. Louis Naturalization Records

Harry Yoskit

Declaration 14956

Page 52 Volume 32

District Court

LDS Film 1749651

SLCL Film 66


Social Security Index

Harry Yoskit

Birth March 20, 1889

Death Mar 1985

SSN 495-50-5240

Issued Missouri


1920 South Dakota Federal census

Harry A. Yoskit, physician at Battle Mountain Sanitarium, Hot Springs.  Born Poland, age 30, naturalized 1919


He is buried Mount Hebron Cemetery
Flushing, Queens County, New York