By: Bill Haggard


The Valle Ambulance District is one of five ambulance districts in Jefferson County with the largest coverage area of 233 square miles.  The district is a third service paramedic agency that delivers critical public health and public safety service on the front lines of the community health system.  The Valle Ambulance District has been proudly serving the citizens, visitors and communities since 1977. Currently, the Valle Ambulance District employs over 35 individuals who serve the communities of De Soto, Hillsboro, Victoria, Grandview, Hematite and Goldman.  The district also serves the unincorporated parts of Jefferson County 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The district operates out of three stations – Station #1 at 12363 Highway 21 in De Soto, Station #2 at 1540 Hillcrest in De Soto and Station #3 at 5479 Highway B in Hillsboro.  The district headquarters is located at Station #1.


The Valle Ambulance District prides itself on being a clinically sophisticated and progressive paramedic service.  The implementation of numerous clinical initiatives, including pre-hospital 12-lead ECG interpretation, drug facilitated intubations and the delivery of continuous positive airway pressure treatments have resulted in tangible improvements to the care delivered to the community.  In today’s age of overwhelmed hospital emergency departments, the district also plays a critical role in activating special resources before the patient arrives at the receiving hospital. The district specializes in operating and delivering services at the critical juncture of public health and public safety.  The compassion and dedication of the Valle paramedics exemplifies the district motto of “Your Life is Our Mission” 24 hours at a time.


The district’s mission extends beyond emergency medical service.  The Valle Ambulance District has been actively involved in FEMA deployments to help out our neighbors locally and nationally wherever help is needed.


The Valle District also provides public information, injury prevention and education opportunities to keep our community safe.  The Valle Ambulance District attends community events to deliver programs such as the Docu-Drama for high school prom night and the “Vial of Life” program for seniors and those with special needs.  The district’s CPR/AED First Aid training program, Pediatric Advance Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support is accredited as a Community Training Site by the American Heart Association through St. Francois Medical Center in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.


The Valle Ambulance District also provides medical support and coordination during major sports or special events throughout the year.  The agency has coordinated the medical coverage of the Jefferson County Fair in addition to other special regional events that take place at the Jefferson County Civic Center.  The district also participates in standbys for high school events and dignitary protection details for local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.