By: Bill Haggard


Rock Township Ambulance District (RTAD) is an Advanced Life Support service established in 1980.  The district serves the communities of Antonia, Arnold, Barnhart, Imperial, Kimmswick, the Jefferson County portion of Fenton and a portion of House Springs. The district is a non-profit political subdivision organized under Chapter 190 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri.  The district covers 108 square miles and serves approximately 150,000 residents.


The Rock Township District operates from three facilities – House #1 is located in Arnold at the intersection of Lonedell Road and Astra Way Drive; House #2 is located in Imperial off of Old Highway 21; House #3 located in Imperial near the entrance of Mastodon Meadows Subdivision and House #4 in the Barnhart area at new Highway M and St. Luke’s Church Road at the entrance to the Williamsburg Subdivision.


The Rock Township District has 34 full-time personnel and 30 part-time personnel consisting of a chief, an administrative assistant, billing clerks, crew chiefs, lieutenants, paramedics and emergency medical technicians.  The district is governed by a six member Board of Directors who meet on a monthly schedule.  The call volume for the district has increased as the community has grown. In 2010, the district responded to 7,357 calls – averaging 21 calls per day – and our calls continue to increase annually.  Tax dollars represent 66% of the total operating budget, allowing continued emergency medical services to the community.


Rock Township Ambulance District’s efforts in providing outstanding patient care are widely recognized by the emergency medical community.  Although the district works closely with the various fire departments that service the Rock Township district, the ambulance district is a separate tax based entity. Rock Township Ambulance District receives user fees, sales tax revenue and property tax revenue to fund the dynamic organization.


The Mission Statement of the Rock Township Ambulance District is a progressive Advanced Life Support entity that provides high quality emergency medical service, education and community service.  Through our shared commitment to those we serve, we will maintain positive relations, provide superior leadership, retain personnel and effectively respond to change, while remaining financially accountable to the community.